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A stroller is probably one of the most important purchases that you’ll make for your baby. They’re going to spend a lot of time in whatever stroller you choose, so it’s important to evaluate the essentials that you need in a stroller.

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Nuna is a very popular brand that specializes in gear for your baby, and they offer several great strollers. We’ve put together this review on Nuna strollers to aid in the selection of the right one for you and your baby.

Quick Summary: Best Nuna Stroller

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Nuna’s Best Strollers

Here is in-depth information on the strollers that Nuna offers.

The Nuna Demi Grow

The Demi Grow stroller has just about everything you need in transportation for your baby. It has custom dual suspension and an all-season seat. One really nice feature is that it expands to a double or twin, so there is no need for two strollers. This stroller really grows with your child or children.

This stroller has 23 modes as well as a one-hand recline and dream drape. Dream drape is a revolutionary technology that shelters your baby from the elements by creating a shelter over them. Demi Grow also has adjustable calf support that you can use one-handed.

Nuna strollers are manufactured with quality materials, and this stroller is no exception. It includes a luxurious leatherette push bar and armbar.

One of the trickiest things about strollers is how easily they switch between modes and Nuna addressed this problem. It’s simple to fold and flip the seat as well as switch from bassinet to the Travel system modes.

Things We Like:

  • Nuna also offers some great Demi Grow accessories such as car seat adapters and a wheeled travel bag.
  • A rear-braking system that’s engaged with one-touch
  • Rugged, foam-filled tires for any terrain
  • 3 or 5-point quick release, anti-loop harness

Things We Don’t:

  • The first Demi Grow strollers shipped out without the adapter, so customers had to contact them directly to get that shipped.

Nuna Demi Grow Stroller

Simple, innovative design is what sets Nuna apart from other brands – and the Nuna DEMI™ Grow Stroller is no exception! With 23 configurations, this stroller accommodates both a baby and their sibling. The customizable dual suspension™ allows for easy riding on rough terrain or smooth surfaces.

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The Nuna Pepp

When Nuna created this reasonably priced luxury stroller, they thought of the little things. They understand that as parents your stroller needs to accommodate all of the stuff that you need to carry around with your baby. The design is ultra-compact and folds in half. It’s built for traveling and switches into a full recline for napping.

The Pepp also has dream drape technology and a three-position recline. It has adjustable calf support that has two positions. The front wheels swivel lock, and there is an easily removable storage basket.

Things We Like:

  • A unique, trendy stroller
  • You can open it with just one hand.
  • When it’s folded, it stands on its own.
  • It has a protective UPF 50+ canopy eyeshade that flips out.
  • Spring suspension for a smooth ride

Things We Don’t:

  • This stroller is difficult to switch modes on.

Nuna Pepp Stroller

PEPP next's ultra-compact fold easily tags along to all with you both. The ultimate space saver opening up to a fully loaded, sophisticated ride. With a complete canopy system, all-season seat, and spring suspension technology to boot.

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The Nuna Tavo

This Nuna stroller has plenty of room for you and your baby. It has a spacious basket that fits the things you and your baby need when you’re on the go and is compatible with the Pipa car seat series. The seat is very spacious so that your child has plenty of room to grow into.

The seat is all season, and there are a sky smart canopy and dream drape. It folds up compactly and flat to take up the least space possible in your vehicle. The quick-click lock and trolley function for use after its folded were designed for efficiency and simplicity. This stroller opens and closes simply with only one hand.

Like the other models, this stroller has some luxurious features such as the push bar that is height-adjustable and accented with luxe leatherette. It has a reasonable price for a luxury stroller.

Things We Like:

  • Sleek style
  • Spacious to anticipate your child’s growth and store your items
  • Integrated sky smart canopy
  • Excellent suspension for a comfortable ride
  • Priced well

Things We Don’t:

  • The seat is not removable making it bulkier.

Nuna Tavo Stroller

Everyone's favorite car seat is now available with a sidekick that's literally a perfect fit. Our PIPA lite lx and TAVO create the 2019 TAVO™ trvl system™, taking baby from car to curb —all with just a click.

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Nuna Mixx 2 Travel System

This Nuna stroller is all about flexibility and freedom. It’s perfect for travel and quick trips to town. The maneuverability is so smooth that you can push it with one hand. Nuna really focused on the details with this one and it’s priced well for all of the features that it includes.

This awesome stroller has an improved, all-season seat. The Mixx 2 includes a large storage basket and a large, extendable, breathable canopy. It has a true flat sleeper recline seat, and the mesh backrest unsnaps for more airflow. For extra support, the seat also has a removable bamboo insert.

This stroller solution is great if you’re on a budget and can’t afford a separate bassinet. The true flat recline has an adjustable leg rest and an infant insert that provides a sheltered, comfortable environment for your baby.

This stroller is available as a travel system that’s compatible with Nuna’s Pipa Lite LX car seat and Mixx 2 bassinet. It’s well-built and looks nice with push and arm bars that are hand-sewn, with a luxe leather look. The frame is dark matte, and the cotton blend fabric on the stroller is comfortable and stylish.

Nuna’s compatible bassinet for this system has a dream drape and a mesh window incorporated into the design. There is a luxurious looking, hand-sewn, carrying handle that matches the push and arm bars on the stroller. The mattress and top cover are machine washable and remove easily.

Things We Like:

  • We like that it comes with or without the bassinet.
  • Its stylish design.
  • True flat reclining seat
  • Flexibility and maneuverability for traveling or running errands
  • Mesh window for more air circulation

Things We Don’t:

  • It’s not an expandable stroller.

Nuna Mixx 2 Travel System Stroller

Premium fabrics, leather-look accents and chrome wheels (to list a few!), every little luxe upgrade in this Nuna staple is sure to make heads turn and become your family's favorite accessory.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Nuna Stroller

Family is very important to Nuna, and they really focused on the needs of a baby and parent when designing their products. Nuna is from Amsterdam, and they launched their first product, the ZAAZ high chair, in 2007. This company understands that parenthood is a delicate balance of practicality and beautifully designed products that solve parents’ problems.

There are several things to consider when choosing a baby stroller such as your budget, lifestyle, how many babies will use it, where you are going to use it, and the features you need.

What is Considered a Stroller?

Essentially, a stroller is a 4-wheeled carriage that protects your child from outside elements when you’re traveling on foot keeping them safe and comfortable. There are a variety of types of strollers and they include:

What Questions Should You Ask When Purchasing a Stroller?

Is the stroller newborn friendly? Not every stroller is created with a newborn baby in mind. There are features such as the bassinet or flat recline mode that means you can use that particular stroller for newborns without a lot of pricey add-ons. Some strollers require you to attach a bassinet or car seat to make them ready for an infant.

Where will you use the stroller? Are you going to use your stroller mostly on narrow city streets or on rugged terrain? Does it need to function as a carry-all for everything that you may need like a diaper bag, your purse, or other necessary items? All strollers are not created alike and certainly not for all travel situations.

Is the stroller easy to use or cumbersome? Once you’ve narrowed down your selection with the first two questions, you should take a test drive of some of your favorite ones. Look at how the stroller handles. Is it easy to switch between modes? Can you maneuver it with one hand while doing something for your baby or getting something out of the diaper bag? Does it fold and unfold easily? How heavy is it?

How long do you plan on using your stroller? Today’s stroller manufacturers realize that many parents only want to buy one stroller that their children can grow into or that they can use for the next child if you’re planning to have more kids. Adaptability is a key feature for those that want to do this. Can you add to it for another child using a car seat or an additional seat?

Do you need more than one type of stroller? Perhaps you want a full-sized stroller for busy days near home. Or maybe you just need a lightweight stroller for traveling. Many times, one stroller won’t cover all of your needs.

What Features Should a Stroller Have?

Baby strollers come with a wide variety of features that make a parent’s life much easier. When evaluating baby stroller features consider your travel needs and the safety of your baby.

Look for a recline feature that lays all the way down for your newborn and adjusts back up as your child grows. Plenty of space to hold everything that you need is also vital. Parents carry all sorts of baby gear and items for their own personal needs.

If you’re always traveling or running errands, a light stroller like an umbrella stroller may be all you need around town. No matter what type or size of stroller, make sure that it’s built well and has a broad wheelbase. You can test this by pushing lightly on the handles. You should not be able to tip it backwards.

Since parents are always multi-tasking, it’s crucial that you can open the stroller with one hand. No one wants to fight with a stroller while holding their baby in his or her other hand. Look for strollers with a t-shaped buckle that goes around your child’s waist and straps in between their legs to keep them snug and secure.

Also, make sure that the stroller is the right height for you to walk behind and push it comfortably. Locking front wheels and brakes on the rear wheels is also necessary when searching for the right stroller. Another prime consideration is that tandem models versus side-by-side ones are easier to maneuver if you’re purchasing a stroller for two.

For even more comfort, shocks are another great feature to look for so that your baby isn’t disturbed with a bumpy ride. A canopy that closes out loud noises is another option to keep your baby from being startled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I buy the best Nuna Stroller?

A: Nuna strollers are available for purchase at a variety of physical or online stores such as Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Buy Buy Baby, Pottery Barn, and other specialty stores.

Click here to buy online at PishPosh Baby

Q: How do I know if Nuna strollers are safe?

A: Nuna creates their products with families in mind and understands that the safety of your child is essential. All of their strollers are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure that they are built sturdily.

They come with a variety of safety features such as swivel lock wheels, one-touch braking systems, 3 or 5-point harnesses with quick-release buttons, rugged suspension, UPF 50+ canopies with eyeshades and dream drape technology, and more.

One only has to look at the reviews on Nuna retailers’ websites to see how happy parents are with the safety that Nuna products provide their children.

The Winner

All of Nuna’s strollers have some excellent features, but we’ve chosen the Mixx 2 travel system because it’s one of the most flexible, comprehensive stroller systems available. This travel system includes the new and improved Mixx stroller and the PIPA lite lx infant car seat.

The features are endless, but some of our favorites are:

  • The large storage basket
  • Durable, foam-filled tires
  • Automatic quick-click fold lock and trolley function
  • The adjustable harness that merely slides to adjust
  • One-touch, rear tire superior braking system
  • Easy transition between travel system and bassinet modes

Traveling with this stroller is a breeze as it opens up with just one hand and has two large compartments where you can put everything that you could possibly need for errands or trips. It’s also extremely durable and safe.

Hopefully, this guide provided you with the necessary information needed to narrow your options for Nuna strollers down. If you’re ready to buy this all-encompassing stroller, you can do so here.


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