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In October 2011, BOB came under the Britax umbrella of strollers and now joins the likes of Britax B-Ready and the B-Agile. But let’s start at the beginning.

Current Best-Selling BOB Strollers

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A bicycle industry expert named Roger Malinowski partnered with airline mechanic Philip Novotny back in 1991 and had a small operation creating a single-track bicycle trailer called a YAK. The idea of attaching the trailer to the rear axle of any bike was a revolutionary idea and it quickly became standard transport gear for all bicycle tourists.

Malinowski and Novotny thought that calling their company “Beast of Burden” would be a funny, yet cool name. But to true California fashion, the name was shortened down to BOB.

From trailers to strollers.

After the success of their YAK bike trailers, the two men turned their attention to children as they brought their own into the world. They were inspired to build the best jogging stroller in existence that was lightweight with a state-of-the-art suspension system and tough polymer tires, not to mention a padded reclining seat for the little passenger. The BOB Sport Utility Stroller was soon born and BOB strollers have taken off since then, becoming a necessity for active parents everywhere.

Customers speak up.

Soon after the success of the Sport Utility stroller, customers were requesting a double stroller, so the folks at BOB introduced a side-by-side double stroller called the Duallie for each model available. The next innovation to come along was the front swiveling wheel, which became the signature feature of the popular Revolution stroller.

Parents who wanted a stroller for fitness no longer had to tip their strollers backward to make a turn; the swivel wheel can maneuver around sharp corners and through crowded sidewalks, yet be used for off-road excursions.

How safe is a BOB stroller?

Each BOB jogging stroller goes through rigorous testing for you and your child’s safety. BOB jogging strollers have the passed thorough inspection by respected independent testing laboratories for both the U.S. and Canada.

For safety, it is recommended that babies be at least eight weeks old before riding in a BOB stroller and that if your baby cannot yet hold up his or her own head, you will need to use head and neck support. Babies must be at least eight months old before being taken on off-road or jogging.

Can my newborn ride in a BOB?

Here’s some more great news about Bob strollers. You can now purchase an Infant Car Seat Adapter, which fits with most car seats available today and turns your BOB stroller into a travel system. The car seat adapter is also available for the Duallie, however, it is not suitable for twins. The adapter set comes with a snack tray for your kiddos too.

Bob strollers at a glance…

Each high-performance BOB jogging stroller has slight variations in design, weight, and features. By the time you finish reading this page, you’ll have a good idea which BOB does what. Here’s a quick look at each for comparison.


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BOB is a brand that has become extremely popular with parents all over, whether they live in rugged rural areas or in the urban jungle. All of their models are made with superb quality and enjoy solidly high ratings both from both parents and professional consumer reporting agencies who recommend this product for its long life.

A BOB Revolution stroller now comes in 2 models:  the Flex (shown in photo) and Pro. Each of these models is essentially the same but with slight differences, all of which I go over in my review.

Weighing only 23 pounds, the Bob Revolution stroller is lightweight, folds up easily and storage is a snap. Built with a superb suspension system, your Revolution goes over the toughest terrain with ease and agility. Many have compared BOB strollers to mountain bikes for the precision suspension, tires and rugged frame.

The ultra-padded multi-position reclining seat goes back up to 70 degrees for a comfortable position and the adjustable handle is comfortable for tall parents.

Customer reviews give it excellent ratings. Read my surprising BOB Revolution review to find out why.

Sport Utility Stroller

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Presenting the 4×4 of strollers! Just like taking a Subaru Outback off-road to your secret camping site, imagine the Sport Utility’s 16-inch knobby tires and fixed front wheel going over all sorts of terrain, from bumpy roads, cracked sidewalks, and uneven trails.

Feel that fresh air in your lungs and that sense of well being you get when you’re in nature. This is something you don’t need to sacrifice now that you have a baby in your care.

The BOB Sport Utility stroller has an excellent suspension system, keeping the ride remarkably smooth for your little one as you explore the outdoors together. It has the toughness and durability of a mountain bike with an aluminum frame and polymer wheels for superior traction.

Parents love this stroller so much it’s gotten astonishing reviews. This perked your intrest, didn’t it? Everything you need to know about the BOB Sport Utility Stroller is in our review with more amazing features, testimonials and a video demo.


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For serious runners who require top safety features and on-road performance, the BOB Ironman stroller can do the job well. Picture being able to go on your run with your stroller requiring very little pushing or correcting as the road hums beneath the tires.

The Ironman is the lightest BOB stroller weighing only 22 pounds and the stiffer 3-inch suspension allows for more precise maneuverability and response while running. Reviewers say that the Ironman practically pushes itself!

The reclining seat is stain resistant and cushy for your little passenger to ride in comfort while you get an effective workout.

Find out why this jogger is the preferred stroller for runners who give it near perfect ratings across the board in our extensive BOB Ironman stroller review.

See a demonstration and review of the Ironman by a passionate runner:

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