Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller Review

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Jogging is much easier when you take your kids along. Since you don’t have to make arrangements with another caregiver, babysitter, or nursery. But which jogger best suits your lifestyle?

In this article, we take a closer look at the Schwinn double jogging stroller. Let’s see if this is the right one for you and your babies!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Jogging Stroller

Jogging with a baby in the stroller is challenging, so how about jogging with two babies in the stroller? I’d say that it’s double the fun! But it’s also double the concerns.

Finding the right double jogging stroller depends on two things: specifying the details of your lifestyle, and understanding the extra demands of speed. Also, what are all the options you have when you’re pushing two kids simultaneously?

Let’s explore all that in full detail.

Specify Your Lifestyle Requirements

Jogging with your baby usually comes with a few requirements.

To demonstrate this, we can start with where you prefer to jog. If you live by the beach you’d need a very different set of wheels from the ones needed in a park or on regular roads. Furthermore, parents who are highly outdoorsy would definitely benefit more from an all-terrain stroller.

Is a Tandem Better for You or a Side-By-Side?

This has to do with personal preference, as well as the nature of your surroundings. A tandem works best in crowded areas and confined spaces. Its downside is often the limited view of the backseat passenger.

This is clearly not the case with the side-by-side. It also has the advantage of the decreased turning angle, as it’s not as long as the tandem.

Comfort and Safety at High Speeds

Comfort and safety are by far the most important features you should inspect. First of all, make sure that your infants are of the right age, size, and temperament to go for a run with mommy.

Next, a sturdy frame, 5 point harness, generous padding, and firm head support are all essentials. In addition, the stroller should have full weather protection and suitable fabrics that don’t overheat and cause any discomfort to the babies.

Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller Overview

Schwinn has been a leading bicycle manufacturer for the past century. They ventured recently in other transport products like trailers and strollers. Clearly, their legacy carries on with this line as well.

This jogger is a moderately priced twin stroller for active parents. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and versatile.

The Schwinn stroller seems to be currently undergoing some changes, so they’ll probably surprise us with a brand new design by the new year. Hopefully, the moderate price would remain while other features get a nice makeover. The music player should definitely stay!

This stroller has an overall good performance, even when compared to the fanciest joggers. The BOB Strollers, for example, are considered among the best.

But if you do a quick comparison, with the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie you wouldn’t find drastic differences in performance. Mostly in the overall size, as the Schwinn is rather bulky, plus a few bells and whistles that the BOB offers. It’s worth noting that the BOB comes at three times the price of the Schwinn.

Things We Like

  • The light aluminum frame
  • The MP3 speakers mounted on the canopy
  • Elaborate safety and a 5-point harness
  • Dual-trigger easy folding
  • The seats recline to multiple positions

Room For Improvement

  • The padding of the seats is a bit thin
  • It’s a bit bulky when folded

Features and Benefits

Before committing to purchasing this stroller, here’s a detailed review of its basic features. If something resonates with you, that’s probably a feature you really need. So keep reading and keep in mind all the points that feel relevant to your usage.

Versatile Usage

Personally, I prefer to get one stroller and try as much as possible to pick a versatile model. I do a lot of different things in a day, and I wouldn’t want to change my babies’ stroller for each purpose.

As I jog in the morning, I naturally need a lightweight stroller that would roll smoothly. But then, on my way back home, I often go to the mall or the flower market. These places can be crowded, but this jogger maneuvers well, and I drive my kids around with no trouble at all.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The thing about Aluminum is that it’s not as heavy as steel, and it still offers sufficient strength. The whole stroller weighs around 18 pounds and offers a weight capacity of 100 pounds. That translates to carrying two three-year-olds with ease.

Adjustable Seats

The recline angle of the seats is fully adjustable, so your kids could watch the world in the upright position, or get a nice nap in the sleeping laid back position. The seats move independently of one another, so both kids are free to choose how they like to ride.

Each seat has a 5-point harness to keep the babies secured and comfortable. The footrests provide both stability and comfort. Even if your babies have to spend a long time in the stroller, they still wouldn’t get restless.

The two seats have a moulded tray in front of them. When the jogger is speeding, this tray offers them an extra something to hang on to. And as they come to a stand still, it will hold their cups and snack trays.

Wide Canopy

Both canopies expand all the way to the front, and collapse in the other direction, all the way to the back. You can move them independently of each other, so each one of your kids has the choice of sun or shade.

They’re made from a tough fabric that should bear the weather well. The transparent fringe is nice to fend off the wind a bit without blocking the view.

MP3 Speakers

Most kids respond nicely to music, and it doesn’t have to be baby jingles. I love all sorts of music from classical to rock. And my babies seemed to carry the same genes, as they loved Mozart and moved along with the beats of the Beatles.

The speakers mounted on the canopy let me enjoy my favorite music while jogging and walking. In addition to putting my kids in a rather calm and cheery mood.

I have to admit that their baby songs also grew on me eventually. The wheels of the bus, Incy wincy spider, and the whole works!

Wide Tires for a Smooth Ride

The 12” front tire and 16” rear tires provide an easy drive through most types of roads. While the Schwann isn’t an all-terrain stroller, it holds well on polished and rough ground. And to add a bit of glam, the pneumatic tires have shiny alloy rims that look pretty good.

The front tire can be locked to head easily in the forward direction without much side-swaying. Leaving it unlocked comes in handy if you’re maneuvering through the isles of the market or other crowded paths.

Simple and Safe Folding Mechanism

When it comes to folding a stroller, we all would like to press a single button, and poof!, the stroller collapses into a neat package. As easy as that sounds, it carries some risk with it. Nobody wants that one button to be pressed accidentally with the kids inside the stroller.

That’s why most strollers resort to a two-action sequence for folding. Some users feel that it’s a bit complicated, but I found it straightforward and easy to do after a couple of times.

Storage Basket

There’s plenty of room in the storage area for the kids’ jackets, snack boxes, and maybe a few toys. It would be a bit difficult to fit a diaper bag down there, as it’s split into two parts. You might want to be selective with what to carry.

It’s fully accessible from the rear, and you wouldn’t have to kneel down and do acrobatics to get a tissue from the basket.

Alternatives and Conclusion

The Schwinn double jogging stroller is a budget-friendly option that offers a host of practical features. It’s lightweight, comfortable, safe, and it keeps the kids entertained with the MP3 speakers. Driving the Schwann while running, taking a walk in the park, or shopping in the market is a nice experience.

It’s easy to keep it going in one line as I pick up speed while jogging. The zig-zag wiggly movement that other strollers exhibit sometimes is thankfully not present in the Shwann. And maneuvering it through corners, doors, and corridors is no hassle at all.

This is all good, but still, using a side by side jogger isn’t the only option you have. And if you’d rather push a narrower stroller, you have a wide selection of tandem strollers. This type offers a very different kind of walk, especially as you go through crowded paths.

Many parents favor this model, and you must’ve seen plenty of joggers placing their kids in these train-like strollers. The Baby Jogger City Select is actually among the best in the market. It’s versatile, sturdy, luxurious, and you can use it in everyday errands as well.

The UPPAbaby strollers are also an option you’d want to take a look at. This brand is relatively new, but its product line covers a unique set of features at competitive prices.

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Check out our review of this budget-friendly, lightweight, comfortable, and safe Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller.

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