Urbini Omni Plus Travel System Review: Storage, Movement, Portability

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A good stroller is a must when you have a baby. Strollers free up your arms when you want to take your baby out in public while allowing your child to view their surroundings. 

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The best stroller must be more than a stroller: it must hold your child and all the accessories your child needs. It must also be functional in storage, movement, and portability for you as a parent. 

To make picking the best stroller for your child easier, we’ve reviewed the Urbini Omni Plus Travel System. 

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel System

There are three main parts to carrying a baby while on-the-go: putting the baby in a stroller, a carrier, or a car seat.  

Usually, all these items are sold separately, making it inconvenient for parents to move their child around while they do errands. 

Luckily, travel systems combine a stroller, carrier, and car seat for ultimate small child transportation. 

The stroller is essentially a frame for the carrier or car seat. If you’ve driven your child, all you have to do is unfold the stroller frame and put the child, still in their car seat, into it. You don’t have to unstrap your child only to re-strap them into another area. 

Thus, travel systems, like the Urbini Omni Plus, are perfect for families constantly on the go. There are no separate accessories to buy. The stroller needs the car seat or carrier to be functional, which is why it is called a system. 

Now that you know what the “travel system” in the Urbini’s full name means, let’s see how the Urbini Omni Plus performs.

About the Urbini Omni Plus Travel System 

Urbini is cheaper than most other high-end travel systems on the market. It goes for about $150 – $200 online and in retail stores. It has many of the features other travel systems have, such as stroller, bassinet, and car seat functionality. 

The Urbini Omni Plus may be attractive to expecting parents who want a reliable travel system for their children, but there are key things to know before deciding on the final stroller. 

While cheaper than the competition, the Urbini has critical flaws that seriously impact its performance. 

Things We Liked:

  • Multiple reclining positions.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • Reversible child carriage.
  • Large canopy.
  • Shock-absorbing foam protection. 

Room for Improvement:

  • Wheels randomly lock. 
  • Small storage unit. 
  • Hard to use by yourself. 

Urbini Omni Plus Features and Benefits 

Below are several crucial characteristics of the stroller. 

It Has More Features Than Listed Online

The product says it is a 3-in-1 stroller comprising of a stroller, car seat, and carrier. While it is all these things, the Urbini Omni Plus has much more to offer. 

Check out this video in which one mother-to-be lists all the features the Urbini can do. Some options include a bassinet carrier that allows your child to lay horizontally. 

Bassinets are useful if you want your child to be more comfortable taking a nap while moving or stationary. The bassinet carrier can also be folded into a toddler seat with straps and can be reversed to face you or away from you. 

The Urbini Omni Plus is relatively cheap. With all the bonus features it offers, the Urbini might be the best bang for your buck. 

Stroller Design

The Urbini Omni Plus has different adjustments in the carriage and car seat, so you can continue using the Urbini even as your child grows older. The Urbini car seat accommodates children up to 32” in length. 

This stroller is made to handle children up to 50 pounds. There is a 5-point harness system with comfort pads ensuring your child is not only secure on their journey but comfortable throughout it. The pads are designed to be chafe resistant. 

Whenever you use this stroller, you have the option to have your baby face backward toward you or forward into the environment in front of you. The reclining seat contains multiple positions, ranging from completely horizontal to about a 45-degree angle. 

The handles come in four different adjustable positions. The lowest to highest handlebar settings accommodate people of all heights. The stroller is so lightweight, your baby’s older sibling will be able to push the stroller along. 

Quick Set Up and Take Down

You’ll do most of the operations with the Urbini by pressing buttons, pushing levers, and sliding different mechanisms into place. 

For example, to release the carrier from the stroller, all you have to do is push the red lever on the side of the stroller. To then release the carrier from its base to become a car seat, you push up on a red latch. 

When you’re running late and your child getting fussy, the simple operations of the Urbini Omni Plus will take away potential stress of not getting what you need from the stroller quickly. The buttons and levers are color-coded, and most of the actions are intuitive. 


The Urbini Omni Plus boasts both front-wheel and back-wheel locking for maximum infant security when you have to step away for a moment. 

But even when you’re walking along with the strollers, the wheels can randomly lock and make a situation unpleasant for your infant. 

Wheel locking occurs most notably during turns. The wheels sometimes lock on the turning side, so if you’re turning right, the right wheels may lock up. 

Once locked, the infant and items in the basket lean to the right side. While the infant isn’t in danger of tumbling out of the carrier, wheels locking may unnecessarily jostle a child more than you would like. 

The wheels may also lock while you’re simply walking forward, causing the stroller to come to a sudden halt and jerk the child in it. 

Locked wheels shouldn’t be an issue if the stroller goes slowly enough, and the issue doesn’t even arise in some users. However, it is still a large problem parents should know about before purchasing the Urbini Omni Plus. 


The canopy protects your child from the harsh sun, rain, or snow. Ut can be pulled deeply over your child, protecting them up to the knee, or pulled all the way back so your child can see their environment. 

Additionally, the canopy has a peek-a-boo window which lets you check in on your child while they face away from you. 

Foam Handles

The carrier’s foam handle is removable, giving you easier access to your child should you need to change or feed them. Snap the foam handle back in place to quickly pull your child off the stroller in the carrier. 

Storage Basket

The basket is attached to the base of the stroller. It’s large enough to hold food, bottles, a change of clothes, toys, and clean-up materials should your child get messy. 

However, should you need extra items, or pick up extra items while you go, the storage basket might run out of precious room. You’ll have to carry extra items in a separate bag or have a partner carry things.

Running out of storage space can be inconvenient when you’re in public and don’t have time to restock items for your baby. 

Ease of Using Stroller

To put the baby carrier back in the stroller, you have to slide the sides of the carrier into certain slots on the stroller. This quick and simple if your child is asleep and there aren’t too many distractions around. 

Using the stroller can be hard to do by yourself, especially if your child is heavy and you don’t have the arm strength to hold your child in the air while you find the slots. 

Worse, if the child gets restless, kicking or rocking their carrier, the stroller can be even harder to handle by yourself. 

With a partner, it shouldn’t be an issue, as another person can hold the carrier while you try to secure the carrier into the slots. Without a partner present, the stroller becomes time-consuming to use. 

Is the Urbini Omni Plus Worth It? 

The problem with this stroller is that different people had different experiences with it. Some active parents jog with their children in the Urbini stroller and never had the wheels lock up. Others find the wheels locking up commonplace and extremely annoying. 

It’s hard to pinpoint what your experience will be using this stroller. A majority of the reviews people have left trends towards the positive, though, so the odds are in your favor. 

The Urbini is worth it for people who don’t want to constantly transport their child from one vessel to the next. The car seat attaching to the stroller will help busy parents who want to watch their child while having him or her be safe. 

There are no unnecessary features on the Urbini since a parent can use the stroller, carrier, and car seat in all its capacities in a variety of situations. Every penny spent on the stroller will most likely be used. 

In short: the stroller will be sufficient enough for people who want a functional stroller that is surely within most parents’ price ranges. The Urbini Omni Plus is a smart stroller for everyday use, but be mindful of the potential drawbacks. 

Urbini Omni Plus Travel System Review: Storage, Movement, Portability
Urbini Omni Plus Travel System Review: Storage, Movement, Portability 1

The idea of seperately purchasing a stroller, carrier, and car seat seperately sound exhausting? Check out our Urbini Omni Plus Travel System review.

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