Mia Moda Facile Twin Stroller Review

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Mia Moda Facile Twin is a great double twin stroller when you need something simple yet reliable for your two children. It is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to carry your two precious little passengers safely. Suitable for babies from as young as six months to 40 pounds each, this Mia Moda double umbrella stroller is perfect for daily short trips, city walking and travel.

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Sounds really well-made doesn’t it? Does that mean it’s going to cost a bundle? No. You’ll be thrilled to know that compared to the Maclaren Twin Triumph, the Mia Moda Facile Twin costs only half as much! The Facile Twin has almost all the same features such as a reclining seat, storage features and tall handles. However, this stroller weighs a bit more and doesn’t hold quite as much weight as the Maclaren. But for half the price, that’s a good value!

What else can this bright and cheery side-by-side double umbrella stroller offer your children and you? By the time you finish this review, you’ll see for yourself if the Mia Moda Facile Twin strollerMia Moda Facile Twin Stroller Review 1 is a match for your needs. Let’s begin by going over the surprising number of features in this nifty little number!

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Mia Moda Facile Twin Features:

  • Strong, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • Front wheel suspension system
  • Compact umbrella-style fold
  • Adjustable leg rests
  • Adjustable/removable sun canopies with peek-a-boo windows
  • 5-point safety harness
  • 4-position reclining seat
  • Storage basket beneath seats
  • Available in 5 bright & sporty colors
  • JPMA certified

Lightweight & Sturdy

The Mia Moda Facile Twin stroller is a lightweight side-by-side stroller. Weighing only 27 pounds, the Facile Twin stroller is easy to lift up into your car trunk. Despite being lightweight, the stroller carries up to 80 pounds. It is not only suitable for moms with twins, but also for families with two young children of different ages.

Many parents love that the Facile Twin can go through standard store doorways. This is the perfect solution for moms who need to run daily errands like getting groceries, shopping at the mall or taking care of doctor appointments.

The stroller is also sturdy and stable and mommies say that the Facile Twin feels stronger than other lightweight strollers.

How’s the handling?

The Mia Moda Facile Twin stroller has swivel front wheels that can be locked to allow smooth and straight long distance walks. When unlocked, the front wheels swivel for easy steering through busy crowds and on uneven surfaces. Parents enjoy going for strolls with their kids on the Facile Twin, since it turns on a dime.

Front wheel suspension keeps the ride smooth for your little ones and while this stroller is made for smooth surfaces, you can still take the Facile Twin over slightly rougher terrain like park grass or mulch without a headache.

Parents love the umbrella fold and how neatly and compactly it can be stowed. The stroller also comes with straps that hold it closed for storage and transport. Traveling with twins or more kids won’t be a hassle anymore, and now parents can enjoy going on vacations or holidays with their kids more often. Quite a few moms say how easily the stroller stores in car trunks, both small and mid-size.

Safety & Comfort

I really like the four-position seat recline because most light weight umbrella strollers don’t even have this feature. Each seat can be reclined to just the right spot, allowing your babies to sit or nap comfortably. The seats have ample padding to give maximum comfort for your kiddos.

Like most good strollers, the Mia Moda Facile Twin has five-point safety harnesses that keep your children strapped securely in their seats. We all know that little kids tend to wiggle around, and these harnesses give parents peace of mind knowing that their little ones are tucked snugly in their seats.

In my opinion, adjustable leg rests on a stroller is a real plus. When babies are small, they need to lay as flat as they can for naptime and when the leg rests are extended, it gives much needed support. Since smaller babies have short legs, the extended leg rests prop them up comfortably even when sitting up. The leg rests on the Mia Moda Facile Twin are highly beneficial and I think it’s a fantastic feature.

Tell me about the sun canopies.

The Facile Twin has two detachable sun canopies that protect your children from the elements, especially from harsh sun. What I love about the sun shade is that they are adjustable, allowing you to raise or lower them according to the sun’s position. Too often the canopies on umbrella strollers are too skimpy, but not on this stroller. Moms say that the canopies are very good on the Mia Moda Facile Twin.

Mia Moda Facile Twin Measurements:

Width: 31½”Length: 33″Handle height: 40″Stroller Weight: 27 lbs.


With two kids, you’ve got to have lots of storage and the Facile Twin has a large shopping basket beneath the seats. Although it is only a mesh storage basket, a mom mentioned in her review that she could fit in her purse, along with some baby necessities such as diapers, wipes, snacks and sippy cups. You’re never going to have a huge basket on umbrella strollers, but at least this one is big enough to carry just what you need.

Tall dads are extremely pleased that the Facile Twin has handles that are high enough for them. They are able to push comfortably without kicking on the wheels or experiencing that dreaded “stroller hunch.” The handle height is also comfortable enough and not too tall for petite moms to push. Sounds like it’s a good fit for everybody, don’t you think?

Customers found that not only is the Facile Twin a great buy, but it is also sleek and stylish. With a modern design, it does not look bulky, despite being a double side-by-side stroller. Parents love the sporty, bold colors since bright colors are easier to spot in crowded areas like a theme park. Plus it’s just plain fun!

What others are saying:

Mia Moda Facile Twin customer reviews give this stroller high marks for overall ease of use, maneuverability and sturdiness.

Moms have said that they don’t mind how heavy the Facile Twin is because it feels stronger and more substantial than the usual umbrella stroller. Some parents describe the Mia Moda Facile Twin as being sturdy and stable.

Many parents mention how pleased they are that it fits through doorways with ease.

This is also a popular stroller to take traveling either abroad or to theme parks like Disneyland.

Several parents mention how easy it is store in their car trunks. Many happy owners just keep it in their cars as needed for errands, obviously quite convenient.


There aren’t many complaints about the Facile Twin but one recurring complaint is about the fold and unfold. Quite a few reviews, even good reviews, mention that the fold is stiff and that it is a little difficult to unfold as well. Many conclude that it is because it is brand new and needs to be loosened up a bit.

Where can I buy the Mia Moda Facile Twin?

My favorite place to purchase strollers and find excellent deals on them is on Amazon.Mia Moda Facile Twin Stroller Review 1 Prices are extremely competitive and you get prompt service. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong. Stroller Depot, however, has all the colors and a comperable price.

Mia Moda Facile Twin Stroller Review - Is It Worth The Money?
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Mia Moda Facile Twin is a great double twin stroller when you need something simple yet reliable for your two children. Read our full, hands-on review.

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