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Side-by-side or twin baby strollers are made with two seats next to each other. This type of double baby stroller used to be too wide to go through doorways or store aisles, but most well-made twin strollers are narrower.

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This type of stroller usually has a side-by-side design so that both seats can be fully reclined. Side-by-side double strollers for twins also offer the same arm and leg room for both children. Your children can easily interact with each other and see their surroundings better.

Quick Summary: The 5 Best Double Strollers

No products found.Valco Baby Neo TwinCheck on Amazon →
Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller, AtmospherePeg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller/span> Check on Amazon →
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller, TealBaby Jogger City Mini GT Double StrollerCheck on Amazon →
No products found.ZOE Double Travel & Twin StrollerCheck on Amazon →
Joovy ScooterX2 Double Stroller Featuring Dual Snack Trays, One-Handed Fold, Multi-Position Reclining Seats, Adjustable Leg Rests, and 2 Zippered Pockets for Storage, BlueberryJoovy Scooter X2 Double StrollerCheck on Amazon →

For the purposes of easy classification, the strollers mentioned here are similar to the double umbrella strollers, which can have almost as many luxury features but are generally lighter weight, fold differently and have separate curved handles. Take a look at those umbrella models for further comparison.

Also, if you’re looking for a product that accommodates two infant car seats for twin newborns, take a look at this amazing collection of strollers for twins. The strollers listed below don’t all take two car seats.

You are going to see a variety of price points for every budget. I’ve included six strollers this year that are evened out: 3 economy picks for $350 and under,  and 3 that are mid-range to luxury priced.

You will also see only the BEST models from not only fantastic reviews from owners who have actually used these strollers but from findings from Consumer Reports as well as honors and awards that have been earned. That meant that in 2018, some strollers had to be deleted because they just weren’t making the grade.

And now, at last, the TOP side-by-side double for siblings of different ages or twin baby strollers. The higher-end products are listed first, or go straight to Economy picks for almost $400 less.

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Best Side-by-Side Twin Strollers for 2018

Valco Baby Neo Twin

No products found.

One of the lighter-weight side-by-side double strollers on the market at only 27 pounds, the Valco Baby Neo Twin has all the features parents want in a high quality, beautifully made product.

You’ll love the tailored fabric on this twin stroller, in gray, dark blue or white, it has tasteful gender-neutral color schemes.

The Neo Twin has two adjustable leg rests and individual full-coverage sun canopies. Keep tabs on the kiddos with large mesh peek-a-boo windows with magnetic flaps. The seats recline to flat and are suitable for newborns, although the Neo Twin takes only one car seat. Car seat adapters are available for Graco, Chicco, Cybex, Nuna, and Maxi Cosi.

It holds each child up to 45 pounds. The narrower width helps with maneuvering through tight spaces. The fold is self-standing and all that beautiful fabric that I mentioned earlier folds up inside the frame so it doesn’t get dirty. With 8″front and 10″ rear air-filled tires, the ride is super smooth. This is considered a double all-terrain stroller, so if you like this type, take a look at more.

Parents love the Neo Twin and recommend this product for the one-handed maneuvering and smooth ride. The large storage basket and oversized canopies are also huge pluses.

Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller

Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller, Atmosphere
  • Made In Italy
  • Travel system with adapters, the Book for Two can accept either one or two Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seats.
  • Very Large, practical and easy loading storage basket with smaller pockets included.

This Peg Perego double stroller is modeled after their popular Book series, using the same fold and features and doubling it for families with two kids. The Book for Two weighs 30.8 pounds and holds each child up to 45 pounds in each seat. Babies 6 months and older can ride, however, both seats can accommodate a Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seat with adapters sold separately, as a convenient option for parents of twins, or use one car seat for siblings of different ages.

A 29-inch width is a narrow footprint so you can enter through most doorways and shopping and maneuvering is easy to do. The Book for Two already has rave reviews about the smooth steering and the way it glides over “mommy terrain” such as grass and park mulch. Kids are comfy with independent reclining seats and adjustable leg rests. Full coverage sun canopies give the right amount of protection and have magnetic covers over the large mesh peek-a-boo windows for quiet checking in. A single bumper bar runs across both seats, hinging open for easy ins and outs.

Parents, you get large easy access baskets beneath the seats as well as netted storage pockets behind the seats. No cup holders for kids or parents, though. But the single handle makes it easy for one-handed steering and parents love the innovated one-handed book fold.

Rave reviews are beginning to pour in with consumers remarking about the super smooth ride and push. So far it is getting high praise! Parents like the seats and feel they are very comfortable for their children. They also appreciate lots of storage space.+

Take a look at an official Peg Perego demo video:

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller, Teal
  • Patented quick fold technology fold your double stroller with one hand
  • 8.5" all terrain non flat tires with front wheel suspension provide a smooth comfortable ride in this tandem stroller
  • Plush padded seat reclines to a near flat position with vented seat top

Doesn’t the GT Double look almost exactly like the City Mini Double? Yes, they look like nearly identical Baby Jogger strollers. But the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double has a few more enhanced features than the regular City Mini Double. Some of these upgrades include a roomier seat, adjustable height handle, and all-terrain forever air tires that take you over all kinds of surfaces.

The canopies are one inch higher up on the frame, giving taller kids lots of extra headroom. And this stroller is made to handle bigger children! The GT can hold up to 100 pounds! Because of this, it has a higher seatback and from the seat to the footrest is an inch longer than the City Mini. The seat has a bit more padding to support a higher weight limit as well.

Weight-wise, the tires on the GT give the stroller a bit of extra heft. The canopies are pretty much the same as are the safety harnesses and seat recline. While the storage basket and back pocket are both the same, the City Mini GT has an easy-to-use handbrake while the City Mini has a foot brake.

Economy Picks: Side-by-Side Twin Strollers for $350 and less

ZOE Double Travel & Twin Stroller

No products found.

I’m impressed and amazed at this lightweight double stroller because it weighs only 16 pounds with everything: canopies, wheels, all of it – which is the weight of most single strollers in the lightweight category! Children 6 months and older are recommended and each seat can hold up to 50 pounds. Complete your look with matching or contrasting colors for the wheel caps and shoulder pads, bought bundled as part of the color choices or separately.

Despite the lightweight, you’re not giving up any features. Two full-coverage sun canopies keep your children protected and the padded seats have plenty of headroom and tall seatbacks for growth. A one-handed seat recline gives just the right angle for a rest while padded 5-point safety harnesses snugly secure our passengers. Your little ones also get bumper bars or cup holders and a snack cup; whichever one is needed at the moment to make everybody happy.

Parents, you get plenty of storage from a huge basket beneath the seats to generous pockets behind the seats. You also have a cup holder and a one-piece handle that is high enough for most adults to stroll comfortably. You will love the one-handed easy fold that stands alone, too!

So far the Zoe XL2 v2 is getting very high ratings from consumers who love to take this stroller for traveling. The convenience, light weight, compact size and lots of storage are top the list. Convenient for adults, comfy for kids.

This demo video is very helpful:

Britax Double Stroller

In 2012, Britax answered the call from parents with two and released the B-Agile Double stroller. And has it ever been a success! It has features galore with both parents and children in mind. The B-Agile double is 30½-inches wide, for breezing through most standard doorways. With a carrying capacity of 50 pounds per seat, this sturdy stroller still only weighs 28 pounds. This product accommodates one Britax car seat with included CLICK & GO system.

For the kidlets, an easy strap reline angles each seatback to just the right position. Each seat is roomy enough to allow plenty of room for growth. Huge canopies give excellent sun protection and ventilation. The 5-point safety harnesses have buckles that open with one-touch and the harness adjustment is very easy to do.

Parents, you get an adjustable-height handle with a nifty little spot right in the middle of the handle for very easy turning. The storage basket is huge and you can access it through the sides and the front through the legrest. Two additional storage pockets behind each seat provides more places to put your stuff. And just like the single B-Agile, you’re going to get that fabulous one-handed quick fold.

Positive reviews are pouring in from parents who recommend the Britax B-Agile double stroller for the smooth ride and easy push. The adjustable handle bar and large storage basket are getting high praise, too.

Here is a full demo and review of the Britax B-Agile Double.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Joovy ScooterX2 Double Stroller Featuring Dual Snack Trays, One-Handed Fold, Multi-Position Reclining Seats, Adjustable Leg Rests, and 2 Zippered Pockets for Storage, Blueberry
  • NARROW 30” FRAME means this side by side double stroller fits through almost any door, navigates narrow checkout lines with ease, and meets Disneyland / Disney World stroller size...
  • MULTIPLE SEAT RECLINE POSITIONS and adjustable footrests so each of your little ones can customize their ride, making this a perfect baby and toddler stroller
  • EXTRA-LARGE CANOPY with peek-a-boo screens means that even with all that sun protection, you can still keep an eye on your precious cargo

The attractive ScooterX2 sports big  7″ front and 9½” rear sealed bearing wheels and has a stylish graphite colored frame. Weighing 32 pounds, it’s about average size for a twin side-by-side stroller. A 30-inch width means that it goes through standard doorways with ease, yet there is lots of room for your kids. Full-sized seats have a one-handed recline that goes nearly flat. Each child has a mesh pocket for storing little snacks or toys.

Like all Joovy strollers, the ScooterX2 boasts bright colors in stain and fade-resistant fabric. The ScooterX2 also has the signature huge ratcheting canopy and an enormous storage basket beneath the seat that will carry all your stuff and then some. Children from 6 months and up can ride and it has a 90-pound total weight limit.

Parents write in with consistently high ratings for the one-handed maneuverability, generous storage basket, and large sun canopy. Parents with twins (over 6 months) also adore the ScooterX2.

The Scooter X2 is a Consumer Reports Recommended Buy and is rated very highly. It has a very good mark for Ease of Use, an excellent mark for Safety and a good mark for Maneuverability. Testers like the large storage basket and other storage options but says the ScooterX2  is heavy and wide and lacks children’s or parent trays.

Things to Consider

Should I buy a side-by-side double stroller?

Getting a side-by-side double stroller is definitely an investment. If you’re still on the fence about whether to get one or not, try to check if you fit any one of the descriptions below:

  • You are parents of twins
  • Most of the time is spent flying solo when it comes to transporting your little ones
  • You live in the suburbs or country (in which case you are less likely to run into obstacles like narrow store aisles or elevators)

Which Side-by-Side Stroller is right for you (and your little ones)?

Not all side-by-side strollers are created equal. Some come loaded with all the bells and whistles—but are heavier, as a consequence. Others are lighter and more convenient for taking your twins on trips outside town.

When we talk about side-by-side strollers, there are several types or classifications.

Double Umbrella

Double umbrella strollers share pretty much the same features as their single umbrella stroller counterpart: they’re strollers that come with light, usually aluminum frames, spare fabric details, and small wheels.

The good thing about double umbrella strollers is that they fold to a compact size (vertically, just like an umbrella stroller). Also, because of their weight, they are fairly easy to load and unload from your car trunk.

The downside? Side-by-side umbrella strollers don’t hold much storage space, and they don’t usually pack a lot of features. Still, they’re a reliable go-to for car outings or when you’re travelling by plane and outings with kids 6 months and up.

Umbrella side-by-side strollers usually go for $100–$500.

General Purpose

As the term suggests, general purpose side-by-side double strollers are your regular strollers. These are usually your mid-range side-by-side strollers in terms of price, wheel size, and weight. In terms of features and storage space, expect general purpose strollers to have more bells and whistles and more undercarriage capacity than your umbrella stroller.

General purpose side-by-side strollers are not recommended for use on grass or uneven surfaces. They are best used on smooth surfaces like pavement.

Pricewise, expect to fork out anywhere from $300 to $600 for general purpose side-by-side strollers.


The so-called “SUV of strollers,” all-terrain double strollers handle a wide variety of surfaces well, thanks to their heavy-duty, all-terrain-ready wheels.

The front wheels of all-terrain strollers usually come with the option to swivel or lock. This should make them a go-to stroller if you’re planning to jog for short distances. However, if you’re planning to go jogging more often with your little ones in tow, you’re better off choosing a jogging stroller.

Having the title “SUV of strollers” may seem like a compliment. However, all-terrain strollers have a reputation for being heavy, bulky and a space hog in your car trunk or closet. Otherwise, these strollers are a dream to push and maneuver.

Among all the types of strollers, all-terrain strollers are usually the most expensive among the lot as they come loaded with features. That said, expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $800.


If you’re a serious jogger or runner, you’re better off getting a double jogger than an all-terrain. Double jogging strollers come with large, air-filled rear tires. Meanwhile, the front wheels can be fixed in place or set to swivel.

Prices of jogging double strollers cost range from $300 to $700.

Tandem/In-line or Side-by-Side?

Both tandem and side-by-side strollers do the job of transporting two (or more) kids. The choice of which one to get depends on the age of your kids, the type of lifestyle you have, as well as what you’re going to use your stroller mainly for (e.g., going to the mall, strolling in the park). Both come with their upsides and downsides too, which I’ll tell you all about below.

Tandem/In-line Strollers


Fits right about everywhere a single stroller can

Tandem strollers are obviously narrower than a side-by-side, so you won’t have any trouble fitting it through narrow doorways.

Allow for multiple configurations

Tandem strollers are either arranged stadium-style or with one seat in front of the other. Some tandem strollers allow you to arrange the seat a variety of ways. For instance, the Baby Jogger City Select allows for more than 16 seat configurations.


More difficult to maneuver

Where side-by-side strollers are wide, majority of tandem strollers are long. This makes steering them over curbs and edges tricky. Turning might also be a problem, given the limited turning radius.

Another thing worth noting: most parents complain that some tandem strollers become more difficult to push when a second child is occupying the bottom seat.

Might not fit smaller car trunks

Because of their length, some tandem strollers will not fit the trunk of subcompacts, which might not make them the ideal choice if you’re travelling.

Another usual complaint against tandem strollers is that they’re cumbersome to fold. With some tandem stroller models, you will have to remove both seats first before you can fold the stroller.

Seat inequality

While some tandem strollers are a marvel of space-saving design, the usual downside of this is that one of your kids will have to take the seat with the less favorable view. If you’re going to use your tandem stroller with a car seat, for instance, you’re most likely going to have to place it at the front of your stroller, which means lesser space for an older child at the back.

Also, some tandem strollers have a smaller “rumble” seat at the back, which has an equally smaller weight limit. This might pose a problem when one or both of your kids grow taller and larger.  

Side-by-Side Strollers


Better view for both occupants

Unlike tandem strollers, side-by-side strollers give both of your kids an equal view of the world.  

Equal space and amenities

Aside from sharing the view, your kids can also have a reclining seat each, a cup holder on either side, a foot rest, and all other features that the other has in equal measure.

Easier maneuverability (when it comes to pushing and steering)

While side-by-side strollers are wide, they are surprisingly nimble when it comes to steering. This is especially true for all-terrain models.

Have higher (and equal) weight thresholds for both seats

Unlike tandem strollers that often have different weight limits per seat, side-by-side strollers usually have a combined weight limit (usually 80 to 100 lbs.). This takes the guesswork out of which child to put into which seat. Also, an equal weight limit for both seats means you can use your stroller for longer (versus a tandem stroller that has one seat with a lower weight limit).

Easier to fold

Most side-by-side strollers require you to just pull a strap to fold. However, it will require two hands to fold. Also, bear in mind that they’re not the most compact.


Hard to get through narrow doorways and aisles (planes, elevators)

This is the number one case against getting a side-by-side stroller: the extra girth makes it incompatible for going through narrow doorways.

However, double stroller manufacturers have taken heed of this usual complaint. Most strollers are now made to fit through standard doorways.  

Often pull to one side when weight distribution is uneven.

If you’ve got kids that have a relatively wide age (and weight) gap, you might want to steer clear of using a side-by-side, as the weight difference between your two kids might make your stroller swerve to the heavier side.

Best Brands for Side-by-Side Double Strollers

In this section, I’ll round up some brands worth mentioning when it comes to side-by-side strollers.

Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger is credited for creating the first jogging stroller in 1984. Aside from its line of jogging strollers, Baby Jogger also manufactures lightweight strollers as well as double strollers: the Summit X3 Double, City Mini Double, and City Mini GT Double.


Valco Baby is an Australian family company that has been in the juvenile products business for 50 years. It has two all-terrain double stroller offerings: the Neo Twin and the Tri Mode Duo X.

Mountain Buggy

Founded in New Zealand in 1992 by a father with a love of the great outdoors, Mountain Buggy specializes in all-terrain strollers that boast durability, maneuverability, and safety.

For parents wanting to transport twins or two kids, Mountain Buggy offers the Duet, which also has a Luxury variant.

It also has several other stroller models: the Nano (and Nano Duo), Terrain, MB Mini, Swift, Cosmopolitan, +One, and Urban Jungle.


Bumbleride is an eco-friendly stroller brand started by Matt and Emily Reichardt from their San Diego home in 2004. Staying true to their commitment to “mindful manufacturing”—Bumbleride uses materials that are “carefully chosen for durability, safety and function, but also for their environmental impact.” This includes their stroller fabrics, which are made of 100% recycled polyester from post-consumer water bottles.

Under the double stroller category, Bumbleride currently sells the Indie Twin.  


Joovy is a family-owned American manufacturer of family gear products, including single, double, jogging, and triple strollers. This brand was founded in 2005 in Dallas, Texas, and has an additional facility in Orange County, California.

The Joovy lineup currently includes two side-by-side stroller variants: the TwinGroove Ultralight Double Stroller and the Scooter X2.


This innovative stroller brand headquartered in Rockland, Massachusetts, is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Lauren and Bob Monahan.

UPPAbaby currently has two models in the full-size stroller category, the Vista and Cruz, while it offers four variants under lightweight strollers: the Minu, G-Lite, G-Luxe, and G-Link (a lightweight side-by-side stroller).


Bugaboo is a Netherlands-based company that sells strollers and luggage systems. It offers two double stroller models: the Donkey 2 Mono and Duo and the Donkey 2 Twin.


How wide is a side-by-side stroller?

While there isn’t a standard size, most side-by-side strollers are between 29 and 32 inches wide. Some strollers are narrower—for example, the Mountain Buggy Duet is only 25 inches wide. This makes it great for fitting through doorways. The downside is that you probably won’t be able to use the narrow seats with larger and older toddlers.

What features should I look for in a double side-by-side stroller?

A good place to start is solid, durable tires. You want wheels that can withstand the weight of two (growing) occupants. That said, some parents would prefer foam-filled tires that never go flat. Whereas, other parents prefer air-filled tires, as this allows them to adjust the tire pressure differently in each tire (depending on who is seated where).

Safety-wise, look for the standard five-point harness. Consumer Reports also says to look out for tipover issues, as this is a usual issue with double strollers (though this would be more common with tandem than side-by-side strollers). As much as possible, look for stroller models that come with the JPAMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) label.


I hope I was able to guide you through the many options for side-by-side double strollers available. Buying a side-by-side stroller doesn’t have to be nuclear physics.

Make sure to be an educated buyer and ask yourself the right questions: What are you mainly going to use the stroller for?  How much are you willing to shell out for a double side-by-side stroller? In the end, the final decision will always rest on you.

Happy strolling!


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