Nuna Triv Stroller Review: Durable Frame & Compact Design

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Lightweight strollers are great options for parents who move around without being weighed down by the heaviness of the stroller.

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However, most lightweight strollers aren’t as convenient when they’re compared to full-sized strollers. But that’s where the Nuna Triv hops in to save the day!

In today’s article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth review of the Red Dot Product Design Winner 2020 stroller, so you can figure out whether or not it’s the best stroller for your needs.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Lightweight Stroller

A lightweight stroller is fairly similar to the standard single stroller model that you have in mind, except that it focuses much more on being compact and lightweight rather than being feature-packed.

They’re great for parents who prefer to take their babies on relatively long tips without having their arms tired out by pushing a heavy stroller.

Despite their simplicity, it’s not easy to find a lightweight stroller that’s worth your money. Here’s a brief checklist of all the aspects you need to consider before deciding on a lightweight stroller.


As the name suggests, the weight of a lightweight stroller is one of the unmistakable features of that type. A good lightweight stroller should focus on having a lightweight frame that’s also quite durable.

Aluminum is usually the material of choice when designing a lightweight stroller’s frame for the same reason it’s used in airplanes — it’s sturdy yet lightweight!


Aluminum is durable, but not as tough as other metals. For that reason, the design of the stroller must be well supported so that it can handle the weight of your baby while offering a comfortable and smooth ride.


Lightweight strollers are meant to allow parents to take their baby on daily trips without issues.

That’s why you should always focus on finding strollers with roaming-friendly wheels and decent suspension that you can use to maneuver your way across shopping aisles and crowded streets.


Though a compact stroller won’t carry as much as a full one, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have room for storage at all! Make sure that the stroller still has room for essential items.

Also, the design should be foldable enough that the stroller itself doesn’t take up a lot of space when not in use. If you want to know more about the best lightweight stroller check out this detailed guide!

A Brief Overview of the Nuna Triv Stroller

Nuna Baby is an international baby gear manufacturer with roots in Amsterdam. And if you don’t know, the Dutch have some of the biggest stroller brands in the world, such as Bugaboo, Easywalker, and Joolz.

Among the best features of the stroller is that it can both fold and face both ways. Also, the stroller offers 3 recline positions, including a flat position for comfortable sleeping.

Thanks to the smart design that the stroller has, the Nuna Triv is the recipient of the Red Dot Product Design Award for 2020.

This puts it in competition with some of the best-selling lightweight strollers on the market, such as UPPABABY Minu and BABYZEN YOYO.

Despite being a great model, the price point of the stroller is one of its biggest drawbacks. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the stroller is overpriced since Nuna uses premium-grade materials while manufacturing their products.

Things We Like

  • A remarkably compact stroller that weighs less than 19.4 pounds
  • The stroller offers 3 different recline positions
  • The seat fabric is designed to feel comfortable in all seasons
  • The extendable sun-proof canopy that features a small window
  • The under-seat Spring Suspension Technology minimizes the impact of road bumps

Room for Improvement

  • A bit pricey for a lightweight stroller
  • Quite hard to push uphill
  • Not suitable for rough terrains like the Nuna Mixx

Features & Benefits of the Nuna Triv Stroller

New Award-Winning Model

The Triv is one of Nuna’s newest additions to its arsenal of lightweight strollers. The Triv was launched in February 2020 and is meant to be an upgrade from the previous Nuna Mixx model.

For that reason, you might be able to notice the similarities between the two models. This includes some of the features we’re going to discuss in this section, such as the reversible seat and the included ring adapter.

Some parents like upgraded models because they offer the newest technologies that the stroller manufacturer offers in addition to more stylish designs, which is true in Triv’s stroller case!

If you want a baby stroller that is both incredibly stylish and remarkably practical, this stroller is your way to go!

Comfortable All-season Seat

Since it’s going to be an everyday item, one of the main principles that the Nuna Triv is built on is to make the stroller as comfortable as possible for both parents and children.

The stroller seat features a removable merino wool insert, which makes it ultra-plush and soft for your baby. Wool is also a great fabric to keep your baby cozy in winter. The greatest part about this insert is that it’s removable.

So when the summer comes, it’ll be quite easy to remove the insert and enjoy the highly breathable and ventilated soft mesh seat fabric. This keeps your baby cool and protects them from overheating.

As for parents and caregivers, the stroller features a smart telescopic handlebar that you can easily adjust so that it suits your height. This spares you from having to raise your arms above the normal level or hunch over to move the stroller around comfortably.

The handlebars are also equipped with leatherette padding that provides a more comfortable grip and prevents the stroller from slipping while moving it around.

Spring Suspension Technology

A stroller with the comfiest of seats might not do the trick if the stroller’s wheel suspension doesn’t provide a smooth ride for your baby.

The wheels of the Nuna Triv are designed to accommodate a city stroller rather than an all-terrain one. Unlike the previous Mixx model, this model’s wheels are a fairly balanced size. The front wheels are 7 inches while the back ones are 7.5 inches.

The rubberized exterior along with foam interior helps the wheels stay lightweight and maneuverable while controlling the stroller’s traction and absorbing shocks.

Moreover, if you look under the stroller, you can find an additional spring suspension system built right into the passenger seat, ensuring an utterly smooth ride even on bumpy terrain.

The Ring Adapter Attaches to Car Seats

One of the features that make the Nuna Triv a good value for money is the ring adapter. This feature allows you to convert the stroller to a travel system that you can attach to a car seat!

Such a feature is great at saving you the hassle and costs of buying the travel system separately.

Lightweight Design that Carries Heavy

As the name suggests, a lightweight stroller must be light as a feather. The Nuna Triv achieves that perfectly by weighing 19.4 pounds. This makes it the lightest stroller that Nuna offers in that category and 1.7 pounds lighter than its runner-up, the Nuna Pepp Next!

Despite that, the stroller has a tough frame that can handle heavy weights with ease. Thanks to its design, the stroller can carry the weight of a 50-pound child in the seat along with 10 extra pounds in the storage basket!

Moreover, the foldable design of the Nuna Triv allows you to easily fold and store the stroller with only one hand while it stands on its own.

Excellent Canopy Design

As for the canopy, the Nuna Triv has a large UPF 50+ canopy for extra protection from the harmful sun rays.

Additionally, the canopy won’t hinder your baby’s ability to explore the beauty of the world, thanks to its three mesh windows that also support healthy ventilation.

Lastly, the canopy is also made with water-resistant fabric, so it won’t let the rain leak inside and will simply wick it off!

Alternative & Conclusion

Now that you’ve read an in-depth review of the Nuna Triv, including everything you need to know about the stroller as well as all the features and benefits it can offer, it’s time to ask: is the Triv worth your money?

The Triv stroller is one of the best lightweight stroller options that you can find on the market. The excellent design and remarkable features of the stroller make it in competition with some of the market giants.

The only reason you might want to steer away from Nuna Triv is the hefty premium you’ll need to pay to get it. Once again, that doesn’t make it a bad stroller, but just a premium pick — after all, the stroller didn’t win Red Dot’s product design award for nothing!

However, if you’re looking for a more reasonably priced alternative, you might want to consider the Nuna Mixx instead. The Nuna Mixx stroller does have a lot of the features offered in the Nuna Triv stroller while remaining the more affordable option of the two.

Nuna Triv Review: A Compact And Durable Frame Stroller
Nuna Triv Stroller Review: Durable Frame & Compact Design 10

This Nuna Triv review tells you everything you need to know about one of the best lightweight stroller options that you can buy today!

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