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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a lightweight and an umbrella-style stroller? I sure did until I did the research and this is what I found out: while being lightweight, an umbrella stroller usually has fewer features than lightweights and they generally weigh less than 15 pounds. Additionally, these products have two curved handles shaped like an umbrella and they fold length-wise rather than horizontally in half.

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You would use this type for everyday errands like short trips to the store or going around the neighborhood for family walks. Popular for being lightweight and easy to fold, you will have a compact buggy for tight storage space and an ideal product for traveling via plane or public transportation.

Quick Summary: The 10 Best Umbrella Strollers

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Blue, Lightweight Stroller with Aluminum Frame, Large Seat Area, 4 Position Recline, Extra Large Storage Basket, Infant Stroller for Travel and MoreSummer 3D LiteCheck on Amazon →
Chicco C6 Stroller, BlackChicco Capri Check on Amazon →
J is for Jeep Brand Scout AL Sport Stroller, Camouflage RoyalJ is for Jeep Brand ScoutCheck on Amazon →
OXO Tot Air Stroller, JadeOXO Tot Air Check on Amazon →
UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller, DennyUPPAbaby G-LiteCheck on Amazon →
Inglesina Net Stroller - Lightweight Summer Travel Stroller - UPF 50+ Protection Canopy with Removable and Washable Seat Pad (Black)Inglesina NetCheck on Amazon →
G-Luxe Stroller - Jordan (Charcoal/Silver), 1 Count (Pack of 1)UPPAbaby G-LuxeCheck on Amazon →
Maclaren Quest, Black/ SilverMaclaren QuestCheck on Amazon →
Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, NeonPeg Perego Pliko MiniCheck on Amazon →
No products found.Maxi Cosi DanaCheck on Amazon →

Table of Contents

How heavy can my child be to ride?

While many brands and models can sell for very cheap, it is recommended for your child’s safety and for your sanity to invest a bit more money for a better quality product. Mid-range umbrella brands carry children up to 50 pounds and are sturdy, yet still maintain their light weight. Super-budget umbrella strollers can only hold about 30 pounds at most.

Babies under six months of age are not recommended to sit in this type of stroller because most do not have seats that recline flat. Babies need to be able to lie down since the muscles in their neck aren’t developed enough to hold their heads upright yet, especially on a wobbly or bumpy ride. Quite a few models don’t have reclining seats at all, and are more suited as a second stroller for toddlers as opposed to being the main family stroller.

But some of the luxury umbrella strollers do recline flat enough for newborns, and even accommodate an infant car seat as part of a compact travel system. A few recline far enough back to hold a three-month-old and have a head support cushion for baby’s stability.

Important Features

One of the important features to look for is baby’s comfort because this type of stroller often lacks the plush cushion padding that regular strollers have. Therefore, even for short trips, make sure that the seat has sufficient padding for your kiddo.

What kind of safety harness does it have? Can your child undo the buckle? Are the shoulder straps padded? How easy is it to adjust for growth? Consider these questions as you look at different brands.

Are you tall? Most cheap umbrella strollers are tiny and rickety, with handles that are entirely too short. This makes even average-height people kick the back while walking and hunch over uncomfortably. Handles on better-made strollers are usually about 41-inches from the ground and some even have adjustable-height handles. Nice, thick foam grips are ergonomic and comfy for your grasp.

This type of stroller must also be easy to maneuver and easy to fold; that’s a big deal for parents who want to buy one. It should also have proper balance so that it will not tip backward when you’ve hung shopping bags and your purse off the handles.

Based on consumer reviews, professional guides, blog reviewers and as well as personal experience, these are the top-rated picks this year. Click on your category for the top three in each. Need a double umbrella stroller? We have you covered here.

You’ve seen the cheap umbrella strollers: Tiny rickety strollers with no sun canopy for the child and the adult hunches over to grab the handlebars as they shuffle down the sidewalk. It looks miserable for everyone, especially taller dads! You certainly want something better for your family, but you’ve got to be thrifty about it.

Yes, you can have tall enough handlebars.

Yes, you can get a stroller that holds more than 30 pounds.

Yes, you can get a sun canopy with GREAT coverage.

Yes, you get a storage basket beneath the seat.

Yes, your child has a footrest.

Some even have a seat recline!

All the top picks in this category have these necessary features, and all of them cost well under $100.

Best Budget Umbrella Strollers

Summer 3D Lite

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Blue, Lightweight Stroller with Aluminum Frame, Large Seat Area, 4 Position Recline, Extra Large Storage Basket, Infant Stroller for Travel and More
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – A lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier! The Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller has a durable aluminum frame that weighs just 13 pounds and has a large seat...
  • FOR TRAVEL AND EVERYDAY – Whether you’re traveling or just on the go running everyday errands, having a lightweight, compact stroller is a must! With this one easy to use stroller,...
  • 4-POSITION RECLINE - Keep your little one comfortable and safe at all times with the 4 position recline and 5 point safety harness. Maximum weight of child for this toddler stroller: 50...

Weighing in at only 12 pounds, this umbrella stroller is ready to go anywhere at any time. It’s your “on-the-go doing errands” stroller.

Despite the very lightweight, the wide and sturdy seat accommodates your child up to 50 pounds.

And if you’re on the go, you need a place to put your things, and the Summer 3D Lite has a storage basket you can actually access! For more storage, there’s also a pocket in the back for your little things.

Parents like that it is easy to fold and carry around and it is a popular stroller to take with you on vacation to places like Disneyland. For parent convenience, there’s a cupholder attached by the handle and for baby, a three-position reclining seat. These are features you’re not often going to see at this price.

The reviews on the Summer 3D Lite are slightly mixed, but for the most part, parents love it for the lightweight convenience. They report that the handles are tall enough that average-height adults won’t slump over to push it and the maneuvering is nice and smooth. The carry strap after the easy fold is highly appreciated as is the cup holder.

A more simplified version of the 3D Lite is the Go Lite (which is usually a little less than $100) doesn’t have as many features, but still has great reviews.

See this video review for the Summer 3D Lite:

Top Reasons to Buy



  • Sturdy with 50-pound weight capacity
  • 3-position seat recline
  • Easy access storage basket

Chicco Capri

Chicco C6 Stroller, Black
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame, only 11 pounds. Open Dimensions: 31.75L x 18.75H x 40.25W inches, Folded Dimensions: 10.2L x 8.07H x 45.5W inches, Front wheel diameter: 5.75 inches, Rear wheel...
  • Rounder, roomier canopy, adjustable and removable;Storage basket
  • All wheel suspension and front wheel swivel locks, take it . Fashionable carry bag and carry strap, easy to transport

Weighing only 11 pounds, the Chicco Capri is a lightweight budget umbrella stroller with an all-wheel suspension that allows smooth rides. This model has been compared to the Maclaren Volo with the same basic features but at just about half the price.

The Capri comes with a carrying strap and travel bag, making transport extremely easy, especially for families taking it with them on a vacation.

The Capri offers variety with its removable and adjustable rounded sun canopy to protect your child. The 2-position reclining seat is a bonus feature, which parents love, and the seat has a footrest, which is the most comfortable way to stretch out for a little nap.

Parents have given positive reviews on the Capri, mentioning that the seat is comfortable and roomy for their child to take naps. It is described as a very sturdy and stable stroller and does not tip.

There are hundreds of reviews online for the Capri and they all average out to very high ratings.

Want a Chicco umbrella stroller with a few more amenities? Then you might want to take a look at the Chicco Liteway, a well-designed highly rated model for about $40 more.

Check out my full review for even more info!

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Sturdy and well-balanced
  • Two-position reclining seat
  • Carry strap and travel bag included with purchase

J is for Jeep Brand Scout

J is for Jeep Brand Scout AL Sport Stroller, Camouflage Royal
  • Extendable European-style canopies with sun visors; Five-point safety harness with soft shoulder pads and reflective material that ensures you and your children can be seen at night
  • Multi-position reclining seat Parent cup holder
  • Abundant storage includes double rear canopy bags 5.5" wheels with front swivel and suspension system

Take a look at this budget umbrella stroller and tell me how much it looks like the Summer 3D Lite! J is for Jeep is a newer brand that is a division of Delta Children, who makes budget strollers.

The Scout is heftier than the Summer 3D Lite at 16 pounds and has features such as a parent cup holder and ample storage with a basket beneath the seat, pocket behind the canopy and detachable cargo bag on the side.

It holds your child up to 45 pounds and has a padded 5-point safety harness with a multi-position seat recline. Reflective accents provide extra safety during low light or at night. The sun canopy is rather skimpy, though, but it does have a flip-out sun visor and peek-a-boo window.

The handlebars are ergonomically shaped and rotate into different positions for just the right angle for your comfort, but do not telescope upward for height. Brakes over each rear wheel are easy to engage and four-wheel suspension smooths out the ride.

Parents write in enthusiastically giving this budget umbrella stroller high ratings for the recline, sturdiness and easy fold and unfold. A frame clip holds the stroller together once it is folded. The Scout is a popular option as a second stroller or one to take on a trip. It’s got a ton of high ratings!

Another J is for Jeep option if you have a little more in your budget but stays within $100 is their Atlas stroller with a few more amenities.

Take a look at this demo video for more info:

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Sturdy and convenient
  • Easy fold and unfold
  • Big storage basket for an umbrella stroller

Best Mid-Range Umbrella Strollers

You don’t want to drop a ton of money on a second stroller you use for quick errands or for those special vacation travel plans. But you don’t want to get caught in the middle of Disneyland or the streets of your favorite destination and have your stroller break down!

Comfort and quality are important when moms shop for a mid-range umbrella stroller. They want a seat that reclines and has some padding. A carrying handle for easy transport is an essential feature and of course a good-sized canopy to protect baby from the sun.

Spending more than the bare minimum is a good idea if you want handles that are comfortable and tall enough for either mom or dad so there’s no stooping over. I’ve seen that so many times with cheap umbrella strollers and it looks back-breaking!

So take a look at this year’s selection of the best umbrella strollers in the mid-range category. There are even more suggestions at the bottom of the page for more top-quality picks!

OXO Tot Air

A tiny compact fold is all the rage today, and the OXO Tot Air umbrella stroller is one of them. While weighing only 11 pounds, the OXO Tot Air has a different fold than most umbrella strollers, in an almost accordion fashion. This type of fold is seen in the demo video below. A convenient carry strap is included for easy transport, and these features by themselves make this product a popular option for taking on trips.

Other great features are a UPF 50 sun canopy with a large pull-down sun visor similar to UPPAbaby (see next). Additionally, a mesh panel peek-a-boo window has a colorful flap on the underside, which adds some style. Your passenger is comfy in a seat with a padded 5-point safety harness and a tall seatback allowing for growth. This stroller holds your child up to 55 pounds, and front-end suspension smooths out the ride.

Parents love the storage basket, which is pretty roomy considering this such a small stroller. One-touch brakes are flip-flop friendly and you get a “secret storage pocket” to keep your necessities.

So far reviews are rating this mid-range umbrella stroller very highly. Mostly for the compact easy fold and the full-coverage canopy. That was a deal breaker for one dad who went with this one over the GB Pockit.

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Super-compact, easy fold with carry strap
  • Full-coverage canopy with large flip-down visor
  • Convenient for travel

UPPAbaby G-Lite

UPPAbaby 2015 G-Lite Stroller, Denny
  • 2017 G-LITE model
  • Hand-level folding triggers - no foot action required
  • Extendable SPF 50+ sunshade

“Lite” is the perfect description as the smallest of the UPPAbaby strollers. Weighing a mere 8.8 pounds, the G-Lite can still hold up to 50 pounds, making this your stroller of choice to take with you on all those everyday errands.

While similar models like Maclaren’s Volo have sling seats, the G-Lite has a soft, cushy seat pad that you can remove and wash. The pad also has StainDefend, to keep it looking pretty.

Other features include tall ergonomic handles for your comfort and hand-operated opening triggers; no need to unfold with your foot. An elevated rear frame reduces toe stubs while walking.

How do customers feel about their G-Lite UPPAbaby strollers? Recent reviews give it pretty solid ratings for convenience, especially for vacation travel. Parents rave about the soft cushiony seat, the huge sun canopy and easy maneuverability. Parents Magazine calls the G-Lite the “lightest stroller on the block” and a Best Buy. Find out more as you read my detailed UPPABaby G-Lite review.

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Feather light, yet holds 50 pounds
  • Soft, washable seat pad
  • Easy to maneuver

Inglesina Net

Inglesina Net Stroller - Lightweight Summer Travel Stroller - UPF 50+ Protection Canopy with Removable and Washable Seat Pad (Black)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL STROLLER - The Inglesina Net Stroller weighs just 11lb., features a 2-position recline, and is easily collapsible with an integrated shoulder strap; making it the perfect...
  • OPENS & CLOSES WITH ONE HAND - The Inglesina Net is extremely easy to open and close, and - when folded - can stand upright on its own.
  • COOL MESH DESIGN - The lightweight, yet durable, mesh design enables air to circulate; keeping your child cool in the warmest summer months. Additionally, the canopy is made from UPF 50+...

The lightest stroller in the Inglesina line, the Net weighs just over 11 pounds and is a popular choice for parents who plan to travel. It comes with a removable seat pad and underneath is all mesh, so in hot climates, your child will have more air circulation and feel cooler. The seat pad is soft, comfy and washable, and it reclines, which is always nice when you’re out and your little passenger can take a refreshing nap.

An SPF 50 sun canopy blocks out the harmful sun rays, shading your little passenger. And a 5-point adjustable safety harness grows with your child and keeps him/her secured. The seat holds your child up to 55 pounds.

Parents, you enjoy a one-handed self-standing fold which comes in handy when you’re in a rush. Carry the Net with you with the convenient shoulder strap.  The stroller steers smoothly and the handles are high enough that someone 6 feet tall feels good pushing it.

Consumer Reports gives this mid-range umbrella stroller a high overall rating with very good marks across the board for Maneuverability, Safety and Ease of Use.

Reviews so far are outstanding! Take a look at this video review:

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Larger wheels = better maneuverability
  • Big storage basket for an umbrella stroller
  • Durable with 55-pound weight capacity

Best High End Umbrella Strollers

Based on consumer reviews, professional guides, blog reviewers and as well as personal experience, these are the best high-end umbrella strollers this year.

These products have more features such as premium fabrics, superior suspension, and a reclining seat. Often times, you will get a lighter-weight product that is, at the same time, more sturdy and can hold a higher weight.

Some of these models accommodate a car seat! Finally the convenience of a travel system in a lightweight umbrella stroller. However, the strollers that do hold a car seat often weigh a bit more due to safety.

There are many fabulous high end umbrella strollers in this category, so I’ve included some more best-rated picks at the bottom of the page.

UPPAbaby G-Luxe

G-Luxe Stroller - Jordan (Charcoal/Silver), 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Suitable for children from 3 months to 55 pounds
  • One-handed actuated recline and adjustable footrest
  • Large stretch knit canopy with extendable UPF 50+ sunshade for great sun and wind protection

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe is very popular for several reasons. First, it is “lightest full-size reclining umbrella stroller in the US” because it weighs only 11 pounds and reclines to a 120° angle. Even more impressive is that this feather-light umbrella stroller can hold your child up to 50 pounds!

The G-Luxe has gotten across many different web retailers for such features as the compact stand-alone fold and the enormous SPF50 sun canopy.

It’s a fantastic little stroller with Consumer Reports giving it an excellent mark for maneuverability.

Parents use the UPPAbaby G-Luxe for going on family vacations, taking it on airplanes for trips abroad, and keeping it in the car trunk to run everyday errands. It’s earned quite a reputation for being one of the absolute best umbrella strollers you can buy today. You’ll be surprised at what else this fantastic stroller can offer you as you read my UPPAbaby G-Luxe review.

Want something a bit more basic? Check out the G-Lite if you’d like to have a very simple, yet outstanding UPPAbaby umbrella stroller.

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Enormous sun canopy with visor
  • Standing fold for easy storage and cleanliness
  • Excellent maneuvering

Maclaren Quest

Maclaren Quest, Black/ Silver
  • Basic weight: 12.5lb; Suitable for Newborn and up to 55lbs
  • UPF 50+
  • Four-position recline seat with extendable leg rest with memory position and Newborn Safety System

For active parents on the go, the Maclaren Quest provides a lightweight solution, yet provides the comfort your child needs such as adjustable leg support. These extra features are a notch up from their Triumph, and parents feel it is well worth the price for these comforts for their child.

This is the stroller for you if you want a light weight model that does not sacrifice features.

Previous Quest models could not accommodate a newborn because of the recline angle. However, that’s now changed to a four-position one-handed recline that goes near flat, so technically a newborn can ride, though most don’t use Maclaren strollers for their newborns. The Maclaren Quest also has upgraded their sun canopy this year – it’s bigger with a zip-away panel that has mesh windows in it as well as a flip-out UV protective visor. It has excellent coverage now!

Discover the upgrades for this year as well as detailed differences between this stroller and the Triumph in Stroller Envy’s Maclaren Quest review. You’ll understand why customers give this stroller very high ratings and that it is an Amazon’s Choice in the umbrella stroller category.

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Pull-out leg support for your child’s comfort
  • Superb maneuverability and sturdiness
  • Supports newborn babies

Peg Perego Pliko Mini

Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, Neon
  • Made In Italy. One hand umbrella folding, no need to bend over.
  • Backrest reclines in 3 different positions and leg rest
  • Adjustable handle and the reclining backrest can be locked into 3 positions and folds back by more than 150 degree

As the only umbrella stroller in the Peg Perego line, the Pliko Mini weighs only 13 pounds and is very compact. Despite being small compared to the other Pegs, this little number still has all the superb qualities that Peg Perego has built its reputation on.

New for 2018, check out the latest color scheme pictured: the sporty Fiat 500. Just like the car, it is compact and sleek.

This Peg Perego baby stroller boasts features like a one-handed umbrella fold using a centrally placed handle for convenience.

Yep, you can fold it while holding your baby!  Transport is easy with another carrying handle on the side.

Your child has a three-position reclining seat as well as an adjustable leg rest for optimum comfort at naptime. To add in some fun, this stroller has a loop on the sun canopy to attach favorite toys.

Like the other Peg Perego strollers, the Pliko Mini has tons of style; choose from several colors with matching accents on the wheels. The front wheels swivel or lock and have shock absorbers for a smooth ride. Owners give the Pliko Mini high praise for several features. Find out which ones in Stroller Envy’s review of one of the best high-end umbrella strollers out there.

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Luxurious fabric in fashionable colors
  • 1-handed fold for quick transport
  • Sun shade provides ample coverage

Maxi Cosi Dana

No products found.

Here is a beautiful luxurious umbrella stroller that travels with comfort and ease. The Maxi Cosi Dana has a roomy seat that holds your child from birth up to 50 pounds.

It accommodates a Maxi Cosi car seat and includes the adapters, or flip up the leg rest and secure it to transform into an infant enclosed carriage/pram. This sturdy high-end umbrella stroller weighs 20 pounds, so is hefty enough to be stable.

The seat has a multi-position recline, and a soft reversible seat cushion and head pillow have a different pattern on one side to add versatility to your look, plus it’s machine washable. A padded 5-point safety harness secures your child snugly and a generous extending sun canopy with a large mesh zip-away panel and flip-out sun visor protects from the elements and provides air flow.

Parents get a cup holder, a storage basket beneath the seat and an easy, compact fold. Reviewers like this stroller for the seat recline and enormous canopy. Ratings are a bit mixed, so be weary of that.

Check out the demo video for more info:

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Carriage mode or travel system ready for newborns
  • Enormous sun canopy with zip-away mesh panel
  • Sturdy with quality materials and stylish, soft fabric

Why should I buy an umbrella stroller?

Below are just some reasons you might benefit from buying an umbrella stroller:

  • You already have a primary stroller and just need a secondary stroller—preferably one that stores conveniently in your car for quick trips or short errands
  • You (and your little one) use public transport a lot
  • You’re planning to travel (by air) with your child
  • You’re on the go a lot and want a stroller that folds easily (and preferably with one hand)
  • Your baby is already 6 months (or older) or can sit up unsupported
  • You’re not particularly fussy about not having an extra cup holder or large storage capacity, or all those other bells and whistles that come with full-sized strollers

Umbrella Strollers: The Pros and Cons

One obvious advantage of umbrella strollers is their lightweight, easy-fold feature. This makes umbrella strollers a go-to option for travels or quick trips. There’s also the convenience of the one-hand fold, which most umbrella stroller models usually offer. With that, you can easily whip it out of your car and unfold it, all while carrying your baby on one arm. Umbrella strollers are cheaper too: you can get an umbrella stroller with a budget of $30 (but again, I would warn against going for the cheapest).

The downside? Because they are usually bare-bones and lightweight, most umbrella strollers lack the features that usually come with strollers: large storage baskets, full-sized canopies, cup holders, bumper bars, to name a few. Umbrella strollers also usually come with small plastic wheels, which don’t offer the smoothest ride for your little one. The small, compact seat on an umbrella stroller could also be a bane for older or larger babies and toddlers, as well as babies wearing thick clothing during winter. Lastly, most umbrella strollers don’t recline fully, which makes it incompatible for use with newborns and infants.  

How to Keep Baby Safe in an Umbrella Stroller

First of all, before deciding on an umbrella stroller, check if the model you have in mind is JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified. Also check product ratings and reviews online—a helpful resource is Consumer Reports, which conducts product testing and research on a wide range of consumer products, including strollers.

Apart from that, here are some other ways you can ensure your child is safe while in an umbrella stroller:

  1. Check the safety harness—a 5-point harness system is pretty standard for any type of stroller, umbrella types included
  2. Make sure that the stroller does not tip backwards when your child is fully reclined. (Likewise, avoid hanging bags on the stroller handles.)
  3. Take care when opening and folding your umbrella stroller, especially when you’re holding on to your baby with your other arm. Before putting your child inside, check that it’s locked open. 
  4. Ensure that the stroller has a wide-enough base and does not tip when your child leans to the sides.
  5. Double-check the weight, height, and age limits and recommendations to make sure the stroller is the best fit for your child.

Top Umbrella Stroller Manufacturers

Apart from the brands I featured, here are other umbrella stroller manufacturers worth noting, particularly those whose strollers have been featured in several “Best of” lists.  


British aeronautical engineer Owen Maclaren has been credited with inventing the world’s first umbrella stroller for his daughter in 1965. More than 50 years after the B-01 Baby Buggy was introduced, the Maclaren brand still continues to produce and manufacture compact and lightweight umbrella strollers that are perfect for travel. Some of Maclaren’s most notable models are the Volo, Mark II, Globetrotter, Triumph, Techno XLR, and the Techno XT.  Maclaren also offers double umbrella strollers (which we featured here).


Founded in 1965 Chicago, Illinois, Kolcraft is a third-generation, family-owned company that first sold crib pads, playards, and high chairs. It eventually expanded its offering to include strollers, car seats, walkers, and potty seats.

Aside from the Cloud Plus Stroller, Kolcraft also offers the Cloud Umbrella Stroller and . It also has two double stroller models:  the Cloud Plus Double Stroller and the Cloud Double Umbrella Stroller.

Summer Infant

Headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Summer Infant has been manufacturing infant and juvenile products for more than thirty years and currently has more than 1,100 products, which includes strollers, safety and monitoring gear, bath and potty products, and sleepwear. 

Summer Infant offers several three dimensional (3D) umbrella strollers, which includes 3Dlite and 3Dlite+, 3Dtote, 3Dmini, and its newest, the 3Dflip.


Founded in 1963, Inglesina is an Italian manufacturer of premium strollers and baby accessories. Aside from its Net umbrella stroller, Inglesina also has other stroller products, among them the Trilogy City Stroller, the Zippy Light, and the Swift (which we reviewed here).


The ergonomic cooking tools brand founded in 1990 in New York by father-and-son team Sam and John Farber, OXO recently made its initial foray into the juvenile products category in 2015, releasing its stroller offerings, the Cubby and Cubby Plus, and later on the Air umbrella stroller.

Peg Perego

Peg Perego was born when Giuseppe Pérego constructed a baby carriage out of rubberized fabric for his son in 1949, when carriages and strollers were made with expensive sheet metal and wicker. With the success of Pérego’s first creation, this Italian company has earned international recognition in the manufacture of strollers, car seats, high chairs, as well as children’s ride-on toys.

Aside from the Pliko Mini, Peg Perego also offers a reversible modular stroller, the Switch Four. Its other stroller offerings include the Team, Booklet, Book Cross, and Book Pop-Up, dual strollers—Duette Piroet, Book for Two, and Pliko Mini Twin—and Triplette Piroet. Check out our write-up on the best Peg Perego strollers here.

J is for Jeep

You might be more familiar with Jeep the automobile brand—surprisingly, the same auto brand offers transport options for little ones too. A division of Delta Children, the J is for Jeep brand line of strollers has Jeep’s trademark tough, rough-and-ready aesthetic. Among its umbrella stroller offerings are the Atlas, the Scout and Scout AL Sport, and the North Star. Have twins? Jeep also offers a twin umbrella model of the Scout.


Maxi-Cosi is a juvenile products brand that has been in the business for more than 30 years, releasing its first car seat in 1984. Originally a Netherlands-based outfit, it is now owned by the same company that manufactures Safety 1st, Quinny, and Cosco. Dana is currently the only umbrella stroller model in its baby transport line. Its other offerings include from-birth strollers (the Nova 3 wheels and 4 wheels, Mura Plus 3, Lila, Stella, Adorra, Laika, and Zelia), as well as the Dana For2 dual stroller. 


Chicco, founded in 1958 owned by the Italian Artsana Group of companies, is an internationally known manufacturer of baby products, including strollers, car seats, high chairs, and playyards. It has several models in its umbrella stroller range, among them the Liteway and C6 strollers. 


A relative newcomer in the stroller segment, UPPAbaby is the brainchild of Rockland, Massachusetts–based husband-and-wife team Lauren and Bob Monahan. The brand currently offers two full-size stroller models, the Vista and Cruz, while it offers four variants under lightweight strollers (the Minu, G-Lite, G-Luxe), as well as a lightweight side-by-side stroller, the G-Link. 


Can newborns and infants ride safely in an umbrella stroller?

As I mentioned earlier, newborns can’t sit up or hold their heads so they will need a stroller that fully reclines. However, even though some umbrella stroller manufacturers specify that their strollers can be used from birth, I would wait until your baby is at least 6 months before putting him in an umbrella stroller.

Aside from the fact that most umbrella strollers don’t offer enough head support, majority of umbrella strollers are also forward-facing. Though they might have peek-a-boo windows, it’s generally advisable to carry newborns in a stroller that has the seats facing you—that way they are within your sight all the time.

Another is that most umbrella strollers, with the exception of some midrange to high-end models, don’t have suspension features. That said, I would err on the side of caution and go with a parent-facing lightweight or standard stroller instead.     

Can I carry my umbrella stroller on board?

Most umbrella strollers do not fit in overhead bins because of their vertical fold (unlike lightweight strollers that fold flat and square). Most probably, airline carriers will ask you to check your umbrella stroller at the gate. 

Also, you may want to read this USA Today article on how you can carry your umbrella stroller on board. 


You may only be looking for umbrella strollers as a backup or secondary stroller, but with the plethora of options available out there, choosing the right one is by no means an easy task. Hopefully we’ve taken out some of the guesswork of choosing the best umbrella stroller for your little one with this guide. Have a suggestion that I wasn’t able to feature? Let me know by leaving a comment below! 

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