Sit-and-Stand vs Double Stroller: Dual Riding Simplified

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If you have two young children, you’ll need a means of transporting both of them in safety and comfort when you take short trips out to run errands or to take a stroll around the park. When it comes to choosing a suitable double stroller for dual riding, you have several options to choose from:

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Your lifestyle will have a major influence on the style of stroller you opt for. For example, you might enjoy jogging and keep fit, or perhaps you plan on taking long walks along the beach or in the hills, or maybe you prefer to spend time out and about in town, browsing around the stores and coffee shops. There’s a style and design of stroller for everyone, whatever your leisure preference!

In this article, we draw a direct comparison between sit-and-stand style double strollers and side-by-side double strollers, helping you to weigh up the pros and cons of each. For more helpful double stroller comparisons, check out these other informative articles on our site.

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Sit-and-Stand strollers

Sit-and-stand strollers are a form of an in-line tandem stroller. These strollers typically have a regular seat in the front that can also accommodate an infant car seat. There’s a small bench seat or standing platform in the back of the stroller for an older child who wants to stand or ride casually, sitting on the bench seat.

The sit-and-stand stroller is perfect for families who have children who are three to five years apart in age. For example, if you have a baby, he can ride in the front seat, securely and safely strapped in, while your toddler can walk for some of the time when he wants to, and then rest his legs by sitting or standing at the back.

Like double side-by-side strollers, sit-and-stands usually have a large underseat storage basket that’s ideal for carrying groceries, baby essentials, etc.

Double side-by-side strollers

If you have two children of similar ages or you’re the proud parent of twin babies, you might want to consider a double side-by-side stroller. In a double side-by-side stroller, both children sit beside each other in regular stroller seats, secured by a safety harness.

Double side-by-side strollers come in several different styles:

Umbrella strollers

Double umbrella strollers are designed for parents who like to travel extra-light. These strollers are super-lightweight and easily fold, so you can easily carry them by your side or over your shoulder via a carry strap. Umbrella strollers are made so that they fit into your car trunk without hogging all the space inside.

Jogging strollers

If you have an active lifestyle and you regularly go jogging or running, you’ll benefit from a double jogging stroller. Jogging strollers are lightweight and easy to push. Joggers usually have inflatable rubber tires and suspension systems so that the ride they give your children is smooth and comfortable.

Joggers have storage space and a sun canopy too, so they can double as regular strollers when you’re not out exercising.

All-terrain strollers

A double all-terrain stroller is what you’ll need if you want a stroller that can be used for regular outings to the shops and the park but can also accommodate hikes along bumpy trails, to the beach or through the snow.

Similar to the jogging stroller, all-terrain models have sophisticated suspension systems and inflatable tires. These help to ensure a smooth ride for your passengers. The front swivel wheel can be locked when the stroller is moving across uneven surfaces. Thus, your stroller will keep in a straight line and remain stability.

Sit-and-stand strollers vs. Side-by-side double strollers

Both side-by-side and sit-and-stand strollers have advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you want from your children’s vehicle.

Sit-and-stand double strollers


  • A sit-and-stand stroller could be perfect for you if you have a baby and a toddler who likes to walk for part of your outing but needs to take a rest now and then too.
  • Sit-and-stand strollers are narrower than side-by-side double strollers, making maneuvering through busy streets and shop doorways much less problematic.
  • A sit-and-stand ensures that your older child gets plenty of attention, as they sit facing you, so the two of you can chat and interact while the younger sibling naps in the infant seat.
  • Most sit-and-stand strollers can accommodate car seat carriers. That’s perfect if you need to transfer a baby to and from your car without waking him.


  • Sit-and-stands have small wheels and less suspension. That means you’re fine on smooth surfaces, but you could struggle to push the stroller on uneven paths and non-paved trails.
  • The infant seat in the front of sit-and-stand strollers can eat up lots of the available space for the older, larger child who’s riding in back, especially if they want to sit down for a long period. You can get around this problem by buying a stroller with an optional full-sized second seat.
    Alternatively, check out models where the infant seat goes in the rear.
  • Although a seated child or baby will be shielded from the sun by the canopy, the standing child won’t, as it’s not safe or practical to place a standing toddler under the canopy.
  • Sometimes placing two young children in close quarters doesn’t work. If there’s a chance that siblings will fight, be sure to remove any toys that could be thrown to ensure a safe and pleasant ride!

Side-by-side double strollers


  • If you have twins or two young children of the same age, a side-by-side stroller is ideal. Also, whereas sit-and-stand strollers are designed to take two children of different sizes, side-by-side double strollers perform best when both passengers are of the same weight.
  • There’s a broader range of styles available in the side-by-side double stroller market. So, if you want a stroller to use when you’re exercising or going off-road, you’ll find something suitable. Sit-and-stands are not practical for off-roading or running.
  • Side-by-side double strollers usually come with snack trays for the kids and a cup holder for you.


  • The biggest problem with a side-by-side double stroller is the width of the vehicle. If you want to use the stroller for trips into town, you could have a problem if your preferred stores have narrow doors and aisles.
  • Young children seated side-by-side can be inclined to argue and bicker. And that can make your peaceful stroll through the park a less than relaxing experience!
  • If you have a lively toddler who’s just mastered walking and won’t sit still, you could be left with the hassle of pushing an unevenly weighted double stroller containing one child while trying to keep hold of the other.
  • If you like to travel by car and you want to take the stroller with you, you may find the range of side-by-side double strollers that are compatible with child car seats is very limited.

Wrapping it up

If you have two children that are close in age, you’ll almost certainly need a double stroller if you want to enjoy outings together as a family.

Your choice of stroller will depend on what you want to use the vehicle for and on the age of your kids. If you have twins, you may be best opting for a side-by-side stroller. However, if you have a newborn and a toddler, a sit-and-stand may work best for you.

Both side-by-side double strollers and sit-and-stands are lightweight and designed to be comfortable and easy to push. However, if you plan on using the stroller primarily for trips into town, you might prefer a narrower stroller like the sit-and-stand, especially during busy periods. A sit-and-stand will most likely be more compatible with an infant car seat, and that could be a priority for you if you like to drive and then stroll.

However, sit-and-stands are not built to cope with off-roading or for jogging. So, if your lifestyle involves lots of outdoorsy activities, you may be best with a suitable side-by-side double stroller.

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