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Do you feel torn apart between getting a safe car seat for your long commutes with your baby and getting them a stroller in which he/she can accompany you everywhere?

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Getting them both -a stroller and a car seat- might be costly. Apart from that, juggling too many components whilst attending to your baby and running your errand seems impossible.

A well-built travel system will save you all the hassle. One of the most popular and positively reviewed travel systems is Chicco’s Viaro Travel System. Today, we’ll be giving you an all-inclusive look into this valuable product alongside our detailed review of it.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel System

A travel system is a long term investment that’s worthy of thinking about before rushing to purchase the first item you find online. Here are three questions that you need to ask yourself before buying a travel system.

Do I ‘Really’ Need a Travel System?

The idea of a comprehensive system is appealing, yes. But the truth is that many parents who purchased travel systems didn’t find quite what they expected.

The most important part of a travel system is a car seat, which you can get separately. For many parents, strollers are bulky and hard to push; they’d rather use strap baby carry-ons when they go out, which redeems the whole idea of investing in a travel system unworthy for them.

You need to ask yourself, do you need both a stroller and a car seat, or just one? Do you go out that often with your baby in the first place? Answers to these questions should guide you.

If you decide on getting a travel system, you can check how to choose the best one for your needs from our guide, “Best Travel System Strollers for Your Money.

What’s the Best Car Seat I Can Get?

We can’t stress this enough, but the car seat is the single most important component of your travel system. So, if we’re narrowing down the choice to one aspect, it’ll be the car seat.

You need a car seat that’s sturdy and safe. We’re looking for the safest car seat we can find here. By safe, we mean a 5 or 3 point harness system and a secure latch to its base.

Some travel systems feature magnificent strollers with lousy car seats. You want to avoid these.

How Can I Get the Most out of It?

You’re paying a fair amount of money here, so you need something to be worth it.

Favor travel systems whose parts are compatible with other brands. For example, a system whose car seat can fit in a car base of a different brand, as these will be easy to replace and fix.

Also, look for lightweight strollers with a big weight capacity so that they stay with your kid as he/she grows up.

Chicco Viaro Travel System at a Glance

Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Travel System, Includes Infant Car Seat and Base, Stroller and Car Seat Combo, Baby Travel Gear | Techna/Black/Silver
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY -- With an aluminum frame and sleek 3-wheel design, this lightweight stroller with included infant car seat makes the Viaro an ideal baby travel system.
  • CAR SEAT AND BASE INCLUDED – Top-rated KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat with SuperCinch Force-Multiplying LATCH Tightener makes this car seat easy to install accurately, every time. Secure,...
  • ONE-HAND FOLD – A pull-strap and button tucked under the seat easily activate the compact and free-standing fold for easier maneuverability and storage.

According to the previous criteria, we’re looking for a safe travel system with a stellar car seat and a stroller that’s easy to maneuver, preferably at a reasonable price. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Chicco has got your backs!

The Italian Baby Gear Manufacturer has introduced one of the closest travel systems to perfection, the Chicco Viaro Travel System. The stroller and the car seat are each of premium quality, and they fit together seamlessly. Plus, the car seat is among the safest on the market.

When you buy this system, you’re signing up for a multitude of handy features, a roomy storage space, some trays, and a nice canopy!

Compared to its counterpart Chicco Bravo’s Travel System, Viaro is lighter and more affordable.

Things We Like

  • Awesome two-position carry handle
  • Stroller seat has infinite recline
  • KeyFit30 car seat is among the most secure on the market
  • Washable car seat
  • Roomy space for your stuff
  • Decent weight capacity

Room for Improvement

  • The canopy can use some improvement
  • The fabric of the car seat might make your baby hot
  • Limited height range

Chicco Viaro – The Stroller

Viaro’s stroller sports a sturdy and elegant aluminum frame, and it operates on three wheels, making it super smooth to move around. Moreover, the seat reclines into multiple positions easily, and the sun canopy moves along, allowing for a nice downtime for your little one!

Versatile and Convenient

Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Travel System, Includes Infant Car Seat and Base, Stroller and Car Seat Combo, Baby Travel Gear | Techna/Black/Silver

Mothers are constantly juggling baby gear, whether they’re inside or outside their houses. No mother ever needs a complex stroller that’ll add to her struggle. That’s why we’ve come to appreciate Chicco Viaro’s one-hand fold feature. You can seamlessly fold and unfold this stroller with one hand freestanding. The same applies to install the car seat. Moms know how valuable this is!

The sport three-wheel design of the stroller is a pleasure to the eye and the hand. It has a slim profile and glides well over all types of terrain. This stroller knows how to take a bump or two along the road!


Viaro’s stroller has a wide under-seat storage basket that can accommodate all your baby gear. We’re talking diapers, snacks, toys, a blanket, and your own purse. The basket is easily accessible and high above the ground, so it doesn’t hinder the wheels.

Even when the seat is in full recline, you can access the basket easily.

Big on Accessories

What’s a good travel system without its accessories?

Viaro’s travel system -and especially its stroller- comes equipped with all the necessary accessories. It comes with a wide canopy that’s essential to protect your little one against the sun. Despite being adjustable, it’s a bit hard to adjust and control, but we’re willing to tolerate this flaw at the expense of other merits.

It includes parent and child trays as well, where you can place your drinks or your child’s toys. Each tray comes with two cup holders. For long trips to the mall, this feature is nice to have.

Chicco Viaro -The Car Seat

The car seat is as -sometimes even more- important than the stroller itself. Lucky for you, Chicco is one of the world’s most renowned car seat manufacturers. Viaro’s travel system comes with Chicco’s best selling KeyFit30, a state of the art car seat that’s lightweight and fits perfectly in all car rears.

Easy to Install

Parents are raving about the KeyFit30 for a reason. It combines both ease of installation and safety, the two pillars of a functional car seat.

To ensure that the seat is properly installed, all you need to do is check the bubble level indicators at both sides of the seat base. You want the bubble to be positioned between the two illustrated sides. Don’t forget to check both sides of your base. There might be variations according to the car model, so it won’t hurt to give the bubbles a check when you install your car seat into another car.

A car seat that’s easy to remove is as important as one that’s easy to install, and Chicco’s KeyFit30 is just that. With two clicks, you can detach your car seat away from the base to transport your baby without waking them up if they were asleep. No muss, no fuss.

We love the fact that this car seat is compatible with multiple strollers and car seat bases. Not only does it latch on Chicco’s strollers, but it also works well with those of UPPA Baby and Baby Jogger.


KeyFit30 features a secure 5-point harness system that’ll keep your baby in place no matter how bumpy your ride might get.

This car seat accommodates up to 30 lbs, which is a good range compared to its counterparts. As for the height limit, it’s 30 inches. We don’t have to tell you that you can’t exceed these limits for your child’s safety, do we?


Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Travel System, Includes Infant Car Seat and Base, Stroller and Car Seat Combo, Baby Travel Gear | Techna/Black/Silver

The car seat is comfortable for you and your baby. It features a removable pillow to support your newborn, alongside a comfortable, removable seat pad. No need to worry, it’s washing machine friendly!

As for the parents, you can carry the seat around using its durable carry handle that’s adjustable at two positions. There’s a sun canopy to protect your kid against the sun, but you can remove it once you get out of the car. 


It might seem like we’re a little biased to the Chicco Viaro travel system, and maybe we are -just a  little bit- but we have good reasons for that! The travel system is well-integrated with a lightweight, easy to maneuver stroller and a comfy and safe car seat. Compared to the other options on the market, Chicco Viaro comes at a really attractive price without compromising quality. What’s not to love!

If we’re to be critical, we’ll say that the stroller might use some improvement. For instance, it doesn’t lock in place, which will be challenging in crowded places and slopey roads. In this area, Britax’s Agile travel system performs significantly better with a slight price difference. You can check out our detailed comparison of Chicco and Britax here.

Chicco Viaro Travel System Review - Your Best Travel Companion
Chicco Viaro Travel System Review - Your Best Travel Companion 10

Chicco Viaro Travel System Stroller is a well-integrated travel system that's lightweight, easy to maneuver, and comfy with a safe car seat.

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