UPPAbaby Minu Review: The Best Stroller You Will Ever Need

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The Minu stroller is one of UppaBaby’s few lightweight stroller options, ideal for traveling or for daily errands that involve loading the stroller into the car. 

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Among its most appealing details are its weight and its ability to fold into thirds while maintaining the smooth ride and sleek appearance that UppaBaby is known for. 

Although on the more expensive end of the spectrum for the lightweight stroller category, the Minu maintains many of the well-loved features that parents have come to expect in a luxury stroller. So, keep reading our UppaBaby Minu Review to find out what is so special about this stroller.

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Things to Consider before Buying an UppaBaby Minu Stroller

UPPAbaby Minu Review

Many parents come to realize that their primary stroller, souped-up with all the premium features and gadgets, is big and heavy. 

The size and weight of luxury strollers limit the ability to use them daily, especially when activities require loading and unloading the stroller into and out of the car. This is when the advantage of a lightweight or umbrella stroller becomes more appealing.

I first saw the UppaBaby Minu stroller when I was shopping in Crate and Barrel with my two-year-old son. Still heaving from unloading my heavy UppaBaby Vista out of the car at seven months pregnant and loading my toddler into it, I noticed a mom and daughter strolling easily through the aisles with a sleeker, smaller stroller model. 

While I panicked every time we turned the corner that my seemingly giant stroller would knock down an entire row of wine glasses, she weaved in and out of the kitchen wares with ease. I wrote down the name of her stroller, did some research when I got home and ordered one online later that day.

As with any new piece of baby gear, there are many factors to consider before buying a lightweight or umbrella stroller for your family—cost, portability, durability, and appearance, to name a few. 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guides on The Best Lightweight Strollers or The Best Umbrella Stroller Comparisons & Reviews.

UPPAbaby Minu Review

UPPAbaby Minu

The UPPAbaby MINU is a compact, lightweight stroller that is great for daily excursions and quick runs to the park. The Minu is also great for travel and can be easily fitted for your journey.

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The UppaBaby Minu promises a lightweight carriage and a compact fold without compromising on shock absorption or compatible accessories, making it convenient for travel and appealing for everyday use. 

It can be folded easily with one hand, and even allows for 20lbs of storage in the basket underneath the seat. It also comes with a removable large sun canopy and a convenient shoulder strap that makes carrying this stroller a breeze.

The Minu is one of four lightweight strollers from UppaBaby and compared to the brand’s other lightweight options, the Minu is the smallest when folded. 

With the purchase of add-ons, it is also the only one compatible with an infant car seat or bassinet, making it a viable stroller option from day one!

New features for the Minu V2, released in April 2022, include an adjustable leg rest and a leather bumper bar that can be swapped out for a roomy snack tray (sold separately). 

The Minu V2’s sun canopy can zip out to extend further over your sleeping cargo, and the stroller’s storage basket is now deeper and more accessible. 

The Minu measures up well against other market leaders. Compared to the Joolz Aer, similar both in cost and in compact folded size, the Minu is slightly heavier but accommodates almost twice as much weight in the storage basket. 

When compared to the more budget-friendly and lighter Kolcraft Cloud Plus, the Minu is significantly smaller when folded. 

Things We Like

  • Compact folded size
  • Comfort provided by suspension and large seat
  • Option to use from birth (with add-ons)
  • 20lb storage capacity

Room for Improvement

  • Weight
  • Cost
  • Ease of folding mechanism

Features and Benefits

As a busy mom and owner of an UppaBaby Minu, I can speak personally to the quality of this stroller and its thoughtful design. 

The details listed here apply specifically to the newer UppaBaby Minu V2, but the original UppaBaby Minu (which I own) has many of the same features.

One-Handed Fold Mechanism

UPPAbaby Minu one-handed fold mechanism

One of UppaBaby’s major selling points for this stroller is that a parent can easily fold it with one hand by simultaneously pushing a lever under the handle and sliding the nearby button to the side. 

This means that I can fold the stroller with one hand while holding groceries, toys, or a baby in the other. 

My only struggle on this front is that the locking mechanism occasionally catches, meaning I need to try multiple times to maneuver it correctly before it collapses.

Lightweight (16.9lbs) and User-Friendly Shoulder Strap

The Minu V2 weighs just under 17lbs, a huge difference from most larger strollers that don’t fall into the lightweight stroller category. 

Caregivers can easily carry it with the attached shoulder strap or handle. This helps immensely when grandparents are helping to manage the stroller, or when we need to load it into and out of the car repeatedly. 

Compact Size (11.5” x 20.3” x 23”) When Folded

Folded UPPAbaby Minu

The fact that the Minu can collapse into thirds has been a lifesaver for our family.

We can put the stroller in the trunk of our car while still having significant room for groceries, or we can store it on the floor just in front of our son’s car seat without occupying anyone’s legroom. If we bring it out to dinner, we can quietly store it out of the way without having a bulky stroller that takes up half the restaurant.

We have also brought the Minu as a carry-on with us when flying, avoiding the delays of gate-checking a larger stroller and the risk of damage. 

Our TSA agent even complimented me on a major mom win when she saw how small it folded up as I placed it on the belt at security. The collapsed stroller easily fit into the overhead compartment on our flight.

High-End Shock Absorption in Both Front and Rear

This is where I find this stroller to be ideal for everyday use. 

Do I notice a difference between the Minu and the smooth limousine ride that is the larger UppaBaby Vista? Yes, but the premium spring-action suspension on all four Minu wheels creates a quiet ride that is easy to push with one hand.

Its smoothness makes me confident that my son is comfortable for long strolls, which is something to be said for such a compact stroller.

Spacious Seat with 50lb Capacity

The padded seat for the UppaBaby Minu is large and comfortable for babies from three months to toddlers weighing in at 50lbs. 

The long seatback accommodates taller toddlers while still creating head support and the cushy fabric keeps your little one comfortable and adds to this stroller’s high-quality appeal.

Adjustable Recline and Leg Support

Reclined UPPAbaby Minu

The seat of the Minu can easily be switched from a reclined to an upright position and back again with an adjusting strap just behind the seatback. This allows children to either snooze on the go or sit up and enjoy the scenery around them. 

New for the Minu V2 in April 2022 is an extended footrest that can be altered with one hand to create support for your mini’s legs.

Roomy Storage Basket with 20lb Capacity

The amount of storage space is one of the unique details that set the Minu apart from other strollers in the lightweight class. 

The basket under the baby’s seat is accessible and large, with lots of space for a loaded diaper bag or groceries accumulated while out. 

I have found this to be very helpful both when loading the stroller to walk into town for dinner, and when stowing my items underneath the stroller while rushing through the airport to our gate. 

Large UPF 50+ Sun Canopy

New for the Minu V2, the extendable sun canopy on this portable stroller can zip out to provide extra protection for your little one. 

A vented peekaboo window allows you to keep an eye on them while they doze off or take in the sights around them, while a convenient storage pocket can hold your phone or wallet.

 I also appreciate how the canopy is easy to remove for times when we know we won’t need it.

Leather Handlebar and Bumper Bar

Full-grain leather adds to the visual appeal of the Minu for moms who appreciate the classic look of UppaBaby strollers. 

New for the Minu V2, the included bumper bar adds extra security for your tiny passenger so you don’t have to panic every time they lean forward.

Ample Color Choices

While this feature may be lower on the priority list for some parents, others appreciate the ability to choose a stroller appearance that best matches their aesthetic or their family’s gear. 

The UppaBaby Minu V2 comes in either a carbon or silver frame and one of three shades of leather.  The brand even offers free fabric swatches of its five handsome fabrics including blue, green, and a variety of neutrals. 

Newborn Compatible

One of the details that sets the Minu apart from other lightweight options from UppaBaby and competing brands is that parents can use the stroller from day one. 

With the purchase of adapters, the Minu can hold either the UppaBaby newborn bassinet (also sold separately) or newborn car seats by UppaBaby, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex. 

As a new mom living downtown in a walk-up condo and navigating busy street parking, these are add-ons I would have especially appreciated during my newborn baby months.

Available Accessories

Although the bumper bar now comes standard with the Minu V2, it can be easily swapped out for a large snack tray that holds your child’s food and drinks.

A cup holder, also available for purchase from UppaBaby, attaches to the frame of the stroller to hold mom or dad’s beverage of choice. 

If transporting a smaller baby with a larger toddler in tow, parents can buy a piggyback ride-along board for the older sibling to stand and catch a ride.

Travel Bag and TravelSafe Program

To protect your stroller from damage and make transport easier, a backpack-style travel bag is another available accessory. 

Upon purchasing the bag, parents can register the stroller with UppaBaby’s TravelSafe program, which covers reimbursement for damage that your UppaBaby gear might incur during air travel.  

Five-Point Harness:

Finally, the Minu stroller comes with UppaBaby’s five-point harness system to keep your precious passenger secure.

The harness uses an easy no-rethread mechanism, meaning it can be adjusted for size without having to undo and redo all the straps.

UppaBaby has an 18-video YouTube playlist dedicated to the Minu. The library of videos includes detailed outlines of many of the features discussed above, how-to videos for folding and attachments, and a two-minute overview that gives the viewer a practical glimpse of how the Minu navigates everyday settings. 

Watching some of the videos before purchasing a Minu can help you figure out how this stroller might improve your busy parenting routine and if it seems like the right fit for your family.

UPPAbaby Minu

The UPPAbaby MINU is a compact, lightweight stroller that is great for daily excursions and quick runs to the park. The Minu is also great for travel and can be easily fitted for your journey.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you

Conclusion and Alternatives

The UppaBaby Minu is a high-quality stroller that is lightweight and compact, and yet it still provides a smooth ride and supports a variety of add-ons that make it desirable for daily use. 

I find both travel and everyday activities to be easier for our family after purchasing the Minu, which is comfortable for our growing toddler.

While my experience with this stroller has been almost entirely positive, there are some drawbacks compared with other lightweight options.

The cost is higher than a variety of other travel strollers on the market, and when compared to other compact strollers, it can be on the heavier side. If you’re looking for a lighter weight, more affordable option, the UppaBaby G-Lite stroller weighs just over 11lbs (compared to the almost 17lb Minu).

If the Minu isn’t the best fit for you, our post on The Best Lightweight Strollers gives a helpful rundown on several alternative options. 

To learn more about what UppaBaby offers, our article on the Best UppaBaby Strollers compares the brand’s various stroller options including the Minu. 

UppaBaby also provides a helpful specification chart comparing details among all of their currently available strollers.

UPPAbaby Minu Review: Lightweight, Functional, Beautiful
UPPAbaby Minu Review: The Best Stroller You Will Ever Need 1

UPPAbaby Minu is an amazing stroller for every parent on the go. Read our UPPAbaby Minu review to see why it’s our top lightweight stroller option

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