UPPAbaby vs Orbit: Strong, Sleek, and Sturdy Strollers

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If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line convertible stroller, two strollers that are definitely worth your consideration are the ever-popular UPPAbaby Vista and the lesser-known but feature-packed Orbit G5.

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mother kissing her daughter in uppababy stroller

These luxury strollers both sit at a little bit of a higher price point than some competitors, but they both offer a pretty big bang for your buck.

I personally love the Vista, but I hadn’t heard of the Orbit before writing this review. Let me say; I am intrigued!  

First of all, let’s introduce the two manufacturers we’re going to look at:

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Orbit: Sophisticated Design, Smart Functionality

When Orbit Baby announced a few years ago that it was closing down its operation, many parents and baby gear fans were hugely disappointed. However, in 2018, Orbit Baby reappeared with the launch of its newly upgraded G5 convertible stroller!

In addition to strollers, Orbit Baby produces a bassinet, car seat, and associated accessories, including a sidekick ride-along board, footmuff, pannier, and covers.

UPPAbaby: Stylish, Feature-Packed, and Fun

UPPAbaby is a well-established U.S. kids’ gear manufacturer that’s been around for over 30 years.  They produce a good range of top-end baby products, including several styles of strollers.

Everything produced by UPPAbaby is well-designed, cleverly thought out, and packed with practical features. UPPAbaby’s products are extremely popular with parents who love their reliability, ease of use, and stylish looks, not to mention excellent value for money!

Now, let’s take a look at these two super strollers in detail.

Orbit Baby G5 Convertible Stroller

“Rolls Royce, Go-Go gadget and [freakin’ sweet] are just a couple of the names people say when they talk about my stroller! It’s 360 feature has been so nice and convenient! Not to mention the sidekick is a total win for the littles! I wish I would’ve had this stroller with my first. Definitely worth every penny!”

–Kristel R.

The Orbit G5 stroller is the epitome of modern stroller tech.  For the mom strolling stroller is the epitome of modern stroller tech. For the mom strolling about town with her little prince or princess, expect to stand out with the G5 stroller. Not only is it built for high-performance, but it looks great too!

orbit baby stroller

Orbit uses premium materials to create the G5, including a durable, anodized aluminum frame and mélange textiles in a whole array of color options. Orbit’s patented QuadShock™ suspension system also ensures that your passenger will have a smooth ride. Furthermore, the 3DRotation™ design cleverly enables your child to engage with the world around them.

Here is a video review of the Orbit G5 stroller.  

What’s in the Box?

  • G5 Stroller Frame
  • G5 Stroller/Toddler Seat
  • Detachable Snack Tray
  • Detachable Cargo Basket
  • Detachable Support Bar
  • Memory Foam Infant Insert
  • UPF Sunshade
  • Shoulder Pads


Folded, the Orbit Baby G5 measures 32.5″ x 15.5″ x 14″.  It does have a super-compact fold to fit into most car trunks.

In use, the stroller measures 40″ (or up to 46″ depending on handlebar height) x 24″ wide.

In total, the G5 weighs a hefty 33.5lbs.

Features of the G5:

  • Smarthub® base compatible with Stroller Seat, Car Seat, and Bassinet for seamless transport (and naps!)
  • 3D Rotation™ for 360-degree seat rotation + reclining in one fluid motion
  • QuadShock™ Suspension ensures smooth rides
  • Compact 3D fold fits small car trunks
  • Telescopic settings on the steering wheel easily adjust the height from parent to parent.
  • Grows with your family, easily converting to a double stroller with our Helix+ attachment
  • Anodized aerospace-grade aluminum framing & Oeko-Tex® certified mélange fabrics
  • Customize frame & canopy colors
  • Durable straps and buckles on a 5-point safety harness
  • Removable snack tray with lid.
  • It sports a spacious cargo basket with front and rear access.
  • There is a built-in cupholder and key tray for parents.
  • A Flip-flop friendly braking system
  • Compatible with Orbit Baby’s proprietary accessories: Stroller Panniers, Foot Muff, Rain Cover, Mosquito Net, Sidekick, and Stroller Travel Bag.
  • Regulate temperature with a breakthrough ventilation system using a perforated seat shell, airflow channels, and wicking fabric.
  • One-hand-adjustable footrest and modular seating options keep up as Baby grows.

What We Like Most About the G5:

  • A large canopy.
  • A roomy seat with a deep recline for Munchkin is excellent for naps.
  • A 360-degree rotating seat; excellent for tiny viewers to observe the world.
  • A two-year warranty from the date of purchase protects your investment.
  • It can be used for newborns out of the box.
  • It can be converted into a double stroller or even a triple if two ride-along boards are used.
  • It offers an ultra-compact fold.
  • There is a built-in cup holder and key tray for parents.
  • The ability to turn the car seat sideways while loading and unloading your child from the car is fantastic!

Room for improvement:

  • Very pricey and only works with the G5 infant car seat, which you have to buy separately.
  • It weighs 33.5 pounds with the main seat, frame, and cargo basket compared with the UPPAbaby Vista, which only weighs 27 pounds.
  • Two-handed seat recline, compared with the Vista’s one-handed operation.
  • Overall, I dislike how complicated the G5 is, especially when compared to the Vista (but some moms hate the Vista for the same reason).

Tell Me About the Seat!

The Orbit G5 has SmartHub technology that allows parents to rotate the stroller’s seat without removing their child. This ring system gives you the option to position your baby in a side-facing position; this is great for when you’re lunching in a café or restaurant and want to move your child up to the table quickly and comfortably. It’s also great for zoo trips or window displays during Christmas. 

The seat is generous, and it’s lined with memory foam padding for extra comfort. Likewise, with the added reversible infant insert, the G5 can be used from birth and takes a child up to 40 pounds in weight. The seat is covered with sumptuous grey mélange fabric as standard for your child’s comfort. You can choose a vibrant teal shade or Orbit’s signature red.

Thanks to the G5’s patented SmartHub™ base, you can use a bassinet, infant seat, and the standard stroller seat with the stroller. The 3DRotation™ capability of the seat allows you to rotate the seat through 360 degrees or recline the seat in one smooth motion, so your child can sit forward-facing, parent-facing, upright, or fully reclined, depending on his mood.

The seat is designed to keep your child cool on hot days with a ventilation system that uses the perforated seat shell, wicking fabric, and airflow channels. Furthermore, the five-point adjustable harness and buckle are made from high-quality materials that won’t let you down in an emergency.

With the purchase of additional car seats and the Helix+ attachment, you can use it as a double for twins.

Also, there’s a removable bumper bar for extra comfort and security and you get a one-hand adjustable footrest that can be lengthened to accommodate your growing child.

“We love the option of adding the second seat onto the stroller for both kids! It’s also great that we can rotate the kids so they can face each other. Such a great option if you have 2 kids!”

–Amy, and Orbit Reviewer

orbit stroller


The G5 bassinet can be purchased separately and creates an extra sleeping space for your infant. Furthermore, the bassinet weighs 10 pounds and docks with the stroller base to create a super-chic pram.

You can add a rocker base with the bassinet to create a perfect beside-height sleeping cradle.


The upgraded G5 has a new steering system and adjustable, telescopic handlebar.

The telescopic settings on the stroller’s steering wheel can be easily adjusted to accommodate parents of different heights.

The steering wheel’s faux leather cover ensures that you won’t lose your grip, even in wet weather or when your hands get sweaty on hot summer days.

Wheels and Ride Quality

The Orbit G5 has EVA rubber wheels that are very durable and won’t let you down by picking up a puncture. Furthermore, the lightweight rubber composition of the tires ensures a smoother ride and better grip too.

Thanks to Orbit’s patented new QuadShock™ Suspension system, the G5 is an incredibly smooth push. As a result, the previous wobbles that plagued the earlier iterations of this high-tech kids’ vehicle are gone! The front swivel wheels are lockable so that the stroller stays straight on uneven ground, across the grass, or when negotiating gravel.


The G5 has a large canopy that provides your passenger with full coverage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The material used to create the canopy is water-repellant and UPF 50+.

Disappointingly, there’s no peek-a-boo window, which is a surprising omission, given the price of this stroller.


The G5 has flip-flop-friendly brakes for quick and easy stopping.


Although the G5 requires two hands to fold it, the whole thing collapses quickly, and the stroller is freestanding when folded. The automatic lock prevents the stroller from accidentally opening up once folded.

The compact 3D fold helps the stroller fit neatly into small car trunks. However, like most convertible and regular strollers, including the Vista, the G5 will take up more trunk space than an umbrella stroller.

Storage and accessories

The Orbit G5 has a large storage basket that can easily be accessed from both the front and back of the stroller. However, I could not find how much the storage basket could hold.

The stroller includes a removable snack tray with a handy lid, a built-in parent cup holder, and a handy key tray.

If you want to customize the stroller, you can purchase the following accessories separately:

  • Stroller panniers
  • Footmuff
  • Rain cover
  • Mosquito net
  • Travel bag
  • Sidekick ride-along board

The Frame

The super-lightweight stroller frame is made from aerospace-grade and anodized aluminum, which ensures the longevity of the stroller and the safety of your passenger.  In addition, the frame comes in a range of cool colors, including a gorgeous rose gold shade.

side view of orbit stroller

“Used this stroller with all three kids.  I had the G3 now the G5 , and it is hands down the BEST stroller. It is a little heavier than some, and has a wide base , but it fits through the doorway just perfectly. Very sturdy and safe.”

–Samantha E.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Convertible Stroller

“We use our Vista V2 for our twins and daughter. We love how it fits in our vehicle [while taking up] limited space.” 

–Aileen D., California

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is one of the most popular regular convertible strollers in the marketplace. 

The Vista comes with a toddler seat and bassinet included in the purchase price. It is a stacking, convertible stroller that can be used as a single, double, or triple stroller with the added ride-along board. It is very lightweight, so it is excellent for traveling and the leg rest, canopy height, and handles are all adjustable. The MESA infant car seat attaches directly onto the stroller frame, but adapters are available for Maxi Cosi, Nuna, and Chico car seats.

The Vista is ideal for running errands, but it also performs well over gravel, grass, and uneven sidewalks. You can use the Vista for a newborn, provided you use the bassinet that’s included or the infant inlay. When your child reaches toddler age, simply install the rumble seat.

Although the Vista is at the upper end of the stroller price bracket, it is slightly cheaper than the G5 and well worth the investment.

adorable baby in uppababy stroller
Photo Credit: Agnieszka Jimmerson

What’s in the Box?

  • Stroller frame
  • Toddler seat
  • Bassinet
  • Bumper bar
  • Bug Shield
  • Toddler Seat Rain Shield
  • Bassinet rain shield


Unfolded and in use, the Vista measures 36″ L x 25.7″ W x 39.5″ H

The folded dimensions are  17.3″ L x 25.7″ W x 33.3″ H

Stroller weight with Seat: 27lbs


  • Compatible with most car seat brands, with seat adapters
  • MESA infant car seat attaches directly to the stroller without seat adapters
  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy chassis
  • Tires with PolyUrethane mimic air-filled tires and are lighter than previous models
  • Canopy height adjustable
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Rain shield and bug net included
  • 50-pound weight capacity
  • Suitable from birth with included Bassinet or Infant SnugSeat accessory
  • Full-size reversible Toddler Seat
  • Five-point, no-rethread safety harness
  • Extendable canopy with UPF 50+ protection, zip-out fabric, and mesh panels
  • Vented peekaboo window
  • Adjustable telescoping handlebar to accommodate taller parents
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Front-swivel wheel locks with visual indicators
  • One-step standing fold
  • Leather bumper bar
  • Rear pedal parking brakes
  • Extra-large 30-lb weight capacity storage basket beneath the seat
  • Color-coordinated luxury ventilated detachable bassinet that keeps baby cool.

What we like:

  • It easily converts from a single stroller to a double stroller and even to a triple stroller.
  • The bassinet is roomy and breathable, and it’s approved for overnight use.
  • Deep seat recline and easy to use the five-point harness.
  • Smooth push and maneuverability.
  • Plenty of storage space in the enormous under-seat basket.

Room for Improvement

  • The Vista does not have a cup holder for parents or a snack tray for kiddos included.
  • Although it folds more compactly than other models and stands on its own when folded, it is still a little bulky when sitting in the trunk.
  • It can be a pain to need adapters to switch between seats and seating configurations, especially if you forget them at home.

Tell me About the Seat!

The toddler seat adjusts to face front and rear, although it doesn’t have the full 360-rotation feature boasted by the G5. The seat has multiple position recline settings that you select via a one-hand-operated lever.

As with the G5, if you have a newborn baby, you’ll need to use the bassinet with the Vista. You can change to the toddler seat when your child is strong enough to hold his head up independently.  However, pediatricians recommend that you restrict your pushing to a walking pace only and avoid taking the stroller across rough ground.

The Vista can carry a toddler up to 50 pounds in weight, which is a little more generous than the new G5. Like the G5, the Vista comes with an adjustable leg rest and a bumper bar.

mother poses with her baby in uppababy stroller
Photo Credit: Sasha K., Nevada


The Vista’s canopy is very popular with parents, although it doesn’t extend quite as far as the G5’s. The G5’s canopy has three extendable panels, whereas the Vista has only two. That said, the Vista does have a long, pop-out sun visor that’s made using SPF 50+ material, and it does cover the passenger’s face and torso when fully extended.

Another handy feature is that you can alter the height of the Vista’s canopy as your child grows.

Unlike the G5, the Vista’s canopy boasts a neat peek-a-boo window and a silent magnetic closure for silent sneak peeks at your napping nugget. Also, the window is made from mesh, so you know you’ll get excellent airflow and ventilation on the most humid of summer days.


The Vista’s bassinet is suitable for a new baby up to 20 pounds. The mattress in the bassinet is also breathable, making for decent ventilation. This is primarily achieved with the rear panel that can unzip to allow airflow.

The UPPAbaby bassinet is approved for overnight use, and when paired with the bassinet stand, it can double as your baby’s secondary bed.

Travel system

The UPPAbaby Vista stroller is designed to be used as a travel system, however, the Vista is compatible with the UPPAbaby Mesa child car seat that you’ll need to buy separately. If you want to use the Vista with the Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, or Chicco car seats, you’ll need to purchase a separate adapter.

Wheels and Suspension

Like the G5, the Vista has solid polyurethane wheels, meaning that you don’t need to worry that you’ll get a flat tire. The Vista also has swivel front wheels that are lockable, giving your little one a super-smooth, comfy ride. Shock absorbers on all four wheels enhance the superb quality of the ride, including over rough ground, gravel, and grass.


Like the G5, the Vista has a flip-flop-friendly, foot-operated parking brake that can also be engaged and disengaged with bare feet!

The straightforward color-coded brake pedal shows you when the brake is on or off.


The Vista has an adjustable handlebar that can be altered to accommodate parents of different heights.

Like the G5, the Vista’s handlebar is also covered with leather for a luxurious touch, and you can opt for a color-coordinated handlebar and bumper bar if you want to add a super-chic finish to your child’s ride.


The G5 has plenty of storage facilities, but the Vista’s under-seat basket will carry a load of up to 30 pounds. Like the G5, the Vista’s basket can be accessed easily from the front and the rear of the stroller.

On the seatback of the Vista, you’ll find a small zip pocket that’s perfect for your cell phone and keys.


The Vista can be folded with the seat attached, unlike the G5, where you need to remove the seat to fold the stroller. The Vista has an auto-lock to hold the stroller in the closed position, and it is self-standing like the G5.

I was gifted the vista in 2020 for my first baby. […] Now that the second is here, we are able to use [the double] feature and it works pretty well! To use it with a toddler and a little baby you only need to buy the adapters which is nice.[…]  It rides great, there’s a ton of storage underneath, it seems very comfy for the kiddos, and you can switch seats to face in or out. If I only planned on having one I would still get the Vista for the bassinet, which is used as our downstairs bed for the baby.”

Sofia J. –Miami, Fl


  • The Orbit G5 weighs 33.5lbs, whereas the Vista is a lighter 27lbs.
  • If you purchase adapters, the Vista is compatible with the MESA car seat or Chicco, Maxi Cosi, and Nuna car seats. In contrast, the G5 will only fit the G5 car seat.
  • The Vista is approved for up to 50lbs, while the G5 is only up to 40lbs.
  • The storage basket under the seat on the Vista can carry an impressive 30lbs. I couldn’t find the exact weight capacity for the basket on the G5, which I was a little disappointed with, but it is described as “generous.”
  • Both strollers come with the frame, toddler seat, newborn options (inlay with the G5 and bassinet with the Vista), and sun shields. However, the Vista comes with a storage bag for the bassinet, and the G5 comes with a snack tray and parent cup holder.
  • With just the adapters, the Vista can quickly transform from a single to a double stroller and then even a triple using the ride-along board. The G5 can turn into a double using the same adapter that you would use for a piggyback board but it can not be used as a triple ride as the Vista can.
  • The Vista, when in double mode, is a stacking double. The G5, when in dual mode, honestly seems a bit awkward, as the secondary seat feels like it will get in the way of pushing.  
  • The Vista can be used with two babies, two toddlers, or one of each, plus the ride-along board. The G5’s extra space for a second seat can be used by a second baby, a toddler, or two toddlers. So you would only use it as a triple if you had two toddlers/bigger kids and a baby. I feel the Vista can support a broader range of ages, at least in triples mode.
  • Both strollers have 5-point safety harnesses and flip-flop-friendly brake systems.
  • The G5’s 360′ rotation allows for better views for your little one, whereas changing seating configurations on the Vista can, at times, be a little bit tricky and require you to have extra adapters on hand.

Wrapping Up Orbit Baby Vs UPPAbaby

If you want a high-quality full-sized stroller that can be used from birth to your child’s toddler years, both the UPPAbaby Vista and the Orbit Baby G5 could be just what you’re looking for.

If you live in a climate where you enjoy a lot of strong sunshine, you might prefer the vast, complete-coverage canopy of the G5. However, if you live in a more temperate zone, the Vista’s large canopy with its pop-out sun visor would provide more than enough protection.

Both strollers offer good-sized storage baskets and the G5 gives you the option to purchase separate panniers. An additional parent-organizer is available for the Vista, but it isn’t nearly as spacious as the G5’s option.

You’d have to side with the G5 and its remarkable 360-degree rotational seat for the best seating arrangements, I mean c’mon…it’s got a “zoo mode!” And you can add two ride-along boards to tow along with two toddlers!

I do still love the versatility of the Vista as I feel it has more options for seating across a broader range of ages. However, the ability to spin the seat on the G5 to face the ride-along passenger, allows your children to interact which is pretty freakin’ sweet.  

baby boy with uppababy stroller
Photo Credit: OrbitBaby
baby girl riding at the back of uppababy stroller
Photo Credit: Aileen D. -California

The Vista and the G5 are both well-made strollers that give a lovely smooth ride for your passenger and an easy push for you.

The Vista has large wheels and a float-on-air suspension system that copes easily with uneven sidewalks, cobbles, grass, and woodchip playground surfaces. In comparison, the G5 doesn’t manage so well on rougher terrain and is better suited to city use.

I still have my preference, as we all do…and I just love the Vista, plain and simple, but primarily just for aesthetic reasons. I prefer a less modern look, and the G5 is most definitely modern. With that being said, I can most definitely see the appeal of the G5. Its sleek, high-tech look with awesome features and inclusions is top-notch and well deserves the high praise that it receives. 

So, if you want a top-spec, robust stroller that gives you plenty of features for your money and will keep up with the demands of your growing family, the Vista and the G5 are both well worth considering. 

Good luck deciding, and hopefully, we helped illuminate the pros/cons of these two very serious contenders. Happy and safe travels, Mamas!

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