How To Fold a Stroller: 5 Simple Steps

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As a parent, you desire the best possible stroller for your child. As children grow, you want the right stroller that can accommodate them as they develop. However, what happens when your youngster outgrows their baby stroller? Folding it down to save space may be the wisest option.

The baby trend stroller is one of the most well-known in the market today. There are several different kinds of baby trend strollers on the market, so this may differ somewhat, but we will give you a basic rundown of how to fold a stroller.

We are always on the lookout for new methods to make our lives easier as parents. When it is time to fold your baby trend stroller, the instructions may be perplexing.

It might appear daunting at first, but with some practice, you will be able to do it quickly and simply. We’ll teach you how to collapse a baby stroller in this post. Continue reading for ideas!

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How To Fold A Stroller

How To Fold a Stroller

Not all folding mechanisms are the same, and not all strollers have them, but there are some standard procedures to follow included below.

Use The Brakes

Engage the lock and brakes to secure swivel wheels in place if the model has them. The brake mechanisms/levers are generally on the rear part of the Wheels.

Swivel wheels are most often found at the front end of the stroller and are secured with a lever. Some, on the other hand, maybe locked with a push button on the side of the stroller or by moving the handlebar.

Retract The Canopy

Grasp the canopy’s front and pull it back toward the rear of the stroller in the direction of the handlebar.

Remove Accessories

Before you begin to fold the stroller, make sure all attachments are removed.

Sunshades, meal trays, and cup holders are just a few of the frequent accessories. If a component isn’t necessary for the stroller, consider it an accessory and take it out before folding it.

Locking Mechanism

There should be some sort of release mechanism for the locking system, such as a catch, push-button, lever, or handle.

It might also be a combination of a push button on the handle and a lever on the side. If you’re unsure, check your stroller’s user guide. You could damage your stroller’s functioning components if you try to force any device.

The Folding Action

Most strollers fold by pushing the handles toward the front of the stroller and folding in the middle. The handle ends sit over the front wheels as a result.

Tri-Fold Stroller

The Tri-Fold Stroller is one of the most popular baby strollers on the market.

This lightweight, low-cost stroller offers an unrivaled value with a three-step folding mechanism for simple storage and transportation. The high-quality polymer frame is resistant to wear and tear. It is more pleasant than other baby strollers I have tried.

How To Fold It?

baby laying in the black and gray stroller

Step 1: Unzip the basket and remove the cover to reveal your storage.

Step 2: Remove the safety straps from both armrests.

Step 3: Remove the seatback, tuck in one tab on each side to unlock it and both tabs to lock it. Make sure the footrest is fully lowered by pulling up slightly.

Step 4: Locate the red lever on the bottom of the seat, behind one of the armrests. Pull it back to lift slightly and unlock, then push forward to lock it in place. Then, the stroller will be folded in half.

Step 5: To fold the stroller, wrap your hands around the top portion of the frame and lift it. At this time, you will notice a clasp that latches onto another bar at the bottom of the stroller. This portion may be difficult to open; push down (toward the ground) and pull up on the clasp to release it from its hook.

Step 6: Fold the cloth down on one side and then the other. The stroller will now be in a compact, triangle-shaped form. If the stroller is too large to carry, you can now put the handlebar in the center.

Top Stroller Folding Tips

two children in red hats sitting in the blue double stroller

Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind when folding a stroller:

  • Safety: When you are ready to begin, be sure your child is out of harm’s way and their fingers are not pinched. Keep an eye on your own hands as well.
  • Make sure it’s dry: Mold or mildew may form when a wet or damp stroller is folded and stored. Wipe it down with a towel or let it rest outside to air dry first.
  • No obstructions: There may be fabric or straps projecting out that prevent the stroller from collapsing. Perhaps you forgot something in the underbelly of your stroller. Be sure to remove any obstacles and try again.
  • Warped frame: If your stroller won’t fold, check for bent metal catches or a kink in the structure. Metal catches can be straightened with pliers, or the frame may be straightened out after unfolding the stroller.
  • Lubrication: Strollers can seize up, especially if they are kept outside in a garage or on the porch for long periods of time. Use a lubricant to help them move again. Try using WD-40 or another recommended product from your stroller’s user guide.
  • Don’t force it: There may be instances when your stroller won’t fold correctly. Don’t push it but instead, take it back to the shop. If you force it shut, you may cause significant damage to yourself and the item.

Folding The Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Stroller

The Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Stroller allows you to utilize a single baby stroller or two. Collapsing a sit and stand stroller for storage is really simple. It’s also very compact.

You don’t have to worry about hitting your shins on it in a tiny apartment or garage since it’s also very short.

How To Fold It?

Step 1: Remove your child from the trend stroller by untying the harness straps and removing them.

Step 2: Fold the cloth in half and fold it down to form a rectangular box.

Step 3: Remove the handlebar from its hinge and place it on top of the armrest.

Step 4: Fold down the handlebar by pushing and holding on the red button on its stem.

Step 5: Push down on the stand until it folds in and clamps into position.

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