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Want an all-terrain stroller without all the bulkiness? The newly redesigned Bumbleride Indie is specially designed for a compact footprint and simple operation. Ideal for the urban/suburban lifestyle, you will find that the sporty lines are more appealing than the traditional 4-wheel stroller, and it has more convenience features than a fixed-wheel jogger.

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Let’s take a look in detail at what the Indie can do for active parents like yourself, so let’s start with the features.

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Bumbleride Indie Features

  • Universal car seat adapter included
  • Holds your child up to 45 pounds
  • One-handed easy standing fold with auto lock and kickstand
  • Padded infinite reclining seat including flat for newborns
  • 12-inch air-filled tires
  • Large sun canopy with SPF 45 and mesh peek-a-boo window
  • Lockable front swivel wheel
  • Large storage basket beneath the seat, storage pocket behind canopy
  • Parent cup holder
  • Padded bumper bar
  • One-step linked parking brake
  • Adjustable leg rest that flips up to bumper bar for bassinet environment
  • 3 or 5-point padded adjustable safety harness

Sturdiness and maneuverability

The Bumbleride Indie is well-known for the tight maneuvering and one-handed steering. It is lightweight and compact enough that you can use it with ease in an urban or suburban setting, then take it out to the parks or beach. If you do light jogging to get back into shape after baby, then the Indie is for you, too, but it is not meant for serious runners. (For those of you who are serious runners, see my info on fixed-wheel joggers.)

A simple flip of a lever at the front of the footrest cone locks the swivel wheel into place and makes going over rough surfaces much easier, or provides better stability during your exercise.

Bumbleride Indie Measurements

Folded:L: 32″, W: 24½”, H: 15″

Wheelbase width: 24½”

Open Length: 36″

Handlebar height:25″-43″

Seatback: 18½”

Seat width: 12½”

Wheels: 12″ front & rear; air filled

Stroller weight: 20 lbs.

The wheelbase is wide at two feet, which is very good for stability, and you’re going to want a reliably stable, safe stroller, especially if you use your Bumbleride Indie with a car seat as part of a travel system. Bumbleride Indie accommodates Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 and 35 and a Chicco Key Fit 30 with this adapter. Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30, Maxi Cosi Mico AP,  Nuna Pipa, Cybex Aton, Cybex Aton 2 or Cybex Aton Q are the other brands that can be accommodated with this adapter.

The front swivel wheel turns tightly and the 12-inch wheels take on all sorts of terrain like a champ. Most reviews I’ve read about this product are strongly positive about the versatility of taking this stroller in different environments, especially abroad to cobblestone streets!

Because these tires are air-filled, the cushion from the air gives you a natural suspension system and you have a nice smooth ride. One recent improvement is that the Indie now comes with a tire pump that you can keep in the storage basket.

The brakes are easy to engage and disengage since it is a one-step linked system.

Another point to consider is how much it weighs. Most all-terrain strollers are pretty heavy, but the Bumbleride Indie is actually lightweight compared with strollers that are upwards of 30 pounds! The Indie, however, is only 22 pounds, and many reviewers compliment the light weight and ease of getting it in and out of their vehicles.

If space is an issue, the wheels pop off pretty easily to allow for more compact storage.

What is the seat like?

The seat has some positives and negatives. While the seatback is average height compared with brands like Baby Jogger, the measurement at 18½ inches and 12½-inch seat width allows for plenty of growth room. Some reviewers have said that they will use this stroller until their children turn 4 years old. That’s some really good long-term use!

An adjustable 5-point safety harness switches over to a 3-point lap belt when your child is older for greater freedom of movement. Parents say they really like that choice; one mom likes to put the shoulder straps on her child when she jogs, but on other outings, she gives her child more freedom with the lap belt. While the buckle on the Bumbleride Indie isn’t heavy-duty like luxury brands, it does the job securing your child safely.

The seat recline is where some criticism comes in. It is a strap recline and you need two hands to do it, especially with the weight of your child pressing against the seatback.

The big positive about the seat recline is the fact that it fully reclines flat, so if you don’t wish to use a car seat with it, your newborn can still ride, and I like how the top of the seat is enclosed with a mesh panel so that your baby’s not suspended in open space when the seat is fully down.

And there’s an adjustable footrest that flips up to the bumper bar, so if you do have a newborn, this creates a nice bassinet-type enclosure. Another mom mentions that she likes this flip-up feature to prevent pacifiers and other small toys from falling out. Adjust the leg rest straight out to support your baby’s little legs until they grow big enough to reach the foot rest.

What about the fold?

You’re going to have an easy time with the fold. Just flip the canopy back and the bumper bar down, then lift up the levers on the sides. Push the handlebar forward and grab the handle on the axle while pushing the rear of the stroller in and that folds it. You will need to engage the manual frame lock to hold it in place.

If you find that your Indie is still a bit bulky for storage, you can easily remove all three tires with a push of a button for better compact space.

Tell me about the sun canopy!

The fabulous canopy has lots of stand-out features that you will appreciate.

First, it is made with SPF 45, to block harmful UV on your child’s sensitive skin. The canopy is huge, offering plenty of coverage. Bumbleride has changed the large peek-a-boo window to a dark mesh covering, to allow for better ventilation and you can see inside easier.

On hot days, the back part of the canopy zips open for further ventilation. I like that versatility. Some reviews have mentioned that the canopy can be a little bit stiff when adjusting it.

Storage & Amenities

You’ll appreciate the generous storage basket beneath the seat, which has a front zipper pocket you can use to keep the included tire pump as seen in the photo. A dad named Alex said in his recent 5-star verified purchase review that he thinks the basket is outstanding, and he uses it to pack his daughter’s diaper bag, blankets and their smaller gadgets in the pockets.

The handle is a big deal for strolling comfort and the Bumbleride Indie has an adjustable height handle ranging from 25″ up to 43″ for the tallest adults.

For maximum safety, and a necessity for any stroller used for jogging, a safety tether is attached to the basket so that you will always maintain contact with your stroller should you ever fall or become separated.  I don’t know about you, but that brings immense peace of mind!

Here’s a really helpful video review:

What others are saying:

Lots of reviews have poured in over the years that the Indie has been on the market and they all average out to very high ratings overall! Parents comment that they give top marks for the durable smooth ride, great maneuverability, easy storage, and attractive design.

Several mothers have put their newborns in the seat since it has that full recline and enclosure with the flipped-up footrest. A couple from Venice, FL remarked that their daughter at 8 weeks old looked comfortable in the seat.

Consumer Reports has something to say about the latest model. They rate it with an overall great score and as a Recommended buy. It has excellent marks in Ease of Use and Maneuverability and a very good mark for Safety. They like the sturdy, responsive feel when pushing this stroller and the “fluid, easy-to-adjust restraint system.”


There’s not a whole lot of reported complaints since this is a highly rated product, but the Bumbleride Indie does have a few drawbacks.

The main issue is the seat. What seems to be coming up from consumers most often is that the seat isn’t upright enough when fully inclined. On the other hand, the newly redesigned harness converts to a 3-point lap belt, so when your child is a bit older, he or she has the freedom to come forward on their own.

The only other downfall mentioned on more than one occasion has been the seat recline. Parents just don’t really care much for the strap recline and would prefer a one-handed lever recline instead.

Just imagine yourself with this functional, lightweight beauty!

Bumbleride Indie Stroller Review | Functional, High Quality 3-Wheeler
Bumbleride Indie Stroller Review | Functional, High Quality 3-Wheeler 1

The intuitive Bumbleride Indie all terrain stroller is designed for pure function and style. Read our full review to see if it's worth the price!

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