Jeep Jogging Stroller Review: A Budget-Friendly Option

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Whether you’re trying to get fit after having a baby or you need a jogging stroller for trips to the park, the Jeep Jogging Stroller is a good option. The stroller is compact enough for everyday use and can double as part of a travel system.

The Jeep Jogging Stroller is excellent for people looking to buy one affordable jogging stroller that can serve multiple functions. Read on to see if the Jeep Jogging Stroller is right for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Jogging Stroller

Not all families need a special jogging stroller, and not all jogging strollers serve the same purpose. It’s important to consider these factors before buying a jogging stroller.

The first thing to consider is how you plan to use the stroller. 

Are you jogging around the neighborhood? Do you plan on going off-road, or do you need something that you can attach skis to? Are you using the stroller strictly for jogging, or do you need to be able to run errands with it as well?

Wheel Type

Strollers come with either a fixed or swivel wheel. You need a fixed wheel jogging stroller if you plan to go for a jog. If you try to jog with a swivel wheel, you could wind up hurting your child. 

Parents often like a swivel wheel because the stroller is easier to maneuver, especially in tighter places like stores.

The typical all-terrain or jogging stroller comes with a wheel that can switch between locked and swivel, making them more versatile for the majority of parents who want to use the stroller for running and running errands.


Some jogging strollers are pretty large. At the same time, you may want a larger stroller while on the trains; you have to keep the footprint in mind. 

Consider how you’ll store it in your house and car. If you plan to use the stroller for something other than running, you may opt for something smaller.

Length of Use

Most jogging strollers aren’t intended for use with babies under the age of six months. However, some jogging strollers can be adapted for use with an infant seat. While you can’t jog while your baby is an infant, these strollers make it possible to have just one stroller.

Product Overview

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The Jeep Jogging Stroller is designed for a mix of jogging and everyday use. It has air-filled tires and shock absorption to give your child a smooth ride while you’re running. It’s also smaller than some larger jogging strollers, making it easier to use in crowded spaces.

Things We Like

  • The front wheel can switch between locked and swivel
  • It comes with a car seat adapter for use with infants
  • Has a snack tray for kids and cup holders for parents
  • It comes in gray or red to match your style
  • The back wheels remove easily for storage

Room for Improvement

  • It doesn’t have a one-handed fold
  • The cup holders aren’t very large
  • It’s on the heavy side

Features and Benefits

There’s a lot to like about the Jeep Jogging Stroller. It’s an affordable option with some great features.

Travel System

I like the Jeep Jogging Stroller because it can be part of a travel system. 

Since you’re not allowed to jog with your newborn baby until the baby is six months old, many jogging strollers are unusable for the first six months of your baby’s life. That means you’re looking at buying at least two strollers if you plan on jogging.

The Jeep Jogging Stroller comes with car seat adapters for an infant car seat. You can begin using it with your newborn and then use it as a jogger once your baby is old enough. You don’t need to buy an additional stroller while your baby is an infant.

This jogging stroller isn’t the only brand that can adapt for infant seats, but it is one of the rare ones that come with the adapter instead of requiring you to purchase it separately. 

I’m impressed that the adapters are included, especially since this jogging stroller is so reasonably priced.

Kid Comforts

Your child must be comfortable, especially if you’re going on long runs. The Jeep Jogging Stroller has a lot of features that make the ride easier for your kids. The seat is padded and has a padded harness.

The back reclines, allowing your child to nap on the go. The front baby tray has room for cups, yummy snacks, and toys. It swivels open, allowing you to get your child in and out easily. 

The large sun canopy extends over the front of the stroller, perfect for keeping the sun out of your baby’s eyes on those late afternoon runs. The sun visor is SPF 50+ for added sun protection.

Smooth Ride

One of the biggest issues when going for a jog with your kid is that the ride can be bumpy. All jogging strollers try to minimize these bumps and jostling, and the Jeep Jogging Stroller does an excellent job of keeping the ride smooth, despite its budget price.

The Jeep Jogging Stroller has air-filled pneumatic tires that keep the ride smooth. The suspension system absorbs shock, perfect for bumpy surfaces. The stroller is easy to turn and maneuver, even when on rougher ground.

Safe for Jogging

Baby safety features are important when it comes to a jogging stroller. You need something that you can trust, especially if you’re going over hills and rough terrain.

A five-point harness keeps your baby securely in place while reflective piping makes you visible even if you’re jogging later in the evening.

If you’ve ever gone down a steep hill with a jogging stroller, you know how frightening that can be. This stroller comes with a safety tether that you can wrap around your wrist. You can take on the hills without worrying that your baby is going to get away from you.

The Jeep Jogging Stroller also has a wheel that can be locked in place. It’s important to run with a locked wheel because a swivel wheel can cause the stroller to turn over when going over rough terrain. 

The locked wheel increases the stroller’s stability and keeps your child safe from dangerous falls.


The Jeep Jogging Stroller has a large cargo area underneath the seat. There’s ample storage for you to store all of your baby’s essentials when you’re out on a run or several shopping bags if you’re out running errands. There’s also a small compartment for essentials, like your phone and keys. 

Easy to Transport and Store

Jogging strollers can be bulky and difficult to store. At 24.7 lbs, the Jeep Jogging Stroller is neither the lightest nor the heaviest stroller you can buy. It’s heavy enough to be durable but still light enough that you can lift it into your car.

You’ll need two hands to fold it, but it folds relatively easy once you get the maneuver down pat. It does take up a good amount of trunk space, but the rear wheels easily pop off so that you can save space. The fold is also compact enough that you can stick it in the corner of your garage when not in use. 

Stylish Design

The Jeep Jogging Stroller comes in two colors, gray and red, to fit your sense of style. The design is sleek and looks great whether you’re on the run or using it around town. The adjustable handle bar has a comfortable grip and is designed for quick and easy turns.

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While the Jeep Jogging Stroller is a great option, it may not be exactly what you’re looking for. Check out some of these alternatives that may better suit your needs.

For Parents With Two Kids: BOB Revolution Duallie

The Bob Revolution Duallie is the ultimate double jogging stroller. With a maximum weight capacity of one hundred pounds, it can be adapted for a car seat and used until your kids each weigh 50 pounds. It’s a great stroller for staying in shape even with two little ones.

For a High-End Jogging Stroller: Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Luxury Collection 

If you want a high-end jogging stroller that looks great both on and off the trail, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is a great option. It has gorgeous leather detailing and comes in two stylish prints. You’ll also get a matching bag.

For Serious Hikers: BOB Ironman Stroller

The BOB Ironman is a fantastic jogging stroller suitable for parents who plan to put many miles on their stroller. It’s backed by the Ironman name and has a handbrake and advanced shock system for the roughest of terrains.

Parting Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a budget jogging stroller, the Jeep Jogging Stroller gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It’s sturdy enough to use on rougher terrain but is also maneuverable enough for crowds. Since you can use it from birth, it’s a versatile option that can serve as your go-to stroller for many years to come.

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