Baby Trend Expedition Stroller Review

Imagine using a stroller that has both an affordable price and a sporty look for your brisk walks in the park. While the Expedition is the most basic model in the line of Baby Trend jogging strollers, it is also the most popular.

As you read through this review, you will learn some of the challenges this model has faced in the past but seems to have overcome recently. The Baby Trend Expedition stroller is popular and for good reason. You'll find out why and feel great about this stroller in the review below.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum
  • Large bicycle tires roll effortlessly over all surfaces
  • Convenient Parent Tray with 2 Cup holders
  • Front Swivel Wheel for easy maneuvering, locks for jogging

The Baby Trend Expedition stroller is an all-terrain that can go over a variety of surfaces such as dirt trails and roads, grass, cracked sidewalks, gravel and bike trails, and while most parents who get this stroller are not serious runners or avid joggers, they do like getting out for brisk walks.

By the time you finish reading this you will have a complete understanding of the sporty Baby Trend Expedition stroller and why it's gotten 3½ and 4-star reviews from happy moms just like you. Let's start with all the fabulous features.

Baby Trend Expedition Features:

  • Accepts a Baby Trend car seat so you can turn this into a travel system
  • Easily removable tires for storage and travel
  • 16-inch pneumatic bicycle tires in back, 12-inch swivel tire in front
  • Adjustable sun canopy
  • Large storage basket
  • Easy compact fold
  • Child snack tray with 2 cup holders
  • Multi-position reclining seat with 5-point safety harness
  • Foot activated brake and tether strap
  • Parent cup holders and covered organization tray
  • Sturdy steel oval tubing, resulting in a lighter, stronger frame
  • Reflective accents for low light visibility
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum

Can I use this stroller with my newborn?

Adjusting to motherhood is quite a task and now you're ready to venture out with baby to get some fresh air and exercise. With comfort and safety, bring your baby out into the world with your new Expedition travel system, by attaching a car seat to your stroller when you use the child snack tray as the anchoring mechanism. You won't be able to go jogging with the car seat in place, but walking is still good exercise and you'll feel really good.

The travel system is a very popular way to go with the Baby Trend Expedition stroller and you will see many sets with the car seat sold together with the stroller in cool, sporty matching colors. Don't you think this set looks fabulous?

Performance & safety

The swivel feature on the front tire is a must for maneuverability, but for those who do jog, then the front tire has to be locked to keep the stroller stable during the ride. This is wonderful for the versatility you get and reviewers are pleased with how well it turns and steers. Many reviewers write in to say that they can steer one-handed!

The larger 16-inch rear air filled tires and 12-inch front wheel assist in giving your baby a smooth ride over all sorts of terrain. They're essentially bicycle tires and that type of tire does so much better on rough surfaces and pavement, for that matter.

One mom says she takes her son over sand, dirt and cracked sidewalks with ease and her 3½-year-old boy was just as comfy as could be.

Baby Trend Expedition Measurements:

Folded: 23½L" x 21W" x 33H"
Width: 21"
Length: 47"
Handle height: 41"
Front Wheel: 12"
Rear Wheel: 16"
Stroller Weight: 27 pounds

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum

This stroller has a recommended minimum age of 6 months for your baby to ride without the infant car seat and the maximum weight for your child to ride is 50 pounds.

This Baby Trend jogging stroller is  sturdy, because the frame is made with steel in an oval shape. Apparently the oval shape results in a higher strength - not to mention it looks more stylish, wouldn't you agree? This product has been JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) Certified.

The footrest has a couple of reflectors for low light visibility, if you are out after the sun goes down. Included is a safety tether for jogging, so you will have contact with your stroller at all times.  I like that the tether is secured to the rear axle so that if you happen to fall down, you flip the stroller backward if it were attached to the handle.

Two rear-wheel brakes engage and disengage easily enough, but they are not linked for one-step use. They are also not flip-flip friendly, so make sure you are wearing your jogging shoes!

Tell me about the seat

Your child is going to enjoy daily outings in a Baby Trend Expedition stroller and one of the reasons is the nice seat. Lay your child back at just the right angle during nap time by using a strap and buckle assembly behind the seat. A reviewer mentions that her son is a very light sleeper and she can adjust the recline without waking him up, making her feel fantastic about not disturbing him.

The  five-point safety harness has two adjustments to grow with your child. While the buckle is not the heftiest around, it does the job.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum

You've got to have snacks n' drinks for your child and unlike many jogging and all terrain strollers, the Expedition comes standard with a child tray with two cup holders. And the tray size is nice and big so that your child can easily eat snacks or play with toys. The tray swivels outward for easy in and out. How's that for convenience?

Sun canopy & parent console

Sun protection is very important and your Baby Trend Expedition stroller is equipped with a good-sized canopy with a large peek-a-boo window to maintain a connection with your baby.

Adjust it forward to block almost any angle of the sun, which is very important for parents to have that control. Most models come with a flip-out sun visor as well, providing additional shading.

The parent console behind each canopy has two deep cup holders. The Expedition has a snap-shut little cubby for small items like phone, keys or lip balm. On the LX or ELX models, the console has speakers for your MP3 player.

What is the fold like?

When you see a larger all terrain or jogging stroller, the size can be intimidating and the thought of folding the thing would send anybody running for the hills. However, the Baby Trend Expedition stroller is all about helping parents out and it has what's called an "effortless trigger fold."

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum

Pull  two fold triggers on either side of the stroller next to the handle and it collapses just like that. Secure the folded stroller with the fold latch to keep it together for transport and easily detach the rear wheels for a more compact size. One mom says she can squeeze it into her Nissan Altima but it's a little tight.

The child's tray sticks out, and when you lay the stroller down, it has the potential to scuff.

Storage & parent amenities

You'll love the large storage basket beneath the seat; it's big enough to carry a fully-packed diaper bag plus other necessities. One mom equates it to a "tank that will carry a lot of bags, coats, and toys."

Remember the photos of the parent consoles earlier with the sun canopies? The handle it is attached to is a height that is comfortable for most adults at 41 inches from the ground.

Reports come in that parents of differing heights feel comfortable pushing this stroller - the handle is just right. A 5'3" mom and her 5'11" husband both push the Baby Trend Expedition stroller quite comfortably. A 6'3" father said the same as well.

The ELX Expedition has an adjustable-height handle that goes all the way up to 46 inches, so even the tallest parents may stroller in comfort.

How much should I pay for a Baby Trend Expedition stroller?

I don't know about you, but there are a lot of parents out there who don't want to spend more than $200 for a jogging stroller. As of this date, the prices on Amazon are really attractive and they had free shipping. CLICK HERE to check today's price and see if that's still the case.

The most basic models go for around $120, give or take, and it fits well within budget. Look to spend a bit more for the ELX model. But as you look around you will see that the prices vary enormously.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum

If you want the travel system, most colors hover around the $200 mark, some a little more, some a little less. Amazon has a great selection.

Then you might check to compare prices. I was just in a local Babies R Us store, though, and they carried only one Baby Trend Expedition stroller and it was sold as a travel system set.

And what if you didn't want green? If my store is like your neighborhood store, you'll likely find the color you want online (though they sometimes can ship it to the store for pickup). At the time or writing, offers only 2 travel systems and four models to choose from. Amazon most certainly has a better selection.

Check out these video reviews; the first is an official demo showing you the stroller in action.

This is a lengthy, detailed review for the travel system

What others are saying

Parents have given mixed Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller reviews, but the good news is that the latest reviews from mid-2010 onward have been quite good. While many parents still give this stroller 3 to 3½ stars, many others give it 4 or 5. The average rating, taking all these different reviews into consideration, is a 4-star rating.

What parents love most about the Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller is the maneuverability and smooth ride over all different types of terrain. From grass to wet sand, gravel and dirt roads, this stroller lets parents go where they want.
A reviewer remarks that with all the rather expensive jogging strollers on the market, the Expedition is an "amazing alternative".

Moms appreciate the easy compact quick-fold and for an all-terrain jogging stroller, this one folds up small compared with other joggers like it. Many have remarked that the set up was easy, too.
Tanira finds it a joy to use because of the light weight and easy fold with compact size.

Tall parents like this stroller and one dad commented that at 6'3" he could still push this stroller easily without hunching over or kicking the back. The same dad mentioned that the Expedition was very easy to assemble as well.

Here's even more good news: Consumer Reports has rated the Baby Trend Expedition stroller as a Best Buy in the all-terrain class. It received an overall score of 73%, the highest score being 75%. It has excellent maneuverability, very good off-road maneuverability and ease of use, and the safety of this stroller is considered good.


Now this is where things get a little tricky. Until the recent past Baby Trend jogging strollers have all had negative reviews about the front wheel wobbling to the point of being unusable. This is such a problem that many parents have taken their Baby Trend strollers back to where they purchased them, trying to get the front wheel fixed. Quite a few recent reviews report a problem with the wheel when it is used for jogging. Brisk walking poses fewer problems, but some reviewers do mention the wobbling wheel even while walking.

However reviews from mid-2010 onward have improved significantly and mention of a wobbling wheel is slightly less and it may be due to clearer instructions on the stroller and in the users manual on how to tighten the nut on the wheel to fix it. Consumers reiterate in their Baby Trend Expedition stroller reviews to read the user manuals very carefully and follow the instructions exactly.

The Baby Trend website offers a demo video with each of the models to show how they are assembled if you're unsure, plus if you misplace your user manual, they have them too. CLICK HERE for a user manual PDF file, then go to page 9, on the left hand side you will see an illustration (Figure 9) and instruction #6 will show you how to tighten the wheel so it won't wobble.

Where is the best place to buy the Expedition?

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum
  • Large bicycle tires roll effortlessly over all surfaces
  • Convenient Parent Tray with 2 Cup holders
  • Front Swivel Wheel for easy maneuvering, locks for jogging

There are lots of great places to buy the Expedition online, like Target, BabiesRUs or Walmart. But if I'm buying online, then Amazon is hands-down my favorite. I love their free shipping, some products are offered as Prime, so if you are a Prime member you will get it in two days. Who is doing a happy dance now?

Picture yourself now with your newborn in a brand new travel system. You're getting back into shape, getting outside and feeling great in the fresh air and sun.

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