Nuna Travel System Review: Taking in Snacks, Naps, and Views

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When you are ready to buy a stroller, the many available options can make the process feel overwhelming and daunting. You want to choose the stroller that fits your lifestyle so that you will be able to use it for as long as necessary.

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We took the time to look at the features of the Nuna Travel System and crafted a complete review to aid you in figuring out if this is the best stroller for you and your tyke.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel Stroller

There are several things to consider before you purchase a travel stroller. First and foremost, consider the weight. You will be carrying this stroller around, and you will be putting into your car and pulling it out often. Options under 30 pounds are typically ideal.

Look for height adjustments so that it is comfortable for both parents to use the stroller. In most cases, if the handlebars are adjustable, this will ensure comfort for all people who will be pushing it.

You will want to take your essentials with you, so look at the storage capabilities. The stroller should have at least a large basket below the seat to store what you need for your child and yourself when you are out and about.

Consider where you will be going and make sure that the wheels are sufficient. For example, if you go places with rougher terrain, your stroller should be able to roll without a problem.

To help you evaluate the Nuna Travel System and compare it to other viable travel strollers, we have created a list of the best travel strollers for you to explore.

Who Can Benefit from a Travel Stroller?

Parents who travel often and want to bring the kids along can benefit from this type of stroller. It folds up for transport easily. This stroller type also makes it simple to unfold it so that you can quickly get your child into it.

Parents with busy lifestyles might also consider a travel stroller. Whether you are going to the grocery store or you are running multiple errands, it only takes a minute to fold or unfold this stroller so that it will not slow you down.

About the Nuna Travel System Stroller

The Nuna Travel System Stroller is a spacious option that can accommodate your child’s growth spurts. This stroller has an all-season seat and a large canopy to protect your child from the sun and other weather.

This stroller is easy to maneuver, and it has adequate storage space for your essentials. It only takes one hand to make most adjustments and to lock the fold.

Things We Like

  • This stroller has an excellent running radius, and it is easy to push
  • The handle is adjustable to accommodate people of varying heights
  • The seat fully reclines
  • The basket below the seat is large
  • The screened windows make it easy to see the child

Room for Improvement

  • When you fold the stroller, it can be a little bulky
  • This stroller does not expand into a double stroller
  • This stroller has limited compatibility with car seats

Features and Benefits

The Nuna Travel System Stroller has a multitude of features that make traveling with your baby more convenient. The stroller is comfortable, and the features emphasize safety and durability.


The canopy is large and allows you to cover your child fully when they are in the stroller. To achieve the full coverage, you will use the “dream drape” component, which is a pop-out sun visor. When you do not want to use the drape, it zips into place so that it is not in the way.

The canopy is a knit fabric material, so it is breathable so that your child does not get too hot when you fully extend the canopy and visor component. This material works to shield your child from the sun and other weather. The full coverage is available even when you fully recline the seat.

The canopy has a peekaboo window so that you can see your child. This component also has a mesh insert that you can zip up or unzip. On hot days, unzip this feature to improve the air circulation in the stroller to keep your child cool.


The handlebars are adjustable. They are telescopic in shape, making them ergonomic and comfortable to hold onto for long periods. You can adjust the handles from 38 to 42 inches so that they can accommodate adults of most heights.

The shape of the handlebars allows you to hang bags from them safely. However, if you have the seat in full recline, it is best to avoid placing heavy bags in this area because the stroller could tip backward if you are not holding onto to it.


The seat is large at 13 inches wide. From the canopy top to the seat back, there are 25 inches of space to accommodate a taller child. The back of the seat is 19 inches tall.

The seat includes a five-point harness that has sufficient padding for comfort. At the center of the harness is a buckle that you can release with one hand.

You can remove the seat’s fabric and wash it in a standard washing machine. The seat has four reclining positions. One of these positions is almost fully flat. Change the position by using the lever that only requires one hand to operate.

There is a bumper bar in front of the seat. This bar helps to secure your child in the seat better. This feature also allows you to use the stroller with certain car seats that are compatible. You can remove the bumper bar.

The leg rest that sits below the seat is adjustable. You can use it in three different positions, including straight, up, and down.


This stroller has a basket below the seat for storage. You can fit all of your essentials inside due to its large size. You can still access the basket when you have the seat in the full recline position.

Inside the basket is a zipper pocket. This pocket is ideal for small, important items, such as your keys or identification.

Brakes and Wheels

All of the wheels have a suspension system to ensure a smooth ride no matter where you are pushing the stroller. While ideal for smooth surfaces, the suspension will absorb some of the shock on rough terrain too.

The front wheels are 7.5 inches in diameter. The back wheels are 10 inches in diameter. They use an EVA foam material, so they never go flat. The front wheels have a locking mechanism, but you can also allow them to swivel for better maneuverability on smooth surfaces.

The brake is easy to operate, even if you are wearing sandals. The pedal for the brake is between the two back wheels.

Folding and Transport

This stroller folds up easily using only one hand. Once you fold it, the locks engage so that you do not have to worry about it opening. Listen for the “click” to ensure that the locks are in place. Once you fold and lock the stroller, you can pull it like luggage on wheels, making it convenient to move around.

In the End

The Nuna Travel System Stroller makes it easy to take your baby with you whether you are traveling or simply running errands on a busy day. It has multiple adjustment options so that your baby can snack, nap, or just take in the sites when you are moving around.

If you are looking for more options, but you still want a stroller that is relatively easy to transport and move around, you might consider looking at convertible strollers. These have most of the same options as a travel stroller, but their extended features can make them a more convenient option.

This stroller has adequate seat padding for comfort, as well as multiple recline options. The adjustable footrest contributes to greater comfort for your child.

The full-coverage canopy allows you to protect your child from the weather and the sun. However, you can adjust the air circulation with the mesh window to ensure a comfortable temperature inside the canopy. Quickly see that your child is safe by using the peekaboo window component of the canopy.

The wheels, suspension, and braking system make this stroller relatively easy to maneuver. However, if you will be pushing your child on rough terrain, you might consider exploring the different all-terrain stroller options. These have more rugged features that ensure easier maneuverability on surfaces that are not smooth.

The storage basket this stroller has can carry all of your essentials. This basket allows you to be away from home for long periods since you can carry all of the necessary items with you.

The adjustable handlebars allow just about anyone to push this stroller comfortably. The adjustments are easy and only require you to use one hand.

We wish you the best of luck on your search for the best stroller for your family!


Nuna Travel System Review: Taking in Snacks, Naps, and Views
Nuna Travel System Review: Taking in Snacks, Naps, and Views 1

When you're a parent, if you're on the move, so is your baby. So if you're a busy bee, check out this Nuna Travel System review.

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