Best Glass Baby Bottles: Why It’s Better Than Plastic

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All babies need to eat and most parents, at one point or another, will use a bottle to feed their child. Even breastfed babies will probably use at least one bottle for pumped milk or as a product to leave with dads, grandparents, babysitters, or other caregivers when mom is away.

It can be tricky to pick a bottle for your baby and up until recently, plastic bottles were the top sellers. This is because the old, classic glass bottles were heavy and breakable. When a lighter, and the more durable product was put on the market, parents jumped on board the plastic bottle wagon. However, we are starting to see a comeback with the glass baby bottles and these might just be the new best!

Continue reading to find out why glass bottles are coming back and what the best glass bottle for your baby is!

Quick Summary: Best Baby Glass Bottle

Dr. Brown's Options+ Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles, 9 Ounce, 3 CountDr. Brown's Wide-Neck Glass BottlesCheck on Amazon →
Dr. Brown's Options+ Anti-Colic Glass Baby Bottle - 8oz - 2 Count - 0m+Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Glass Baby Bottle Check on Amazon →
Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle, Clear, 8oz, 4pk, SCF703/47Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby BottleCheck on Amazon →
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 3 in 1 Convertible Glass Baby Bottles, Anti-Colic Valve – 9-Ounce, 3 CountTommee Tippee 3-in-1 Glass Baby BottleCheck on Amazon →
NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle Newborn, 5 Ounce & 9 Ounce (Gift Set)NUK Simply Natural Baby BottleCheck on Amazon →
Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus Bottles for Baby, Infant and Newborn - Helps Reduce Colic - Clear, 8 Ounce (Pack of 6)Evenflo Feeding Glass Plus BottlesCheck on Amazon →
Lifefactory 6 Bottle Starter Set (4) 4-Ounce Baby Bottle in Mint/Blanket (2) 9-Ounce Baby Bottle in Kale/Blueberry (2) Flat Caps (2) Sippy Caps (2) Stage 2 Nipples, Mint/Blanket/Kale/Blueberry/WhiteLifefactory 6 Bottle Starter SetCheck on Amazon →

Are glass baby bottles safe?

Like any baby product, glass bottles should be used with caution and by an alert caregiver. Thinking about using glass near a baby seems a little bit scary, however, we know a lot more about baby products and what is safe, than we did when glass baby bottles were originally being used.

Glass bottles used to be much less durable than they are now. Most glass bottles are made with tempered glass or borosilicate glass, however, you can find bottles made with natural glass as well.

Tempered glass is a type of glass that is treated to make it stronger and therefore, safer.

Borosilicate glass is also a very strong, crack-resistant type of glass that contains boron trioxide and silica (this is safe!). These chemicals make thermal expansion in the glass minimal, which means it is safer to heat and cool.

Natural glass is another type of glass, which comes from raw materials like sand and silica.

Rest assured, new glass bottles are safe to use if you are taking care of and using them properly.

Glass vs. Plastic

Are glass bottles better than plastic bottles?

Although the majority of bottles are plastic, glass baby bottles are becoming more popular again. Glass bottles are BPA free and very eco friendly so if you are an environmentally concerned parent, glass bottles are the way to go.

It can be hard to pick bottles for babies because they can be picky. The glass bottles come in many different sizes and shapes and have many different kinds of nipples as well. There are bottle choices of the classic shape we have all seen, wider bottle mouths, different flow speeds, and different kinds of ventilation to help with colic.

While there is no clear answer on if a glass bottle is best for your baby, you may find that your baby takes to the glass bottles very well. There are enough glass bottles on the market that you can find just about all of the same sizes and shapes in glass or plastic. This means that if you’re set on using a glass baby bottle, you should be able to find one that your child will take.

Glass bottles are the best when it comes to cleaning. This is because they can be sanitized, unlike plastic bottles. They can also be microwaved, again, unlike plastic bottles. Glass bottles can also withstand temperature changes much better than plastic can, making them more appealing to parents.

When it comes down to it, the reason that glass bottles are “best” is that they are incredibly easy to clean because they can be washed in a dishwasher. Tired parents will appreciate this!

NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle Newborn, 5 Ounce & 9 Ounce (Gift Set)


Are glass bottles good for colic?

Dr. Brown’s baby bottles are known for being one of the best when it comes to colic. They are ventilated bottles (glass and plastic alike) and these are the bottles that most parents with a colicky baby, will try first.

It is important to keep in mind that the bottle is not always the reason for colic and although a bottle may be part of the problem, different feeding positions, formulas, or even something that a breastfeeding mom has eaten, can contribute to babies getting colicky.

Because bottle feed babies seem to have colic more often than breastfed babies, most bottle manufacturing companies are making their bottles with ventilation systems to try to help prevent it. Dr. Brown bottles seem to be one of the top choices when it comes to colic, however, we will talk about other bottles that can help prevent colic as well.

The Best Glass Baby Bottles of 2020

Dr. Brown’s Options+ Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles, 9 Ounce, 3 Count

Dr. Brown's Options+ Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles, 9 Ounce, 3 Count
  • The new natural is engineered for consistent flow, so you and baby know what to expect
  • Like shape is correctly contoured for a proper latch and a more natural bottle feeding experience
  • Anti-colic vent system is clinically proven to reduce symptoms like spit-up, burping and gas

This bottle offers a wide neck bottle on Amazon that has been made for breastfed and formula-fed babies alike! This bottle comes in both 5 oz and 9 oz sizes and is a parent favorite. Another bonus here is that the bottle comes in a pack of three, making it more cost-effective.

This bottle features a constant flow nipple and breast-like shape nipple for a more natural latch and feeding experience. It has an anti-colic vent system to help prevent tummy issues like spit-up, burping, and gas and aids in digestion to help baby sleep better at night and is also shown to preserve nutrients in breast milk and formula. The flow rate of this bottle supports breastfeeding and the ventilation system can be removed. This bottle is for babies 0-12 months in age.

Because this bottle has a more breast-like shape, it is an easier transition for babies who are more exclusively breastfed. It can also be appreciated that the design of this glass bottle helps with colic as well as preserving nutrients in milk and formula.

Another cool feature on this bottle is that you can use it with or without the ventilation system, depending on what you and your baby prefer.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Options+ Narrow Glass Baby Bottles, 8oz, 2-Pack

Dr. Brown's Options+ Anti-Colic Glass Baby Bottle - 8oz - 2 Count - 0m+
  • Clinically proven to reduce colic
  • Decreases spit-up, burping, and gas. Bpa free, Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe. 0m+
  • Shown to better preserve nutrients in milk and formula

The second Dr. Brown bottle we will talk about is a narrow bottle with a more classic nipple. This bottle has similar features to the previous bottle we talked about and also comes in a pack of two, again making it a more cost-effective purchase.

This bottle has been clinically proven to reduce colic and helps decrease spit-up, burping, and gas. It is also BPA free, dishwasher (top rack), and sterilizer safe. Like the previous bottle, it better preserves nutrients in breastmilk and formula and helps aid in digestion, making baby sleep better. This product is also supportive of breastfeeding with its flow rate.

While this bottle also preserves nutrients in milk and aids in reducing colic, the classic nipple shape may not be a winner for breastfed babies because it isn’t what they are used to.

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle, 8 Oz, 4pk, SCF703/47

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle, Clear, 8oz, 4pk, SCF703/47
  • Pure glass, made of premium quality borosilicate glass. Heat and thermal shock resistant
  • The most natural way to bottle feed. Natural nipple shape and ultra soft feel makes it easy for baby to combine with breastfeeding
  • Wide breast-shaped nipple promotes a natural latch on

Avent bottles are my personal favorite because they are what my breastfed baby would take. These bottles seem to be the most breast-like out of any of the bottles we tried. While we rarely used a bottle, when dad or grandma had my son, this is the one he took to the best.

This product features a wide, breast-shaped silicone nipple to promote a natural latch and to make combining bottle and breastfeeding, easy. It is made of premium borosilicate glass and is heat and shock resistant. It has Air Flex vent technology which is a part of the nipple, reducing feeding issues and keeping air out of your baby’s tummy. It is compatible with all Avent nipples, however. it includes 1Month+ slow flow nipples. This bottle is supposed to be the most natural way to bottle feed because of the natural nipple shape and soft feel.

These bottles are ventilated to prevent colic and tummy issues and have wide nipples to help with the change between breast and bottle. Because these bottles are made from glass and are dishwasher safe, they are easy to clean! This is a huge bonus when it comes to bottles!

While these bottles aren’t as low priced as some other options, you do have the option of purchasing a pack of one or a pack of four which can reduce the cost per bottle. These bottles come in 4 oz as well as 8 oz but the cost doesn’t change much between the two sizes so it may be the better choice to go with the larger bottle. This way you aren’t rebuying bottles when your little one starts eating more.

If you are a breastfeeding mom looking for glass bottles, it is my humble opinion that this bottle is the best.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 3 in 1 Convertible Glass Baby Bottles – 9oz, 3ct

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 3 in 1 Convertible Glass Baby Bottles, Anti-Colic Valve – 9-Ounce, 3 Count
  • 100% pure glass baby bottle featuring our award-winning breast-like nipple, with adaptable design that lasts as your baby grows
  • BREAST-LIKE NIPPLE, ANTI-COLIC VALVE: Smooth silicone bottle nipple flexes like mom for an easy latch and seamless breast to bottle transition, acceptance guaranteed*
  • BABY-SAFE: Medical-grade borosilicate glass is free of BPA, BPS, phthalates and toxins

Tommee Tippee is another popular baby brand that has started to make glass bottles. These bottles are a favorite on Amazon and it is easy to see why.

This product is 100% pure glass and has an award-winning, breast-like nipple. It has a natural feel and the anti-colic nipple flexes like a mom to make switching between breast and bottle seamless. This bottle is baby safe and made from medical grade glass which is free of BPA, BPS, phthalates, and toxins. The bottle is designed to grow with your baby, meaning it is convertible for use as a bottle, food jar, or even an open cup. It is durable and shock-resistant as well.

While it is great that these bottles are free of toxins and have the breast like nipples like some of the other bottles we have talked about, I think the best thing about them is that they are convertible! Not only can these be used as a bottle for milk, but they can also be used as food jars or open-top cups.

These bottles don’t have a ventilation system like the Avent or Dr. Brown bottles do, so if you have a colicky baby these might not be the best choice for them unless you are purchasing them for the other convertible aspects.

The price of these bottles falls about in the middle and you do have to keep in mind that they are a larger oz bottle and come in a package of three which is a little more cost-effective than if you are just purchasing one bottle at a time.

NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle, 5 Oz

NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle Newborn, 5 Ounce & 9 Ounce (Gift Set)
  • 5 ounce bottles with slow flow nipple and 9 ounce bottles with medium flow nipple. NUK Simply Natural bottles provides baby with a close-to-mom feel never before found from a bottle....
  • NUK Simply Natural bottles provides baby with a close-to-mom feel never before found from a bottle. Continue that special breastfeeding bond, even when you can't breastfeed. The comfortably...
  • Two fast flow nipples with 9 nipple holes. Simply natural nipples have 3 to 9 nipple holes, depending on flow rate and provide a natural and comfortable feed, just like mom's breast.

This NUK bottle is very similar in style to the last bottle we looked at. Although this bottle looks similar, it does have an anti-colic system as well as multiple holes in the nipple for a feed that more closely resembles mom. It is not a convertible bottle, however. This bottle does come in lots of different sizes and count options and has different options for a boy, girl, or gender-neutral glass bottle.

This bottle has multiple holes and an extra soft nipple to provide a natural feed that feels like mom. The 5oz bottle comes with a slow-flow nipple that has 3 holes in it. There is a one-piece anti-colic system to help reduce colic, gas, spit-up, and fewer messes. The flexible nipple allows for a continuous latch and is accepted by 96% of babies (according to an independent study in Germany).

It is very impressive that so many babies took to this bottle! It is also great that there are so many options when it comes to buying. This glass baby bottle comes in 5oz or 9 oz and comes in packages of one, three, six (in the 9 oz size), and even a gift package!

These bottles are similarly priced to the Tommee Tippee bottles and fall in that same middle range of cost. They also come in a new model for 2020 but still give parents the option to purchase the previous model which I think is very courteous. It is always a bummer when you find a product that your baby loves and then find that product changes or is discontinued.

Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus Bottles for Baby, Infant and Newborn – Helps Reduce Colic – Clear, 4 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus Bottles for Baby, Infant and Newborn - Helps Reduce Colic - Clear, 8 Ounce (Pack of 6)
  • MOTHER NATURE APPROVED - Being environmentally kind is important to all of us which is why the Evenflo Feeding tempered glass baby bottle is recyclable, sustainable and safe for the...
  • EASY TO HOLD - Evenflo Feeding's classic and iconic shape now has a fun, ergonomic twist! These uniquely shaped vented glass baby bottles are incredibly easy to hold while feeding, ensuring...
  • PREMIUM VENTING - Evenflo Feeding's patented Proflo Venting Technology was developed to ensure milk bubbles stay in the bottle and not in your baby's tummy. This gentle, 1-piece venting...

Evenflo is making glass bottles that are some of the very best glass baby bottles and here is why:

The bottle is Mother Nature Approved. In other words, it is very eco friendly. It is made of tempered glass and is recyclable. It is easy to hold and vented with Evenflo’s Proflo Venting Technology. It is a one-piece vent system that can reduce colic, reflux, gas, and fussiness. It is easy to clean (dishwasher safe on the top rack) and easy to assemble. You can pump directly into these bottles if your breast pump has a standard neck and it is BPA, polycarbonate, PVC, and phthalate-free. The materials used in this bottle are FDA approved food-grade material.

These bottles have something for everyone! Not only are they easy to clean which is great, but they are also made so that breastfeeding moms can pump milk directly into the bottles! If you are a breastfeeding/pumping mom, you know that this is awesome.

Something that your baby may not like about this bottle is the classic shape of the nipple. This isn’t one of those that is made to resemble the breast, however, it still has the anti-colic ventilation system and is similar to the Dr. Brown narrow glass bottle.

These bottles come in packages of six and sizes of 4oz or 8 oz and are incredibly cost-effective! When it comes to price and features, these are the best glass baby bottles for the price.

Lifefactory 6 Bottle Starter Set, (4) 4-Ounce Baby Bottle in Mint/Blanket, (2) 9-Ounce Baby Bottle in Kale/Blueberry, (2) Flat Caps, (2) Sippy Caps, (2) Stage 2 Nipples

Lifefactory 6 Bottle Starter Set (4) 4-Ounce Baby Bottle in Mint/Blanket (2) 9-Ounce Baby Bottle in Kale/Blueberry (2) Flat Caps (2) Sippy Caps (2) Stage 2 Nipples, Mint/Blanket/Kale/Blueberry/White
  • Made with high quality thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Protective silicone sleeve helps prevent breakage and provides an easier grip
  • Bottles can be used to freeze liquids and are dishwasher safe

The final bottle I want to highlight is the Lifefactory glass bottle. The reason I want to talk about this product is the silicone sleeve. This is one of the only bottles that come with the sleeve!

The pieces for these bottles are made in either the USA or Europe and completely assembled in the USA. They are dishwasher safe on the top rack and you do not have to remove the silicone sleeve to wash. They are compatible with most major breast pumps and include polypropylene cap, ring, stopper, and silicone nipple. All of these materials are FDA approved and BPA free. The silicone sleeve protects the bottle and provides durability and a non-slip grip surface for both mom and baby.

If you’re trying to keep your business in the USA, here is the bottle you want to buy. This product is compatible with most breast pumps, like the Evenflo bottle, which is great if you are a pumping mama. Remember though, that this bottle comes with the more classic shaped nipple and your baby may not take a liking to that if they are breastfed.

These bottles are not as cost-effective as most. There are options to buy a starter pack or a package of 4, however, they are some of the most expensive bottles out there.

Something for parents to remember when purchasing is that if you are after this bottle because of the silicone sleeve, you may be able to save money by using another type of bottle and buying the silicone sleeve separately. Especially if one of the more natural nipple shapes is what your baby likes.

How long do glass baby bottles last?

Although glass bottles can last for a very long time, even the best glass baby bottles need replacing. They don’t last forever regardless of the material they are made from and this is because even if they seem like they are okay, they age just like any other baby item and can lose their integrity if there are any small cracks or chips that we can’t see.

It is recommended that bottles that are BPA free should be replaced every 6 months, even though they could withstand use for longer than this.

Remember, just because you should replace bottles doesn’t mean that you have to waste them! Glass bottles can be recycled or even repurposed. With Pinterest and Amazon at our fingertips, parents can turn your baby’s bottles into something new.

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