How To Clean Stroller Wheels: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Strollers are a great way to stay on the go with your baby, but the more you use it the quicker your wheels will begin to build up dirt.

To ensure your stroller is always ready to go, we recommend cleaning the wheels on a regular basis. This guide will help you understand how to clean the wheels of the stroller so that life becomes easier for you!

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How To Clean Stroller Wheels

How To Clean Stroller Wheels

Strollers with wheels are frequently dirty from all the sidewalks, walking paths, and pavement they encounter. There are a few techniques to clean them thoroughly below:

Set Up Your Stroller On A Table

Begin by setting your stroller on a table and removing the upper pieces of your stroller.

Then, using soap and a soft towel carefully clean the wheels one at a time. Move slowly over each wheel, removing dirt particles from various locations. Then, be sure to dry them completely before moving on.

Cleaning Damaged Stroller Wheels

If you do not clean your wheels at the appropriate time, they may get damaged – as a result, be careful not to pick them up too quickly.

Be sure to clean your wheels with a soft cloth. The best cleaning procedure is determined by the amount of dirt on your wheel. If it’s less filthy than usual, just use regular detergent.

If you look at your stroller’s wheel, you’ll notice that it is divided into three or four pieces. In every corner of the wheel, there will be dirt and germs to be cleaned.

We recommend using warm water with detergent to clean them. You can wash away any bacteria that may be lingering by pressing slowly over the dirty area. After, remember to allow time to dry out the wheel.

Top Wheel Cleaning

Some strollers have four wheels, but the majority have three. In that case, you will need to take out the front or top wheel and clean it in the same manner as the back wheels.

The top wheel is usually dirtier because it is forward-facing. You can use a brush or an old towel to clean your top wheel.

How To Deep Clean A Stroller

Strollers are often thought of as a place to keep all of your children’s belongings and perhaps relax on occasion, so they need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

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You should clean your stroller at least once every few months or so depending on usage. It is also vital that you clean any time you use harsh chemicals like bleach, which are not only harmful to kids and pets but can also damage the fabric or other parts of your stroller if left untreated.

Before cleaning with a hard-surface scrubbing brush, make sure there is nothing inside your stroller. Remove the wheels and tray before beginning the cleaning process with soap and water.

What Is The Best Way To Grease A Stroller Wheel?

Remove your stroller wheels and tires first. Then, use an old towel to apply a light layer of lubricant to all of the wheels.

For your own safety, keep in mind to put something underneath the surface before applying lubricant to avoid stains on nearby furniture or other surfaces! Finally, replace your wheels and tighten them securely for optimum performance.

What’s The Best Way To Get Sand Out Of Stroller Wheels?

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Wipe Your Stroller Wheels

Sand can be difficult to remove from the gaps between your stroller’s wheels, but all it takes is a little elbow work and perseverance. Before you start, spritz them down with water and use an old towel to wipe away as much sand as possible.

Before attempting again, make sure they’re totally dry because any leftover water will only extend the removal procedure!

Wearing gloves while using an old rag for this step helps to avoid oils on your hands from causing more stains on the wheel after sand particles are wiped away.

Scrub The Wheels

Next, take two pieces of cardboard (or anything roughly the same size) and place one beneath each tire area where there appears to be debris remaining. This will aid in the prevention of sand from spreading when you clean and avoid scratches on your stroller.

Take a clean toothbrush or an old rag that isn’t too fluffy to scrub away any remaining particles of dirt. It may appear to be a straightforward task, but it’s critical to use as much elbow power as feasible in order for this method to work effectively.

Repeat scrubbing as many times as necessary to remove all the sand and dirt.

Shine Your Wheels

After the wheels have been cleaned, it’s time to brighten them up!

Take a clean old rag or paper towel and soak it in water with 2-3 drops of dish soap. Wring out the cloth carefully so you don’t put too much pressure on the wheel surface. Scrub any remaining dirt particles off of all surfaces until they’re gleaming clean once again.

Lubricate Your Wheels

Finally, be sure to re-lubricate your stroller wheels with silicone spray before using it again to avoid future harm from moisture exposure such as rusting.

It is a good idea to lubricate your wheels after every use, especially if you use your stroller frequently. Depending on how often the stroller is used, it may be necessary for to oil your wheels every now and then. If you want to save time, lubricate your wheels before each usage.

Final Thoughts

Keep your stroller in optimal shape by taking time to regularly clean the wheels! It doesn’t take long and will ensure your stroller is always ready to go.

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