Nuna Mixx2 Review: Sturdy, All-in-One Car Seat System

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Having a child is among the most life-changing events you can experience, and with it comes so many needs for traveling with your little one. If you want the complete versatility of a travel system stroller with everything included, the Nuna Mixx2 is definitely an option to consider.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel System Stroller

The purchase of a travel system stroller is one you will want to contemplate before jumping on any given product after only a couple of minutes. These travel systems can make life much more comfortable in some cases, and more difficult in some situations.

Growing Baby and Toddler Phases

Travel systems such as the Nuna Mixx2 can come complete with everything from a bassinet attachment for newborn naps or sleeping right next to your bed, to a car seat, and toddler stroller built in. With these units, you will probably be able to eliminate a couple of items off of your baby registry if you have one, or off your shopping list if you’re buying everything yourself.

The Nuna Mixx2 can act as the first “bed” (in bassinet form) when you bring your newborn home. And, you can use it for years as your child grows, sits upright, and later faces forward in the stroller.

Financial Considerations

Thinking about the amount of use you will likely get out of your stroller is a smart idea when considering a travel system stroller such as the Nuna Mixx2. Some travel system, or “modular” strollers, cost a bit more than this middle of the pack model.

This particular unit is not cheap by any means, however. If you plan to do a lot of baby wearing and use an umbrella stroller for the moments you need a break, an expensive travel system is probably not necessary.

Space in Your Home

Travel system strollers can take up a lot of space. Even with the folding action of the Nuna Mixx2, if you have the additional basinet and live in a tiny apartment, these units can take up a lot of space if your closets are already limited. If you have the luxury of spaciousness in your home and storage is not a problem, then consider the convenience of an all-in-one system.

Walking Only or Jogging

If you feel confident you won’t want to jog with a stroller, a modular travel system is a fantastic option. However, if you think you might end up needing a stroller for hikes or runs, and don’t have the resources for two or three different strollers, we’d advise you look into a jogger stroller. Travel systems are excellent to day-to-day use, but not made for tough terrain or lots of jogging over bumpy sidewalks.

About the Nuna Mixx2

Nuna Mixx2 footrest

The Nuna Mixx2 is a classy, fully-loaded stroller for those who want the full travel system setup complete with options from the car, to strolling, even to a bassinet. A full-sized sun umbrella folds out for protection from the elements as well as privacy when combined with the breathable privacy infant screen. There is also a foot and leg cozy to keep little ones warm when out on cold days. If you have a little one who likes to throw blankets on the ground, this small feature can be incredibly helpful.

Like the Maxi-Cosa brand, Nuna also has its roots in The Netherlands and incorporates stylish European design in its baby products. Safety is built into the Nuna Mixx2, as this company also focuses on car seats for infant safety.

You can purchase the Nuna Mixx2 here.

Things We Like

  • Easy-change front and rear facing adjustment.
  • Mesh “summer seat” under the padding.
  • Zipper pouch inside bottom storage pouch.
  • Full-sized sun canopy.
  • Adjustable handle height.

Room for Improvement

  • Expensive price point.
  • Bulky for storage with added basinet component.
  • Lots of parts to deal with.

Features and Benefits

With a travel system stroller, you do get an ample amount of features, and the Nuna Mixx2 is not short on these kinds of specs by any means! This stroller has so many options that you definitely want to check out the manual or any number of videos that cover these little bonuses.

Adjustable Handle Height

The handle on the Nuna Mixx2 is adjustable in three click-in settings. This is fantastic for taller parents or caregivers, as well as those who might take the baby for a stroll who are much shorter. The handle locks securely into place with ease, making it more comfortable for the user.

Rear and Front Facing and Recline

The simplicity with which the Nuna Mixx2 switches from rear to front facing is a breeze. A clip on each side detaches, and you just flip the seat around and clip it back in. There are three recline settings in both positions, with the lowest being almost fully reclined.

nuna mixx2 canopy

For extended sleeping of newborns, you’ll want to bassinet attachment, so infants can lie flat on their backs without their heads tilting to the side. With the bassinet, that gives you seven different positions for your little one to lie or sit in this single unit.

Removable belly bar

The front “belly bar” is excellent for added safety. We like that you can unhook one side with ease to allow an older toddler to get in and out of the stroller simply. Or you can get rid of the bar altogether, as the stroller has a five-point harness to keep kids in.

Foldable Design

The Nuna Mixx2 folds down in a matter of seconds, and it can fold in either the front or rear facing stroller position. The Mixx2 will fit in most car trunks for travel, and this is an excellent feature for folding the stroller up to store in a closet when you’re at home.

nuna mixx2 fold

Protective Screens

This travel stroller system has several extras, such as a breathable full-cover screen. This screen is excellent for those who want air flow, naturally, to get to your baby but perhaps want others to keep their hands off your little one while you’re out.

This is a fantastic feature during cold and flu season when you’d prefer even well-meaning strangers keep their hands off your infant.

Snack Tray

Once your little one is older, this model has a removable snack tray and cupholder to help prevent hungry meltdowns while your out and about. We like that this snack tray removes from the stroller with ease for straightforward cleaning.

Having this compartment where your child can reach it offers them a sense of independence when they’re a little older and can hand-feed themselves.

Mesh Features

The sun protector shade on the Nuna Mixx2 extends with incredible range, giving your child plenty of protection from the sun on hot days. This protector has zipper-open mesh side for added breathability, and a peek-a-boo screen to keep an eye on them.

nuna mixx2 canopy

A feature we love is the mesh seat under the padding. When it’s particularly hot out, you can remove the cushion, and your little one can sit buckled in with a breathable mesh back, rather than a padded cushion that will hold in sweat and body heat.

Similar Alternatives

If you like the idea of a travel system stroller but are not entirely sold on the Nuna Mixx2, several similar options are on the market. Some offer similar features for a lower price, while others tout a more lightweight design.

The Chicco Viaro Travel System has the removable car seat which acts as the rear-facing infant stroller seat and also has the built-in toddler/young child front-facing seat. This stroller is a bit less in price and still well-rated, although it has a few less various features than the Mixx2.

Evenflo’s Pivot Modular Travel System is another excellent option for those who want the car seat/stroller combo but have a bit less to spend. This stroller system is a popular option among parents, and the stroller seat itself sits farther off the ground.

The Maxi-Cosi Zelia System is another Dutch brand stroller with a detachable car seat and ample storage under the chair of the pram. The Zelia is an exceptionally lightweight model for those who want a travel system stroller but need less heft to lug around with them.

Our Conclusion

The Nuna Mixx2 is an ideal option for parents for caregivers who want a sturdy, all-in-one stroller and car seat system. We like this unit for those who have a little extra to spend on a high-quality stroller. Especially those individuals who want additional features such as a privacy/no-touch screen over the infant seat while out walking and a leg cozy for the winter, then a breathable mesh seat for the summer.

This travel stroller system is a little more on the expensive side than some. If you don’t need every last bonus feature and want to save a hundred dollars or more, we recommend looking into a few other travel systems to compare them.

This stroller is an excellent choice for those who want to spend more on quality, especially if your plans (at least for the moment) include more than one child, but you will likely space little ones out by a few years.

Once the older child is growing out of a stroller, you’ll have an infant stroller that can start you with all over again and get plenty of use out of for years to come. This is also an ideal unit for those who need a lot of sun protection for their baby or are in a situation where privacy is especially important.


Nuna Mixx2 Review: Sturdy, All-in-One Car Seat System
Nuna Mixx2 Review: Sturdy, All-in-One Car Seat System 1

If you're on the market for a sturdy, mid-range travel system stroller, this Nuna Mixx2 review might be just the right thing for you.

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