50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with V: Rich in Tradition, Full of Beauty

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Welcome, mom-to-be! We know that finding the perfect name for your bundle of joy can be a beautiful journey. So, we’ve curated a list of 50 Greek Baby Girl names starting with V, promising a perfect blend of beauty and heritage. Let’s start this voyage together, shall we?

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with V

Names starting with V hold a unique allure, don’t they? They’ve been chosen by numerous influential figures over the years. Take for instance, Vasiliki Papathanasiou, the globally acclaimed Greek singer, or Varvara Lepchenko, the Greek-American tennis player known for her powerful game. These names are not just beautiful, but they stand for strength and resilience too.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ValeriaValeriana, ValerinaStrong, Healthy
VasilikiVasilisa, VasilinaRoyal, Kingly
VarvaraBarbara, VaraForeign, Strange
VerityVerita, VeritieTruth
ViviVivianne, VivianaLife
VanessaVann, VannaButterfly
ViolettaViolette, VioletPurple Flower
VenetiaVenice, VenettaFrom Venice
VannaVannah, VanniaGod’s Gracious Gift
VeronicaVerona, VeroniqueTrue Image
VivienneVivian, ViviannaAlive, Lively
VidaVeeda, VeedahLife
VictoriaVickie, ToriVictory
ValentinaValene, VallieHealth or Love
VasilisaVasya, VasilkaQueenly
VenusVenusa, VenuseLove, Desire
VeraVerina, VeruchaTruth, Faith
VesperaVesper, VespiraEvening Star
VelvetVelveta, VelvetteSoft, Smooth
VanyaVania, VaniyaGod’s Gift
VenlaVenlina, VenliaHope
ViennaViennia, ViennahFrom Wine Country
VerginiaVirginia, VirginniaPure, Virginal
VetaVetta, VittieLife
ValoraValorina, ValoritaBrave
ValaValah, ValiaChosen
VelikaVelia, VeliahGreat, Wondrous
VelaVelah, VilaShore, Coast
VellaVellah, VeliaTruth
VesnaVesnia, VesniahMessenger, Spring
VitaVitta, VitaliaLife
VaniaVani, VaniahButterfly
ValdaValdah, ValidaPower, Rule
VessaVessah, VessiaIvy Plant
ValariValarie, ValariaStrong, Valiant
VegaVegah, VegalFalling Star
VespaVespah, VespalWasp
VestaVestah, VestaGoddess of the Hearth
VictoireVictoir, VictearVictory
VilliaVilliah, ViljaDesire, Will
VinceletteVincel, VincelletteConquering
ValerijaValerija, ValerijahTo be Healthy
VesperVespera, VesperiaEvening Star
VesperinaVespera, VespinaEvening Star
VirelaiVirela, VirelyMelody, Song
ValoryValorie, ValoryaBrave
VanaVanaa, VainaGod’s Gracious Gift
VerenaVerina, VerenaTo Fear
VolaVolia, VolaWave

And there you have it, our thoughtfully-curated list of 50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with V. We hope these names have ignited a spark of inspiration as you embark on the exciting journey of naming your little one. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name lists, filled with unique and beautiful ideas. Thank you for choosing us as a guide on this special journey!

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