Our In-Depth Thule Sleek Stroller Review

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One of the best creations that Thule has graced us with, Thule Sleek is one of our favorites. Its modern and multi-purpose design makes it the perfect stroller for city dwellers.

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Ready to know more about its amazing features?

We’ll address everything you may want to know about this stroller in this Thule Sleek review. Let’s find out why it can be one of your greatest investments!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Convertible Stroller

It’s all about expandable strollers these days, which is only normal because of the numerous advantages they can offer you. If you’re on the fence about buying a convertible stroller, here are a few things you should think over first.

Your Everyday Activity

The primary reason why families might go for a convertible stroller is that it can fit with their active lifestyle. With countless seating options, multiple storage spaces, and double seats, this stroller can suit your life in the city.

If you’re a busy mom who’s all about multitasking, the Thule Sleek is unlikely to let you down.

The Age of Your Baby (Or Babies)

A convertible stroller can have two or three seats depending on what you’re looking for. Yet, before you purchase a stroller, you need to make sure it’ll answer to your baby’s needs.

For instance, a toddler will want to remain in an upright position, which, again, the Sleek can grant you. On the other hand, an infant should stay horizontal. Therefore, if you have two kids of different ages, you can include them both in a convertible stroller.


The best thing about an expandable stroller is that it’s usually easy to fold and store anywhere. So, you should look for a stroller that folds quickly and takes minimum space if you’re living in an apartment.

Since Thule Sleek has all these features combined, you’ll clearly see why it’s a wonderful option for a family that resides in the city.

A Brief Overview of Thule Sleek Stroller

Thule Sleek City Stroller, Black
  • Converts from a single to a double stroller by adding a sibling seat, bassinet or car seat adapters
  • Use from birth with Thule Sleek Bassinet or car seat adapter (sold separately)
  • Shock-absorbing 4 wheel suspension for a smooth ride

Thule Sleek is Thule’s first-ever expandable stroller, and it’s amazing how they managed to create a nice product that suits an active family. Plus, when you compare it to the market leader, which is Nuna Demi Grow, you’ll find that both are quite similar in their qualities.

For instance, both are nicely equipped to glide seamlessly on city streets. Also, both strollers have sturdy frames, multiple seating options, and admirable flexibility.

Thule Sleek combines functionality, a stylish appearance, and ultimate comfort to your babies.

Now that you have a general idea about what this stroller can offer, let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

Things We Like

  • Up to 15 seat positions in single and double modes
  • Shock-absorbing wheels design
  • Quick to fold into a compact size for storage
  •  You can attach a bassinet to the sturdy frame
  •   UPF 50+ canopy protects your baby from direct sunlight

Room for Improvement

  •  Additional seating options such as the bassinet or sibling seat are bought separately
  • The price might be over-the-top for some
  • Not designed for jogging

The Impressive Features of Thule Sleek

Thule Sleek comes with a variety of remarkable benefits that you might appreciate as a modern mother. Let’s break these features down, shall we?

Single, Double, and Triple Seating Options

Undoubtedly, the best thing about the Sleek is that it offers parents the ability to take multiple siblings out in the stroller. There’s room for a bassinet, toddler seat, and a standing bar that you can attach for an older child.

This makes Thule Sleek an incredible option if you have 2-3 children with small age gaps between them. Even better, the frame comes with a design that allows you to attach a baby car seat as well.

Since most city parents use cars to reach their destination, being able to add a car seat to your stroller can be exceptionally handy.

Plus, you can adjust the stroller into many seating options in both single and double modes. Therefore, it provides welcome comfort to an infant and a toddler, twin infants, twin toddlers, and more.

You can fix seats in upright, reclined, or horizontal positions to match your baby’s needs. Using the one-handed lever, you can easily manage the recline degree if your other hand is busy.

Even better, the regular toddler seat is reversible. So, your child can either face the view ahead or look at you for some much-needed reassurance that you’ve got their back.

For these previous reasons, it’s only fair to say that this stroller can grow as your family expands.

Awesome Maneuverability

The next remarkable thing about this stroller is that it’s simple to use and control. Because its frame is lightweight, you’ll be less likely to exert yourself while navigating the city streets.

Also, the wheels are carefully designed to absorb shock and little bumps in the road. They’re made of rubber with foam filling. So, if you step into rougher terrain, such as dirt, the movement shouldn’t disturb your little baby.

It’s important to point out that this stroller isn’t bulky, which we can’t say for most double strollers on the market. Because of its sleek design and relatively compact size, you can maneuver it through tight places and alleys.

You should note that the front wheels pivot smoothly, which allows you to move the stroller with maximum agility. Better yet, you can lock these wheels when you’re going on grass or dirt to make the stroller steadier.

Canopy Design

It’s easy to see how the manufacturers have paid plenty of attention to the details, especially the canopy design. The regular toddler seat is equipped with a canopy of a well-thought size. It comes with a sun visor to protect the head of your little one.

Because it’s made of sturdy UPF 50+ material, you can count on its ability to keep your baby from overheating. Another thing that helps keep the temperature cool for your toddler is the zippered mesh section.

When not in need, you can simply remove this meshed part, fold it, and keep it in the storage compartment underneath the stroller.

You can always check on your baby through the peek-a-boo window without having to remove the canopy. This window is available with a magnetic closure, which produces no noise that could wake up your little buddy.

Last but not least, we admire how this canopy can be pulled back the taller your baby gets. As you can see, Thule has made sure that this stroller would stick around for years to come.

Folding Made Easier

Thule Sleek can be folded in almost no time using a simple mechanism. All you’ll have to do is pull the two triggers that are situated on both sides of the handlebar. The stroller will fold into itself at once.

Then, the collapsed stroller becomes much smaller in size and a lot easier to store. Even though you can fold it while the toddler seat is attached, folding the stroller will take you less time when there’s no seat.

Plenty of Storage Space

Just like every parent, you’ll definitely need convenient storage space on the stroller where you can put your baby’s belongings. Luckily, Thule Sleek comes with a storage basket that lies beneath the seat.

This compartment is available with a zipper. Therefore, it can do a wonderful job of protecting your stuff from outside weather.

Even when the stroller is folded, this zipper ensures that your belongings don’t fall out. Still, you can reach the items inside since the rear part of this basket can be opened using magnets.

Various Color Choices

Thule Sleek offers parents an array of different colors to match their taste. You can choose from:

  • Gray Mélange
  • Midnight Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Shadow Gray
  • Energy Red

All these colors are elegant in their own way, and they fit seamlessly into the city atmosphere.

Thule Sleek City Stroller, Black
  • Converts from a single to a double stroller by adding a sibling seat, bassinet or car seat adapters
  • Use from birth with Thule Sleek Bassinet or car seat adapter (sold separately)
  • Shock-absorbing 4 wheel suspension for a smooth ride

Alternatives and Conclusion

A balanced mixture of functionality, value, and convenience, Thule Sleek can be the ultimate urban family stroller. With endless adjustment options, you may find it perfect if you have two kids of the same age group.

Even better, it welcomes many accessories and attachments that you can buy separately. Thus, each family can customize this stroller to match their lifestyle and daily activities.

However, the Thule Sleek stroller may not be an option if you have other needs. Therefore, we’d like to point out some great alternatives you can consider without sacrificing much in terms of quality.

For instance, you can go for Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand, which is more affordable and is one of the best single-to-double strollers out there. While it may not be as lightweight as Thule Sleek, it can be a viable option if you want to save money.

Still, you might be looking for a stroller that’s capable of handling different sorts of terrain. In this case, we recommend the all-terrain Bugaboo Fox stroller. It may be fantastic for an adventurous family who likes to hit rougher roads.

Finally, the Baby Jogger City Select stroller could be perfect if you need a compact and lightweight product. With its multiple seating options, sleek design, and value for the price, this stroller can make for a worthwhile investment.

Our In-Depth Thule Sleek Stroller Review - Stroller Envy
Our In-Depth Thule Sleek Stroller Review 10

Thule Sleek is an urban, modern, and multi-purpose design stroller that is perfect for city dwellers. Check out our review for more information.

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