Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Review

Imagine your beautifully well-made stroller with your firstborn. You love everything about it and your baby is comfy too. All too soon though, you must give up your dream stroller because baby #2 is on the way and a double stroller is the order of the day. It is true that some moms really do get upset about this!

Have you ever wished you could simply keep the stroller you already love and turn it into a double? Now you can with a Baby Jogger City Select, an elegantly designed buggy that not only takes two seats but is completely  transformational.

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Stroller, Select
  • Your favorite Baby Jogger stroller available in a limited edition knit fabric, leatherette accents and bonus belly bar
  • 8-inch lightweight front wheels and 12" forever-air rear tires to cover all kinds of terrain
  • Multiple recline positions

The award-winning Baby Jogger City Select is a convertible stroller that starts as a single but turns into a double by adding a second seat. Yes, you’re thinking, but there are other stroller companies do that. What makes the City Select truly unique?

When using patented adapters, you are free to customize your stroller by mixing and matching seats, car seat, and bassinet. Personalize this stroller exactly the way you want it, customized for your taste.

Why should I choose the City Select?

This amazing convertible stroller is the answer for parents who have a child now and are planning baby #2. You might also be a family with a newborn baby and a toddler sibling or parents who are expecting twins.

The Baby Jogger City Select offers an astonishing 16 different seating combinations to reflect what you prefer right now.

By the time you finish reading this, you will have a complete understanding of this remarkable convertible stroller and why it’s gotten very high reviews from happy moms just like you who ask a lot from their City Select. And they get it.

Let’s find out what’s new as we take a look in more detail at this sensational product.

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Stroller, Select

Baby Jogger City Select Features

  • Ideal for pavement and urban terrain
  • 90-pound weight limit (45 per seat)
  • Hand controlled rear parking brake
  • Universal accessory mounting bracket on each seat
  • Padded adjustable five-point safety harness with buckle cover
  • 4-position reclining seat
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • The front wheel suspension system
  • Lockable 8-inch puncture proof swivel wheels with sealed ball bearings in front
  • 12-inch puncture proof wheels in the rear
  • 3-panel adjustable sun canopy with clear view peek-a-boo window
  • Storage basket beneath the seat
  • Storage compartment on the seat back
  • 28-pound stroller weight (single seat)
  • One-handed Quick Fold technology
  • Comes in 4 fashionable color schemes

All about the seat.

Let’s start with the seat on this stroller. It is a molded seat, meaning that when it reclines, the seat back does not angle independently of the seat – the entire seat moves. Because of this, babies younger than 6 months old need the bassinet or car seat, which I’ll talk about in just a minute.

The seat reclines in four positions and I absolutely love the one-handed push button recline feature. It’s nice and smooth so you leave your child undisturbed when he or she is napping.

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Stroller, Select

This seat, plus the one you get with the doubles kit, can take a 45-pound weight limit. It has an 18½-inch seat back, which is not that tall, but the sun canopy and harness both adjust so your child can grow with this stroller. Seatback to the canopy is 21 inches, which is pretty standard.

The padded adjustable puzzle-style harness buckle is easy for you to use and tougher for your child to get out of.

A four-position adjustable foot rest provides additional comfort for your passenger. In a positive review, a mom said that her daughter slept comfortably in the seat and woke up without being cranky. That right there is worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

Tell me about the seating options.

Don’t miss a word of this because it is really the highlight of the Baby Jogger City Select! When you are ready to turn your single City Select into a double, just move the original seat up one notch and install the seat adapters into the notches over the front wheels.

Baby Jogger makes it super easy and with a few clicks you can change the seats from forward facing to rear facing. Face the seats toward one another if your kids are feeling sociable or click the seats into opposite directions when they need separating. The video demo further down the page gives you a good idea of what you can do with the seats. It’s amazing all the options the City Select has.

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Stroller, Select

Switch one or both of the seats with a car seat and turn it into a travel system. I find that the stroller is easier to push if your heavier child is closer to you, but on the other hand, your infant will probably need to be closer to Mommy.

Seating Accessories

Did you know that you can buy a bassinet for the Baby Jogger City Select? Look at how beautifully made it is. Get it in a matching color with your stroller or match the bassinet with the second seat kit you purchase. Some moms like to have a different color for their second seat/bassinet, just make sure you get the same color for the second seat and bassinet because the bassinet does not come with a canopy.

Simply remove the canopy from the second seat and use it on the bassinet. Can you see why they must be the same color? But oh, how beautiful it looks when it’s all put together. Take a look at some of the arrangements you can customize with the photo collage above.

If you plan to use the Baby Jogger City Select as a double stroller right away, you can buy it as a double. You might start with the single and later on convert to a double. If this is your option, keep in mind that you need to purchase the Baby Jogger Second Seat Kit, which includes the mounting kit. You will need this kit even if you plan to purchase the bassinet. If you want to use the car seat as a travel system, you must purchase the car seat adapter just be very careful about ordering the correct one – there are separate ones for the Graco Click Connect, Britax/BOB, Maxi Cosi, Cybex or Nuna, and UPPAbaby.

What is the sun canopy like?

The stroller comes with a fabulous canopy that gives lots of coverage to protect your child from the sun. It can be adjusted higher or lower on the frame to accommodate your growing child’s head height, which is excellent news for your taller child. In the higher position, you will have 24 inches from seat to canopy. That’s plenty of room! The lower position gives your shorter child 21 inches of space.

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Stroller, Select

The sun canopy has a big peek-a-boo window on the top with a covering flap that has magnets on the corners to adhere it together when you want the window covered. That’s a nice touch, isn’t it? No more loud ripping Velcro sound when you want to peek at your sleeping passenger.

Folding & Storage

In the “singles mode”, the City Select is easy to fold. It is a two handed fold that is quick and easy, just lift up on the latches on either side of the frame and pull up to fold the stroller in half. However, you have to latch the frame together yourself and it is not self-standing, which would be nice to have.

Keeping the seat on, as you see in the photo, makes the fold bulkier. When folding the double, you must remove the second seat. But if you want to reduce the bulk, remove the seat or seats.

What features do we parents get?

The City Select does not neglect your comfort as parents. Thoughtful features include a telescoping handlebar with a wipe clean grip, perfect for very tall parents who don’t have to hunch over to push. In a review, a six-foot-tall dad mentioned that he enjoys strolling with his kids because the handlebar is adjustable and has a comfortable grip.

Are you average height or petite? Don’t worry, you’ll be comfortable too. The height from ground to handle without the added telescoping is 41½” so you should feel just right.

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Stroller, Select

Many happy parents mention in their reviews that they love the large storage basket beneath the seat. I love this basket because it is huge and accessible from every direction. Parents enjoy the convenience of shopping with their children because of the large basket stores many items, even a few grocery items! A large diaper bag, toys, and similar baby gear can be easily accommodated.

I really like the storage compartment on the back of the seat to place other necessities such as baby wipes, bandaids, snacks, and extra toys.

While a cup holder and child snack tray would have been nice to have included with the purchase, you can get them separately. Buy the Baby Jogger Liquid Holster (cup holder), child snack tray, and universal parent console for more storage space.

Baby Jogger City SelectMeasurements

  • Folded: 28″L x 25″W x 13″H
  • Folded w Seat on:42″L x 26″W x 12½”H
  • Width: 25¾”
  • Seat Width 12″
  • Length: 43″ (single) 53″ (double)
  • Handle height: 41½”
  • Front wheels: 8″
  • Rear Wheels: 12″
  • Stroller Weight: 28 lbs (single) 34 lbs (double)

How is the steering & handling?

Fact: despite being a rather heavy stroller, the Baby Jogger City Select still pushes very easily, even with a second seat installed. A happy mom mentioned in her review that the weight of the stroller assures her that it is sturdy enough to carry the weight of her two toddlers.

Another mom purchased the stroller, went straight to the grocery store, and wrote in her review that the City Select fits through checkout aisles, unlike many regular double or side-by-side strollers. Imagine not having to worry about your convertible stroller fitting in the store aisles you frequent most often.

The City Select has front swivel wheels that allow agile and quick maneuverability. The swivel wheels lock for better stability over long distance strolls, while the front wheel suspension and sealed ball bearings provide smooth rides for your children.

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Stroller, Select

The pneumatic front and rear wheels are 8 and 12 inches, ensuring that your ride always glides, especially over uneven surfaces. Punctured tires or air leaks are a now a thing of the past! Who wants to change and repair stroller tires anyway?

What others are saying

Baby Jogger City Select reviews give this phenomenal convertible stroller high praise. Clearly, the feature moms love most about this stroller is the seating versatility, not to mention the style and design of this modern looking piece of baby gear.

One mom says it’s the coolest stroller she’s seen and she just had to get it for her baby.

Another reviewer says that when you want this stroller to be single is the most amazing feature of all. This made it possible for her family to purchase only one.

Many parents write in to say that for a double stroller, it is quite compact, especially since two seats essentially sit on a single stroller frame. You can go down shopping aisles and even between cars in a parking lot.

One mother wrote in to say that she found out the hard way that side-by-side strollers don’t fit between parked cars, but her City Select did with room to spare.

Despite that it is compact, it is very sturdy and it is easy to fold. Quite a few reviews mention how well this stroller fits into their vehicles from minivans to Volvo and Prius. Reviewers mention that it is both setup and break down with each use.

Lots of reviews mention how well the Baby Jogger City Select maneuvers. Words like “smooth” are used often.

Lastly, parents write in their Baby Jogger City Select reviews that the storage basket is huge and they can pack everything they need into it.

Consumer Reports has something to say too. The single version got an overall great rating with excellent marks for maneuverability and safety. It got a good mark for ease of use.

In doubles mode, the rating falls a little bit, with very good marks for ease of use and safety and a good mark for maneuverability.


Complaints are mostly due to the fact that any accessories you want, like the cup holder, car seat adapter, the child’s snack tray or bumper bar, are sold separately.

There are more complaints about the accessories you have to buy, such as the car seat adapters than of the stroller itself.

Some say that the Baby Jogger City Select is a bit heavy and is bulky once folded and of course, once you have two children in the seats, the stroller is going to be rather hefty. Remember to have the heaviest child nearest to you for easier steering.

I’d like to see an auto lock for the frame and a self-standing fold.

Where to Buy:

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Stroller, Select
  • Your favorite Baby Jogger stroller available in a limited edition knit fabric, leatherette accents and bonus belly bar
  • 8-inch lightweight front wheels and 12" forever-air rear tires to cover all kinds of terrain
  • Multiple recline positions

My favorite place to buy strollers is on Amazon. Free and timely shipping, lowest prices, best selection for colors; it’s fantastic!

While the current year’s models are priced the same across most all web retailers, you will find that prices may go down the year goes on and you’ll likely find the best deals.

Just imagine a few days from now pushing your own City Select beauty around the neighborhood. Can you feel all those eyes on your new dream stroller?

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