Why Are Strollers So Expensive? Baby Products on the Market

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If you are the parent of a newborn or toddler, then you know how difficult it can be to locate an affordable and trustworthy stroller. It is not always simple to keep up with the newest baby trends, either. Strollers have always been expensive, but nowadays they are becoming more and more high-end.

So, why are strollers so expensive? In this post, I will discuss why baby strollers are so pricey and attempt to offer some guidance on how to pick the best option for your budget.

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Why Are Strollers For Babies So Expensive?

Why Are Strollers So Expensive

High Demand

A lot more people are having babies, and they inevitably need baby items!

When it comes to baby gear, you can’t afford to be cheap; you need the best. You desire the finest strollers, prams, nappies, and everything else for your little one! If you buy low-quality baby products, you will have to replace them sooner or risk your child’s safety.

Of course, you also can not be cheap when it comes to newborns since you have to prioritize their safety. Parents are willing to spend a lot of money on baby strollers because they do not want their children to be at risk of accidents and injuries, and they want them to feel comfortable and stylish while doing so. This leads to greater demand and pushes costs up.

High Retail Markup

Consumers pay considerably more for baby products than they do for other goods. Because of this, many retailers mark up prams and strollers by 50-90%. Unfortunately, so much of what you pay for has little to do with the pram or any additional features.

For bigger international brands, retailers are given the task of establishing their own pricing so they can cover domestic marketing, including trade shows or advertising, which contributes to some of the high price tags on certain pram and stroller models.

Stroller Features

Strollers and prams are becoming increasingly sophisticated with newer features consistently added. This inevitably drives up the price.

An extra-large canopy, automated folding mechanism, cushioned seats, and superior tires, are just some of the features new parents are told they can’t live without. Some parents may just want the basics (such as an umbrella stroller)! But people like having options, which is why manufacturers provide so many choices.

Quality Control

Quality control, in addition to the basic manufacturing costs (which we will get into later), adds a significant percentage to the total cost of a stroller.

Some companies only rely on their manufacturer to implement quality control procedures (which may result in product flaws and recalls), whereas high-quality businesses will engage third-party assessors to verify that the quality and reputation of the brand are not harmed.

Brand Name

Some parents choose a certain brand because they believe a well-known brand name equals quality.

It can also be a major investment! This implies that if you buy a high-end brand, you will get your money back. Noola Strollers, for example, are seen as luxurious and people who purchase them do not mind spending $200-$400 on a stroller if it means they can resell it for not far off the retail price. This causes overall stroller costs to rise.

Is It Worth Buying Expensive Strollers?

Funny little girl sitting in her stroller

When it comes to strollers, most parents are concerned about how much additional money will improve their children’s comfort and safety during trips. Some of the most costly stroller brands concentrate on sophisticated features as well as practical upgrades, while others put more emphasis on the style of the stroller.

The Stokke Trailz stroller for example is a fantastic stroller that glides over all surfaces and has an excellent range of accessories, including a high-quality sleeping bag and winter kit. Adventurers who like to travel with baby gear across many towns might appreciate the robust construction and useful features.

However, the Bugaboo Retrospective stroller created in conjunction with Andy Warhol Foundation appears to be overly costly because of a distinctive fabric pattern! By all means, buy it! But you would think you’d expect a bit more for nearly $3,000.

Finally, the Toddler stroller with alligator pods for iPod and DVD seems a bit extravagant. For this one-of-a-kind stroller with a design that may be difficult to use on a daily basis, you’ll have to spend more than $3,000!

colorful strollers on the street

There are plenty of toddler Stroller alternatives on the market, ranging from ridiculously expensive deluxe gold-plated stroller frames that are too large to be utilized on a regular basis, to pricey and long-lasting, sturdy modern strollers appropriate for everyday walks or adventures.

When it comes to double strollers, the extra money seems to make sense. Double strollers are heavier and more difficult to move around than single ones, and as a result, some parents are fine with spending a lot of money on a double stroller that will make traveling with two children easier.

I know I’d rather spend $600+ on a double stroller with a convertible design and ease of access to both children, one that has a sturdy frame, decent wheels, and more storage capacity than one with some limited edition pattern.


The overall message is that the cost of a stroller/pram varies significantly. It might be influenced by demand, features, and brand name among other things. If you are willing to search around and make the most of your cash, you can still locate reasonable alternatives.

You can’t go wrong if you buy from a reputable business! Use the internet to research, compare products, make a list of your requirements and desires, and so on. The right and most cost-effective stroller for you is out there!

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