Britax B-Agile Stroller Review | Better than the Baby Jogger City Mini?

Here is a lightweight stroller that is giving the Baby Jogger City Mini a serious challenge. Weighing in at 16½ pounds, the B-Agile is sturdy and durable as well as attractive. What else gives it a place in the winner’s circle? It has a huge sun canopy, a really nice, roomy seat and a compact easy fold that automatically locks.

What do parents like about the B-Agile? Moms say they love the maneuverability and that it can go over rather rough terrain, though it is not an all-terrain stroller. Reviewers recommend the easy fold and the one-handed seat recline. Lots of accessories are available as well.

Baby Jogger City Mini VS Britax B-Agile

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black
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These two strollers go head-to-head in the competition for the best lightweight strollers. There are a few differences between these two models. Let’s take a look at what those differences are.

  • Weight: B-Agile=16½ lbs. BJCM is slightly heavier at 16.8 lbs.
  • Access to storage basket: B-Agile has easy access, BJCM has a bar on the frame that gets in the way.
  • Seat: B-Agile has a firmer deeper seat than the BJCM, B-Agile has sliding shoulder strap adjustment while BJCM uses clips
  • Frame design: BJCM rear axle goes between rear wheels, causing some taller parents to kick while walking while the B-Agile has a “floating” rear axle to prevent kicks.
  • Wheel Sizes: B-Agile has a smaller front wheel than the BJCM but larger rear wheels. Does not make a difference in performance.
  • Handlebar: B-Agile has a foam-covered bar while the BJCM has a rubber-coated bar.
    Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single Stroller
    • Patented quick fold technology fold your lightweight stroller with one hand.Care- The seat can be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle of your washing machine and attached back onto...
    • 3-Wheel Stroller: 8.5" all terrain non flat tires with front wheel suspension provide a smooth comfortable ride
    • Plush padded seat reclines to a near flat position with vented seat top

When you get toward the bottom of this page, you will see a video review of the Britax B-Agile and the presenter compares a Baby Jogger City Mini side-by-side to show you the differences between the two. I found it very helpful.

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black

Explore the Britax B-Agile Stroller

As you read through this article, you will find out what this modern and stylish stroller has to offer and why parents rave about it in their great reviews. Let’s first begin with all the fabulous features of the Britax B-Agile Stroller.

Britax B-Agile Features:

  • Car seat compatible with most major brands
  • Click n Go car seat adapter for the Britax Chaperone or Britax B-Safe car seats
  • Infinite-position reclining seat
  • Large storage basket with additional zippered pocket behind seat
  • One-step linked braking system with colored indicator
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Large sun canopy with ventilated peek-a-boo mesh window
  • One-handed quick fold with auto-locking chassis
  • Ergonomic foam handle
  • Locking front swivel wheel with rubber tires
  • Unique no re-thread padded adjustable 5-point safety harness with head pad
  • Reflective accents for low light
  • Available in Red, Black or Sandstone
Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black

All about the seat.

Let’s start with the seat on the Britax B-Agile. Parents everywhere are writing in to say how roomy and comfy this seat is, yet it is firm enough to lend proper support and good posture for your child. Moms also mention that the fabric on the B-Agile is nice and soft – not slippery like other brands – yet spills and messes are easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

The supportive seat features a drawstring recline that lays the seat back into any position your child feels comfortable with. While the seat down with one hand, but you will need to use both hands to push the seatback forward again. During hot afternoon nap times, if your baby’s laying back in full recline mode, just pull up the fabric in the back to reveal a large mesh window to keep your small passenger cool. This mesh backing also provides extra protection by providing an enclosed area.

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black

Since the seat lies almost completely flat, you may use this stroller from birth, or use a car seat as a travel system. The B-Agile’s integrated adapter system works with Britax Chaperone or the Britax B-Safe car seats and the Click N Go adapters come with your purchase. If you don’t have the either of those Britax car seats, you will need the universal car seat adapter that works with Chicco Key Fit & Key Fit 30, Graco Snugride 32 & Snugride 35, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.

The seat comes with an adjustable head pad that is made of luxurious suede-like soft material that is attached to the padded five-point safety harness. In addition, the buckle on the harness is heavy duty so that your little escape artist will find it impossible to get out. A recent reviewer made the comment that her four-year-old could undo the buckle on a Baby Jogger City Mini, but on the Britax B-Agile, it was too difficult to try and squirm out of.

The straps have reflective accents for better visibility in low-lit areas, which is a thoughtful detail.

Unique Adjusting Straps

Now here’s a unique feature I haven’t seen on any other stroller brand that I really like. Re-threading the harness as your child grows taller is such a hassle. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, the Britax B-Agile uses a harness system where you unzip the back of the seat and slide an adjuster up and down to the height you need and it adjusts both the straps and the head pad at the same time. The white and black clamp you see at the top of the photo is the clamp you use to recline the seat.

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black

Even better you can further adjust the straps in front to get the fit just right. A mommy blogger recently said in her review that her four children ranging in ages from 6 years to 1 year all fit in the seat just right AND the harness fit each one of them properly. I’ve never seen an easier adjustable harness!

Britax B-AgileMeasurements

Folded: 29″L x 22¾”W x 10″H

Width: 22¾”

Length: 38¼”

Handle Height: 40½”

Seat Width: 14″

Seat Depth: 10″

Seat Back: 20″

Seat to Canopy: 25″

Wheels: 5½” front & 9½” rear

Weight Capacity: 55 lbs

Stroller weight: 16½ lbs

What’s the canopy like?

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black

I really like sun canopy on the Britax B-Agile for a number of reasons. Besides being nice and big, the sun canopy comes with an extra-large ventilated peek-a-boo window that keeps your baby cool and comfortable during a summer stroll and you can easily keep an eye on your little rider during your outing. The canopy is definitely large enough to provide ample protection from the sun and wind, no need for visor or extension!

Stability and performance

The stroller can take a 55-pound weight limit and several parents mention in their reviews that the seat in the B-Agile has more depth, and when your child sits farther back. This is going to be a sturdy stroller that is not going to tip over. Since it can hold a car seat, this is especially important and has been one of the complaints of the Baby Jogger City Mini when used as a travel system.

The Britax B-Agile stroller has three wheels and is super easy to maneuver. Steering is awesome too, thanks to the all-wheel suspension, which allows for smoother rides over bumpy surfaces. Cobblestones, cracked sidewalks, grass, and playground mulch can be traversed, just lock the front wheel into place to provide better stability.

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black

Solid thick rubber wheels won’t puncture and the 9½-inch rear wheels are large enough to go over various types of terrain, although keep in mind that this is not an all-terrain stroller.

Now the brake on the B-Agile is awesome; I really like the simplicity. The Britax B-Agile stroller is equipped with a linked parking brake, engaging both rear wheels when it is activated. Lift the pedal to unlock it; it is so easy!

What’s the fold like?

The fold is one of the grand highlights of the Britax B-Agile. It is almost just like the Baby Jogger City Mini, but the B-Agile requires an extra step. You first push in the grey button on the side, then pull up on the handle in the seat for one smooth folding motion.

An automatic chassis lock holds the frame in place, which makes taking your B-Agile with you very easy to do. A mommy blogger recently said that she can hold her 26-pound child in one hand and fold the B-Agile with the other, then carry both baby and stroller up the stairs.

The fold is nicely compact, fitting into most car trunks, and you can easily remove the wheels for the smallest trunk spaces.

Unfolding is just as simple – just pull slightly on the chassis lock and it practically unfolds itself

Storage & Amenities

The Britax B-Agile stroller comes with a medium-sized storage basket that is located underneath the seat. It is spacious enough to hold a large diaper bag, but it can be tricky to access with the seat fully reclined. Luckily you can get access to your things through the side when the seat is down. I like that kind of flexibility.

You get more storage space with a huge zippered pocket behind the seat. It is the same size as the seat back, so you have lots of space to store your cell phone, keys, and even bulkier things like a couple of library books.

One feature that I love about the B-Agile is the handlebar. It isn’t adjustable, but it is 40 inches from the ground, which is high enough for tall parents but not too high for more petite adults. Parents like the grip of the foam, too. One reviewer compares the handle as the same feeling as her BOB stroller.

More great news for taller parents is that the rear axle is curved so that you won’t ever kick the back of the stroller with your long strides. It is a magnificent design!

What accessories are available?

The Britax B-Agile has some fabulous accessories that you can purchase separately like the child snack tray. The tray comes with a cupholder which is good for keeping sippy cups in place. Speaking of cup holders, this is indispensable for parents, too, and one of the most requested accessories and features. Buy your parent cup holder for your Britax B-Agile for that feeling of having a complete set.

As you now know, the Britax B-Agile is a popular stroller to take on trips. The light weight and quick fold are undeniably convenient for families on the move. To make sure your stroller is undamaged during transport, you will need to buy the Britax B-Agile Stroller Travel Bag(pictured at right). This fabulous bag has gotten high praise from customers who rave about the durability of the material and snug fit. The bag keeps your stroller well-protected and clean. One mom bought the B-Agile stroller BECAUSE of this bag!

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black

You can also buy a rain cover for your B-Agile, to prepare for bad weather. It works quite well for windy days or especially cold days; the shield holds in the heat.

The UV Mosquito Net is great for those summer days when you don’t want to put insect repellent all over your child’s skin, yet provide thorough protection. I really love this net because it also has UV protection and the netting allows enough breathability for complete air circulation.

Both rain shield and bug net have gotten excellent reviews, so you can be assured you’re getting a quality product.

This is an informative video review of this neat three-wheeler.

What others have to say:

This fantastic little stroller has been getting some massive positive feedback. Moms and Dads just like you have been giving the Britax B-Agile great reviews across the board.

Consumer Reports also has something to say. It gets very good marks for ease of use, maneuverability, and safety. Well done, Britax!

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black

Many reviews mention the large sun canopy – that it provides just the right amount of protection without blocking baby’s view while out for a walk.

The handle height is just right. Consumers also like the foam padding better than the rubber coating on the City Mini.Lighter weight is easy for one-handed steering.


A couple of reviews mentioned that the seat should sit up straighter. They feel that the seat is still to reclined at a full upright position.

Some parents mention they’d like a parent console or cup holder for the price they pay for the Britax B-Agile.

A couple of reviewers say that the buckle can be stiff to operate, but customers realize they need some time and practice to get the hang of it.

Where can I buy the Britax B-Agile?

So far the best online retailer I’ve seen selling the B-Agile is on Amazon You can’t go wrong with prompt free shipping and fantastic service. If Amazon isn’t your thing and you’d rather support an independent business, go with the reputable Pish Posh Baby,  with comparable pricing and service.

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black
  • Check out our all new B-Lively & B-Safe 35 Travel System! (B07FF5LKCH)
  • Travel System includes B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat and base, B-Agile Stroller, and car seat adapters
  • Surrounded in safety: Car seat has a layer of side impact protection, steel frame, and impact absorbing base

Can you just see yourself right now gliding this marvelous stroller around your neighborhood?