Peg Perego vs Chicco: Manueverability or Versatility?

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Finding the perfect stroller for your infant can be a bewildering experience. There are so many strollers to choose from, where do you start?

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In this guide, we take a closer look at two umbrella strollers that are offered by two of the world’s favorite stroller manufacturers: Peg Perego and Chicco.

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Peg Perego: Italian style and a big, worldwide family

Peg Perego is an Italian company with an established worldwide reputation.

In 1949, company founder, Giuseppe Perego designed a baby carriage for his newborn son. Encouraged by his neighbor’s requests for custom creations for themselves, Perego started his own company. Since its birth, the Peg Perego has expanded its product range to include strollers, high chairs, car seats, and ride-on toys.

Peg Perego strollers are designed to be user-friendly for you and comfortable for your infant. So, whether you want a comfy, urban ride for running errands or a stroller that enables you to travel light, Peg Perego has the ideal system for your needs.

Chicco: Knowledge, experience, and scientific expertise

Chicco is also an Italian company that has a presence in over 120 countries around the world.

The brand is named after Enrico, the son of the company’s founder, Pietro Catelli, who formed the business in 1958 to celebrate his first child’s birth. The company manufactures a wide range of children’s and maternity products, including strollers, clothing, and baby food.

The group’s management team are keen to support babies and children throughout the world through various humanitarian missions. Chicco makes financial contributions to fund medical care for children suffering from heart disease, in addition to providing training for local doctors.

Peg Perego Pliko Mini vs. Chicco Liteway

In this article, we’ve picked out these two stroller manufacturing heavyweights’ comparable umbrella strollers for review, the Peg Perego Pliko Mini and the Chicco Liteway. Check out the links for full, in-depth reviews of these popular, best-selling umbrella strollers.

Peg Perego Pliko Mini

Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, Neon
  • Made In Italy. One hand umbrella folding, no need to bend over.
  • Backrest reclines in 3 different positions and leg rest
  • Adjustable handle and the reclining backrest can be locked into 3 positions and folds back by more than 150 degree

The Perego Pliko Mini is the smallest stroller in the company’s range, yet this ultra-lightweight umbrella stroller still retains all the excellent qualities that give Peg Perego its formidable reputation.

The Pliko Mini offers the ultimate in handling convenience, featuring a one-handed fold mechanism with a convenient, centrally-placed handle. You can enjoy Italian style and dash with a decent color range to choose from, including matching accents on the stroller’s wheels.

The wheels are designed with shock absorbers to give a smooth ride, and the front wheels are lockable for safety and straight running.

Things we like:

  • Very lightweight at just 13 pounds.
  • Easy to fold and carry.
  • Stylish design and good colorway choice.
  • Shock absorbers for a smooth, bump-free ride.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Generous storage basket.
  • Large canopy to suit the tallest child.
  • Comfortable, ergonomically-designed seat.
  • Telescopic handlebars.
  • Cup holder included.

Things we don’t like:

  • The stroller is only suitable for infants over six months of age.
  • Can feel unstable on uneven ground and gives a bumpy ride on rough terrain.
  • No storage pocket behind the seat for keys, phone, etc.
  • The “X” in the frame makes access to the basket somewhat awkward.

Peg Perego Pliko Mini: Features that Matter


The Pliko Mini is the ultimate featherweight stroller, weighing in at just 131/2 pounds. This stroller is the perfect choice for families who live in an urban environment and use public transport and for frequent travelers who want to take their stroller on planes and trains.

Comfortable seat

The seat is thoughtfully designed with side panels to cradle your child’s head while he takes a nap. The fabric is luxuriously rich in color, and the seat is well-padded and soft, assuring your child of a comfy ride. The weight limit of 45 pounds means that this stroller should last your child for a few years.

The Pliko Mini has Peg Perego’s signature five-point harness to keep your infant secure in the seat.

Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, Neon

The well-supported, three-position backrest measures 181/2 inches as is the standard for most umbrella strollers, but the space to the canopy comes in at 24 inches, meaning that a tall child’s head should easily clear the hood.

The backrest reclines only to almost 1500, so this stroller is not suitable for children of less than six months of age. On the plus side, the seat can be reclined one-handed so that you don’t disturb your infant if they’ve fallen asleep.

There’s a two-position leg rest that’s ideal for providing comfort and support to little legs when your child is tiny.


The Pliko Mini has a one-hand folding feature. That means you can easily and quickly close the stroller. Conveniently sited carrying handles make this the perfect stroller for taking on public transport and when traveling by air. Once folded, the Pliko Mini can stand on its own, making storage easy and convenient.

Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, Neon

The folding mechanism causes the stroller to collapse in on itself. You don’t have to fold the stroller down toward the ground, saving you a backache!

Maneuverability and steering

The Pliko Mini is easy to steer and maneuver indoors and on flat, smooth surfaces. Although the suspension will ride smoothly over small bumps, the 51/2 inch wheels don’t handle very uneven sidewalks or rough terrain.

You can lock the front wheels forward on the Pliko Mini, which does take out some of the rough going. Also, the brakes are sited one over each rear wheel and are easy to engage, helping to keep the stroller straight when traveling over less than perfect going.

Sun canopy

The sun canopy on the Pliko Mini is excellent! The canopy ratchets downward, giving lots of coverage to protect your child from the sun and wind. There’s a huge viewing window that’s set at the perfect angle so you can watch your child without cricking your neck!

As an added touch, Peg Perego have included a loop underneath the stroller canopy where you can hang your child’s favorite toys.


The Pliko Mini has telescopic handlebars, and on this improved design, extra padding with thumb impressions have been added, making the stroller comfortable to push. Even tall parents won’t suffer from backache or a lack of stride room with this stroller!


Compared to some umbrella storage, the Peg Perego has a decent-sized storage basket that will take your purse or baby essentials. The basket can be accessed through the side of the stroller when the seat is reclined, so remember to check that the basket is empty before you fold it!

A cup holder is included that will take your coffee beaker or your baby’s bottle.

Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, Neon

Chicco Liteway

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog
  • 4-Position backrest easily adjusts with 1 hand for growing children
  • Adjustable, removable canopy with peek-a-boo window. Rear Wheel Diameter is 7inch
  • Adjustable footrest for added comfort and support

The Chicco Liteway stroller is stylish, bold, and chic. The color range is bright and trendy, perfect for moms who want a compact, easy to handle, lightweight stroller that looks great too.

Unlike the Pliko Mini, the Liteway has a fully reclining seat that is suitable for newborns. That’s not a common feature among umbrella strollers, although the Maclaren Quest does offer this feature.

Also, this stroller has a hide-away boot so that the infant can be enclosed when reclined. That offers a perfect alternative to a bulky travel system.

The Liteway is a sturdy stroller that takes a maximum weight of 40 pounds, so it should last your child for a good few years.

Things we like:

  • Fully reclining seat, making the stroller suitable for a newborn.
  • Hideaway boot feature for easy travel.
  • Generous 40-pound weight capacity.
  • Easy to fold and compact for travel and storage.
  • Super-cushy seat with one-handed full recline.
  • Cup holder included.
  • Detachable storage basket that converts into a backpack or sling tote.

Things we don’t like:

  • The handlebars are not adjustable.
  • The waist straps on the safety harness can be too small for 20-pound plus toddlers.
  • The fabric is not as soft and plushy as that used for the Pliko Mini.
  • Some users have reported that the Liteway is difficult to steer straight.

Chicco Liteway: Features that Matter


The Chicco Liteway’s frame is made of aluminum, making it very light but still sturdy enough to carry a child up to 40 pounds in weight. The oval tubing that forms the stroller frame is durable and robust, promising you years of use from your purchase.


The Liteway is not designed to be an all-terrain stroller, but it’s surprisingly easy to push along cobblestone streets and gravel paths, thanks to the precision swivel front wheels and rear-wheel locking system. Also, the front wheels lock into place when negotiating rough terrain.

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog


The Liteway has a 3-D folding system that allows you to fold and unfold the stroller with just one hand. Once it’s folded, the Liteway is neat and compact, making it ideal for traveling. There’s also a carrying strap and an automatic storage latch for even more convenience.

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog

Comfortable seat

The Liteway’s seat is fitted with a five-point safety harness to keep your child safe and secure while he’s riding in the stroller.

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog

The super-plush, comfy seat reclines flat, making the stroller suitable for a newborn. The seat is wide, allowing lots of room for large children, and it also has a five-position recline. You can recline the seat using just one hand so that you don’t disturb your sleeping baby.

Hide-away boot

The hide-away boot is a super feature of the Liteway that the Peg Perego doesn’t have. You extend the stroller’s leg rest, retrieve the fabric from beneath it to enclose your child when the seat is reclined. The whole thing then attaches to the stroller’s frame to create a bassinet-style enclosure for your child.

Sun canopy

The adjustable sun canopy on the Liteway has a peekaboo window, allowing you to monitor your child during a walk. Also, this feature allows the child to look up and see their mom, increasing feelings of security and confidence for both parties.

The canopy has a rear-zip weather pane that can be unzipped on warm days to keep the child cool.


The Liteway’s handlebars are foam padded and tall enough to accommodate taller moms. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the height of the handlebars as you can on the Pliko Mini.

Storage space

The Liteway has a detachable storage basket that you can convert into a handy backpack or a sling tote for your baby essentials. This clever feature allows you to detach the basket from the stroller and convert it without having to remove the contents first. Genius!

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog

Cup holder

Unlike many umbrella strollers, the Liteway has a cup holder included.


The fabric used to manufacture the Liteway is superb quality and is very breathable. That’s important if you live in a warm climate, keeping your child cool and comfy while they’re strapped into the seat.

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog

Wrapping it up

If you’re looking for an umbrella stroller, both the Peg Perego and Chicco have advantages and disadvantages.

If seat adjustability, suitability for a newborn, and lots of storage options are essential for you, check out the colorful and stylish Chicco Liteway. For superior steering, a generous sun canopy, and telescopically adjustable handlebars take a look at the Peg Perego Pliko Mini.


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