Jeep Wagon Stroller Review: A Perfect On-The-Go Design

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One of the most popular options on the market today, especially for parents of multiples, is the Jeep Wagon Stroller. The multi-purpose design and durable materials make it a baby item that will last well into childhood.

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This particular design allows for the safe transportation of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and even school-aged children! Once you reach the age where they no longer need to utilize it, you can re-purpose the wagon portion to transport items around the house or at sporting events!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Jeep Wagon Stroller

The Jeep Wagon Stroller is unlike others on the market due to its unique design and uncommon features. Although its characteristics are unmatched in other strollers, it doesn’t have the premium attributes that high-end options have. 

Therefore, it won’t come equipped with a recline option or footrests. Due to its large size, it doesn’t fold up compactly and can be challenging to get into store entrances and aisles. In most daily life events, this will not be an issue. However, this can be a valid concern for families that often travel or use their stroller inside buildings.

This stroller model is ideal for moms with more than one small child at home who want to forego a double stroller. It has many options for storage and is perfect for transporting children or going to the local park for an afternoon picnic.

Jeep Wagon Stroller Product Overview

The Jeep Wagon Stroller isn’t the first of its kind on the market. However, the Jeep brand comes with a history of tough and durable materials. Therefore, we expect their stroller line to be similar in design.

Previous Jeep stroller models, such as their jogger, didn’t perform as you would expect from the brand. Compared to others on the market, the Jeep brands didn’t hold up with continued use. With the Jeep Wagon Stroller, the unique design may redeem the Jeep line as it pertains to baby gear.

Things We Like:

  • The extendable handlebar that comes on both sides of the wagon
  • The harness seatbelts on each side of the wagon, allowing you to buckle two children safely
  • Infant car seat adapters so that you can use the wagon right from the beginning with ease

Room For Improvement:

  • The awkward sizing, which can make it challenging to navigate in confined areas
  • The bulky fold, which limits where you can store the stroller
  • Having non-lockable swivel wheels that can be a challenge on rough terrain

Features and Benefits

The Jeep Wagon Stroller comes with a surplus of benefits for a growing family. This stroller is a piece of equipment that you buy in the infant stage and use through graduation. The number of things you can utilize this wagon for is endless.

Some of the most impressive features and benefits included in the Jeep Wagon Stroller are:

  • Double harness seatbelts
  • Extensive storage capabilities
  • Infant seat hookups
  • Versatile Sun Shades
  • Double extending handles
  • All-terrain tires

Double Harness Seatbelts

In older-style wagons, there were no safety restraints. Although they were used by children and families everywhere, babies and toddlers could quickly jump out of the wagon or move around within it. 

The inclusion of not one but two harness seatbelts allows you to maneuver along without worry that your child will wiggle out of the wagon and become injured. You also have space to safely restrain two children instead of just one, allowing the wagon to be used for future children, older siblings, or friends tagging along. 

Extensive Storage Capabilities

One of the downfalls to premium, high-end strollers is that they often come with limited storage space. The Jeep Wagon Stroller does not have this issue. Instead, they have separate pockets and compartments throughout the stroller that can hold a variety of items.

Additionally, the stroller has a cupholder attachment that allows the adult or children to store their beverage without fear of spilling. We all know that if we placed the sippy cup in the stroller, it would spill or get thrown out of the wagon sooner or later. It’s best to put it in the designated cupholder from the start and avoid the problem altogether!

Infant Seat Hookups

It is not a common occurrence to see a wagon that accommodates infants. For starters, they cannot sit up on their own, and they are also unable to be placed in the same positions as older children and adults. 

The beauty of the Jeep Wagon Stroller is that it comes equipped with hooks that allow you to snap infant seats directly onto the top of the wagon. The hook system acts just like the technology in a typical travel system, holding the baby carrier safely in place. You can quickly and easily snap the seat back out when you are ready without waking the baby.

Versatile Sun Shades

One of the essential parts of a stroller is protecting the child from the elements, more specifically the sun. The nice thing about the Jeep Wagon Stroller is that it not only comes with a sunshade, but you can use it in a variety of ways.

Not only can you use the sunshade to cover the top of the wagon frame, which keeps the sunlight and heat from beating down on your child’s head, but you can extend it to cover the side as well. This option is helpful for those extra sunny days when you can’t escape the bright light. Additionally, it is nice to place in front of the infant seat as they face outward. 

A side storage pouch safely holds the sunshade when not in use. Attaching it is as simple as pulling it out of the pocket, stretching it out, and affixing it in the appropriate spots.

Double Extending Handles

One thing that has always been difficult with a wagon is its clunky maneuverability. It isn’t always a simple process to move it in a different direction. At times you would need to roll it back just to roll it into the correct path that you wanted. 

A benefit to the Jeep Wagon Stroller is that it has a handle on both ends of the wagon. The extra handle allows you to choose whichever end you want to steer the wagon. No longer will you find yourself stuck in an area where you are struggling to get out. 

Additionally, both handles come with the ability to extend. Being able to lengthen the bar comes in handy for those who are taller. Reaching down to push a stroller can be painful over time. Extending the handle can add to your comfort level and provide a better experience.

All Terrain Tires

Although we previously stated, the durability reputation of the Jeep stroller line had us nervous, as well as the inability to lock the swivel wheels. However, we are excited about the all-terrain tires that come with the Jeep Wagon Stroller. 

A big reason people purchase the Jeep brand is its history of using durable materials and being able to withstand rough conditions. For those who buy from the Jeep stroller line, the expectation is still the same. 

The addition of the all-terrain wheels allows parents to take the wagon on nature trails and dirt roads without worrying that it won’t handle the rough conditions. For those who plan to use it for many years, it is comforting to know the wheels are built to last. 

Alternatives and Conclusion

As we mentioned above, the Jeep Wagon Stroller comes with many benefits:

  • Double harness seatbelts
  • Extensive storage capabilities
  • Infant seat hookups
  • Versatile Sun Shades
  • Double extending handles
  • All-terrain tires

For those who love the Jeep brand but aren’t in love with the idea of a wagon-style stroller, there are other Jeep stroller options available, including:

Additionally, if you are in the market for a good stroller option that accommodates more than one child, there are various models available for purchase:

In the end, one of the up-and-coming options on the market today, especially for parents of multiple children, is the Jeep Wagon Stroller. The design offers flexibility for various purposes, and it’s made of highly durable materials, making this stroller a baby item that will last well into childhood.

This unique design and the included safety features allow for the safe transportation of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and even your older children! The model allows for continued use through many phases of childhood, which is beneficial for both parents and children.

And the best part is that once your kids reach the age where they no longer need the stroller, you can continue to use the wagon to transport items around the house or at sporting events!

Jeep Wagon Stroller Review: A Perfect On-The-Go Design
Jeep Wagon Stroller Review: A Perfect On-The-Go Design 10

The Jeep wagon stroller offers flexibility for various purposes! Check out our review to see what we think about this transportation product!

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