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Originating in New Zealand in 1992, Mountain Buggy strollers were created by a couple of parents who wanted something agile enough to handle the rugged mountain trails they liked to explore with their baby.

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Current Best-Selling Mountain Buggy Brand Strollers

Bestseller No. 1
Mountain Buggy Nano V3 Stroller (Black)
  • full recline fabric sling seat providing a lie flat mode that is perfect for newborns
  • ultra lightweight at less than 6kg / 13lbs with a carry handle and shoulder strap - ideal for travel or the perfect secondary buggy
  • easy two-step compact fold designed to fit in many carry-on luggage units or to leave in the car for quick trips
Bestseller No. 2
Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Black
  • Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters and now has a soft shell cocoon carrycot available (sold separately) for newborns
  • New, narrower compact size at just Dimension - 12 x 22 x 20 inches (Folded) with 44 lb. weight capacity and suitable for children up to 4 years
  • Easy two-step, compact fold meets regulations for airline carryon luggage. Travel bag and shoulder strap included
Bestseller No. 3
Mountain Buggy- Duet Double Stroller (Tube)
  • Compatible with Mountain Buggy Swift/Breeze/Duet stroller.
  • Tube expands to fit baby stroller tire.
  • Valve Type: Bent Valve.
Bestseller No. 4
Mountain Buggy Duet Double Cover, Storm, Clear
  • protects from wind, rain and bugs
  • custom fit and hard wearing
  • water resistant
Bestseller No. 5
Mountain Buggy Nano All Weather Cover Pack
  • shelters from light wind, sun and bugs
  • durable and lightweight mesh
  • hard wearing and water resistant rain cover

They designed a stroller themselves, a buggy that could handle the rough trails and steep hills that they liked to hike. A lightweight, yet sturdy frame like a quality backpack, is essential for hitting the trails. Ergonomically designed handles and seat give both parent and child comfort while using.

And safety for both baby and parent is the most important aspect. Mountain Buggy puts each stroller though nine vigorous tests in addition to required international safety standards that guarantee highly durable materials, a strong frame and accurate engineering.

Mountain Buggy strollers are eco-friendly; 90% of the materials used can be recycled. Toxic chemicals are a concern for parents and Mountain Buggy constantly tests their products. Tests for other poisons such as cadmium, asbestos and lead are done regularly

In 2009, Phil and Teds, the other main New Zealand-based brand, purchased Mountain Buggy as it was in the process of going bankrupt. Phil and Teds has since turned Mountain Buggy around and has made it a dominant force in the all-terrain stroller market.

Mountain Buggy strollers offer five singles: one that converts from single to a double (the +one) and a double called the Duet. Their Duo model, the heavier, sturdier double, is only available in Europe now, so it is not included here.

Mountain Buggy Nano

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller, Black
  • Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters and now has a soft shell cocoon carrycot available (sold separately) for newborns
  • New, narrower compact size at just Dimension - 12 x 22 x 20 inches (Folded) with 44 lb. weight capacity and suitable for children up to 4 years
  • Easy two-step, compact fold meets regulations for airline carryon luggage. Travel bag and shoulder strap included

Continuing the trend of the way of lighter weight, more urban stroller products, Mountain Buggy introduces us to the ultra-convenient Nano. Parents, if you travel by air you know what a pain it is just getting there, boarding, and departing. Dealing with a cumbersome stroller and tending your child makes it even more difficult.

This is where the new Mountain Buggy Nano steps in. The easy two-step fold on this lightweight stroller compacts it down to a size accepted by most airlines for carry on luggage. Pop it into the overhead bin and you’re good to go. One easy flick opens it again once you reach your destination.

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The Nano weighs only 13 pounds and has a single handle bar for one-handed maneuverability. The seat uses a strap recline for any angle your child needs for comfort. An adjustable leg rest provides support, and a three-point safety harness secures your child. A sun canopy with flip-out visor shields little eyes and front-end suspension smooths the ride. It is travel system ready and accommodates most car seat brands.

Parents are giving this new Mountain Buggy stroller very high marks for the quality and being feature-rich for the compact size and weight. The Nano almost universally makes the travel experience for parents much more pleasant and convenient. Learn more from this informative video review:


Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Buggy, Bordeaux, Red
  • MODULAR SEAT OFFERING - Customers can alternate between forward and rear facing options easily.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE HEIGHT - with a range from 94-108cm, parents can choose their range height for a more comfortable push
  • A SMOOTHER RIDE - 12" rear wheel Aerotech tires offers superior handling with no hassles of maintenance

Stepping into the world of city strollers with luxury features, Mountain Buggy gives us the Cosmopolitan. This is the only product in the Mountain Buggy line that is not a fitness stroller, yet the Cosmopolitan retains the sturdiness that customers have come to expect from this brand.

The Cosmopolitan carries your child up to 45 pounds and has reversing seat with multiple one-handed reclining positions. The seat lays nearly flat but the entire seat rotates backward for the recline.

Unclasp two buckles behind the seat as it is reclined and the seat transforms into a lay-flat bed for your newborn. This is not a bassinet, however, in that it cannot be taken off the stroller in this mode.

Other features include all-wheel suspension for handling those bumps and an enormous storage basket that holds up to 22 pounds – take everything with you! Supportive bars line the basket so it won’t sag and drag. The canopy offers fantastic coverage and has an extra zip-out black mesh panel that provides even more shade and additional air circulation.

While this is a new product, reviews are coming in fast and most parents give this stroller high praise for the maintenance-free tires, smooth ride, and superb quality.

Urban Jungle

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This is Mountain Buggy’s flagship product and my how it has gotten better over the years. A lighter-weight all terrain stroller at only 24 pounds, the Urban Jungle is “engineered for the urban active.” This awesome three-wheeler seamlessly takes you from city streets to the beach to park trails.

The phenomenal features on this outdoor warrior include everything to keep you and your child safe and comfortable.

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Twelve-inch tires with rear suspension smooth the bumpy ride for your little one. Shield your child from any angle of the sun with a “follow the sun” canopy with flip-out visor. From birth to 77 pounds, the seat can recline in multiple positions and the tough aluminum frame is travel system or carry cot compatible.

Mom and Dad, you get a comfortable, height adjustable handle bar with bottle holster. The Urban Jungle sports a simple, stand-alone fold and quick-release wheels so you can pack it in your trunk for outings.

Several recent upgrades take the Urban Jungle up a few notches in quality. It has a redesigned bumper bar, a tail-free harness for your child, zip fabric sling for easy on and off, and an auto frame lock for better stowing after folding.

Why do parents recommend the improved Urban Jungle? Read my review linked above to find out more.

MB Mini

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Weighing only 17½ pounds with a compact profile, the MB Mini is the smallest in the Mountain Buggy lineup. The sleek design and one-step, standing fold are for parents who want convenience and durability that Mountain Buggy is known for.

What helps make the MB Mini so light weight are the new tires called aerotech. They are a combination of EVA rubber and air filled, with the air condensed in the center of the tire, still making it puncture-proof.

While the MB Mini doesn’t quite have that floaty push that air filled tires give, it’s darn close with aerotech. All three tires are 10 inches.

This Mountain Buggy stroller is suitable for newborns up to four years or 44 pounds. While the seat is not reversible, it is removable and you can use the Carry Cot bassinet or click a car seat onto the frame as a travel system.

Since it is considered for newborns, this means the seat fully reclines flat and a mesh panel covers the back seat area for extra protection and air flow. A generous sun canopy with flip-out visor gives plenty of shade. The canopy comes in a standard red, but you can change out the colors with other hoods sold separately.

A vast majority of parents love the maneuverability and light weight. The convenient one-handed fold and huge canopy are also big pluses. Please see this one for more insight on the MB Mini.


Mountain Buggy Swift Compact Stroller, Black
  • FULL RECLINE TO UPRIGHT SEAT - total adaptability to go from lie flat to upright, offering versatility to meet the individual needs of your baby & LONGER SEAT BACK - more growth room for...
  • SHORTER FOOTPRINT - less space is always best when out and about in the city (new 32.5", old 40") & OUTSTANDING CURB POP - cleverly engineered with perfect weight distribution, allowing you...
  • HANDLEBAR COMFORT - durable, yet soft and ergonomically formed for your comfort when pushing & MULTI ADJUST HANDLE - easily adjust the handle height for a more comfortable push

If you prefer the natural suspension of air-filled tires, then the Mountain Buggy Swift is the stroller for you. This one has basically the same lightweight aluminum frame as the MB Mini and the tire size is the same at 10 inches. It has a narrow 23-inch width and weighs only 21 pounds.

The Swift has a few extra features like a bumper bar and adjustable height handle. The seat reclines flat and is suitable for newborns up to 55 pounds, or 5 years old. It can carry a car seat or Carry Cot bassinet as well.

While the sun canopy is fixed, it offers generous coverage and has a flick out mesh visor. The storage basket is nice and big and holds up to 11 pounds of gear or shopping.

Several recent upgrades take the Swift up a few notches in quality. It has a redesigned bumper bar, a tail-free harness for your child, zip fabric sling for easy on and off, and an auto frame lock for better stowing after folding.

Plus One (+one)

Mountain Buggy +One Stroller with Second Seat & Cocoon, Black
  • ONE HAND FAST FOLD - (even with second seat attached) that stands with automatic frame lock and adjustable handlebar from 31.5" - 49" high with handlebar mounted brake system
  • FULL RECLINE TO UPRIGHT SEAT - total adaptability to go from lie flat, to upright, offering versatility to the individual child’s needs (single mode only) & LONGER SEAT BACK - more growth...
  • GREAT CURB POP - Outstanding maneuverability and curb pop with 12" air-filled tires that lock or swivel, mid-mounted suspension and strong aircraft grade aluminum frame

Of all the Mountain Buggy strollers, the Plus One is the only in their line that can be either a single or a double, hence the name. The Plus One has the same basic design as the Urban Jungle, but has room for a second rider. It is uniquely designed in that the fabric behind the seat holds the space for a second seat or cocoon for newborns, which are both included with this stroller. In singles mode, zip off the fabric holding the main seat and secure a car seat right onto the chassis.

The front seat reclines nearly flat when in singles mode. In doubles mode, it must remain upright while the second seat or cocoon is behind. The main seat and rear seat each hold up to 44 pounds.

And the sun canopy is fabulous – it is huge! Not only does it have a flick-out mesh visor, it pivots to follow the sun and has additional zip-out panels that extend it all the way down to the bumper bar. This provides just the right amount of shade and wind protection for two children.

Other features include a generous storage basket with side and rear access and an adjustable height handle bar. Air-filled 12-inch tires with rear suspension provide an exceptionally smooth ride. Harnesses on both seats are super easy to adjust, simply twist and raise or lower the strap in the seatback.

To get a better idea of how the Plus One works, from single to double, see this demo video.


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You’re a person who runs or jogs and you’d love a jogging stroller, but you don’t want to give up the maneuverability that an all-terrain has. You want a transitional product that takes you from workouts to errands. You want the Mountain Buggy Terrain.

Terrain has signature features of a performance jogger such as 16-inch rear tires that pop off for more compact storage. A slowing hand brake on the handle bar is a standard safety feature must-have.

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The shock-absorbing suspension system smooths out the ride. The front wheel has a 3-way lock: Lock it forward during your run for extra stability, lock it backward for stability over terrain, and let it loose and swivel for maneuvering.

Other features include an adjustable height handle bar for your comfort and a zip-close storage basket so your stuff doesn’t go flying when you hit a bump during your workout. An enormous canopy with flip-out visor follows sun at any angle to shield your child. The seat holds up to 55 pounds but also accommodates newborns.

For your newborn, the seat zips right off and you attach a car seat with an adapter right to the frame or use a carrycot as a pram. The Terrain is also compatible with the Face to Face seat, a parent-facing seat you can get for those in-between months before baby is ready to sit outward.

Parents recommend the Mountain Buggy Terrain and give it high reviews for the performance and adjustable height handle.


Mountain Buggy Duet V3 Buggy, Silver
  • SAME WIDTH AS A SINGLE STROLLER - at just 25" the Mountain Buggy Duet is the same width as a single stroller and fits through all standard doorways
  • NEWBORN READY - with dual, independent lie-flat seats, use of one or two car seats or the Mountain Buggy carry cot plus
  • CONTROL HAND BRAKE - for walking, jogging and going up and down hills in any weather

One of the disadvantages of a side-by-side twin stroller is that the width is cumbersome. You don’t want to take up so much room walking down sidewalks or grocery store aisles. The Mountain Buggy Duet changes all that because it is the same width as the Urban Jungle – only 25 inches! That’s right, the rear wheel width on the Duet is the same as the width of a single stroller.

The Duet is very versatile. As a single stroller, use one side with a seat and the other using the Joey clip-on tote bag for extra storage. Take off both seats and use the Duet chassis to hold two car seats for twin babies. Or use the Carry Cot bassinet. There are many possibilities.

The stroller itself weighs 34 pounds, very good for a double, and it holds up to 80 pounds total. Wheels are 10-inch rubber tires with locking front swivel wheels. Because the Duet is such a skinny stroller, the seats are narrower, too. Each seat is only 11 inches wide with a 19½-inch seatback.

Because of the narrow seats, the stroller has gotten some negative feedback.

Which of these can you picture yourself using?

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