50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with T: A Trademark of Tradition

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Hello Mamas-to-be! I know the importance and excitement of selecting the perfect name for your little lady. This list of 50 Greek Baby Girl Names starting with T is sure to provide a rich source of inspiration and guidance in your baby naming journey.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with T

In the spotlight of history and pop culture, you will find several celebrities bearing these remarkable names. Take for instance, Thalia, a multi-platinum recording artist and actress from Mexico. Then there’s Theodosia Okoh, the Ghanaian stateswoman known for designing her country’s national flag. Greek names starting with T are truly emblematic of strength and elegance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ThaliaThaleia, ThalieTo flourish
2. TheaTheia, TheahGoddess
3. TheklaTekla, TheclaGlory of God
4. TheodoraDora, TheaGod’s gift
5. TheodosiaDosia, TheaGod’s giving
6. TheraThira, TheriaUntamed
7. ThetisThetys, ThethysDisposer
8. ThisbeThisba, ThisbyLover
9. ThomaiThomae, ThomaieTwin
10. ThrasoThrasa, ThrasuBold
11. ThyoneThyoni, ThyonniInspired
12. TimotheaTimo, TheaHonor God
13. TitaniaTania, TatiGiant
14. ToiniToni, ToineyInvaluable
15. ToniaTonie, TonyaPraiseworthy
16. ToulaThula, TulaLight of the East
17. TryphenaTryphina, TrifinaDelicate
18. TryphosaTryphosia, TryfaLuxurious
19. ThessalyThessalia, ThesalyFrom Thessaly
20. ThisbeThisbee, ThisbieLover
21. ThoeThee, ThoyQuick
22. ThyraThyrra, TyraDivine
23. ThereseTheresa, TessaSummer
24. ThelmaThellma, ThelmsWill
25. TabithaTabby, TabyGazelle
26. ThyiaThya, ThyraDivine Woman
27. TanisThanis, TannisSerpent Lady
28. ThrasaThrasia, ThrassaCourageous
29. ThalassaThalassia, ThalassiSea
30. TheofaniaTheofania, TheofanisAppearance of God
31. TheodosianaDosiana, TheodosiaGiven by God
32. ThaisThayis, ThaissBandage
33. ThalinaThalinna, ThalynaEnthralling
34. ThessalinaThessalyna, ThessalineFrom Thessaly
35. ThaisaThaisia, ThaysaBond
36. ThesallyThesallya, ThesallyeFrom Thessaly
37. TheoxenaTheoxenna, TheoxenyaHospitable to God
38. ThelgisThelgys, ThelgissCharming
39. ThelxinoeThelxinoy, ThelxinoweHeart Charmer
40. TheklaTekla, TheclaGod’s Glory
41. TheophaniaTheophanya, TheophanieManifestation of God
42. TheosebiaTheosebya, TheosebiePious towards God
43. TheoxipeTheoxipee, TheoxipiHorse Lover
44. ThrasoThrasoe, ThrasooConfident
45. ThyliaThyliah, ThyleaJoyous
46. ThyonniThyonny, ThyonnieDelightful
47. ToxotisToxotys, ToxotissArcheress
48. TryphainaTryphayna, TryphaineSoft
49. TryphosaTriphosa, TryphozaLuxurious
50. TycheTychee, TychieFortune

Thank you for taking the time to explore our comprehensive list of 50 Greek Baby Girl Names starting with T. We hope it’s sparked some ideas for your baby’s name, a decision that is as special as it is exciting. Remember, naming your baby is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Don’t forget to explore other baby name guides on our site to keep the inspiration flowing. Happy naming!

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