Chicco Urban Stroller Review: Mid-Range Convertible Stroller

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For first-time parents, choosing the right stroller can be a headache. Given the high costs associated with this purchase, you want to get it right. You may even be reading this guide as a second-time parent unhappy with the stroller you already have. 

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Because my full-time job is being mom to 2 precious daughters, and I know a thing or two about strollers. Besides personal experience, I get feedback from other moms who use these strollers every day and put all that research into our unbiased stroller buying guides

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We understand all that goes into this decision, which is why we’ve put together this in-depth review of the Chicco Urban Stroller. Our goal is to help you make the best, most educated choice possible, so let’s dive right in.

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Before Buying a Convertible Stroller

New parents will have to first decide which of the many stroller options is right for them. There are sit-and-stand strollers, travel systems, and bassinet strollers, to name only a few. We recommend researching all of these to narrow down the option best suited to your family’s needs.

The Chicco Urban Stroller is a convertible stroller, a fantastic stroller type that many families love to use. 

What makes this type of pushchair so great?

As their name suggests, they convert easily from one mode to another. This allows you to adapt the stroller to your growing baby. Most offer the ability to change the seat orientation from forward facing to rear facing. Also, many options are compatible with a second baby seat (and sometimes a third standing option!).

Convertible strollers are a staple in the baby transport world due to their flexibility and convenience. Another thing that families like is how easy it is to use this type of stroller with car seats, as most either come with car seats or are car seat compatible.

Who Will Get the Most Use Out of a Convertible Stroller?

Given their popularity, it’s plain to see that convertible strollers are well suited to a wide range of families. 

First-time parents looking for a one-and-done stroller will love how this option lasts for years. City dwellers also find them well adapted to their urban needs. And if you’re planning to have multiple children within a short time frame, convertible strollers are a safe bet.

That said, this type of pushchair doesn’t always have the best integration with car seats. So, if you are mostly transporting your baby around in your car, a travel system might be a better choice.

This guide discusses the Chicco Urban stroller, but there are many beautiful models out there. To help you compare those models side-by-side, we’ve put together an extensive list of the best convertible strollers on the market. 

About the Chicco Urban Stroller

Well-liked among parents, the Chicco Urban stroller is a versatile mid-range model perfect for growing families. It promises to evolve with as your baby does and stands up to other industry leaders like UPPAbaby.

Additionally, the Chicco Urban Stroller comes with an adapter that accommodates the Chicco KeyFit Car Seat. However, the car seat itself is sold separately.

The Hits

  • It’s easy to put together
  • Birth to toddler options makes this stroller a one-time investment that will grow with your baby
  • You can quickly transform the stroller seat into a bassinet
  • The wheels detach from the stroller, giving you extra room when storing the stroller in a full car

The Misses

  • Unlike other Chicco models, the Urban stroller does not offer one-hand folding, which makes it a bit difficult to store with your hands full
  • Maneuverability could be improved as the front wheels may give you problems when turning
  • At 26 pounds, it’s not one of the lightest models around

Features & Benefits

The Chicco Urban stroller’s 6-in-1 system provides families with six “riding modes” that you can use from birth until your child’s toddler years. 

We love that the seat can be positioned in three ways: upright, reclined, and flat. Additionally, you can decide if you want to have the seat facing toward you or away from you. This is an excellent feature for curious toddlers!

This video will help you get a better idea of how the 6-in-1 system works: 


Convertibility is probably the most important aspect when deciding on a convertible stroller: does the stroller convert easily from one mode to another? Since most parents will buy a stroller based on this ability, easy changing is critical. 

The Chicco Urban stroller delivers on this promise, with parents reporting that it’s quite easy to move between the stroller’s six modes. A simple click is all it takes to change the stroller’s format. 

You can reconfigure the seat into a fully flat carriage, which allows you to transport newborns that lack the proper neck and muscle control to use a standard chair. For older babies, the padded seat moves smoothly between different reclining positions. 

Parents will also find that adjusting the footrest for growing children is stress-free. Two side buttons make it easy to adjust the footrest to any of four positions.

Car Seat Compatibility

We like that the Urban stroller comes with an adapter for the Chicco KeyFit car seat. 

While the car seat is sold separately, the fact that it is specially designed for use with the adapter and stroller is a huge advantage. Many parents report problems connecting and disconnecting car seats when mixing brands. With Chicco, you’ll never encounter this problem as everything is integrated.

Handle Height

The Chicco Urban Stroller comes with a height-adjustable handle, which allows parents of differing heights the ability to regulate the handle easily. A fast click is all it takes to move between the three height options. 


This stroller comes with a foot-activated parking brake, a simple mechanism that will keep your baby safe. It’s easy to activate even if you’re wearing flip-flops or high heels. 


Since they come with a variety of features, convertible strollers tend to be weighty, and the Chicco Urban stroller is no exception. As mentioned, it weighs 26 pounds.

Since it’s a bit on the heavier side, smaller parents have mentioned experiencing some difficulty with loading the stroller into the car or taking it up and down stairs. If this sounds like a potential cause for concern, we recommend trying it out in person to make sure you’ll be able to handle the weight. 

Wheels & Maneuverability

The wheels measure 7” in the front and 9.75” in the back, and this model includes all-wheel suspension for a smoother ride.  

Many reviewers report that the maneuverability on this stroller isn’t the greatest. Some said that the front wheels tend to get stuck and that the turn radius could be improved. 

The wheels do detach completely. While this fact may not seem super important on a day-to-day basis, when it comes to storing the stroller in a car filled to the brim with other things, detaching wheels can save the day. 

Storage & Folding

Many users report that folding the stroller down for transport or storage is not the easiest. While the Urban is not marketed as a one-handed folding stroller, it does require full use of both hands in a way that several reviewers noted could be awkward and difficult.  

The folding issue does seem to be a common complaint among users. Furthermore, the stroller requires you to remove the seat when storing it, which means keeping track of more parts. 

Additionally, this stroller doesn’t have the slimmest profile when folded down, which is something to keep in mind if your house or vehicle is tight on space.

Conclusions and Alternatives

It’s no wonder the Chicco Urban stroller is so popular among parents. It provides great convertible features at a reasonable price point, perfect for those who want a long-lasting option without spending a ton of money. 

While it doesn’t allow you certain abilities that a luxury stroller would offer (like the option to seat a second baby), it holds its own as an affordable single stroller option.

However, we know that the world of baby strollers is vast, and this one may not be the right stroller for you. If you plan to have another baby soon after your first, or if you’re expecting twins, the Baby Jogger City Select Single stroller may be a better choice.  

The City Select stroller features 16 unique seat combinations for up to three children, and you can customize it much the same way you can customize the Chicco Urban stroller. The main difference is the double conversion kit (sold separately) that allows you to add a second seat. 

Where the Chicco Urban falls short on maneuverability, many reviewers reported that the Baby Jogger City Select is easy to push. If you’re a city dweller, or if you plan to be out and about with your baby, this may be a better choice for you. 

This is a slightly more expensive option and offers a less-than-perfect car seat integration system, but if you live in a city and don’t plan to do much driving, it may be worth looking into. 

If this seems like a better choice for you, we’ve done an extensive review of the Baby Jogger City Select to help you decide. 

Chicco Urban Stroller Review: Mid-Range Convertible Stroller
Chicco Urban Stroller Review: Mid-Range Convertible Stroller 1

On the market for an affordable convertible stroller? This Chicco Urban Stroller review will help you figure out if it's the right one for you.

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