Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review

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You’re a person who runs or jogs and you’d love a jogging stroller, but you don’t want to give up the maneuverability that an all-terrain has. You want a transitional product that takes you from workouts to errands. You want the Mountain Buggy Terrain.

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Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One Size
  • THREE POSITION SWIVEL LOCK FRONT WHEEL - Provides maximum control and maximum performance on any terrain while walking or jogging. Swivel, lock forwards, lock backwards or adjust the "play"...
  • ONE-HAND CONTROL SQUEEZE BRAKE - for hilly adventures and rough terrain;SHOCK ABSORBING SUSPENSION - a smooth push for mom and dad and a smooth ride for your baby
  • NEWBORN READY IN THREE MODES - Newborn perfect reclinable seat, compatible with the Mountain Buggy Carry Cot+ in matching fabric (sold separately) and infant car seats from most major brands...

Terrain has signature features of a performance jogger such as 16-inch rear tires that pop off for more compact storage. A slowing hand brake on the handle bar is a standard safety feature must-have. The shock-absorbing suspension system smooths out the ride. The front wheel has a 3-way lock: Lock it forward during your run for extra stability, lock it backward for stability over terrain, and let it loose and swivel for maneuvering.

Parents recommend the Mountain Buggy Terrain and give it high praise for the performance and adjustable height handle. By the time you finish reading this page on the Mountain Buggy Terrain, you will discover all the exciting features that make this one of the best jogging/all-terrain strollers out there. Let’s get started, shall we?

Mountain Buggy Terrain Features:

    • Travel system and carry cot compatible
    • Locking front swivel wheel with 3 modes & tracking device
    • 16-inch air filled rear tires with rear suspension
    • Storage basket beneath seat
    • Follow-the-sun canopy with flip-out mesh visor and peek-a-boo window
    • Free-standing one-step fold
    • One-step braking system
    • Hand-operated slowing brake on the handle
    • Ergonomic height adjustable handle
    • Multi-position reclining seat from flat to upright
Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One Size

Table of Contents

Upgrades since 2013:

  • Re-designed padded bumper bar for easy in and out
  • 5-point safety harness now with tail free ends
  • Zip-off fabric for quick, easy removal
  • Automatic frame lock once folded for convenient storage

Tell me more about the seat.

From newborns to children up to age six, the Mountain Buggy 2013 TerrainMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 1 has a variety of seating options for your child.

Infinite recline positions are one-handed with a double strap system – get that angle just right while your child sleeps. This is a two-handed recline, and while a one-handed lever recline would be more preferable, it’s easy enough to do. I like how the upright position sits up straight, but some have complained of the excess fabric that bunches up around the seatback when it is upright. You’ll have to stuff it back behind the seat so it doesn’t get in the way.

The seat reclines completely flat so that even a newborn baby ride. Doctors recommend that you wait until baby is at least six months old before jogging, though.

A padded five-point safety harness secures your child comfortably to the seat. Easily adjust it up and down without having to re-thread the straps. Just twist and raise or lower it. New for 2013, the harness is designed to be “tail free” so there are no dangling loose ends from the shoulder straps. Keep it tidy and keep the ends out of baby’s mouth. I also like the jazzy-looking buckle cover that prevents your toddler from fiddling with the buckle. And your child won’t be able to get that buckle undone, either!

Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One Size

How can such a big kid ride in this stroller? The seat is roomy and comfortable at 14 inches and the seat back is 23½ inches. The seat to canopy is tall enough to leave enough space for your child’s head, especially since you can now slide it up the frame a bit. Total weight capacity is up to 77 pounds which means older kids can hop on board.

In the seating area, your child has two little mesh pockets on either side, good for keeping little toys, snacks or sippy cup. Most higher-end joggers don’t offer that option. Baby also has a redesigned padded bumper bar for easy ins and outs and they love it to pull themselves up higher and to hang onto, especially if you’re jogging! A footrest provides additional seating support and mud and dirt comes away clean.

More seating options

For newborns: The seat is now easily removable with the zip-off feature (it used to have snaps). Take the main seat off and click a car seat right onto the chassis (via an adapter sold separately) for an all-terrain travel system. See which car seats fit adapters for the Terrain.

Stability with the car seat on the Terrain is designed with maximum safety in mind and is in accordance with market safety standards. This gives you needed reassurance that three-wheelers are stable as a travel system.

A sophisticated way to go with your newborn is to turn your Terrain into a pram with the Snug Carrycot. The Snug Carrycot carries up to 20 pounds. It has a comfy, soft lie-flat mattress and carry handles on the sides for easy transfer. It also clicks right into your Terrain frame, and as you see with the photo on the right, it looks stunning.

Like a parent-facing option? In the photo at right you see a new accessory called Face-to-Face Parent Facing SeatMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 2 a smaller seat that clips right into your Terrain frame. Enjoy more bonding time with your little one while you’re on the go and baby has outgrown the carry cot or car seat, yet isn’t quite ready to look out into the big, big world with the main toddler seat.

The Face-to-face seat holds up to 20 pounds and includes legs that transform the stroller seat into a deck chair that you use at home. It comes only in black and has a 5-point safety harness and easy-to-clean soft fabric. Now, do be aware that the canopy you see in the photo does not come with the Face-to-face seat. You will have to buy the canopy separately, but you get six colors to choose from.

What about the fold?

Folding the Mountain Buggy Terrain is a one step process; it used to be three! First lock the brakes. Then walk around to the front and pull up on the two latches on either side of the footrest. The stroller collapses. An automatic frame latch secures the chassis together for storage. This replaces the strap you had to secure yourself, adding another step.

Pop off the wheels for more compact space.

Parents say that while the fold is easy, the Terrain is still rather bulky, which is the norm for jogging strollers.

And the sun canopy?

I like the sun canopy; it pivots forward to follow the sun. No need to purchase one of those canopy extenders to shade your child adequately! A flip-out mesh visor provides additional protection.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One Size

Check your passenger with the large peek-a-boo window on the top. The flap covering it is secured with Velcro, though I’d rather see a magnetic flap. It can be rolled up to stay in place as you keep an eye on your kiddo.

Storage and parents amenities.

Your child is well-cared-for in the Terrain, but you’re certainly not neglected! One of the convenience features both parents enjoy is the ergonomic height adjustable handle. Whether you’re a petite mommy or a daddy over six feet tall, the handle goes as low as 34″ up to 46″. Tall parents say that the adjustable handle was a huge selling point as most joggers don’t feature an adjustable height handle.

Then you have the storage basket beneath the seat. It’s a very good size and can hold up to 11 pounds of gear. I like the zippered covering that holds all your things inside, that way if you’re jogging or going over really bumpy trails, your stuff won’t bounce out.

While there isn’t a parent organizer, you do get bottle holders, probably for your water. It is attached at an angle, and you can see it in the top picture, so it is not suitable for hot drinks. There have not been any complaints in any reviews about not being able to have a hot drink cup holder, though.

Maneuverability and safety.

One of the most frequent raves this stroller receives is how well it maneuvers. The state-of-the-art suspension system means a smoother ride for your child when going over bumpy terrain. And the front wheel has 3 positions: Lock the wheel forward when you’re ready to go jogging for better control and safety. Lock it backward for more stability going over rough surfaces. Then the full 360° swivel mode provides incredible turn-on-a-dime performance.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One Size

Mountain BuggyTerrainMeasurements:

Folded w wheels: 42½”L x 24½”W x 15½”HWidth: 25″Open Length: 49″Seat Back: 19½”Seat Back to Canopy: 23″Seat Width: 14″Handle Height: 34″-46″Wheel size: 16″ rear; 12″ frontMax seat capacity: 55 lbs.Stroller weight: 29 lbs.

The Mountain Buggy Terrain features air-filled tires; the front is 12-inches and the two rear tires are 16 inches. The larger rear tires make it easier to push over all different types of terrain and smooths out the ride during jogs.

Because the tires are air-filled, keeping a tire pump around is a must. And if you don’t already have one, buy it hereMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 3 for some very reasonable prices.

Your Mountain Buggy Terrain comes equipped with a safety tether to maintain contact with your child at all times. A tether around your wrist is used in case you trip and fall, your stroller won’t get away. It also keeps you in physical contact with your stroller at all times, like at an intersection as you wait to cross. For me, I’ve always needed that connection that brings me peace of mind.

Now I love the brake pedal on the Terrain; Mountain Buggy thinks of everything! All you have to do is step down once to engage both back wheels securely. Flip it back up to go; it can’t get any more simple than that!

Any accessories I might want?

The coolest accessory for Mountain Buggy is the Free RiderMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 4 stroller board and scooter. Your older child rides along behind with the scooter attached to the rear axle with a connector you also have to buy.Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 5

Easily disconnect the scooter and your child has fun with a toy that goes everywhere just like the stroller! I think this is a fantastic idea. And I’m not the only one who thinks so; the FreeRider is the winner of the JPMA Innovation Award 2011 and the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2010.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One Size

Protect your child from the wind and rain with the Storm Cover.Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 6 It fits securely to your Terrain and I like that it has a zipper front for easy access to your child. It’s gotten high reviews, too!

For families living in parts of the country with strong sunlight will appreciate having the mesh sun coverMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 7 for additional protection when the canopy simply isn’t enough. The mesh covering has 81% UV filtering and like the storm cover, it has easy access to your child with the zipper door.

Taking a vacation? Transport your Terrain with no fear of damage in the Universal Travel BagMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 8 This bag has a wide shoulder strap and plenty of padding to protect your stroller. Additional pockets are provided to store little things like your tire pump. It is made by Phil and Teds, but they are part of the Mountain Buggy family, and it is the same design.

To fully round out your stroller and give it everything you could want, buy the parent consoleMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 9 that has a couple of bottle holders and extra storage pockets. Make your baby as comfortable as possible with a variety of seat linersMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 3 that provide warmth in winter and cool in summer.

See this nice video review of the Terrain here:

This one points out a couple of areas of improvement that could be made. (except she says that the stroller is $549, but current price is $499)

What others are saying:

This newly upgraded stroller has been getting outstanding reviews with consistently high ratings. Parents recommend the Mountain Buggy Terrain for excellent performance as a jogger.

The Terrain is one of the few jogging strollers that has an adjustable height handle, and taller parents are especially pleased at how comfortable it is to push during workouts. The handle also adjust down enough for short people to use, including older siblings who like to push their new brother or sister!

Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One Size


Most of the complaints have been that an air pump and rain shield/wind cover are not included with purchase. Parents feel that a product with this price point should have these come with the stroller.

The other mild complaint is the fabric that bunches up around the upper seat when you put the seatback angle upright. You must tuck it back behind the seat. This is not a deal breaker for most, though, just a small inconvenience.

Where should I buy this product?

Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One Size
  • THREE POSITION SWIVEL LOCK FRONT WHEEL - Provides maximum control and maximum performance on any terrain while walking or jogging. Swivel, lock forwards, lock backwards or adjust the "play"...
  • ONE-HAND CONTROL SQUEEZE BRAKE - for hilly adventures and rough terrain;SHOCK ABSORBING SUSPENSION - a smooth push for mom and dad and a smooth ride for your baby
  • NEWBORN READY IN THREE MODES - Newborn perfect reclinable seat, compatible with the Mountain Buggy Carry Cot+ in matching fabric (sold separately) and infant car seats from most major brands...

I regularly check prices and I always recommend that you buy from AmazonMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 11 to find good deals from the new 2013 model to previous years sales. You can get all the accessories you need there too. The Terrain is available in both Flint and Navy on Amazon

Just imagine how exciting it will be when your stroller arrives and you can take it around YOUR neighborhood in style!


Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review
Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review 12

Any active parents need to look at this jogger-friendly terrain stroller from Mountain Buggy. Learn more in our full review.

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