How To Fold a Jogging Stroller: 5 Easy Steps For Parents

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Do you have trouble figuring out how to fold your brand-new stroller? Don’t feel bad! There are many different brands and models of strollers, and they don’t all utilize the same folding mechanism.

Modern strollers are typically simple to fold with just one hand, although some may require two hands and a little more work. Older versions, more often than not, need the assistance of both hands and a little more effort.

We’ll go through how to fold a stroller and some potential issues you may come across along the way.

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How To Fold A Jogging Stroller

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Although the folding techniques of jogging strollers vary, here are some standard procedures to follow:

Use The Brakes

Engage the brakes and lock any swivel wheels in place before folding. The brake mechanisms/levers are generally positioned on the back wheels.

Swivels are typically found at the front of the stroller and are often maintained by a lever that secures them. Some, on the other hand, may have a push button located on the side of the stroller or be controlled by turning the handlebar.

Retract The Canopy

Grasp the top of the canopy and pull it back toward the rear of the stroller, away from the handlebar.

Remove Accessories

Before you begin to fold the stroller, make sure all of the add-ons are removed. Sunshades, food trays, and cup holders are examples of popular attachments. If a component isn’t necessary for the stroller, consider it an accessory and remove it before folding.

Locking Mechanism

There should be a lever,  catch, handle, or push-button that releases the locking mechanism of the frame. It might also be a combination of a push button on the handle and a lever on the side. If you’re not sure, consult your user guide. Attempting to force any mechanism can result in damage to the functional components.

The Folding Action

The easiest way to collapse a stroller is to push the handles forward, folding in the middle. The handles rise over the front wheels as a result. They should include a lock that secures the stroller closed.

Addressing The Folding Of Different Brands

Would it not be simpler if all strollers folded in the same manner? That moment will arrive at about the same time pigs learn how to fly.

While we can not possibly describe every stroller’s fold in detail, we have compiled a list of folding techniques for some of the most recognized brands:

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Older Graco Models

  • Set the brakes: They are activated by a lever positioned at the rear of the vehicle.
  • Lock the swivel wheels: If the model has them, secure them in place.
  • Test the brakes: Make sure the stroller can’t be pushed.
  • Collapse the canopy: Fold it back.
  • Recline the seat: Some versions may have a release catch for the recline mechanism.
  • Check for a handle: A handle may be found near the base of the seat. This is a handle that folds by being pulled on. Others will require you to push a button in the middle of the stroller’s handle.
  • Fold: Push the handles toward the base to fold the stroller.

Newer Graco Models

The older Graco models had a one-hand fold mechanism, which has been updated in recent years. Steps 1–5 may be completed as previously:

  • Locate the release handle: This is where your child would sit in the stroller, generally near the bottom of the seat.
  • Pull the handle: The stroller’s folding should occur in on itself, with the handles and wheels moving toward one another.

If you’re still unsure how to fold your Graco stroller, check your instruction booklet or the manufacturer’s website for instructions.

BOB Strollers

baby laying in the black and gray stroller

BOB is a well-known manufacturer of jogging strollers. They have a simple fold mechanism. To fold a BOB stroller:

  • Release the handlebar: Push the twin buttons on both sides of the handlebar.
  • Push the handlebar: Push it until you hear a click, then back out slowly.
  • Engage the brake: Use your foot to apply pressure to the lever. It’s on the back left side of the stroller.
  • Squeeze up the levers: On either side of the handlebar frame, there are two more.
  • Push the handlebar: Over the seat, to the rear.
  • Tug on the red handle: It should now be in the right position on top of the folded seat. Tug it, and the stroller folds down.
  • Connect the buckles: Connect the two red buckles between the wheels to close the stroller.

Britax Strollers

There are several easy-fold strollers from Burley, Britax, and Bumbleride. Follow these steps to collapse and store them:

  • Brakes: Fix them.
  • Shopping basket: Fold the shopping basket inside the stroller.
  • Release the levers: The controls are on either side of the handlebars.
  • Handlebar: Fold the handlebar forward.
  • Lock: Verify that the stroller’s hinges are locked together to keep it shut.

Baby Trend Strollers

The company Toddler Trend is a stroller producer for active parents. Many are foldable in one hand. To collapse Baby Trend Strollers, lay them down and grasp the handles from underneath (or vice versa).

  • Brakes: Use them.
  • Levers or release buttons: Simply pull up one or both of the trigger-style switches on each side of the handle. OR Squeeze together the release buttons in the center of the handle to shut it off.
  • Fold: Turn the handle around so that it faces forward.

Chicco Strollers

The most well-known brand, in terms of strollers, is Chicco. It has a one-hand release fold mechanism as well. To unfold it, follow these steps:

  • Brakes: Use them.
  • Storage tray: Place one foot onto the lip of the storage tray.
  • Fold: Place the black release handle under the bar and push down with your foot while simultaneously lifting up on it.
  • Canopy: With one hand, reach forward and grasp the edge of the canopy. With the other, grip the handlebar. Pull the canopy away from the handlebar.
  • Secure the handlebar: To fold down the handlebar, push the two buttons on either side of it.

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