UPPAbaby Vista Stroller Review

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The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is a convertible stroller designed with both parents and babies in mind; it is an engineered system that offers maximum flexibility from birth through the toddler years as your baby grows.

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The Vista V2 is a beautifully made travel stroller that actually includes a matching bassinet so that you have an elegant pram during your baby’s first six months.  Also included in your set is a lightweight chassis with a modern design and a toddler seat, not to mention a bassinet storage bag, a bug shield for both the bassinet and toddler seat and a rain shield for the main seat.

mother holding UPPABaby Vista V2 stroller with sunflower background
Photo Credit: Vanessa M. –New Jersey

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is described as a hybrid between a sports car and a super-utility vehicle because of the luxurious, sleek look and the multiple functions for parents of one, two, or even three children!

Mom and dog walking with kids in stroller
Photo Credit: K. DeBlois –Rhode Island

Let’s explore more of the features and improvements made over the last few years and discover what this stroller can do for you.  Then we’ll go into what Vista owners have to say about it.  Read on to find out what makes this stroller one of the most popular UPPAbaby options.  You’ll be crazy about this luxury system by the time you’ve finished this review!

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UPPAbaby Vista Features

  • Compatible with most car seat brands, with seat adapters
  • MESA Infant Car Seat attaches directly to the stroller without seat adapters
  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy chassis
  • Tires with PolyUrethane mimic air-filled tires and is lighter than previous models
  • Canopy height adjustable
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Rain shield and bug net included
  • 50-pound weight capacity
  • Suitable from birth with included Bassinet or Infant SnugSeat accessory
  • Full-size reversible Toddler Seat
  • Five-point, no-rethread safety harness
  • Extendable canopy with UPF 50+ protection, zip-out fabric, and mesh panels
  • Vented peekaboo window
  • Adjustable telescoping handlebar to accommodate taller parents
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Front-swivel wheel locks with visual indicators
  • One-step standing fold
  • Leather bumper bar
  • Rear pedal parking brakes
  • Extra-large 30-lb weight capacity storage basket beneath the seat
  • Color-coordinated luxury ventilated detachable bassinet


The UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller is uniquely designed to adapt as your family grows. Boasting an extended canopy, luxurious fabrics, and full-grain leather details, this premium stroller can transport up to 3 children while strolling like a single.

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Upgrades to the Vista V2 2022

UPPAbaby continually tweaks its products every year to make them better and better.  For 2018, the Vista was treated to some fantastic improvements, and here’s what you can expect:

  • All Vistas have full-grain leather on the handlebar and the bumper bar for a chic, sophisticated look.  The leather is REACH certified, meeting strict European standards for chemical restrictions.
  • The extended bassinet is 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) longer for taller babies can use it, and you get more use out of it.
  • The frame is powder-coated in the new VISTA V2 (instead of carbon-coated) to minimize scratching.
  • New front wheel design; the front tire now matches the rear tires.

Difference Between the Vista V2 and the Cruz V2

  • The Vista has a more premium fabric than the Cruz.
  • Unfolded Cruz V2 width: 22.8″; Vista V2 width: 25.7″
  • The Vista can work as a double or even a triple stroller.
  • The Vista’s rear axle is arched, as opposed to the straight across axel of the Cruz.
  • The Vista has a one-pedal brake system, whereas the Cruz V2 has a two-step pedal braking system.
  • The Vista costs more than the Cruz but has much more included and converts to a double, so it is worth the additional cost.

Tell Me About The Stroller

The UPPABaby Vista V2 is built with welded and formed aluminum alloy and magnesium frame; the kind used to build aircraft.  This makes it durable yet lightweight (though not quite as lightweight as the Minu).  Many parents love that the Vista feels sturdy when pushed and maneuvers very smoothly.

UPPABaby Vista V2 side view
Photo Credit: Nina Centofanti – Dallas, TX

This product suits newborn babies and toddlers weighing up to 50 pounds.  The Vista V2 system comes with both a seat and bassinet, which are easily interchangeable.  The bassinet is removable with one hand, so you don’t have to wake your napping nugget to move them.  There is even an additional bassinet stand available, making it a great option for overnight sleeping, too.

UPPABaby Vista V2 bassinet

Many satisfied parents enjoy the convenience of interchanging the bassinet and seat and adding additional seating, as they can use the stroller with babies and toddlers.  Flexibility and the ability to expand to more than one child are the key points parents look for.

Additionally, you can use your infant car seat right on the chassis.  The UPPAbaby Mesa car seat inserts directly onto the Vista frame for ease of use.  If you don’t have the Mesa car seat, no worries!  UPPAbaby offers car seat adapters for Chicco and Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex so you can have a travel system with just a snap and go.

Can Uppababy Vista Convert to Double?

double mode UPPABaby Vista V2
Photo Credit: (Clockwise from the top Left):  Aly N. –Arizona; Jenna O. –Connecticut; Vanessa M. –New Jersey; Sofia J. –Miami, Florida

Are you expecting a second child?  The UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller frame supports an additional rumble seat that you purchase separately and can attach to the front of the frame easily; and is suited for babies six months and older, or up to 35 pounds.

The Vista V2 has been designed so the rumble seat faces forward or backward and reclines fully no matter which direction it faces.  It is so much more versatile now!

Good news, if you’re expecting twins!  The Vista can be used with two bassinets or two toddler seats to easily turn your single stroller into a double stroller.

Parent of three kiddos of different ages or twins and a toddler?  If you’re already using the Vista as a double, you can now transform it into a triple stroller by purchasing the PiggyBack Ride Along Board that your oldest child rides on in the back.

happy little girl riding in double mode UPPABaby Vista V2 stroller
Photo Credit: Aileen D. –California

You can even fold your stroller with it attached, too.  Just be aware that you have to take shorter steps with the PiggyBack.  While pushing the Vista with the board attached, I noticed I kept bumping up on it, so expect a slower stroll.  But otherwise, it was fantastic!

The Vista offers the flexibility parents require today from single to triple with a wide range of seating options.

How is the Seat?

Like most up-to-date luxury strollers, the seat comes as one complete molded piece.  The entire toddler seat reclines in five positions from flat to nearly upright with a one-handed lever, and the foot rest adjusts with it.  The toddler seat now has even more cushy padding for comfort and keeps your baby from getting too hot.

An adjustable five-point harness for your child’s safety gives you peace of mind, and the shoulder pads feel extra soft for their comfort.  A padded bumper bar is included and an adjustable footrest, but there is no snack tray.

vintage UPPABaby Vista V2 top side view
Photo Credit: Carmen Aguilar

The seatback isn’t that tall, so if you have an exceptionally tall three-year-old, your child’s head may brush the top of the canopy, but otherwise, children up to three ought to fit comfortably.  The adjustable-height canopy will go up an additional two inches, giving your tall child some more room.

The seat or bassinet is also elevated, which brings the child closer to Mom or Dad, and Baby feels more secure, particularly when the bassinet or car seat faces the parent.  Moms love this feature because they can see and talk to their babies while out and about.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Measurements

Unfolded: 36″ L x 25.7″ W x 39.5″ H

Folded with seat attached: 17.3″ L x 25.7″ W x 33.3″ H

Folded without seat attached: 13″ L x 25.7″ W x 32″ H

Stroller weight with Seat: 27lbs

Bassinet: 8.8lbs

How about the sun canopy?

I love the sun canopy!  It gives excellent coverage and has a large mesh peek-a-boo window at the top.  I like the mesh because it allows for air circulation, which keeps your child cooler in hot weather.

UPPABaby Vista V2 sun canopy
Photo Credit: Agnieszka Jimmerson

But wait, the canopy also has an SPF 50 extension visor that pops out, covering your baby all the way down to the belly bar!  I also appreciate that the mesh window covering has magnetic closures instead of Velcro, so when you peek in on your child, it’s nice and quiet.

Tell Me About the Bassinet

I absolutely love convertible strollers because you can attach a bassinet for an old-fashioned yet very stylish and elegant look.

Most convertible strollers make you purchase the bassinet separately, but not with the Vista!

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 comes with a beautiful and stylish bassinet that matches the color scheme you’ve chosen, and your baby can ride up to the 6th month.  Even better, the fabric lining the bassinet is a mix of undyed cotton and organic soybean fiber: au natural!  This waterproof liner zips off the bassinet mattress so you can pop it in the wash as needed.

The top of the bassinet has a carrying handle for easy on/off and carrying, and the canopy includes the same flip-out silver visor that the seat has, which provides complete coverage.  The bassinet has a boot covering the top to protect your baby from the elements and is easily removable.

The bassinet has a mesh panel in the canopy and ventilation in the upper mattress to optimize air circulation.  It also has a UV visor for additional protection.  Fresh and breezy baby!

UPPABaby Vista V2 baby bassinet

Many happy moms love the comfy bassinet, and it’s a quick and handy travel bed approved for overnight, indoor use.

How is the Performance?

“Overall I love how it glides like butter with both kids on it, and the basket space is [so] perfect.”

–Carmen Aguilar

Review after review remark on the maneuverability and smooth ride, and I can personally vouch for that when I tested this awesome stroller.  For one, you have large 11″ rear wheels and 8″  front wheel.  This means they do not go flat, ever, and parents love this as an added convenience – who wants to deal with pumping an air-filled tire gone flat?  These tires ride just as smoothly as air-filled.

The large wheels are equipped with 4-wheel shock-absorbing suspension, giving smooth rides, even on rougher terrain.

UPPABaby Vista V2
Photo Credit: Diego

The frame on the Vista is thick and sturdy, which is quite different from many strollers that look almost flimsy with such thin tubing.  This is a solid, well-built stroller, and the quality is apparent when you see it and push it.

How does the Vista fold?

“I like that vista stands when folded but it makes me nervous that it’s on the leather handle bar and that you have to extend it each time to have it stand.”

–Amanda D. –Wisconsin

The Vista folds in just one easy step, with or without the seat attached for every busy parents’ convenience.  In one motion, the frame folds down into a standing fold.

You can fold the Vista with the regular toddler seat or toddler seat and rumble seats still attached, but you must remove the bassinet before folding.

And UPPAbaby has thought of everything: rubber bumpers are there to protect the stroller handlebar in the standing position.  I like that thoughtful touch and the fact that my nice frame won’t get scratched since it is free-standing on the wheels!

Better yet, simply pull your Vista behind you like a rolling suitcase once folded – you can’t get any easier than that!

Accessorize me!

Who doesn’t like all the goodies that come with your stroller?  In addition to that great UV protective visor, this UPPAbaby stroller also comes with convenient zip-in weather and mesh bug shields.  Accessories like these come in quite handy with unpredictable weather.  I like how these two shields wrap around the front in a sleek look, and it is very well integrated, in my opinion.

Love the look but wish there were a snack tray and cupholder?  To complete the amenities, you can buy both the snack tray and parent organizer or cup holder.

If you’re taking a trip and cannot bear the thought of leaving your Vista behind (who would!), then safely transport it in the UPPAbaby Vista Travelsafe Travelbag.  This bag is made of durable nylon and has exposed wheels to cart behind you.  The bag is also part of the TravelSafe program, which is like insurance because UPPAbaby guarantees your VISTA during air travel!  Just register your stroller and travel bag online here before your departure.  What peace of mind that brings!

Some parents have commented that if you’re going to spend the money on the UPPAbaby Vista,  you may as well get the bassinet stand as well.  The bassinet snaps securely into place and allows you to use your bassinet indoors.  Don’t wake the baby when you arrive home!

The stand is portable, has a storage shelf on the bottom, and can hold up to 20 pounds.  It comes in white, grey, or dark brown espresso.  Later on, I like that you can purchase a hamper insert and use your stand for your laundry.  This way, it feels useful for a much longer time.

With the toddler or rumble seats, you can also add on the CozyGanoosh, a toasty warm accessory to provide extra wintery protection.

baby inside UPPABaby Vista V2
Photo Credit: Agnieszka Jimmerson

What safety features does the Vista have?

The UPPAbaby Vista comes with red/green indicators that help parents attach the bassinet or seat securely.  Red means you need to adjust the seat a little more, and green means you’re good to go!

The rear brake is foot-activated; step down on the lever to lock and step down again to disengage.  No more flipping the lever up with your toes to unlock your stroller.  I tried the brake using flip-flops, and it couldn’t have been easier!

What do parents get?

mom with UPPABaby Vista V2 stroller
Photo Credit: Vanessa M. –New Jersey

Tall parents, you’re going to love this.  The UPPAbaby Vista comes with a one-button telescopic handle with three height adjustments.  No more slouching when pushing the stroller.  Average to shorter adults find this stroller quite comfortable to push in the lowest setting, as well.

The Vista V2 is also designed with a floating arch rear axle, which prevents parents from kicking the stroller, enabling them to take natural strides, even when power walking!

The UPPAbaby Vista has an enormous easy-access storage basket beneath the seat that has been updated to hold even more.  According to many positive reviews, the basket is huge and can fit many baby and mommy necessities like a large diaper bag plus more.  While the “floating axle” goes through the basket, it does not hinder the storage space.

UPPABaby Vista V2 storage and wheels

There are also a couple of handy pockets at the rear of the basket for bottles or other small items you don’t want loose in the larger storage area.

The stroller comes with two convenient storage pockets behind the seat or at the end of the bassinet.  These pockets are just the right size for items such as keys, cell phones, cameras, and wallets.  Parents can purchase a separate UPPAbaby Cup holder and attach it to the cupholder mount on the Vista stroller.

Here’s the latest video review:

What Parents are Saying

“We use our Vista V2 for our twins and daughter. We love how it fits in our vehicle [while taking up] limited space.”

Aileen D. — California

“We Love our Vista V2. However it does have its pros and cons.

Pros: Its very nice looking and versatile. I love being able to switch up the seat configurations so easily, depending on where we are going, how long we will be there, etc. I love that my infant is able to stretch out and be comfortable in the bassinet when we are out for a long period of time, instead of being stuck in a car seat. Now for the cons of this stroller… it has SO many adapters! God forbid you forget them at home when you are on a trip because you are pretty much screwed after that. […] Another thing is the frame gets scratched up so easily making it look like it has been through so much in just a few months. Since this stroller is very versatile, I usually take all 3 seats with me in my trunk wherever I go, in case I want to change seat arrangements. […] I Carrying all those seats and having to change adapters gets old really fast.”

Carmen Aguilar

“We originally purchased the Bugaboo Cameleon, but my husband hates it (mainly the fold, because he’s the one taking it in and out). While I think the Vista is heavier, some parts to me seem like they may break easily compared to the Bugaboo. I especially dislike the harness on the Vista compared to the Bugaboo. The push is similar, the basket [on the Vista] is far superior to Bugaboo.”

Amanda D. –Wisconsin

I was gifted the vista in 2020 for my first baby. […] Now that the second is here, we are able to use [the double] feature and it works pretty well! To use it with a toddler and a little baby you only need to buy the adapters which is nice.[…]  The cons as a two seater are having to assemble the stroller when you pull it out of the trunk. […] The pros are […] that it rides great, there’s a ton of storage underneath, it seems very comfy for the kiddos, and you can switch seats to face in or out. If I only planned on having one I would still get the Vista for the bassinet, which is used as our downstairs bed for the baby.”

Sofia J. –Miami, Fl

The Vista reviews sit around 4.5 stars across the board.  It is highly rated for its style, versatility, and superb maneuverability.  Parents of single children and more than one child all love the flexibility the Vista offers.

You can add on a second seat and a ride-along board, making this product an attractive choice for growing families.  You don’t have to think about buying a double stroller- just keep using a stroller you already adore!  Several times, the ease at switching out the bassinet, car seat adapter, and toddler seat were mentioned.

Consider this an ATCS–an All-Terrain City Stroller–as it easily handles grass, gravel driveways, uneven sidewalks, and cobblestone streets.

Couples who are tall or of different heights find the Vista very comfortable to push because of the telescoping adjustable handle.

The big basket beneath the seat holds more than you expect, as well.  One owner mentioned that she took a rather big box plus her large diaper bag on a trip to the post office, and both fit into the storage basket.  That’s impressive!

While this item is a financial investment for many families, they say that the quality, versatility, and adaptability make it worth every penny.


Cons: [There is a] low weight limit for the rumble seat; so big kids or big age gaps won’t work well”

Laura E. –Pittsburgh, PA

There are not many complaints about this stroller, but the disadvantages are consistent.  This stroller is considered full-sized, and it can take up quite a bit of room in your vehicle, and that only gets worse when you add a rumble seat.

The lack of a standard parent cup holder is a big disappointment to some owners.

As mentioned above, it can also be a pain to disassemble the extra seats or bassinet when folding the stroller.  Plus, those additional seats just won’t work if you don’t happen to have the adapters with you for some reason.

But overall, that’s it.

Where can I buy the UPPAbaby Vista?


The UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller is uniquely designed to adapt as your family grows. Boasting an extended canopy, luxurious fabrics, and full-grain leather details, this premium stroller can transport up to 3 children while strolling like a single.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you

I’m starting to become partial to the independently-owned online retailers.  They are hungry for competition for the almighty Amazon, and I encourage you to take a look at Little Sprout or Strolleria.  You have a fantastic shopping experience, not to mention free shipping.

However, if you have other items you need to purchase, you can’t beat Amazon for their choices across the board.

Can you imagine yourself pushing your new little baby around in this beauty yet?

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller Review: The Hybrid Design
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Our UPPAbaby Vista stroller review highlights this popular multi-functioning convertible stroller to help you decide if it's right for you!

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