Mutsy Stroller Review: Durable Build And Lightweight Design

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In 1937, Dutch designers and manufacturers at the Mutsy headquarters introduced their first baby carriage. From the beginning, the brand had one goal in mind: to make things simple for parents while creating innovative ways to keep babies safe and comfortable.

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Of course, since the company’s first stroller burst onto the scene, their award-winning strollers have become more functional and user-friendly.

Let’s dive in and find out more about this impressive brand in our Mutsy stroller review.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Mutsy Stroller

Mutsy knows how to balance a lightweight frame with a durable build. All of their strollers are explicitly designed for the urban parent who wants to push their baby around town in a smooth, stylish ride with easy mobility.

One feature they have in common is their reversible seats, and here’s a bonus: they all recline! While all Mutsy rides are single strollers, some are equipped to be a sit-and-stand stroller. If you have a baby and a toddler, you’ll love these strollers.

Mutsy strollers are also generous with their storage. Each stroller has a large, easy-to-access basket that can handle plenty of gear, from groceries to diaper bags.

All Mutsy strollers run on four wheels, and many of them are equipped with all-terrain wheels and a respectable suspension system. While four wheels may not be ideal for activities like jogging, they provide high stability on the ground. The two front wheels are always smaller than the two in the rear to help facilitate steering and maneuvering.

More fun features include large sun canopies with mesh peek-a-boo windows. These canopies are wide and can easily extend to offer sufficient protection from the sun, and if you like to keep watch of your baby while he’s sleeping, you’ll love the mesh windows.

Newer models introduced the concept of the travel system stroller and the convertible stroller. This innovative design allows for the installation of a carrycot or an infant car seat. The best part is that it’s compatible with a wide range of car seats, not just those made by Mutsy.

Mutsy Strollers Overview

The company’s line of baby gear offers single strollers with seats that both recline and rotate. They’re padded and made from high-quality, soft fabric. The seat is easy to clean, either in the machine or by hand, and the chassis can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

The brand’s two top sellers, the Mutsy Evo and the Mutsy Igo have many great qualities in common. A few examples include their easy folding design, hassle-free seat reversal, and wide canopy.

A bit more digging determined that the Igo was a bit more functional since it folds more smoothly—you can even fold it with the seat attached! Yet, the Igo seat is heavier, so that could be a problem if you have to deal with a lot of stairs.

Another difference is that the Evo doesn’t have an all-wheel suspension, which is why it won’t be able to handle rough terrains well. However, it makes up for that by offering a roomier seat for your child. The Evo also has one brake pedal, which is more convenient than the two pedals featured on the Igo.

Things We Like

  • Made with high-quality, plush fabric
  • Ergonomic leather handle and bumper bar
  • A reversible, fully reclining seat
  • Extended canopy
  • Adjustable footrest

Room for Improvement

  • Heavier than other models
  • Somewhat pricey

A Roundup of Mutsy’s Main Features


Every Mutsy user I’ve talked to was happy with how easy it was to assemble their strollers. They all come pretty much preassembled. You just have to secure the wheels in place, and that’s it!

The user manual is easy to follow, with instructions divided up into clear sections. You’ll also find plenty of helpful videos on the Mutsy website.


Almost all Mutsy strollers offer a reversible seat. Many parents prefer to have their babies face them since it gives them a chance to interact as they’re walking around. Plus, it’s easier to keep an eye on your little one in case he or she needs something. Then, as they grow into their toddler years, you can easily change the seat to forward-facing. Your toddler will love engaging with the world.

To make the experience even more comfortable, these strollers come equipped with an adjustable footrest and a bumper bar.

Some models also feature a step-up board so older siblings can also enjoy some family time. Two examples of the sit-and-stand stroller are the Mutsy Urban Rider buggy and the Igo pushchair.


The wheels on Mutsy strollers are available in several designs. Some strollers, like the Mutsy Urban Rider, have pneumatic anti-puncture tires. These models come with a small air pump for quick fixes just in case one of the tires goes flat.

Other models, such as the Igo, can come with either air-filled or foam-filled tires. Foam-filled wheels are more durable and handle riding over uneven and rough terrain well. They also do a better job of maintaining constant tire pressure.

Each of the brand’s strollers has two smaller front wheels and two larger in the rear. This design allows for a smoother ride and easier steering.

All four wheels can be removed to make the folded stroller more compact for smaller storage spaces. Just push on the button in the center of the wheel, then slide them out for a quick release.


There are two brake pedals on either side of the rear axle in Mutsy strollers. You can quickly engage them with your foot.

It’s important to note that even though there are two pedals, you can lock the stroller in place from either one. Of course, engaging them both will provide a firmer grip on the wheels.

Safety Harness

The 5-point harness offers several options to accommodate your growing baby’s needs. Both the padded shoulder straps and two side straps are adjustable and can be altered from the back of the seat.

The padded crotch strap can also be adjusted with the help of the two small openings in the seat. For a smaller-sized infant, insert the crotch strap through the opening closer to your child to secure him safely in place. Then, to better suit his growing body, move it out of the first opening and into the one further out.

These five adjustable straps are just right for keeping your child comfortable while making sure he or she is safely buckled in.


The folding process is a piece of cake on all Mutsy strollers. It’s a straightforward fold-and-tuck type of system. Start by pushing the seat down, then press on the side buttons to push in the handlebar. The final step is to pull the stroller towards you for a more compact fold. Once folded, everything is automatically locked into place.

To unfold, follow these steps in reverse. It’s pretty easy once you get used to it.


One of the best things Mutsy strollers have to offer is their height-adjustable handles. Many of them can be adjusted to five different positions, which is more than most brands offer. To fix it to your preferred height, push down on the setting button while moving the handle up or down.

Thanks to this feature, tall parents don’t have to hunch over or bend uncomfortably whenever they’re out and about with their babes.

For added luxury, the handles are made of leather, making for a soft and comfortable experience.


The Dutch brand understands the need to have a lot of storage when you’re out with your little one. Their storage basket is a big enough size to hold plenty of gear and usually has a closed-back design to guarantee nothing falls out.

There’s one drawback, though. On some of the models, such as the Mutsy Evo, there’s no place to hang your handbag or a changing bag.


The sun canopy on all Mutsy strollers is wide enough to provide ample protection from the sun. It can be extended via a side zipper.

There’s a mesh peek-a-boo window, which is handy for several reasons. For one, you get to check in on your little one without having to stop every few minutes. Secondly, it boosts airflow into the stroller.

A Few Good Alternatives

Now, after reading a brief overview of Mutsy strollers, you know just how great this brand’s products can be. They’re stylish, easy to use, and comfortable for you and your little one.

Yet, nothing is 100 percent perfect. There are a couple of drawbacks to these strollers, such as their hefty price tag and heavy build.

If those downsides convince you that Mutsy isn’t the right choice for you, take a look at these alternatives.

Bugaboo Fox

The first thing you notice about the Bugaboo Fox is its seamless, chic design. Then, there are the all-terrain wheels equipped with an advanced suspension system. The rear 12-inch wheels act as shock absorbers for a smoother ride.

There are extra perks, of course, such as the well-designed suspension system, extendable handlebar, and large storage. The one drawback is that the Bugaboo Fox’s extravagant price tag may not fit everyone’s budget.

Baby Jogger

Are you looking for a reliable stroller that can keep your baby safe at an affordable price point? Then, take a look at the Baby Jogger. It shares many traits with the Mutsy stroller while being more budget-friendly.

Some of these features include a reversible seat, large canopy, and a compact fold. The 5-inch wheels are generally good at absorbing shocks, but they’re not designed to handle rough surfaces.


Each Mutsy stroller comes with its unique aspects, yet they all share many impressive qualities, like plush fabric on the seat, height-adjustable leather handles, and stylish frames. If you’ve gleaned one thing from this Mutsy stroller review, hopefully, it’s that the Dutch-manufactured Mutsy products are not only attractive but also made to last.

Mutsy Stroller Review: Durable Build And Lightweight Design
Mutsy Stroller Review: Durable Build And Lightweight Design 1

Our Mutsy stroller review speaks on the impressive qualities of this unique pushchair such as height-adjustable leather handles and stylish frames.

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