Britax B-Ready Stroller Review

The Britax B-Ready 2017 edition is both a single or an inline tandem stroller and can be used in 12 different seating configurations. Two seats, two car seats, a bassinet, you can mix and match and face them just the way you like. This is a smart stroller to buy when you’ve just got one child and are planning another because you won’t have to buy a double stroller later on!

As a single, the B-Ready can take a 55 pound weight limit and the second seat on the doubles kit can take a 35-pound weight limit. You will love that the 2nd seat fully reclines AND you can fold the stroller with BOTH SEATS attached. Features like the height adjustable handle bar and ample storage basket beneath the seat are big positives with parents.

Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Capri
  • Versatile design, no-flat rubber tires, and double seating with the same mobility as a single stroller
  • Quick-fold with 1 or 2 seats attached; 12 seating options when paired with the B-Ready Bassinet, Britax Infant Car Seats, or B-Ready Second Seat (all sold separately)
  • Travel System ready: compatible with all Britax and BOB infant car seats

As you browse through this article, you will have a thorough understanding of what this modern and stylish stroller has to offer and why parents rave about it in their 4½-star reviews. Let’s first begin with all the fabulous features. Read on…

Britax B-Ready Features:

  • Click & Go system for Britax car seat or bassinet
  • Compatible with other major brand car seats with universal adapter (sold separately)
  • Converts to double using second seat, infant car seats or bassinet (each sold separately)
  • Reversible 4-position reclining seat
  • Extra large storage basket with front zippered access
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Ventilated peek-a-boo mesh window with magnetic flap
  • Large sun canopy with flip-out sun visor
  • Padded bumper bar
  • One-step linked braking system with indicator
  • Quick fold design (including doubles mode!) with automatic frame lock
  • Height-adjustable ergonomic handle
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • Foam filled rubber tires
  • Unique no re-thread padded adjustable 5-point safety harness
Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Capri

All about the seat

Let’s start with the 2017 Britax B-Ready seat. Like many luxury strollers, the B-Ready has a molded seat, meaning that when it reclines, the seat back does not angle independently of the seat – the entire seat moves. Your baby should be at least 6 months old to ride with the main seat.

However, you can use a car seat until baby is old enough, and the 2017 B-Ready has a Click & Go System,  allowing for a quick connection with any Britax infant car seat or bassinet.

As a single, the stroller can take a 55 pound weight limit and the second seat on the doubles kit accommodates 35 pounds. Several parents mention in their reviews that the main seat in the B-Ready sits up higher than other brands, and they like that.

Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Capri

One blogger mommy said that her 3-year-old daughter was thrilled to sit up so high compared to her previous stroller because she could see much farther away. Mom was able to talk to her daughter at eye level, which made for a nice bonding experience between them.

While a snack tray doesn’t come with this Britax stroller, it does have a padded bumper bar that swings away for easy in and out. You could buy the snack tray separately if you want – the low star rating at the time of writing was due to it being a mismatch with older B-Ready models. This one is specific to the 2017 B-Ready.

Easy recline

The seat has four total positions and I absolutely love the one-handed lever recline feature. It’s nice and smooth so you leave your child undisturbed while napping. I noticed an indicator next to the seat with an arrow pointing to which recline position the seat is in. That takes out the guesswork, because sometimes it’s hard to tell which position the seat is in.

What I love about the optional second seat is that it also has a 4-position recline! What do you think of that? Not many inline double strollers offer a flat recline! The second seat has all the features as the main seat such as the full-coverage canopy, ventilation  window, and adjustable 5-point safety harness.

Unique adjusting harness

Re-threading the harness as your child grows taller can be a hassle. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, the Britax B-Ready uses a system where you unzip the back of the seat and slide an adjuster up and down to the height you need and it adjusts both the straps and the head rest at the same time.

Even better you can further adjust the straps in front to get the fit just right. I’ve never seen an easier adjustable harness! The precision fit provides better comfort for your child and peace of mind about safety for you.

Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Capri

To round off the main seat, an adjustable footrest adds leg support. In a positive review, a mom said that her daughter slept comfortably in the seat with the leg rest up and seat back, and woke up without being cranky.

Tell me about all these seating configurations

The 2017 Britax B-Ready stroller is a highly versatile stroller because parents can choose to mix and match different types of seats into 12 different combinations. The front seat  goes either forward or parent-facing This is the most basic combination where you won’t need to purchase any more accessories.

Then you have the option to buy the second rumble seat that fits over the storage basket, turning your Britax B-Ready into an inline tandem stroller. While this second seat is not reversible, it is roomy and reclines, as described above in the seat section. The only negative I experienced when I tested this stroller is that my thighs would bump up against the rumble seat while pushing it. I’m 5’7″ so your stride may be different.

The B-Ready accommodates one or two car seats that you will have to get separately. To use a second car seat, you will need to buy the lower infant car seat adapter.

You also have the option of using the very attractive bassinet with your B-Ready. The bassinet comes in matching colors to your stroller and it looks absolutely gorgeous, don’t you think? Now you can only use the bassinet on the top and you can use only one, not two, as you can see from the compilation of photos.

Another feature I like are the rear wheel coverings that provide extra protection against little fingers going near them when the rumble seat is in place. And you install them when you need them – in singles mode, you might just want the plain wheels without the covers.

Britax B-Ready Measurements

Folded: 34″L x 26½”W x 13″HWidth: 25″Open Length: 44″Handle Height: 35″-44″Seat Width: 12″ 2nd seat: 13″Seat Back: 22″ 2nd seat: 18″Seat to Canopy: 24″ 2nd seat: 22″Wheels: 7½” front & 11″ rearWeight Capacity: 55 lbs. 2nd seat: 35 lbs.Stroller weight: 28 lbs. doubles mode: 36 lbs.

What’s the handling like?

This is a big stroller, very sturdy with a nice thick, quality frame, but it turns on a dime and can easily maneuver one-handed, thanks to a newly added rubber gripper in the center of the handle on the 2017 edition.

Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Capri

The stroller has all-wheel suspension that provides smooth rides. When I tested the B-Ready, it performed beautifully and was a sheer joy to use. A mom mentioned in her review that she recently brought her children to a local carnival, and her twin boys love riding in the Britax B-Ready. She loves that the stroller pushes like a dream, and it is almost effortless to maneuver. While it may not push one-handed in doubles-mode because of the added weight of the second seat and rider, it still maneuvers quite well.

The front swivel wheels can lock into place for going over slightly rougher surfaces. Bella from Jacksonville, Florida says her B-Ready does great over dirt roads, grass and paved sidewalks. Just keep in mind that this is not an all-terrain stroller – but it will take you over “playground terrain” quite well.

This 2017 Britax stroller turns on a dime, though and can easily be steered one-handed when used as a single because there is a new rubberized middle section on the handle making it quite simple. It is easier to steer if your heavier child is in the main seat because the higher weight maintains the center of gravity.


Both rear wheels of the stroller are equipped with brakes that are linked together and the brakes lock with just one step. I like this feature because it is the same motion to lock and unlock. It’s the perfect solution for us moms who like to wear flip flops. The color indicator is also unique: red when the brakes are engaged and green when disengaged.


Weather protection

A large sun canopy is one of the most important criteria of a good stroller on every mom’s list. I like hood on the B-Ready for a number of reasons. Besides being nice and big, the canopy has a ventilated peek-a-boo window that keeps your baby cool and comfortable during a summer stroll. I also appreciate the magnetic corners that secure the window flap down – no more Velcro rip to wake your baby when you want to check in.

Next, a pop-out sun visor provides additional protection.

Additionally, the Britax B-Ready stroller includes a rain cover accessory that fits into one of the two pockets at the back of the seat.

What is the fold like?

This stroller requires two hands to fold and the seat needs to be in the upright position. Pulling up on two triggers on either side of the frame folds it right down and a chassis lock holds the frame in place. Once folded it can stand alone, but you will see it is bulky! But it is a full-sized luxury stroller, which are known for taking up a good amount of space.

And guess what? It can fold with the second seat!  I found it very convenient that I didn’t need to remove the seats the 2017 Britax B-Ready.

Storage & perks for parents

The Britax B-Ready stroller comes with a large underseat storage basket that is accessible from all sides. One reviewer said she could fit a very large diaper bag inside with room to spare! And what I love about this basket is that you can unzip the front and get your things when the doubles seat is used and your 2nd child’s feet and legs rest in the basket. Even with your second child’s feet in the basket, you still have ample room.

There’s an additional storage pocket behind the main seat.

Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Capri

A different mommy blogger commented in her review that with all the stuff she’s expected to take with her to the park, she actually felt liberated that she didn’t have to hold whatever didn’t fit in the basket below and push one handed. With her Britax B-Ready it ALL fit. She says the basket also acted as a toy catcher for her son’s things that kept falling and she didn’t have to pick up his toys in the street anymore.

Tall parents will enjoy maneuvering the stroller more, since it comes with an adjustable handle. Many satisfied tall dads have complimented the feature as the adjustable handle helps tall parents push the stroller comfortably, and keeps them walking in a proper posture.

Here’s a video review/demo of the 2017 Britax B-Ready in singles mode.

And in doubles mode:


How much should I pay for the 2017 Britax B-Ready?

The current price on Amazon is $480-499 as a single with no extra accessories, which are sold separately. If you buy yours on Amazon, you will have a choice of five colors, three of which are the lower $480 price (at the time of writing).  I like Amazon for their prompt service and free shipping!

Britax B-Ready reviews: What others have to say

This remarkable stroller has been receiving rave reviews both from parents and from consumer ratings professionals. Moms and Dads just like you have been giving the 2017 Britax B-Ready 4½-star reviews across different web retailers online!

Consumer Reports has something to say as well. The B-Ready is a Recommended Buy with an overall score of 81%. It has a Very Goodmark for ease of use and Excellent marks for Maneuverability and safety. The stroller receives the same kudos from the pros as you will read below.

By far the most reviews rave about the fact that this single stroller can turn into a double and it doesn’t feel cumbersome. It also has very good balance and stability: Your child can climb in and out of the double seat in back and the stroller will not tip over.

This amazing convertible stroller is also comfortable for your child or children. A mom of two named Heather was worried that the child in the second seat would not like it due to no view, but she found that her younger one would sleep more soundly.

Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Capri

Another mom named Mireya says her child falls asleep faster in the Britax B-Ready faster than in her old stroller.

Many reviewers compliment the magnetic closure of the peek-a-boo window flap, favoring it over a ripping Velcro.


Despite all the wonderful benefits and features that go with the Britax B-Ready stroller, it comes up a bit short with regard to heavy weight. Once the second seat is added, this stroller is heavy! This was the main disadvantage Consumer Reports quoted on as well. To help with the weight hauling it in and out of your car, you might consider detaching the seats to lighten the load.

A few parents are disappointed that a cup holder is not included.

Where can I buy the Britax B-Ready stroller?

Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Capri
  • Versatile design, no-flat rubber tires, and double seating with the same mobility as a single stroller
  • Quick-fold with 1 or 2 seats attached; 12 seating options when paired with the B-Ready Bassinet, Britax Infant Car Seats, or B-Ready Second Seat (all sold separately)
  • Travel System ready: compatible with all Britax and BOB infant car seats

As with all the strollers reviewed on Stroller Envy, I like to keep a check on the prices and so far the best online retailer I’ve seen selling the B-Ready is on Amazon. Get the latest model B-Ready for a great deal, with 5 colors available!

Imagine how phenomenal you’re going to feel pushing this beauty around YOUR neighborhood!

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