Evenflo Pivot Xpand Review: A Budget-Friendly Expandable Stroller

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Got a baby with another one on the way? Well, I’m happy to tell you that you don’t have to settle for an unwieldy double stroller. Evenflo’s Pivot Xpand is a single stroller that you can expand by adding an extra infant seat. Don’t worry, though; it doesn’t stray too far from the affordable category.

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What’s great about it? How does it compare to the other expandable strollers? And are there any disadvantages to consider? Let’s see!

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Expandable Stroller

Not all expandable strollers are created equal. Here’s how you can pick a model that truly satisfies your needs.

Get a User-Friendly Design

The stroller design must be simple enough to allow for easy adjustments while on-the-go. You should be able to remove and reinstall the seats without any special tools.

Also, the design should be flexible enough to allow for various configurations. This way, you will be able to fine-tune the stroller to fit different situations.

Search for High Versatility

Before buying the stroller, ask about the terrains it can handle. Most models are equipped to slide over flat pavements, while others are sturdy enough to withstand bumpy gravel.

Are There Any Expandable Side-By-Side Strollers?

Almost all expandable strollers come in the tandem style. If you come to think of it, this design will probably fit your needs better. Why? Well, tandem strollers can typically fit in tight aisles and doorways. Plus, the tiered style suits parents who have a toddler and a baby. On the other hand, side-by-side models won’t be practical unless you have twins.

Who Should Get the Evenflo Pivot Xpand?

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System with SafeMax Infant Car Seat
  • Single To Double : Stroller grows from single to double with no tools or extra parts needed. Easy slide and lock system expands frame in seconds to accommodate a second toddler or infant...
  • Up To 22 Configurations : The unique design accommodates one or two riders. Infants and children can sit at various heights, upright or reclined, in both parent-facing and forward-facing...
  • Modular Design: Infant car seat sits directly on the frame, and the toddler seat easily converts to infant mode, cradling baby at a comfortable angle

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand is geared toward parents who want to enjoy the benefits of an expandable stroller without breaking the bank. But make no mistake, the affordable price doesn’t mean you’ll be trading off performance. It’s almost as good as more expensive models, such as the UPPAbaby VISTA.

Here’s what you’ll find included in the package:

  • Stroller frame with a two-foot storage basket
  • Toddler seat
  • SafeMax infant car seat
  • Built-in adapters for upper and lower seat
  • Cup holder

Things I Like

  • Can be configured in more than 22 setups
  • Reasonably priced
  • Flippable seats
  • Built-in seat adaptors

Room for Improvement

  • The wheels won’t be stable over bumpy terrains
  • The harnesses of both seats aren’t properly padded
  • The toddler seat’s canopy is a bit small

A Detailed Breakdown of the Evenflo Pivot Xpand Features

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we can start dissecting the features offered by this stroller.

The Main Toddler Seat

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System with SafeMax Infant Car Seat

Evenflo equips this stroller with an adjustable toddler seat that can support up to 55 lbs, which is no mean feat for expandable strollers.

On the seat’s back, there’s a small lever that reclines the seat into an almost-flat position. I really love how easy this lever operates; you can easily lift it with one hand, which should be ideal for parents who already have a lot on their plate.

After reclining the seat, you can undo the buckle placed beneath the footrest to make the setup more suitable for an infant.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you adjust it, this seat can’t assume a fully flat position, which isn’t that ideal for infants. I wouldn’t consider this as a major flaw, though. If you have an infant, it’s more rational to use the special infant car seat instead of experimenting with the toddler seat.

Comfort and Security

Evenflo generously padded this seat to keep your baby comfortable for hours on end.

I was a bit skeptical about the 5-point harness, worrying that it might not be secure enough. But I’m glad to say that Evenflo proved me wrong.

There’s a teeny-tiny thing that annoyed me, though. The crotch strap doesn’t have any padding, which increases the likelihood of chafing the baby’s thighs. The good news is, you can pad this webbing yourself by getting velcro strap pads


The seat is equipped with a 3-panel canopy that extends to cover the whole seat. Frankly, I wanted to have an extra panel to provide a bit more shade. But as you’ll see later on, you can easily flip the whole seat on the stroller if the canopy fails to provide enough sun protection.

The SafeMax Infant Car Seat

Thanks to Evneflo’s meticulous design, the SafeMax seat does live up to its name.

First off, the seat’s base is equipped with an anti-rebound bar that can absorb significant forceful impacts to limit the seat’s movement during accidents. Second, the latch located in the base’s center locks your car’s seat belt in place, providing double the safety of standard latches.

And best of all, Evenflo goes the extra mile by providing real-time chat support and live-video consultation service with a certified car seat technician. I like this because car seat installation usually has lots of guesswork, which can burden some parents with undue anxiety.

When you’re ready to mount the seat on the stroller, all you have to do is lift the lever on the back to detach the base. Afterward, you can slide the seat into the built-in stroller adaptor without any tools whatsoever.

Comfort and Security

Thankfully, the infant seat has the same generous padding featured in the toddler counterpart. I also appreciate that Evenflo adds an additional head pillow to make the seat more comfortable for tiny newborns.

But again, I wanted to see some padding on the harness straps to minimize the possibility of chafing.


The SafeMax has the same three-panel canopy featured on the toddler’s seat. However, since there’s less space to cover, the canopy is way more practical here. That said, you can still flip the whole seat if the sun manages to give you a hard time.

The Modular Design and Built-In Adaptors

Here comes the best thing about the Evenflo Pivot Xpand. Thanks to the frame’s modular design, you can configure the stroller in 22 setups! And to eliminate the guesswork, Evenflo sends an illustrated guide to show you how to implement all of these setups.

By default, the toddler seat sits on the upper adaptor, while the infant seat lies on the lower one. You can easily swap them to shift your attention between your babies if need be.

If you only need one seat, the lower adaptor can be tucked inside the storage basket to save space. I absolutely love the fact that you don’t need to remove and reinstall it every single time.

Both adaptors can slide up and down on the stroller’s frame to provide the ultimate setup freedom. It might seem like an insignificant perk, but this unlocks unlimited configuration potential.

And best of all, you can place both seats in the parent-facing and forward-facing positions. To flip the seat, all you have to do is press the button on the adaptor’s side and lift upwards. Then, slide the flipped seat back in place until it clicks.


The Pivot Xpand features four TPE wheels. The small ones at the front swivel freely, while the rear ones have a light suspension system to dampen minimal road bumps.

Do I like it? Well, this depends on the type of terrain you’ll walk over. For city sidewalks, these wheels will be more than perfect. They provide enough traction without hindering your movement.

However, on bumpier terrains like gravel and grass, they’ll bounce a bit too much. They certainly lack the versatility of more expensive strollers, such as the UPPAbaby VISTA.

Size and Weight

Just like most expandable strollers, the Pivot Xpand doesn’t classify inside the “lightweight” category, yet it manages to stay outside the unwieldy class.

Without any seats, the frame weighs about 22 lbs. The toddler seat weighs around 6 lbs, while the infant seat lies around 7.5 lbs. All in all, the fully configured stroller will weigh somewhere around 36 lbs, which should be ideal for most parents.

When folded, this stroller measures 26.5” x 18.5” x 31.5”, meaning that it can fit inside most car trunks.

The Final Word

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System with SafeMax Infant Car Seat

If you’re on a tight budget, the Evenflo Pivot Xpand should give you the best value. The most prominent disadvantage that can impact performance is the wheels. They’re by no means flimsy, but they don’t have what it takes to handle challenging terrains.


If money isn’t an issue, consider the UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller. Unlike the Pivot Xpand, this stroller can roll smoothly over most terrains, thanks to its rubberized wheels and four-wheel suspension system. I also like that you can adjust the canopy’s height to provide better shade for your baby.

Want something more compact? Take a look at the Baby Jogger City Select. With measurements of 12.5″ x 25.75″ x 32.75″, this model weighs a bit less than the Pivot Xpand, which should translate to easier maneuverability.

It’s also better in terms of the terrain versatility, but its suspension isn’t as smooth as the VISTA. On the positive side, its sturdy frame can accept up to 90 pounds of weight, meaning that it’ll last your toddlers for a long time before you have to think about upgrading.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Review: A Budget-Friendly Expandable Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xpand Review: A Budget-Friendly Expandable Stroller 10

Evenflo Pivot Xpand is a stroller that you can expand by adding an extra infant seat. Check out our review of this budget-friendly expandable stroller.

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