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Fitness-oriented parents who want to continue their conditioning and training after baby’s arrival choose the BOB Ironman Sport Utility Stroller. Backed by the Ironman Triathlon name and reputation, this BOB stroller has the enthusiastic endorsement of athletic parents who have put it to the test.

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Whether you’re training for your next half marathon or a stay-at-home mom looking to shed the baby weight, Ironman owners agree that this stroller lives up to its name and reputation that BOB strollers bring to the table.

Every component and feature of the Ironman Sport Utility stroller is made with both performance and your baby’s safety in mind. The streamlined design does not sacrifice your precious child’s safety and comfort. You get it all in one piece of baby gear that delivers when it counts.

As you read this review, you will begin to discover the ways in which this jogging stroller can help you achieve your fitness goals. By the time you finish, you will understand how parents feel a sense of joy instead of a hassle as they use it. Isn’t reducing stress part of the reason you run?

Let’s get to it then and start with the outstanding state-of-the-art features that the BOB Ironman strollerBOB Ironman Stroller Review 1 offers.

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BOB Ironman Features:

  • Tough yet lightweight welded aluminum alloy frame
  • Fixed front wheel for extra stability
  • 16-inch high-pressure slick tires
  • Adjustable tracking knob to keep stroller centered
  • Quick two-step folding design
  • Holds a child up to 70 pounds, or 50 pounds each in a Duallie
  • Stiff 3-inch shock absorbers and suspension system
  • Foot-activated rear wheel parking brake and safety wrist strap
  • Hand-activated front wheel brake for slowing
  • New accessory adapter for easy snack tray installation or car seat adapter
  • Storage basket underneath, one large pocket on back of the seat and two interior seat pockets
  • Padded 5-point harness to allow for child’s growth
  • Padded reclining seat with extra support
  • Five-year warranty on the frame and one year on small parts and fabric
  • Available in two sporty color schemes

What age can my child ride?

This stroller is designed for infants and children up to 70 pounds, and if you have two children, you can get the BOB Ironman Duallie, which allows for two kids up to 50 pounds each to ride.

All BOB strollers can accommodate car seats including brands like Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego. Recent improvements on the stroller make it easier to install the car seat adapter accessory, so you can turn this versatile stroller into a travel system.

BOB recommends on their official site that babies be at least eight weeks old to ride in the Ironman if the car seat is not used. If you plan to jog, your baby needs to be six to eight months old before doing so, without the car seat.

BOB IronmanMeasurements:

  • Folded with Wheels: 41½” x 25″ x 18″
  • Folded with NO Wheels: 35″ x 25″ x 13¼”
  • Width: 25″
  • Length: 50¼”
  • Handle height: 40″
  • Seatback: 21″
  • Hip to Knee 10″
  • Knee to Foot 8″
  • Seat width: 14½”
  • Wheels: 16″ x 1½”
  • Stroller weight: 22 pounds

Rugged, Yet Safe

Your child sits in comfort in a padded multi-position reclining seat, which has been redesigned to give better support. An improved 5-point safety harness provides better adjustability for a more secure fit as your child grows. One mom appreciates how flat the seat reclines so that when her daughter is really sleepy, she has a “bed” to lay down in.

The BOB Ironman stroller has an improved heat-pressed foam padded Poly and Dobby weave fabric that is also water resistant. Cleaning up those spills is a snap.

Mesh pockets on each side of the interior keep your child’s toys secure so you won’t have to stop mid-run for dropped playthings. Previous years models have loops on the safety harness which can also be used to secure toys and sippy cups so they don’t fall down.

What can I expect with performance?

I’m quite impressed with the adjustable suspension system with settings for both big kids and little ones. Set it for the stiffer suspension for less weight, and looser suspension for a heavier child. This assures a smooth ride over all kinds of rough terrain no matter what your child’s weight.

The BOB Ironman stroller has a one-handed tracking knob that keeps it moving straight ahead. Nothing’s more annoying than having to constantly adjust your stroller when it veers and frankly it’s tiring. Wouldn’t you rather focus on your jog instead?

Safety also ensures the well-being and the BOB Ironman stroller comes equipped with both foot braking and a wrist strap so that you never lose contact with your stroller. If you need to simply slow down a little while going down an incline, use the caliper handbrake on the handlebar to decrease speed.

The Ironman is the lightest jogging stroller in its class weighing only 22 pounds; it hardly feels as though you’re pushing anything at all. One athletic father points out that he felt as though he could blow on it and it would roll away, which is important to him because we don’t have to spend any extra energy moving a stroller that is giving unwanted resistance.”

Tell me more about the sun canopy!

You’re going to be absolutely amazed when you see the newly redesigned sun canopy on the Bob Ironman stroller. Silk screened with the Ironman logo, it’s enormous with a 125° range of coverage to keep your child shaded no matter what the sun angle is.

Spring action in the canopy hinges makes adjustment very easy while Velcro tabs secure your canopy in the back position so it won’t flop forward.

Keep in constant contact with your little one with the large peek-a-boo window and tuck in the flap with a discreet pocket at the top of the top of the window. Your Ironman always looks well put together and neat.

Storage & Amenities

You get a storage basket underneath the seat and side pockets for the little things you or your child would like to bring along. You also get a small storage pocket on behind the back of the seat.

Fold up your Ironman with ease when you’re finished and use a newly added strap and clip to secure the stroller in the folded position. The wheels are quick release to help make it smaller. How convenient! Reviewers say that you can fit it easily in a smaller SUV, taking about half the trunk, but do expect to use all your trunk space if your car is smaller. Most jogging strollers are going to be that big, though, and the Ironman scores points for doing this well.

BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller, Meadow

While the handlebar on the BOB Ironman stroller is not height adjustable, it is a comfortable height for a majority of people. The handle sticks out rather far so that tall parents won’t kick the back while taking long strides.

What others are saying:

Parents who want a lightweight and safe stroller that can withstand the rigors of a long run will prefer the BOB Ironman stroller. BOB Ironman reviews give this fantastic jogging stroller consistently high ratings.

The Ironman receives the most positive feedback about its performance on the road during a jogging workout or distance running. Owners comment again and again that this stroller feels nearly weightless and they barely have to push it. Many parents who have written reviews have owned several jogging strollers and all of them have said that the BOB Ironman stroller is the best.


There are not very many negative reviews about the BOB Ironman Stroller, but there are some. A few owners have complained that they don’t like having to lift and turn the stroller because of the fixed wheel and would have preferred the Revolution instead. This is not a flaw of the Ironman, just a mistake, which is one of the reasons you’re reading this review, to make the right choice.

Where can I buy a BOB Revolution stroller?

To find the best deal for a BOB Ironman, I think you’re miles ahead when you shop on Amazon.BOB Ironman Stroller Review 1

Just think how fantastic you’ll feel out on the open road with the sing of the tires over the pavement with your little one enjoying a happy ride. And you’re using an elite jogging stroller at the top of its class. You cannot go wrong!

BOB Ironman Stroller Review | Stroller Designed For Distance Athletes
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If you're into Ironman, triathlons, marathons, etc. then the BOB Ironman Stroller might be just what you need. Read our full review here!

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