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If you want a lightweight stroller known for durability, quality, and function, then you need to take a look at the Inglesina Swift. While the Swift doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the pricier umbrella strollers, it does have features that parents rave about.

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I was quite excited when the box arrived to start using the Swift, so imagine how happy I was when I didn’t have to assemble anything. Just take off the plastic covering, unfold and use!

I’m going to go over all of the reasons why this is one of the top strollers for this price range. By the time you finish reading about the Inglesina Swift, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Inglesina Swift Features

  • High-strength lightweight aluminum frame
  • Four-position reclining seat
  • Compact umbrella fold
  • Carry handle and auto frame lock
  • Water resistant removable sun canopy with extended flip-out visor
  • Zippered storage pocket behind canopy
  • Storage basket under seat
  • Ergonomic foam handles
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Foot operated parking brakes
  • Removable washable seat made of water resistant polyester
  • JPMA Certified
  • Available in 4 vibrant colors: Mela (green), Oceano (blue), Viola (purple) and Liquirizia (black)

Durability & Performance

The Inglesina Swift stroller has convenient, comforting features at only 13 lbs because of its high strength aluminum frame. When I pushed this stroller, it didn’t feel cheap at all. It felt sturdy and well put together. I also noticed that it has the same folding safety hinges as the newer Maclaren strollers.

This stroller is for children older than 6 months, but can hold a up to a wopping 55 lbs! Most umbrella strollers only hold 30-40 lbs, so you know you’ll be able to use this stroller for many years.

The smooth ride and maneuverability of the Swift is a pleasure to take on long walks. The wheels are made of rubber and have a bit of give to them. This cushions the bumps better than hard plastic wheels. Front-end suspension smooths out the rides, as well. Walking around my neighborhood, the Swift handled the bumps and cracks extremely well.

As maneuverability goes, this stroller does require two hands to turn, like most do, but the turns are smooth and tight. Walking straight on sidewalks, however, can be done one-handed, easily.

The Inglesina Swift is also well-balanced. I hung 7 lbs off the handle before the empty stroller began to tip backward. While it is not recommended to hang bags off your handles, most parents do, especially while shopping, so keep it at 7 lbs or less.

Since the front wheels have the option to lock into place, your stroller will have more stability on bumpier surfaces and the 5¾-inch wheels certainly help. Best of all, the locking levers are very easy to use, whereas other umbrella strollers I’ve tested were more difficult to lock. I can use my foot instead of my hand to lock and unlock.

Tell me about the seat.

While having a reclining seat is a real plus, the Inglesina Swift gives you not two positions but four! Now you can find that perfect angle your child will be most comfortable when it comes to napping or relaxing. While it’s not a one-handed recline, it’s still very easy to do. The recline style and 4-positions is just like the Maclaren Triumph, a truly comparable stroller, but the Swift costs significantly less.

The seatback is nice and tall at 19½-inches, giving your child plenty of growing room. There’s an additional 5 inches of headroom from the top of the seat to the canopy. The back rest is firm, not a hammock-style seat, so your child will be properly supported and comfortable longer. A flexible rubber footrest provides additional support.

I also like the bright colors! The green shade is quite eye-catching and the other colors available are gorgeous as well. It is made of polyester fabric that has been waterproofed. I sprayed water on the hood and on the seat and it beaded up and wiped right off. The same will happen with spilled milk or juice, just use a damp cloth and viola! Good as new!

What is the fold like?

The Inglesina Swift has the standard umbrella stroller fold. Do keep in mind that you have to empty the storage basket first and fold back the canopy.

Once your stroller is folded, an automatic lock holds the frame in place. You can easily take your Inglesina Swift with you anywhere because it has a handle on the side of the frame, making it popular for regularly traveling parents. When you hold it, the stroller feels well-balanced and easy to carry. At only 13 lbs, this is a compact and lightweight choice for families on the go.

Tell me about the sun canopy.

When I first opened the sun canopy, I was impressed! And when I popped out the sun visor I was blown away at the amount of coverage it provides. The visor itself gives an additional 8½-inches of sun protection. Strollers that have comparable flip-out visors are the UPPAbaby G-Luxe or G-Lite.

What about safety features?

A five-point safety harness secures your child to the seat. The buckle isn’t heavy duty, but it does the job.

Another safety feature I really like are the parking brakes. They are big enough to access easily – step down on each to engage and push up to release. The brake levers work very well and I am overall quite pleased with them, but warning: they are NOT flip-flop friendly!

Many families like to take after dinner walks or calm a night-time fuss with a ride around the neighborhood. To help ensure that drivers can see you in this low lighting, the Inglesina Swift has reflective accents for extra safety.

Comfort for Parents

I like the tall, foam padded ergonomic handles; they are quite comfortable to grasp. Parents who are above average height also love the handles on the Inglesina Swift because they don’t have to stoop down, as they do with other strollers the same size.

You won’t kick the back of the stroller while walking, either. I’m 5’7″ and never once brushed the back of the wheels, even at a brisk walk. The only issue I might see is that shorter folks may find that the handles are too high!

I am also impressed with the mesh storage basket beneath the seat. It can hold a medium-sized purse and some other smaller baby essentials – maybe a smaller diaper bag. But since it is an umbrella stroller, the fact that it has a basket at all is a huge plus.

I put my purse and camera in the storage basket with plenty of room to spare, but you’re probably not going to have enough space for a full-sized diaper bag.

You’re also going to have some trouble getting to your items in the storage basket if the seat is reclined, as with most umbrella strollers with this type of folding design.

But if you have a few small items, just keep them in the zippered pocket behind the sun canopy! It’s just the right size for your phone, keys or wallet.


If this is not enough storage for you, you might consider getting the J.L. Childress Cups ‘N Cargo Stroller OrganizerInglesina Swift Umbrella Stroller Review | Sporty & Comfortable 1 because it has two cup holders, a huge mesh bag and zippered compartments for your secured items. It is very well priced and has gotten good reception so far.

Inglesina also makes a rain coverInglesina Swift Umbrella Stroller Review | Sporty & Comfortable 2 for the Swift in case you might be out in the wind or caught out in some drizzle.

Taking your stroller on an airline for that big family vacation? Ensure that it arrives undamaged by putting it in a Inglesina 2013 Stroller Bag.Inglesina Swift Umbrella Stroller Review | Sporty & Comfortable 3 This one is a bit pricey, but it is made especially for Inglesina single strollers and it’s nice to have a matching brand.

A less expensive alternative to check out is the highly praised J.L. Childress Padded Umbrella Stroller Travel Bag, which costs almost half the price of the Inglesina.

Overall Impressions

A stroller I had reviewed a few weeks before the Inglesina Swift was quite disappointing, so when I took this one out for a test run around my neighborhood I was incredibly impressed.

The overall quality is amazing and I personally think of the Inglesina Swift very highly. I like the frame, tight and stable, as well as the steering and smooth ride over the bumps. The tall handles are comfortable and I don’t kick the wheels.

Other standout features are the tall seatback, incredible canopy and waterproof fabric.

Parents love the Swift for its quality materials and smooth ride. Moms have mentioned the tall handles and how comfortable it is to push. Others like the seat padding, and are happy about how comfortable their child feels.

There are very few complaints about this stroller, except that it weighs a little more than Maclarens, which was an important factor for one customer who also wanted a carry strap in addition to the handle.

Where can I buy the Inglesina Swift stroller?

The best place to go for the newest model strollers is on Amazon.Inglesina Swift Umbrella Stroller Review | Sporty & Comfortable 4 You cannot go wrong with the prompt service and free shipping.

Just imagine taking your new fully assembled Inglesina Swift out of the box and taking your son or daughter for a ride a few days from now. This one’s a sure bet!

Inglesina Swift Umbrella Stroller Review | Sporty & Comfortable
Inglesina Swift Umbrella Stroller Review | Sporty & Comfortable 5

If you want a lightweight stroller known for durability, quality and function, then you need to take a look at the Inglesina Swift. Read our full review.

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