Silver Cross Jet Review: A Lightweight Travel Stroller Where Less Is More

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There are times when we need a multipurpose stroller that carries our babies, their bags, plus a few favorite toys. Luxuries are sweet but cumbersome while traveling.

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A lightweight travel stroller typically folds easily, takes up little storage space, and transforms into a bag-like form.

Let’s see whether the Silver Cross Jet qualifies as a travel stroller or not.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Lightweight Travel Stroller

There are a few features you should look for, as you set about looking for the right travel stroller. Here are the ones that top the list.


Travel often means having to walk long distances to reach a train, long waits in airport lounges, and generally moving a lot.

Your baby should stay comfortable throughout these errands or waiting times. Sitting, napping, or fully asleep, the stroller should be accomodating.

Furthermore, you’ll be out in the open air frequently, so what if the weather becomes less agreeable? In that case, the stroller should provide sufficient protection for your child from the sun, wind, and rain.


Safety always comes first. And even a lightweight stroller should have sufficient stability, endurance, and restraint.

A strong frame is non-negotiable. Then there’s the harnessing of the baby inside the stroller. Finally, the wheels should be resilient enough around the usual street roughness.

The braking system should be designed so that an accidental touch wouldn’t release the brakes. The same checks should be available for the folding mechanism. The stroller should never be collapsible at the push of a single lever.


Once you get on board a plane, vehicle, bus, or train, you’d need to stow away the baby stroller. That’s why being compact and foldable are essentials.

It’s also a big plus if the folded stroller ends up with a carrying handle. This way it can be easily lifted along with the rest of the baggage.

Overview of the Silver Cross Jet Stroller

Silver Cross Jet Ultra

Lightweight, compact, and suitable from birth, the Silver Cross Jet Special Edition Single Stroller is perfect for a busy family on the go. The new design has an increased weight capacity to 55 pounds, a larger seat capacity and a higher handlebar.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you

The Silver Cross Jet is an accomodating and dependable travel companion. It provides plenty of comfort with its ergonomic seat and adjustable handlebar. In addition to the weather protection features that are all on point.

This stroller is a breeze to carry from place to place, thanks to its smart folding mechanism. Furthermore, it’s adaptable to most car seats.

These features are mostly modifications in the 2020 model, which is almost a brand new design. Apparently, the better fabrics and a few cosmetics added elegance to a budget-friendly stroller.

The Silver Cross Jet compares nicely to the Babyzen YOYO, which sells for double the price. Actually, the Silver Cross has a higher weight capacity than the YOYO. and the only feature that the Babyzen can brag about is the bigger storage.

Things We Like

  • Folds into a compact portable size
  • The seat is perfect for napping and reclining
  • The canopy is extendable and has a peekaboo window
  • Award-winning customer support
  • 3-year warranty

Room For Improvement

  • The storage space is rather limited
  • The chair can’t be adjusted to an upright sitting position, always inclined backward
  • The wheels are small and narrow, they could get wedged inside uneven floors

The Main Features and Benefits

The best feature of the Siver Cross Jet is its versatility. It’s frequently classified as a lightweight travel stroller, but it can easily be used in everyday errands as well.

Here’s why I think so, plus my full assessment of this interesting stroller.

The Seat

When I check any stroller, I often start with the seat. I make sure that my baby would be comfortable and safe in it. And I also look a few years ahead, would it still accommodate my toddler, or would it become too tight?

The Silver Cross Jet seat has ample space for an infant in a fully flat position. It’s also wide enough for a toddler to be at ease. This is not something we see too often in compact strollers. The weight capacity is another unique feature for the jet, as it can carry a three-year-old of about 55 lbs.

The inclines are pretty good but would be far better if the seat provided a right-angled position. It’s worth noting that most strollers, especially the compact ones, aren’t able to provide that either. So I won’t be too harsh on the jet.

The adjustable footrest is a good addition as well. It’s common in most strollers, but the padding is a bit of extra pampering I found thoughtful and sweet.

The Head Rest and Harness

Being safe is as important as being comfortable. And the adjustable headrest and harness provide both. You can even continue to fine-tune the adjustments even while your baby is tucked in and strapped.

This allows for a better fit around your baby, which means better security without applying unnecessary pressure.

The Canopy

The Canopy, or hood, is made from premium quality fabrics. This is among the brand new features of the 2020 model. It extends all around the stroller seat to protect your child from the wind. It also has a convenient peekaboo window so you can check on your infant.

That covers the winter weather. As for the summer, you’d be glad to know the canopy is rated UPF 50, which provides fair protection from the sun. There’s also a little vent that lets in some air, to keep the internal temperature mellow.

The Folding System

This is by far the best feature of the Silver Cross Jet. The whole stroller folds easily into a compact package of 22 x 12 x 7 inches. The tummy bar acts as a slick handle for this package, with its added leather coating and ergonomic curvature.

The folding technique could take a bit of getting used to it. In theory, it’s all about a single lever, but actually, you have to push on a button and pull a lever simultaneously.

Some users think that this is an unnecessary complication, however, I believe that it’s better to engage two elements in the stroller to start folding it. Simply, this minimizes the possibility of accidentally folding the stroller with the baby inside.

The Handlebar

Tall parents often find themselves bending and kneeling to push their baby’s stroller around. But many manufacturers became aware of this inconvenience and devised some practical solutions to make things easier for the parents as well.

A handlebar that extends to accommodate all statures is certainly a big plus. It has the same brown/black coloring as the tummy bar, which adds a touch of elegance to the stroller. Also, there’s a round button, right in the center of the handlebar, that aids in folding the frame.

Compatibility with Car Seats

If you’re going to be traveling with your vehicle, then you need a stroller that can be mounted without a hassle to the car seat. The Silver Cross is a team player, and you’d find that it fits easily with most car seat brands.

Moreover, the rest of the frame is so compact that it can be stowed away in the trunk with total ease. It wouldn’t take up the precious real estate reserved for the luggage and other travel essentials.

The Wheels and Suspension System

The Silver Cross Jet 2020 received more than 60 improvements over the classic model. One of these is installing wider wheels.

Even though this is not an all-terrain stroller, it can still hold its own over a bumpy road. The improved larger wheels can take the irregularities in stride, and the suspension system filters out the agitations.

The wheels are positioned so they can offer a fair amount of maneuverability. You wouldn’t need to go backward and forward ten times to reorient the stroller. Steering the Jet is actually quite easy.

Some users claim that the wheels are much too small and narrow. Which is why they frequently get stuck and wedged in street cracks. This theory needs a bit more investigation. However, the wider majority of users haven’t come across that inconvenience. On the contrary, there’s plenty of praise for the smooth ride provided by these wheels.

Silver Cross Jet Ultra

Lightweight, compact, and suitable from birth, the Silver Cross Jet Special Edition Single Stroller is perfect for a busy family on the go. The new design has an increased weight capacity to 55 pounds, a larger seat capacity and a higher handlebar.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you

Alternatives and Conclusion

The Siver Cross Jet is among the best lightweight travel strollers. It’s compact, portable, comfortable, and easy to drive around. On top of that, it folds neatly into a compact package, which can be stowed away in an airplane’s side shelf.

It’s also elegant and comes at a budget-friendly price. Still, nobody is perfect, and the fact that its storage is rather limited prompts us to take a look at some of its peers. The Graco UrbanLite stroller is among the top alternatives.

It certainly sorts out the storage basket issue, but it comes with some other perks. It has a tray where your baby can place a snack box and a cup, which is also missing from the jet. And quite frankly, it’s one eyecatching pram!

You could also take a peek at the UPPABaby Stroller collection, which is a rather new brand, but its strollers are certainly worth considering, The have impressive designs, come with a host of practical features, and they’re offered at an appealing price.

Silver Cross Jet Review: A Lightweight Travel Stroller Where Less Is More

Silver Cross Jet is among the best lightweight travel strollers. It’s compact, portable, and easy to drive around. Check more on our review.

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