Peg Perego Triplette Piroet: A Triplet Mothers Best Friend

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Getting out of the house with triplets can be quite an ordeal. It’s already hard to imagine how you used to fit them inside you as a mother, and now you have to fit them all in one stroller, too? Impossible.

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“How can I get out with my triplets?” you ask. 

“Just put them in Peg Perego’s Triplette Piroet, and go!” we answer. It’s as easy as that.

Peg Perego’s Triplette Piroet is one of the best in-line triple tandem strollers in a market where singletons dominate. It’s not only suitable for triplets but a pair and a spare as well! Um…we mean your twins and their close-age sibling.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Peg Perego Triplette Piroet. It’s a posh product that looks and feels good, ticking all the boxes of a perfect triple stroller. It’s convenient and easy to push with multiple adjustability options.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Triple Stroller

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Choosing which stroller to buy is confusing already, let alone one for triplets!

The perfect stroller doesn’t exist. Keep that in mind. What you need to learn is which trade-off you’re willing to make and at what price. 

Here, we’ll be listing some factors you should consider to help you decide which stroller fits you — and your kids — best.

Why Do You Need It?

First things first: start with the why. Think of the purpose this stroller will serve. What are your daily activities? How much time do you spend outdoors on average with your kids in strollers? Will you be mostly idle or rolling round and round in shopping malls? 

These questions — and more — can be indicative of your needs. For example, after considering them, you might find out that a triple stroller will be too much for you both space and moneywise and that a double stroller will do just fine. This works perfectly for parents who usually go out together and can help each other with babies. 

On the other hand, an inline or tandem triple stroller is a must if you’ll be going out with your kids on your own with no help. We can’t think of a better way to handle the three of them except for a high-quality stroller.

Inline or Tandem?

The next problem to tackle is determining the type of stroller you need. Double and triple strollers come in two different seat variations: one with side-by-side seats (inline) and another with one seat in front of the other (tandem). Each of them has its own merits and demerits.

Some find the side-by-side option better for toddlers of the same age while others think that tandems are more practical as they’re easier to push. If you decide to go for a triple stroller, a tandem is probably your best shot. 

What About Price?

Needless to say, price is an important factor to think about, and believe it or not, your kids’ ages have a lot to do with that. Twins and triplets tend to spend more time in strollers, which makes a higher-end tandem stroller a worthy investment. This won’t necessarily be the same case if you have three kids who’re close in age; a singleton might suffice in such a situation. 

You also need to consider what you’re paying for. A heavy-duty frame and strong wheels are indispensable in triple strollers. Safety features are beyond discussion. You don’t want to get a good deal on a stroller that’ll break with your kids in it after a few months, do you?


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Peg Perego has been a parent favorite for decades now. The brand is known for its pushchairs, car seats, and of course, strollers! 

With the Triplette Piroet, the Italian brand presents a high-quality aluminum chassis that runs on big agile wheels alongside an impressive bunch of accessories. Most importantly, this triple stroller is easy to maneuver and fold. 

Peg Perego’s Triplette Piroet is a high-end stroller that’s loaded with features that justify its price tag, especially for the poor parents of triplets. We’ll be inspecting this stroller piece by piece to get you the big picture.

Let’s begin!

Things We Love

  • Reversible seats offer different seating options
  • Roomy basket to accommodate your babies’ stuff
  • Decent suspension and braking system
  • The front swivel wheel improves the stroller’s mobility
  • A loop on each seat holds your babies’ favorite toys
  • Adjustable back and footrests 
  • Excellent steering
  • Car seat compatible 

Room for Improvement 

  • Difficult to access under-seat basket
  • You have to use all three seats all the time
  • Canopies could be bigger
  • A bit on the more expensive side

Features and Benefits

Now, let’s get down to business; check out our honest review and detailed description of the Piroet’s features and benefits. 

Technical Specifications

  • Unfolded Dimensions: 42.75″ x 23.5″ x 66.66″
  • Folded Dimensions: 59.5″ x 42.5″
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 45 lbs per seat
  • Warranty: 1 year for the stroller, 6 months for the wheels


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The Peg Perego Triplette Piroet is composed of a streamlined chassis that’s durable enough to withstand the weights of three toddlers. It features large wheels made of polyurethane that provides a shock-absorbing layer between the stroller and the ground. 

To enhance roaming through narrow spots, Piroet’s front wheels are swivel with smooth mobility. The wheels have ball bearings and suspension that allows for 360-degree maneuverability on the ground. In fact, this reduces the effort required to push the stroller. To park the stroller, there’s a braking system located near the rear wheels. 


When you’ve got a challenging mission like going out with a set of triplets, you lower your expectations to handle the situation. Many mothers explained that their biggest dream was putting their kids in a stroller that can accommodate them and that they can push, and that’s it. To them, thinking about their babies’ comfort in the stroller might be a luxury. 

That’s where Perego’s Piroet excels: with its seat adjustability options that are aimed at your kid’s comfort. 

Apart from the fact that each seat can be reversed to face forward, backward, or another seat, they also feature adjustable footrests and backrests so that each child can snuggle comfortably in their favorite position.

To adjust the backrest, lift the handle and recline the seat to the desired position. As for the footrest, you’ve got to make sure that the footrest cover is in place first. Then, lower or lift the two attached levers according to your baby’s preference.


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One must imagine steering a triple stroller singlehandedly impossible with all the weight. Luckily, that’s not the case with the Triplette Piroet. Thanks to the heavy-duty chassis, proper weight distribution, and large polyurethane wheels, pushing the handle of the Piroet with one hand won’t be a problem. To ensure comfort, the handle is ergonomic.

Car Seat Compatible

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One of the merits of the Triplette Piroet stroller is its compatibility with the Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seat — you can buy them together here — making the transition from the car to the stroller effortless, especially in the case of having two or three kids.

Besides, when you’re using Peg Perego’s Piroet with the Primo Viaggio, you won’t need a car adapter, as they’re of the same brand. That brings us to our next point.

One of the shortcomings of this stroller is that it’s only compatible with its own brand’s car seats, which is a bit limiting, unlike BOB’s strollers, for example, that are compatible with car seats from Britax, Chicco, Graco, and Peg Perego. 

To ensure your babies’ safety, there’s a traditional five-point harness that you should fasten to secure your little ones in place. 


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We’ve got plenty of storage place here, and that’s something a mother of three would never dream of sacrificing! 

The under-seat basket is so spacious it’ll accommodate the children’s and probably your stuff as well. However, we discovered it wasn’t the easiest to access. It’s a three-seat stroller, after all. 


Each seat has its own extendable canopy with a mesh window that allows for proper ventilation. 

Many parents overlook this feature, but we can’t stress how vital it is to protect your little ones from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays even in winter. Fabric breathability and air circulation via mesh windows are also of critical importance, especially if you frequently spend long hours outside with your children. 

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Wrap Up

Peg Perego’s Triplette Piroet is hands-down one of the best, if not the best, strollers for triplets. It delivers on its promises and helps you spend a nice time with your triplets outdoors.

When it comes to strollers for triplets, you don’t exactly have an array of options to choose from. If we’re being perfectly honest here, there are nearly no alternatives for the Triplette Piroet that are on par with its quality. 

If you’re still fixated on checking out other options, you can take a look at the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller, which is a double stroller that expands to accommodate three kids. 

Another alternative you might try is the UPPAbaby Vista double stroller plus its “piggyback” standing board. We reviewed it in detail here.

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet: A Triplet Mothers Best Friend
Peg Perego Triplette Piroet: A Triplet Mothers Best Friend 20

This review of the Peg Perego Triplette Piroet will help you determine if it is the right fit for you with consideration of all your daily activities.

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