Mima vs UPPAbaby: Premium and Pricey Luxury Strollers

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If you’re looking for a high-quality stroller and you have a generous budget, you might want to consider buying either the Mima Xari or the UPPAbaby Vista.

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In this article, we compare these two high-end strollers head-to-head so that you can see just what you get for your money and which stroller represents the best value for your needs.

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Mima: Luxury and practicality combined

European company, Mima is a relatively new manufacturer of luxury strollers and high chairs, only having been around for a little over seven years.

Mima’s stylish, beautifully designed, award-winning products will certainly draw envious glances from passers-by. Designs are modern and contemporary, and all the materials used are of the highest standard and quality.

With Mima, you definitely get what you pay for.

Mima Xari

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The Mimi Xari is a luxury stroller that’s aimed at parents who enjoy a lavish lifestyle and want their child to travel in a statement stroller.

This stroller is packed with features that reflect the manufacturer’s love for attention to fine detail. The Xari is chock full of fabulous extras that make parents’ lives easier such as the easy-to-operate harness system, one-hand recline, all-in-one fold, and the ability to position the seat to make it parent-facing.

If you have plenty of cash to splash and you’re looking to make a statement, undoubtedly the Xari is what you need.

To see Mima’s promotional video for the Xari stroller, check out this link.

What we like

  • Super-simple to operate safety harness system
  • Cleverly designed all-in-one fold
  • Dual-position seat
  • Lots of extras, including shopping basket covers, seat liner, carrycot mattress

What we don’t like

  • Strangely designed armadillo-like hood doesn’t provide good coverage
  • The seat’s molded shape is fine for tiny babies but isn’t great for the comfort of toddlers, particularly tall ones
  • Very expensive

Mima Xari: Features that matter

Color choice

The Xari is almost completely customizable. The seat pod comes in white, camel, grey, royal blue, yellow (limited edition), and Argento. Choose from chassis colors, including aluminum, matte black and rose gold. The starter pack comes in a range of 12 beautiful colors.

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The chassis set up is pretty simple although it can’t be done in just a few minutes.

The shape of the chassis is unique, and you won’t find anything else like it on the market. The shape is somehow curved and angular at the same time. The wheel axles extend outward from the central barrel, giving the stroller a lovely rocking motion while you push that’s perfect for soothing a baby to sleep!

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The wheels of the Xari have rubber tires for a super-smooth ride. For ease of storage and transport, the wheels simply pop on and off. Like the Vista, the Xari’s front wheels swivel and are lockable too for occasions when you’re negotiating uneven ground. The incredibly tiny turning circle makes maneuvering the Xari a dream.

The single brake is located in the center of the back wheels and operates smoothly and easily via a neat pedal.


If you were expecting generous storage for your money, the Xari is a disappointment. There are two baskets. The front basket is fine for keeping wipes, bibs, and dummies, etc., and the larger back basket will take a blanket or diaper bag. Both baskets have covers that coordinate beautifully with your chosen seat cover. Just don’t expect to take this stroller grocery shopping!


As you’d expect with a stroller of this class, the handlebar has a zip-on leather cover to match the seat. The handlebar has three different positions that are selected via round buttons on the side of the handlebar.

Seat and carrycot

The seat is egg-shaped and extremely comfy. Even the harness is made from the softest webbing and has easy-sliding adjustors and an egg-shaped buckle to match the seat.

The seat reclines smoothly and efficiently via a concealed lever at the back.

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You can place the seat on the chassis in a rear or forward-facing position. Also, you can slide the chair brackets up and down the frame so that you can bring the carrycot closer to you if you want to.

Instead of a separate carrycot, the seat casing transforms magically into the carrycot!


The canopy of this stroller is unlike anything you’ll find on other strollers. It’s made up of three armadillo-like armor plates that can be extended individually to provide reasonable coverage. You may feel that the shade provided by the canopy is somewhat limited for a stroller in this price bracket and some users find extending the retracting the hood rather jerky.


The Xari is very easy to fold, and you can complete the process using one-hand. The folded stroller is pretty compact, but it isn’t self-standing.

UPPAbaby: Good-looking, practical, and fun to use

U.S. company, UPPAbaby makes high-quality, best-selling baby products, including a range of strollers.

UPPAbaby has been around for over 30 years and is a well-established company with an excellent reputation for producing stylish, practical strollers that are lightweight, fun, and easy to use. Although not in the same luxury ballpark as Mima, UPPAbaby’s products are well-designed and represent great value for money if you’re looking for a mid-range stroller that does what you need it to do.

UPPAbaby Vista

2018 UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller, Henry (Blue Marl/Silver/Saddle Leather)
  • Includes bassinet, full size front or rear facing toddler seat with multi-position recline, toddler seat rain and bug shields, and bassinet bug shield and storage bag
  • Compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat - direct attachment, no adapters necessary; Compatible with select Chicco and Maxi-Cosi infant car seats when using adaptors (car seats and adaptors sold...
  • Longer bassinet mattress pad with ventilation for added breathability

The UPPAbaby Vista is an extremely popular convertible stroller that comes with a toddler seat and bassinet. If you’re looking for a regular stroller for running errands and taking off-road trips, the Vista could be perfect for you.

The Vista provides the ideal solution for parents who may be planning on growing their family as this stroller grows with your child and expands for the second!

The UPPAbaby Vista is a smart-looking stroller that’s packed with practical features, and all for a much lower price point than the Xari. Check out the Vista in action below:

What we like

  • Top-quality materials and fabrics
  • Can accommodate three children at the same time
  • The bassinet is roomy, breathable, and approved for overnight use
  • Deep seat recline and hassle-free harness
  • Very maneuverable and a breeze to push
  • Plenty of storage space in the huge underseat basket

What we don’t like

  • Not the lightest to carry down a flight of stairs, especially for new moms
  • The two-seat version is more difficult to maneuver in crowds
  • Expensive, and expanding it to a double incurs additional cost

UPPAbaby Vista: Features that matter

Seating options

The UPPAbaby Vista is suitable for one, two, or even three children, serving you from birth right through to toddlerhood.

There’s a standard toddler seat that can be front or rear-facing, like the Mima Xari. The seat has six different recline positions, and you can raise or lower it with one hand via a lever. You can tip the whole seat back when you recline it, not just the backrest.

2018 UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller, Henry (Blue Marl/Silver/Saddle Leather)

Unlike the Xari that can be used for newborns, the Vista stroller is only suitable for infants from three months, as the seat doesn’t recline completely flat. However, the bassinet can be used for your newborn until they’re big enough to hold their head up independently.

The stroller takes a child up to 50 lbs, and the seat is designed to fit a tall toddler comfortably, unlike the Xari. A bumper bar and adjustable multi-position leg rest make the Vista safe and comfy for babies and toddlers too.

The seat has a five-point safety harness that’s easy to put on and remove while still being toddler-proof.


The Vista’s canopy is much larger than that of the Xari, which could be a deal-breaker for you if you live in a very sunny climate. The canopy has two extendable panels and a long, pop-out sun visor that’s made of UPF 50+ material. Once fully extended, the canopy provides coverage for the baby’s face and whole torso. The canopy is also height-adjustable to accommodate a growing toddler.

2018 UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller, Henry (Blue Marl/Silver/Saddle Leather)

Unlike the Xari, the Vista’s canopy has a peek-a-boo window with silent, magnetic closures, so you can keep an eye on your napping youngster without disturbing them. The mesh window provides plenty of fresh air during summer strolls.


Like the Xari, the Vista has a bassinet that can be used for a newborn until the baby weighs 20 lbs and measures 25”.

2018 UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller, Henry (Blue Marl/Silver/Saddle Leather)

The Vista’s vented bassinet has a breathable mattress pad to help keep your baby cool during hot weather. Also, you can unzip the rear panel of the canopy for extra airflow. These thoughtful details will help to keep your child cool and comfy, even on the hottest days.

Travel system

You can use the UPPAbaby Vista as a travel system with the UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat that you purchase separately. Unlike the Mima Xari, the Vista is compatible with other infant car seats, including the Chicco Keyfit and the Maxi-Cosi Mico car seat, although you will need a special adapter to attach the seat to the stroller frame.

Wheels and suspension

The Vista’s wheels and suspension system combine to give your child a super-smooth ride and make pushing the stroller a breeze for you.

The Vista’s wheels will handle many types of terrain with ease, including gravel, grass, and uneven pavements. Of course, you can push the Vista with one hand!

The wheels are polyurethane, making them durable and giving a smooth ride and great maneuverability. And you won’t need to worry about flat tires! Like the Xari, the Vista’s front wheels pivot and can also be locked for occasions when you’re traveling over rough terrain. The stroller has shock-absorbing suspension on all four wheels, making it a breeze to cross various surfaces, including woodland trails, gravel, and snow.


Like the Xari, the Vista is easy to maneuver and comfortable to push, even with one hand. However, the stroller is quite wide so that one-handed steering might be tricky around tight turns or through narrow doorways.

2018 UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller, Henry (Blue Marl/Silver/Saddle Leather)

When you expand the Vista to a double stroller, it makes steering more difficult, and you will need two hands for pushing, especially in crowds and through tight doorways.


The Vista has a foot-operated parking brake. All you need to do is tap the pedal once to lock and unlock. Both the Xari and the Vista’s braking systems can be operated with open-toed sandals or even with bare feet! The brake pedal has a handy green and red indicator to show you when it’s engaged or released so that you know you’ve set the brake correctly.


The Vista’s handlebar is extendable, which is perfect for parents of different heights. And the stroller’s smart design means that you won’t kick the stroller while walking, no matter at what height the handlebar is set.

The Xari is luxurious and has a leather-covered handlebar. And so does the Vista! You can choose a color to coordinate with the stroller and the leather covered bumper bar to add an extra touch of class to your child’s ride!


In the storage department, the Xari disappoints, and the Vista wins hands-down! UPPAbaby has designed this stroller with a massive basket (capacity 30 lbs) underneath the seat that will fit a diaper bag, toys, snacks, and other essentials. The basket is very easily accessible too, especially from the rear of the stroller, which makes getting to what you need easy and quick.

There’s also a small, zip-fastening pocket on the back of the seat that will fit your phone and keys.

Durability and build

Like the Xari, the Vista is made using the highest-quality materials, so the stroller should last you for many years, which is a big plus point if you’re planning on growing your family. The frame is made from powder-coated aluminum, so it’s durable and rust-proof, as well as having a mat finish that makes it less susceptible to scratching.


The Vista’s fold is quick and straightforward and can be accomplished with just one hand. You can choose to leave the seat attached or remove it first if you prefer. The Vista has an automatic lock that holds the stroller closed when folded, and it’s self-standing, unlike the Xari.

2018 UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller, Henry (Blue Marl/Silver/Saddle Leather)

Included extras

The Vista comes with some nice extras that you don’t get with the Xari. There are two bug shields (one for the toddler seat and one for the bassinet). You also get a rain cover for the seat and a storage bag for the bassinet. A leather-covered bumper bar is also included.

Wrapping it up

If you have money to spare and you want to turn heads when you’re out with your little one, you’ll want to check out the Mima Xari stroller. With its distinctive canopy, chic design, and eye-catching leather, color-coordinated trim and matching basket covers, the Xari is definitely the most stylish stroller on the block. However, it’s also one of the most expensive, and not suitable for larger toddlers because of the shape of the seat.

The UPPAbaby Vista is a more traditionally styled stroller that comes with a much more generous canopy and more storage than the Xari. You’ll also get a leather covered handlebar and bumper bar with the stroller, and the overall look is expensive and stylish. The ride quality provided by the Vista is also smoother than the Xari, but it’s also broader and less maneuverable in tight spaces.

So, if you have a new baby and you don’t mind upscaling to a larger stroller when your infant outgrows it, you might want to choose the luxury of the Xari. However, if you want a stroller that will last your child from newborn right through to around four years, the Vista could be your best choice.

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