Bugaboo Bee Stroller Review: Premium Design And Features

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The Bugaboo brand is popular among celebrities and society’s elites. The refreshing and modern design and the premium features make it a favorite stroller for many parents searching for a new full-sized stroller for their little one.

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But what are the exact characteristics that make the Bugaboo Bee the ideal stroller, so popular among influencers and parents? Continue reading to find out all the intriguing details.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Bugaboo Bee

The Bugaboo Bee stroller model is a convertible luxury travel stroller that families can easily use from infancy to toddlerhood. The premium customizable stroller comes with seat adapters that can accommodate various infant car seats on the market, including those other than Bugaboo-specific seats.

Not only can it accommodate car seats, but it also allows users to swap out the standard stroller seat for a bassinet or add a footmuff accessory. The footmuff (sold on the Bugaboo website) is a thick quilted bunting that wraps around a young child and provides a high degree of warmth while out on a walk or adventure.  

For those with several children or another on the way, the Bugaboo brand offers many different stroller models to accommodate parents’ growing needs. The Bugaboo Bee specifically can attach a wheeled board (also sold separately on the company website) to the stroller frame, allowing an additional larger child to use the transportation device as well. 

Bugaboo Bee Product Overview

The Bugaboo Bee stroller is advertised as a comfortable city stroller because of its compact storage size, easy maneuvering, and comfortable, clean design. Not only that but its multiple recline positions, as well as the multi-directional seat, make it highly favored among parents and caregivers.

This extraordinary stroller allows your child to ride in style and comfort while you quickly dart in and out of stores and subway terminals without extra effort. It is lightweight and can make tight turns on paved surfaces, making it a dream in the tiny spaces that living in the city comes with.

Additionally, the stroller folds up compactly, allowing those with minimal storage space the ability to keep the stroller out of the way when not in use. 

What We Like:

  • The ability to add accessories, such as a wheeled board, to the stroller
  • Being able to fold the stroller compactly for easy storage 
  • Having high-quality materials that keep children warm and comfortable during their ride

Room For Improvement

  • It has a hefty price tag
  • It contains minimal storage compartments
  • It does not come with an adjustable footrest 

Features and Benefits

There are several characteristics that the Bugaboo Bee possesses that are valuable to families and their children. While you can find some of the features in other brands and models of strollers, a select few are unique to the Bugaboo brand.

The top components included in the Bugaboo Bee include:

  • Bassinet and footmuff additions
  • Multiple recline options for the stroller seat
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • Compact folding for storage
  • Oversized sun canopy

Bassinet and Footmuff Additions

Going on a stroll outdoors during cooler weather can often pose a challenge. Although using a stroller is easier for transporting a young child on walks and excursions, the weather can be a deterrent. Often you are confronted with winds or inclement weather that your child is directly exposed to outdoors.

One of the most excellent components of the Bugaboo Bee is the ability to add a bassinet or footmuff to the seating area of your stroller. Some parents opt to remove the standard comfy seat and attach the Bugaboo bassinet in its place, which comes with a thick, quilted cover over the top to keep warmth in and weather elements out.

Other parents choose to keep the standard seat in place but add the footmuff accessory on top of it. The footmuff has similar quilted material to the bassinet but focuses on covering the child’s body, primarily the lower region, instead of covering the entire seat.

The addition of these two items can be the difference between a disastrous journey and a successful one.

Multiple Recline Options for the Stroller Seat

As our child grows, their need for a specific recline level changes. Although you can attach an infant seat to the Bugaboo Bee, it is sometimes just easier to set the child in the stroller and go without the hassle of the extra seat. 

That scenario is one of many in which the multiple recline options on the Bugaboo Bee stroller come in handy. For young babies who are not yet sitting independently, the recline allows them to sit comfortably in the stroller without folding over.

Additionally, as your child grows, you can recline the seat to accommodate nap times on the go. At times the gentle lull of a stroller ride will be all it takes to send your busy child into sleepy land. Having the ability to gently change the seat level to prolong the nap time is highly beneficial.

Adjustable Height Handlebar

All people (and parents) are not created equal. Therefore, a standard handlebar height doesn’t work for all of us. Having the option to extend the height is helpful when another person takes over the stroller-pushing duties but has a significant height difference.

Pushing a stroller at an uncomfortable level for too long can lead to back and body pain issues. Having to be hunched over for an extended time isn’t a good situation for anyone. 

Although not all strollers on the market come equipped with this feature, it is a blessing that the Bugaboo Bee model does. The inclusion of this option brings comfort to many caregivers and parents, especially when using a stroller frequently for their children.

Compact Folding for Storage

It isn’t until we have children that we realize how much space all of their stuff takes up. Upon this realization, we take a good hard look at how much room each piece of gear requires.

This is why we are grateful for the compact storage size that the Bugaboo Bee lightweight stroller has. Not only does it fold up in just one quick step, but it isn’t clunky and awkward after folding it. 

Once you close up the Bugaboo Bee stroller, you can place it vertically in many different places. The additional accessories can be detached when folding and placed in easy-to-store locations as well. When you are ready to use the equipment again, you can easily open it and be on your way. 

Oversized Canopy

Since the Bugaboo Bee comes with a city living design and focus, it is necessary to have a canopy to protect your child from whatever elements the day offers. 

When living in the city, you will commonly find yourself taking a stroll with your child to get to your destination instead of using your car. In most cases, this is due to the layout of the environment and the high levels of vehicle traffic. While at times your trips involve going to the grocery store, at other times, it may involve an outing to the subway station for a lengthier adventure. 

Walking about with your child in their stroller often requires you to be out in various weather conditions, which can come on unexpectedly. You may be facing bright sunlight at times, and other days may include several inches of snow or rain. 

Having a canopy allows you to protect your child from whatever life throws your way. Knowing that the Bugaboo Bee includes an oversized canopy with their stroller reassures you that no matter the elements, your child will be safe and snug in their stroller and away from uncomfortable weather. 

Alternatives and Conclusion

Throughout this review of the Bugaboo Bee stroller, we have uncovered many advantages that it possesses, including:

  • Bassinet and footmuff additions
  • Multiple recline options for the stroller seat
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • Compact folding for storage
  • Oversized canopy
  • The ability to add accessories, such as a wheeled board, to the stroller
  • Being able to fold the stroller for easy storage compactly
  • Having high-quality materials that keep children warm and comfortable during their ride

Although the Bugaboo Bee has many premium features, the high price tag isn’t feasible for everyone. Additionally, many parents find themselves needing different features that the Bugaboo doesn’t have. In this case, some comparable alternatives to look into include:

Chicco Urban Stroller

JJ Cole 360 Stroller

Peg Perego Uno Stroller

Urbini Stroller Line

Joovy Stroller Line

A favorite luxury stroller among celebrities and society’s elites, the Bugaboo brand is often seen in magazines and paparazzi photos. The refreshing and modern design and the premium features make it a no-brainer for celebrity parents looking to make a statement while also making it a top choice for many city-dwelling families searching for a new fantastic stroller for their little one.

Bugaboo Bee Stroller Review: Premium Design And Features
Bugaboo Bee Stroller Review: Premium Design And Features 10

The Bugaboo Bee stroller is a luxury travel stroller that families can easily use. Find out more about this stroller in this review!

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