50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with T: Bold Selections for Your Newborn

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Naming your precious little one is a beautiful journey filled with love, exploration, and a dash of excitement. Our handpicked list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with ‘T’ is here to guide you on this special journey.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with T

From the world of entertainment to the towers of academia, there are many distinguished people with Greek baby boy names starting with T. The renowned actor Thanos Petrelis has captured hearts with his performances, while the celebrated scientist Theodoros Terzopoulos has left an indelible mark on computational theory. Let these luminaries inspire your choice.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ThanosThano, ThannisImmortal
2. ThemisThemie, ThemistoclesOrder, Law
3. TheoTheodoros, TheodoreDivine Gift
4. TheronTheran, TherinHunter
5. ThaddeusThadeus, TaddeiPraiseworthy
6. TheseusThesus, TheusTo set
7. ThrasosThrasius, ThrasoBold, Courageous
8. TimonTimo, TimonusHonour
9. TinosTino, TinusOf the Wine God
10. TritonTritonis, TritonusMessenger of the Sea
11. TheophanesTheophanis, TheophanManifestation of God
12. TheophilusTheophilis, TheophiloLoved by God
13. TheodotusTheodoti, TheodotosGift of God
14. TheodorusTheodor, TheodoriGift of God
15. TheodosiusTheodosio, DosioGiving to God
16. ThymiosThymio, ThymiosiSpirited
17. TheodoulosTheodoul, TheodouloServant of God
18. TheocritusTheocrito, TheocritisJudge of God
19. TheokolesTheokole, TheokolisGlory of God
20. TheophrastusTheophrasti, TheophrastoDivine speech
21. TheoduleTheodul, TheoduliGod’s Slave
22. ThalesThale, ThaliTo Blossom
23. TheophylaktosTheophylakto, TheophylaktiGuarded by God
24. ThrasivoulosThrasivoulo, ThrasivouliBold-willed
25. TheodotusTheodoti, TheodotoGod-given
26. TheophrastosTheophrasti, TheophrastoDivine talk
27. ThrasymedesThrasymedi, ThrasymedoBold in cunning
28. TheophanisTheophani, TheophanoManifestation of God
29. TheoclymenusTheoclymeni, TheoclymenoFamous for God
30. TheolausTheolau, TheolaoPeople of God
31. ThrasymachusThrasymachi, ThrasymachoBold Fighter
32. TheopompusTheopompi, TheopompoGod-sent
33. TheogenesTheogene, TheogeniBorn of God
34. TheodectesTheodecti, TheodectoAccepted by God
35. TheomnestusTheomnesti, TheomnestoGod’s reminder
36. TheosebesTheosebi, TheoseboWorshiper of God
37. ThersanderThersandi, ThersandoAdamant man
38. TheosebiusTheosebio, TheosebiiRevering God
39. TheodectesTheodecti, TheodectoGod’s reception
40. TheophylactTheophylaci, TheophylacoGod’s guard
41. TheosthenesTheostheni, TheosthenoGod’s strength
42. TheogenesTheogene, TheogeniGod’s offspring
43. TheophanisTheophani, TheophanoGod’s appearance
44. TheophilosTheophilo, TheophiliGod’s friend
45. TheotokisTheotoki, TheotokoGod-bearer
46. TheotimusTheotimi, TheotimoGod’s honor
47. TheodosiosTheodosio, TheodosiiGod’s giving
48. TheologueTheologu, TheologoGod’s word
49. TheoglyptisTheoglypti, TheoglyptoGod’s carving
50. TheoctistusTheoctisti, TheoctistoGod’s establishment

And there we have it! Thanks for joining us on this exciting jaunt through 50 Greek baby boy names starting with ‘T’. Remember, choosing your baby’s name is a wonderful journey packed with emotion and excitement. For more inspiration and to explore other unique collections, don’t forget to check out our other baby name lists on our site. Happy naming, mama!

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