Maclaren BMW Stroller Review: A Pricey Yet Suitable Ride

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You hear Maclaren and BMW; you think the two car manufacturers are collaborating for a new car. In this case, it’s a baby stroller rather than a car. Plus, It’s Maclaren: the baby stroller company.

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The German carmaker joined Maclaren in developing a new baby stroller that people will speak of. Be ready to see small stroller windows shaped like BMW’s iconic kidney grille!

Let’s see what’s so attractive about Maclaren BMW strollers.

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Things to Consider When Buying Maclaren BMW Stroller

The Maclaren BMW is an umbrella stroller. The first thing you should consider is whether you’re looking for that kind of stroller. Bear in mind that it can’t be used as a travel system, contrary to a lot of other options.

Moreover, the wheels of this stroller are designed for flat surfaces. If you’re planning on going on hiking trips with your little one, it’s not your best option. It also won’t hold up against grass and rough surfaces. However, it’s ideal for daily strolls and walks in the park or city streets.

The Maclaren BMW is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 8.8 pounds. It’ll make your life a lot easier during trips. Besides, it’s pretty easy to store. That being said, are you planning on jogging with the stroller? If the answer is yes, the BMW stroller may not be your best option.

As a lightweight stroller, the BMW won’t be stable enough against the ground to run with.

Lastly, the Maclaren BMW will burn a hole through your wallet. It lies on the market’s expensive side, which is expected when you see the German logo on it. Look at the bright side; convincing your husband to pay for it will be much easier when he sees the BMW logo!

Maclaren BMW Stroller Overview

The Maclaren BMW is a luxury umbrella stroller, courtesy of the two high-end companies’ collaboration. It’s packed with useful features, including a comfortable seat, sturdy wheels, and safety buckles.

Not to mention the wheels are topped off by BMW’s logo, which is a bonus if you want your little one to grab attention!

The stroller can hold babies up to 55 pounds. The weight capacity is typically suitable for babies above six months old.

Things We Like

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Compatible with washing machines
  • Easily foldable
  • Highly comfortable for the baby

Room for Improvement

  • No cup holders
  • Small canopy
  • On the expensive side of the market

Maclaren BMW: Features and Benefits

Now, let’s explore the features and benefits of the high-end stroller. If you’re going to pay that much for a stroller, you ought to know everything you should about it.


The Maclaren BMW comes with a removable seat that can be washed in a machine, which is a rare feature in umbrella strollers. You’ll merely have to give it a cycle in cold water, and it’ll come out as good as new with the fabric unaffected.

Not only that, but the seat is also topped off by a sporty seat liner that looks exactly the same as a BMW’s interior. The liner is ergonomic and comfortable to make sure your baby can sleep inside for long.

The seat’s width is 13 inches, so it’s pretty spacious for your baby. Additionally, it’s reclinable, thanks to the strap system that comes with it. However, the seat doesn’t get in a flat position, which may be a bummer if your baby likes to sleep while you’re out shopping.


You’d think everything about the BMW stroller would be perfect, but that’s actually not the case. The stroller’s canopy is one of its downsides. A lot of parents didn’t like that it’s smaller than it should be. It doesn’t extend enough to protect the baby entirely from the sun.

Still, the canopy has two small peekaboo windows, one on each side. They’re shaped like BMW’s kidney grille. Plus, they come in handy if you want to check on your baby every now and then without going upfront.

There’s also a canopy on the back that circulates air during hot days.


The BMW stroller rolls on 5-inch wheels that are made of durable rubber. The front swivel wheels are lockable for extra stability. On top of that, the rear wheels have two parking brakes for safety. They’re not flip-flop friendly, but that’s something we can live with.

There are reflectors on the wheels to put your mind at ease during nighttime strolls. You’ll be able to see any obstacle in your way.

Safety Features

The Maclaren BMW is one of the safest umbrella strollers on the market. It comes with an adjustable 5-point harness that holds your baby tightly against the seat. It’s padded for extra comfort, and BMW’s logo adorns its buckle.

The BMW comes fully equipped with an all-wheel suspension system that absorbs bumps and provides smooth rides to add to the safety.

The only downside in safety features is the lack of a bumper bar. It’s weird, considering the BMW is an expensive stroller. However, we guess they compensated for it with the other beneficial features. The brakes are pretty efficient, so you probably won’t need the bar.


The Maclaren BMW’s design is its strong suit. We believe it’s one of the reasons the stroller got that much popularity in no time. It features a one-hand fold that’ll make your life a lot easier. One step on the crossbar in the stroller’s back, and voila, it’s folded!

There’s also an automatic lock to keep the stroller in place. However, it doesn’t stand when folded, which may change your plans for storage.

Despite the foldable design, the stroller is ultra-lightweight. You can easily lift it over your shoulder, and you can take it on a trip without worrying about its weight. This makes it easier to store, especially when it’s folded into a compact size.


When it comes to comfort, the Maclaren BMW is hard to match. It’s comfortable for both you and the baby. For starters, the handlebars have a foam covering for a more comfortable grip. That way, you won’t hurt your hands after a long stroll.

The bars reach up to 41 inches from the ground, which should be perfect for tall parents. The height isn’t adjustable, though, which is another feature we wished would’ve been there.

As for the baby’s comfort, both the seat and the harness are padded. That way, no rough materials are touching his body. Additionally, the seat liner provides high comfort for long strolls. There’s also the fact that the seat is reclinable, so you can find the baby’s favorite position.


The Maclaren BMW’s storage room is pretty sufficient for the baby’s items, but it may not be enough to carry your shopping goods. There’s a zippered pocket on the seat’s back that’ll fit your small items, such as wallets and smartphones. But that’s as far as it goes.

Furthermore, the storage basket below is also somehow small. It’ll fit your baby’s essentials, such as his bottle and a favorite toy. However, it won’t fit large items, such as the diaper bag.

The basket is also hard to reach when the seat is reclined, so you probably won’t be able to get anything out of it while your baby is asleep.


The Maclaren BMW stroller is an excellent choice for users who’re looking for luxury. It’s a high-end, sleek stroller that’ll grab attention in the city streets. On top of that, it’s highly convenient and safe, thanks to its lightweight foldable design.

Despite all that, the Maclaren BMW isn’t for everyone. Here are a couple of good alternatives if the BMW doesn’t suit you.

Chicco Liteway Stroller

If you’re on a tight budget, the Chicco Liteway will be an ideal option to consider. It’s a pretty affordable stroller that has all the features you need, including an adjustable footrest and a 4-position recline.

The Chicco also folds down to a compact size. It’s heavier than the Maclaren BMW, but that’s something we can live with.

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

The Mountain Buggy is one of the most compact strollers on the market. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easier to maneuver and move around with.

You don’t need to pay a fortune to get it; the Mountain Nano is budget-friendly. It’s also packed with useful features, such as a shoulder strap and an adjustable footrest. You can take a look at its full review here.

Final Thoughts

The Maclaren BMW costs a lot, but it’s worth every penny you’ll pay for it.

It’s reasonably built with a sturdy aluminum frame that’s fully recyclable. In addition to that, the automotive styling that’s courtesy of the prestigious German carmaker is a nice touch. It’s different from what we usually see in baby strollers.

Whether you choose the BMW or one of the alternative buggies, you’ll get all the features that you need. The price will differ in the durability and the materials. However, the bare essentials will be there.

Either way, we hope your baby gets the ride he deserves!

Maclaren BMW Stroller Review: A Pricey Yet Suitable Ride
Maclaren BMW Stroller Review: A Pricey Yet Suitable Ride 10

Check out this Maclaren BMW Stroller Review! A high-end, safe and sleek stroller that will grab attention in the city streets.

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