How Long Do Strollers Last?

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How long do strollers last? Naturally, parents of a second kid are always asking themselves which objects they can reuse the first time around to save money. Similarly, frugal first-time parents are undoubtedly asking if they may buy used baby goods. I was curious if strollers expired, and whether or not they could be purchased or sold new. While everyone is aware that car seats should not usually be acquired secondhand, I wondered whether strollers have a shelf life as well.

According to the manufacturers, all baby stroller brands have no official expiration date. Unlike car seats, which must be replaced after a certain period of time, strollers that are in good working order and include the most recent safety features and other amenities can be used for a long time regardless of age. Before purchasing and using a secondhand stroller, it is important to thoroughly examine and study it.

My twins and my son had such a huge difference in age that we didn’t have access to much of our old baby gear. That’s terrible because baby strollers can be rather pricey! Let’s look into why strollers don’t go out of style, how to choose a secondhand stroller, and even what to do with an outdated stroller once you’ve outgrown it.

Do Strollers Expire?

The good news, for parents who were unaware, is that strollers do not have an expiration date. Strollers are designed with important safety features in mind. The main reason why strollers are utilized is to make the transportation of infants from one location to another much easier and less laborious.

There are no stickers or labels on the stroller indicating its expiration date, as there are with car seats. There is no expiry date on the stroller because it does not have one. For example, one of the wheels in a stroller may have broken down, but it will still operate. It will not be as comfy for your child and you who are pushing it as it once was, but the fact remains that it will work.

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The absolute most critical thing to worry about as a parent is the seats that come with the stroller. Although it will still function when used with the stroller, it is a completely different scenario when the safety seat is in your vehicle. You have put your kid at risk of being harmed or killed in an accident, therefore you should change it right away.

How Old Can A Stroller Be?

Although the American Academy of Pediatrics does not provide any recommendations on when youngsters should retire a stroller, Shu says that most children should use a vehicle rather than a stroller around the age of three.

Why Do Not Baby Strollers Expire?

Expiry dates are intended to keep consumers safe, nothing more. While everyone should realize that drinking expired milk might be hazardous to their health, matters become a bit less certain when you speak about items like car seats, bassinets, strollers, and other durable baby gear.

It is extremely unusual to find an expiration date on a stroller, as the components used in its construction last a very long time to fail under most situations. Even if the stroller is damaged, you simply stop using it. A broken stroller will not make anybody ill or create problems. Of course, accidents can happen; for example, a stroller may appear completely fine one minute and then fall apart the next minute.

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Metal, plastic, and fabric are the most common materials used to construct baby strollers. Metal might rust over time, plastic can become brittle with time, and fabric may lose its shape and be prone to ripping. With this in mind, this procedure does not happen overnight, and with suitable care and regular usage, your typical stroller should last you a long time.

Is It Permissible To Purchase A Used Stroller?

Purchasing a used stroller may be a wonderful method to save money. That is excellent since, as a parent, all of those dollars will be crucial when it comes time to purchase all of the other things your adorable bundle of joy requires throughout the day.

You will need to exercise just as much common sense when purchasing something secondhand as you would if you were buying anything new. Because strollers are inherently dangerous, don’t accept anything that makes you uncomfortable.

In most situations, you will discover strollers that have been purchased within the last few years (when the baby was born), have barely been used (on neighborhood walks), and have been properly stored indoors. If it appears like the stroller has been exposed to weather or mishandled, simply walk by.

Tips For Purchasing A Used Stroller

There are several locations to look for used strollers. Since it is a large item, I would rather search locally to save money on shipping. In most cases, you may make an appointment with the seller to pick up your purchase in a convenient location.

The best place to look is Facebook, in my opinion. Between parenting groups, purchase/sale groups, school clubs, church organizations, and other organizations, you should easily locate many listings. In my opinion, the major advantage is that whereas Craigslist may provide some information about the seller (such as their location), Facebook will at least tell you who the person selling to you is and whether or not they are already known to you!

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But, if you are meeting the seller for the first time in a public place during the day, be sure to do so. My wife frequently sends me into making the pickup since I am such a manly and powerful guy (hah! ).

Finally, conduct research on any model you’re considering by looking into product recalls or any other safety issues that you may come across. I also like to go over Amazon reviews for a model to see if recent buyers have reported problems with it breaking or having other issues. If it’s a particularly old model, double-check to make sure it has the necessary safety features that modern strollers have.

Even if the stroller appears to be in excellent condition in the photos, go for a test drive before handing over your money. Dishonest vendors may gloss over minor details such as an unstable tire or an unknown stain on the cloth. I would overlook a few dings and scratches, but I wouldn’t ignore the obvious damage. Check for any of the following:

  • Pressure without movement (if it’s a genuine tire) and no wobbling on the wheels
  • The brakes or locks are in good order.
  • All necessary attachments are included.
  • The fabric is completely clean and stain-free.
  • The straps are firmly fastened and the snaps or fastener functions as intended.
  • If you’re using a stroller, make sure your car seat is compatible!

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