50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with V: Your Key to a Unique Name

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Picking a name for your baby boy can feel monumental – it’s a big decision! I’m here to help you navigate this exciting journey with a list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with V. These names not only sound unique but they also carry a rich history and tradition from the wonderful Greek culture.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with V

It’s interesting to note that these names have been carried by famous and influential personalities around the globe. For instance, Vangelis, a renowned Greek composer, is known for his work in the movie Blade Runner. Another figure, Vasili, a former NBA player, certainly made a name for himself in American sports.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. VasilisVasileios, Vasily, VasiliRoyal, kingly
2. VasosVaso, VassosVase, vessel
3. ValeriosValerian, ValerianoStrong, healthy
4. VangelisEvangelos, EvangelusGood messenger, angel
5. VartholomeosBartholomew, BartoloméSon of the furrow
6. VasiliosVassilios, VasiliKingly, royal
7. VassosVasso, VasosVase, vessel
8. VironVeron, VyronOf the man
9. VitosVito, VittosLife-giving
10. VaggelisVangelis, EvangelisGood news, angel
11. VlasisVlasi, VlassisTalking
12. VangelEvangel, VangleGood news, angel
13. VassoVaso, VassosVase, vessel
14. VasilVassil, VasileRoyal, kingly
15. VasilikiVasiliki, VasilakisKingly, royal
16. VasilijeVasile, VasiliKingly, royal
17. VlachosVlacho, VlahosForeigner
18. VankoVanko, VanoGracious gift
19. VradisVradi, VradisEvening
20. VergisVergil, VergosFlourishing, blossoming
21. VassilVassil, VasiliRoyal, kingly
22. VellisVellios, VellisWishing well
23. VogdanisVoghdis, VogdanGift from God
24. VoreasVoreios, VoreanFrom the North
25. VlanisVlanio, VlaniPraising
26. VassilisVassilios, VasilisKingly, royal
27. VasilikiotisVasilikos, VasilikiotiKingly, royal
28. VassilevVasiliev, VassilevoSon of the king
29. VassilkoVasilko, VassilakosLittle king
30. ValentinValente, ValentinoStrong, healthy
31. VontasVonta, VontosYearning, longing
32. VamvakasVamvako, VamvakiCotton
33. VarnavasBarnabas, VarnavSon of consolation
34. VeniaminBenjamin, VeniaminoSon of the right hand
35. VarisVario, VaresVariable, changing
36. VassiliVassilio, VasiliiKingly, royal
37. VarnavaBarnava, VarnavSon of consolation
38. VartholomeoBartholomeo, VartholoSon of the furrow
39. VangelioEvangelio, VangelGood news, angel
40. VassilissisVassilios, VasilissisKingly, royal
41. VaiosVaioso, VaioAlive, living
42. VasilakisVasiliki, VasilikoLittle king
43. VlassisVlasi, VlassioTalking
44. VagelioEvangelio, VagelGood news, angel
45. ValaoritisValaorito, ValaoritBrave journey
46. VourasVouran, VouroRainstorm
47. VotsisVotsi, VotsioEnlightened
48. VaggelioVaggel, VagelioGood news, angel
49. VlahosVlaho, VlahouForeigner
50. VarnakiotisVarnakio, VarnakiotiPure, clear

And there you have it! A big thanks for joining me on this exploration of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with V. Hopefully, it’s sparked some inspiration as you search for the perfect name for your little one. Remember, there’s a whole world of baby names to uncover on our site. Keep exploring and have fun – the perfect name is waiting for you!

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