Best Stroller Fan: A Guide to Keeping Your Kiddo Cool

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We know that parents with babies like to exercise or go on trips. Typically, this means that you’re taking the baby and the stroller with you. In the summer when things get hot, this means you need a stroller fan to keep your baby cool.

However, the problem is that there are a myriad of options to choose from. To make the selection more manageable, we’ve researched the best stroller fans available on the market today and created this guide to help you in your search.

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Top 5 Stroller Fans

Here are our top 5 choices for the best overall stroller fans.

SkyGenius Clip-On Fan

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Stroller Fan, Portable Mini Desk Fan Rechargeable(Blue)
  • No Standalone lithium batteries are sold with the product. Small and sleek look, great powerful portable battery operated clip on fan
  • Compact Size - 19*15*10cm(7.5*6*4 inch), portability, handy, lightweight, 360° vertical and horizontal rotation
  • Powerful - High quality motor, max wind speed 75ft/s, high speed and low noise, stepless speed regulation

This compact fan has a sleek design, so it not only works well but looks great on your stroller. The clip fits perfectly on strollers, but you can also use it in many other places like your home office, camping, the gym, or on trips.

The motor for this fan is excellent quality and has a maximum 75 ft/s wind speed. Another great feature is that the speed regulation is stepless. The fan also isn’t noisy at high speed, so it doesn’t interrupt whatever activity you’re doing.

The SkyGenius fan is powered by a rechargeable battery or USB. Depending on the fan speed that you are using, you’ll have 2.5 to 6 hours of cool air.

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Stroller Fan, Portable Mini Desk Fan Rechargeable(Blue)

Things We Like:

  • It’s portability
  • The high quality, powerful motor
  • The low noise on even high speed
  • Multiple speeds

Things We Don’t:

  • The charge doesn’t last the length of time that some people hoped.

Glovion Cooling Fan

No products found.

Priced well, this fun little fan comes in a variety of colors. It can be clipped on strollers, desks, cribs, and more. Take this fan on your outdoor activities as a reliable cooling solution to avoid overheating which is a real threat to babies.

With 360-degree rotation and a flexible neck, this fan allows you to angle it for maximum airflow in the direction you need it. The rechargeable lithium battery is one of its best features. It has a charging indicator light as well as strong air output. The dual-purpose charge allows you to charge it using a USB cord or battery.

No products found.

Things We Like:

  • Powering and charging this fan is simple.
  • Free wind speed adjustment
  • 360-degree rotation and flexibility
  • The rechargeable battery is removable so that you can plug it in at home for extended use.

Things We Don’t:

  • Some people advised that there were problems with recharging or rotation speed when it was plugged into a USB outlet.

HJIAN 5-Inch Clip, Portable Fan

This reasonably priced fan is powered by a rechargeable battery or by USB. It has several modes. You’ll like the large, sturdy clamp that clips on anywhere for fresh air where you need it.

Another nice feature is that the blades and the middle part of the fan can rotate horizontally and vertically 360 degrees. The fan also swivels up or down for even more cool air coverage. It’s not only an excellent stroller fan; you can use it on the lawn mower, a chair, a table, and more.

The stepless speed technology allows you to turn the air flow up or down easily. This fan even looks good as it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

HJIAN 5-inch Clip Fan Portable Clamp Fans Battery Clip on Fans Personal Cooling Fan Tables Fan Desktop Fans Clamp Fans Baby Stroller Clip Fan Vehicle-mounted Fan (Black)

Things We Like:

  • You can buy a solar-powered rechargeable battery and use it to charge the fan while you are using it on sweltering days.
  • It has a long battery life to last outside for a day or two.
  • This fan is light so that it won’t weigh the canopy of the stroller down.
  • The fans ability to rotate 360 degrees helps you get the precise airflow position for your baby.

Things We Don’t:

  • If powered by USB, the fan only has one mode.

O2Cool 5-Inch Clip-on Fan

Treva 5 Inch Battery Powered Clip Slim and Portable Cooling Fan with Clamp for Travel, Outdoor,Camping, Car, Office Desk, Baby Stroller - Multi-Directional Rotating and Adjustable Head, Khaki (FC05005)
  • HANDS FREE COOLING –Treva's 5-inch portable clip on fan features a fan clip that makes it easy to attach and secure to strollers to your bed to car seats to desks.
  • CONVENIENT BUILT-IN CLIP – The fan with clip head rotates and pivots for adjustable and customized airflow to keep you cooler on-the-go, camping or hanging around the house.
  • SLEEK AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Treva's innovative slim and lightweight small fan makes it easy to store in bags, luggage or backpacks - and works great for kids and adults.

This fan makes our list because of its extended battery runtime. It runs up to 11 hours on high and 14 hours on low speed.

The O2Cool fan requires 4-AA batteries for use and runs best on Polaroid AA batteries. What’s nice is that its flexible so you can pivot and adjust the fan any way that you need to direct airflow.

The specially designed and patented mini fan blades deliver incredibly strong air circulation. You can also use this fan at home, a college dorm, office, or anywhere that you need a little extra cool air. At an economical price, this fan offers great value.

Treva 5 Inch Battery Powered Clip Slim and Portable Cooling Fan with Clamp for Travel, Outdoor,Camping, Car, Office Desk, Baby Stroller - Multi-Directional Rotating and Adjustable Head, Khaki (FC05005)

Things We Like:

  • Its light and portable, therefore easy to carry anywhere.
  • The trendy design and variety of colors make this an excellent fan for teenagers and kids.
  • Durable clip base
  • 330-degree horizontal pivot and 130-degree vertical tilt

Things We Don’t:

  • Low battery life and it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery

SUNPOLLO Clip-on Fan

No products found.

The SUNPOLLO fan is a great choice because it offers some great features at a very economical price. This fan was specifically tested on strollers to ensure that the clip was strong enough to stay on a moving or free-standing stroller.

The fan is very durable and stands up to all types of abuse, including being thrown by children or falling. That’s a true test of durability!

This fan is powered with 4-AA batteries or by USB. The blades rotate at 2200 RPM for powerful air circulation. It rotates 360 degrees down or up for the perfect air flow direction. It’s also not very loud meaning that you can use it without disturbing your child or others around you.

The clip attaches to most objects easily such as a pole, stroller, chair, table, or more. The battery duration is comparable to similar products on the market as it lasts about 4 hours on high.

No products found.

Things We Like:

  • It’s great that this fan runs on batteries or USB charge.
  • Durability is great.
  • The clip is sturdy and doesn’t fall off.
  • This fan is quiet and won’t disturb you or your baby.
  • Economical price

Things We Don’t:

  • Some customers reported problems with the USB port breaking or not working.

Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Stroller Fan

While a stroller fan is not the most expensive product that you’re going to buy for your baby, but it’s an important one. There are still many things to consider when reviewing your options.

Questions to Think About When Buying a Stroller Fan

There are several questions that you need to answer when purchasing a stroller fan.

  • How much are you looking to spend?
  • How portable is it?
  • Does this fan have all the features you need?
  • Is it durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, including the occasional fall?
  • What size do you need?
  • How often will you use the fan?

What is a Stroller Fan?

A stroller is constructed to enclose and shield your baby from external the external environment. When temperatures rise, your baby becomes uncomfortable and fussy and can even suffer from overheating, a common problem that children face in the summer.

While stroller canopies provide shade, they can’t reduce the temperature inside of it. Thankfully, someone developed a portable fan that can clip on just about any object. The best stroller fans, often called portable or clip-on fans, help regulate the temperature inside your baby’s stroller. This increases the comfort of your child in his or her stroller and helps reduce health problems and fussiness.

When and Where to Use a Portable Stroller Fan

These fans serve many purposes. Of course, as we’ve mentioned, stroller fans are frequently used during hot weather to regulate the heat inside strollers. However, these fans are very versatile.

Portable fans can supplement the indoor ventilation in your home or office during hot months or in houses in hot climates. Whether your air conditioning is broken or insufficient, these fans can provide a little extra comfort. You can even use it to cool down your computer or laptop.

Stroller fans are also an excellent option to make your baby comfortable during your commute. Just attach to the car seat the same way that you would the stroller. Also, the stroller fan won’t affect your car’s efficient performance.

Perhaps you like to go camping. These fans are great for activities like this. Attach this fan to your tent to chase away bugs and cool down if the temperature is hot.

Features to Look For

Carefully evaluate your lifestyle to decide what stroller fan features are important to you.

  • Sturdy Clip- You’ll want a clip that stays on your stroller when you’re walking or jogging.
  • Adjustable- As the weather changes, you’ll want a fan that has an adjustable fan speed.
  • Flexibility-The perfect fan adjusts as you need it to allow for maximum air output in the right direction. It’s useless if you can’t adjust it to the odd positions that children fall asleep in.
  • Portable- A good portable fan is light and easy to carry. It should clip anywhere on your stroller.
  • Multi-purpose Use- You’ll also want a fan that not only fits on your stroller but goes wherever you do. It should be able to clip on various objects like desks, poles, furniture, etc.
  • Durable Fan Case- Its critical that the fan blades have a durable case to prevent your baby or toddler from grabbing the blades. The case should also be tough so that if it falls, it won’t break.
  • Noiseless or Noise-Free-Too much noise will distract your child and keep them from falling asleep. However, a soft hum will actually help your baby fall asleep.
  • Fan blade material- Some companies have made stroller fans out of foam. Foam may be safer for children but its not a very efficient material for air circulation. You should probably look for blades made of plastic.

Benefits of a Stroller Fan

There are several benefits of stroller fans. Stroller fans allow you and your child to participate in outside activities like a day at the theme park. They provide air circulation inside of the stroller to regulate the temperature, so your child will be safe on even the hottest days. So, there’s no need to worry when you take your jogging stroller out for a run.

They are also multi-purpose so that you can use them in your house, car, at work, or any other place where they can clip onto something. Some people have even used them in their hunting blinds. These fans are portable because they are powered by batteries, rechargeable battery, or a USB port.

Many of the fans are designed specifically for children coming in bright and fun colors. The fan itself will keep your baby entertained with its movement. It will also keep the bugs away.

Best Stroller Fan Brands

Here is some information on the top five stroller fan brands that we chose in case you aren’t familiar with them.

SkyGenius was founded in the U.S. in 2013 as a high-tech, online enterprise focusing on foreign trade e-business. They provide a wide range of topics such as car accessories, digital electronics, outdoor, sport, and home supplies.

Based out of Shenzhen, China, Glovion Technology Co, Ltd. offers products that are used daily at an economical price. They follow each product through the whole process from development to product delivery.

HJIAN is a company that sells exclusively on Amazon. They specialize in everyday tech gadgets like portable fans, watches, lamps, and more.

The company O2COOL specializes in hydrating, cooling, beach, pool, and patio solutions. They have 25 years of experience as a major designer and manufacturer of products that solve unique consumer problems.

A brand of Shenzhen Juchao Co., Ltd, SUNPOLLO has a product line of small home electronics and consumer electronics such as mini fans, outdoor sports products, kitchen products, and home juicers. They are also based out of Shenzhen, China.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are stroller fans safe?

A: People considering the purchase of a stroller fan often want to know how safe they are for children.

These fans are perfectly safe for children. Most of them come in a durable frame case that prevents children from reaching their fingers into the fan. The same thing applies if the fan accidentally falls in the stroller. The case protects the blades and prevents them from touching your child.

When looking at these fans, check to see how small the openings in the fan case are. Don’t purchase one if it has gaps big enough for children to slip their fingers through.

Some companies have even developed fan blades made of foam. They’re less efficient, but they prevent any injuries from accidental exposure to the fan blades.

Q: Where can I buy a stroller fan?

A: Now that you’ve decided to buy a stroller fan, you need to know where you can buy one.

One of the best places to buy these clip-on fans is online. Sites like Amazon offer an extensive selection of stroller fans. It’s easy to search for fans and evaluate their features to find the best one for you.

Stroller fans are also available for sale at stores near you such as Walmart, Target, and other discount department stores. If you know the brand you want, you can search online to see where those specific fans are located for sale.

Q: What is the maximum clip opening?

A: This is an excellent question as the clip of a stroller fan must open wide enough to fit around whatever object that you want to use your fan on.

Just check the product information on the box if you are in a brick and mortar store or in the product description online. The durability of the clip may affect how far it opens as well as the size of the fan.

Here’s the Winner

After carefully evaluating the top 5 stroller fans, we decided that the SkyGenius is our top pick. This fan offers impressive features at an affordable price. While it’s one of the most expensive fans on our list, its excellent features make it worth the price.

We really love that it has a rechargeable and replaceable battery for charge and that it can also be charged using a USB cord. Depending on the speed, the fan can last up to 6 hours without needing a charge.

The clip is also designed to clip on almost anything that you want so that you can take it with you camping, hunting, to work, in the car, virtually anywhere you could use a portable fan.

This fans lightweight and compact size make it easy to transport. Its low noise makes it perfect for sleeping babies.

Reviews of this product were overwhelmingly high which illustrated the hundreds of customers that were extremely satisfied with this product. While some customers had malfunction problems with the fan, most people were happy with the value that the fan supplied.

Hopefully, this review has provided you with valuable information to help you make your choice. We tried to do all the hard work for you. If you have already decided on the SkyGenius, you can purchase it here.

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