Foppapedretti Myo Stroller Review: Traveling In Style!

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Having a trustworthy travel system is never easy. Moving your napping baby from the stroller to the vehicle requires several adaptors, and rarely matches fully. And if you have an infant that needs a carrycot or bassinet, things could get a bit more complicated.

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The Foppapedretti Myo Stroller is a high-end travel system, with components that transfer seamlessly from the stroller frame to the car. It does come with a high price tag though, so is it worth buying? Let’s see now.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel System Stroller

For a parent who wants a travel stroller system, there are a few special considerations to look for. That’s of course in addition to all the regular stuff you’d want to see in your baby’s stroller, like comfort, stability, and the rest of the basics.

Do You Like All the Components?

Sometimes we see an integrated system, and we think that the carrycot is amazing, but the car seat not so much. In that case, it would be better to keep looking for a system that you like as a whole.

First, since that’s the whole point of buying a travel system. And second, because these strollers often come with a hefty bill, so you might as well get your money’s worth, and a baby stroller that’ll make you happy.

The Baby’s Age

The carrycot and car seat of the travel system is often designed to accommodate babies from birth to about 15 months. If your child is a year old or older, then a regular stroller might be a better option.

Comfort and Safety

While using a travel system, you’d be constantly transferring the carrycot, or the car seat, from the stroller frame to the vehicle. This regular activity should be 100% foolproof. All the parts in the stroller and the vehicle should match to the nines, and lock in place in a clear manner.

The padding, headrest, and harness system should also be inspected for safety.

Weather Protection

Travel systems are by definition constantly subject to all sorts of weather. You need to make sure that your baby will be well protected from the wind, sun, and rain. It’s also essential to have some ventilation while extending the canopy over the stroller seat or bassinet.

Foppapedretti Myo Stroller Overview

Foppapedretti is a vintage brand that’s been around since 1945. Ezio Foppa Pedretti, the founder, has a deep appreciation of three things; wood, functionality, and innovation. Beauty and diligence seem to rank high in this company’s core values.

What started with a small family run business selling toys, is now a prominent manufacturer of several unique wooden structures and baby products. One of their highly successful items is the Foppapedretti Myo Pushchair.

It’s a classical looking stroller that mirrors the designs of the 1800s. Its innovation crosses the boundaries of the 2000s though. The Foppapedretti Myo is an integrated travel system, and the manual twin of the Myo Tronic, which is the first powered push-chair we know of.

This stroller has both good looks and great functionality. You can compare it with the Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System, which comes with pretty similar features, at a slightly higher price. The Foppapedretti Myo is a far more stylish stroller, while the Chicco has huge storage that the Myo lacks.

Things We Like

  • Innovative award-winning design
  • The seat faces forward and back
  • Possibility of swiveling the chair 360 degrees
  • Large air-filled tires for a smooth drive
  • Rich padding of the seat

Room For Improvement

  • The basket is a bit low on storage space
  • It’s a bit bulky even when folded
  • It’s an expensive stroller

Features and Benefits

Here’s what’s so special about the Myo stroller. However, bear in mind that not all features impact every user the same way. Some aspects would be more important to you than others.

The Design

This is a one-of-a-kind design that we haven’t seen in any other stroller. We expect some copies to pop up soon, but until then, you’ll be using a stroller that’s eye-catching and pretty glam.

Looks aren’t everything though. The curving lines that make up this stroller, also provide lightweight, agility, and an even distribution of mass. This good engineering reflects in a smooth drive and general ease-of-use.

The Frame

The aluminum that makes up the frame is hardly discernible, as this high-finish only comes with premium-quality steel. There’s a minimal amount of joining and metal put into the stroller. That’s why it’s easy to handle, carry, and store.

The chair or carrycot is easily split from the frame, and it can only be returned with a firm lock.

The Bumper Bar

Easing your child into the stroller, and then carrying her out of it, could need some dexterity if the ‘tummy bar’ is fixed in place. That’s why we appreciate this gate-like bumper bar, which opens up completely to the side, so you can access the seat fully.

Once your baby is in place, you can strap-in the harness, adjust it securely, then close the ‘gate’ bumper bar and lock it in.

The Stroller

The stroller is designed to carry tiny infants all the way to 3-year-old toddlers. The chair locks into front or rear-facing positions. The footrest is also adjustable to keep the baby relaxed and secure. Furthermore, the backrest can be angled into multiple positions, and fully lowered when the seat is in the rear-facing position.

For the parents’ comfort, the handlebar has two positions that suit most statures. It also contains hand-warmers, so when it gets chilly outside, you can still take your baby on trips, chores, or nice strolls.

The Carrycot and Carseat

These travel companions are both designed for newborn babies, up to 15-month old children. They have a sturdy frame, luxurious padding, effective harnessing, plus extra ventilation for comfort.

Babies love a little rocking, and that’s exactly what they get with these carriers. And speaking of keeping the baby comfortable, we have to mention the canopy. It’s already a generous affair, but it can extend further down almost to the baby’s toes. It has a mesh window in the back to keep things airy and light.

The carrycot and car seat fit quite nicely inside your vehicle, and if you’d like extra safety, there’s a safety kit that sells separately. It’s recommended of course to install it.

The Wheels

The wheels of the Myo are just as carefully designed as every other part of it. They come with ball bearings to make the drive as smooth as they get. You can propel the stroller with the least effort.

The front wheels have a swivel motion, but they’re equipped with a locking mechanism that keeps them in a straight line. Braking is pretty straightforward with an easily accessible pedal.

Other Accessories

Hand warmers in the handlebar, a footmuff for the baby, strategically placed pockets in the canopy, and a richly padded mattress, are among the practical additions that adorn this stroller. They’re all handy and will be extensively used.

The Myo also comes with a stylish backpack, made from the same fabric as the stroller. It’s nicely organized into neat compartments, that you’ll need to pack up the baby’s stuff. It already has a changing mat, so you wouldn’t need to bring in that.

Alternatives and Conclusion

The Foppapedretti Myo is a high-end travel system that looks stylish and makes your life easy with its many practical features. The design is on point and seems to really understand your needs, whether your child is an infant or a toddler.

The carrycot is equipped with a safety kit for the car, extra ventilation at the base, a rocking system, in addition to being nicely adjustable. It’s a lightweight structure, that you’d be able to move around with no trouble at all.

As for the car seat, the main attribute in it is it’s keeping the baby well contained, snug, and safe. It’s ready to carry a baby from birth to around 15 months, as it is a little tighter than the stroller. It can be used as a cradle or a baby carrier. It can also be attached to the car seat. And if your baby needs some pampering, it has a rocker system.

The stroller is unique in its appearance, and it’s fully adjustable to keep you and your baby totally comfortable. It drives smoothly and maneuvers like a breeze. The little details in the design like the fully extendable canopy, hand warmers, luxurious padding, and side pockets, are what really add the biggest value.

All the parts are compliant with baby safety regulations, which adds trust and reliability. The stroller also won an acclaimed prize for its unique and functional design.

While travel systems guarantee that your stroller will match the car seat, there’s a bit of redundancy in that arrangement.

However, using a convertible stroller would eliminate the need for any extra components. That’s because it transforms from car seat to stroller to carrycot in a jiffy. A convertible stroller like the Graco Modes Pramette Stroller is unique in its versatility.

You could also check out the Bugaboo Fox strollers, which are a bit more agile. And if you’re considering a budget-friendly alternative, the UPPAbaby Strollers have some noteworthy models.

Foppapedretti Myo Stroller Review: Traveling In Style!
Foppapedretti Myo Stroller Review: Traveling In Style! 1

Every parent wants a travel system stroller, but finding one is never easy. That's why we've got the Foppapedretti Myo review to make your life a little simpler.

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