The Best Budget Double Jogging Strollers

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Double jogging strollers are excellent for active families with two children because they are usually made with three large bicycle-style racing wheels, and they are very sturdy compared to other models. This type of double stroller is also good not only for jogging but also for walking/hiking on rough terrains or uneven surfaces.

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However, a double jogger stroller has a fixed front wheel, so it is not convenient for maneuvering; you should absolutely consider an all terrain double stroller with a front swivel wheel for more maneuverability. An all terrain type has a front wheel locking option and most models are adequate for jogging as well.

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Quick Summary: The 5 Best Budget Double Jogging Strollers

BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller, YellowBOB Ironman Duallie Stroller Check on Amazon →
BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller, OrangeBOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller Check on Amazon →
No products found.Schwinn Arrow DoubleCheck on Amazon →
Instep Run Around 2 Double Jogging StrollerInStep Runaround 2Check on Amazon →
No products found.Baby Jogger Performance DoubleCheck on Amazon →

Back to our fixed-wheel type. Double jogging strollers have rear or all-wheel suspension systems, making it perform smoothly on uneven surfaces and take the vibration of faster speeds on the open road. A double jogger stroller also comes with a handbrake on the handle to slow your stroller rather than making it come to a full stop – an essential safety feature when you’re going much faster than a walking pace. These strollers also have, of course, standard foot brakes to come to a complete stop.

And now, at long last, the top-rated double jogging strollers based on consumer guides and from savvy parents like you!

BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller, Yellow
  • Fixed front wheel provides increased stability whether jogging or running at training pace
  • Easy, two step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage
  • State of the art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride

For serious runners who require top safety features and on-road performance, the BOB Ironman Duallie stroller can do the job. The Ironman Dually is one of the lightest jogging strollers in its class, weighing in at only 31.4 pounds, with the least rolling resistance. The stiffer 3-inch suspension allows for more precise maneuverability and response while running and the tires are 16-inch high-pressure road slicks.

The Ironman Duallie comes in racer yellow or blue and the price is approximately $520. This Duallie got near unanimous high ratings with only a couple of negative comments across the board. Parents love how the weightless, smooth ride keeps their running pace going strong and their kids enjoy the ride. Find out exactly why these customers rave about the Ironman and all its superb features at the BOB Ironman stroller review. The review is for the single Ironman, which has exactly the same features and benefits, aside from measurements and weight. (Duallie is 34 lbs and 30.63″ wide.)

BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller

BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller, Orange
  • Fixed front wheel provides increased stability hiking, jogging or when the trail gets rough
  • Easy, 2 step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage
  • State of the art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride

Presenting the 4×4 of strollers – many owners of this Duallie live in rural areas and rave at how durable it is. The 16×2-inch knobby tires and the fixed front wheel is made for all sorts of terrain, from bumpy roads, cracked sidewalks, and uneven trails.

The Sport Utility Duallie stroller has an excellent suspension system, keeping the ride remarkably smooth for your kids as you explore the outdoors. It has the toughness and durability of a mountain bike with its aluminum frame and polymer wheels for superior traction.

Make sure you want a fixed wheel before deciding on this stroller, as some reviewers were disappointed that this Duallie is fixed wheel. But did this stroller end up with a lousy rating? Read the full review and see what else customers thought at the BOB Sport Utility Stroller review. The review is for the single SUS, which has exactly the same features and benefits, aside from measurements and weight. (Duallie is 36 lbs and 30.8″ wide.)

Read our full review of the BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller before making your decision.

Schwinn Arrow Double

No products found.

This 4-star rated double jogging stroller is called the Schwinn Arrow Double. The 16″ pneumatic tires with aluminum rims deliver a smooth ride over the open road. The lightweight aluminum frame is only 25 lbs and provides easier handling. The reviews out there repeatedly comment on how easy the Double Arrow is to push, the smooth ride and relatively light weight.

Another plus that goes over well is the MP3 hook-up with speakers. Kids love hearing music on the go and the speakers are just right in volume – not too loud nor too soft.

Parents rave about the adjustable handlebar, something neither BOB stroller has. It is so important to have that double jogging strollers have a handle at a comfortable level when you’re working out. The harnesses have gotten good reviews, too, saying that they can be adjusted small enough for very small babies.

InStep Runaround 2

ECONOMY PICK The InStep Runaround 2 is a traditional jogger with a sturdy steel frame and a one-hand folding design. The quick release 16″ wheels pop off for even more compact storage in your car’s trunk. The stroller weighs 33 pounds and the two seats can hold up to 50 pounds each.

The seats offer comfort and security to your children because they can each recline and has a five-point safety harness. The “cabin area” has ventilated side panels to keep fresh air flowing and there’s a separator between the seats to keep siblings from picking on each other.

Parents get behind-the-seat storage pockets and molded tray for holding drinks and essentials like cell phone and keys. At less than $200, it is one of the most value-priced double jogging strollers you can find.

Baby Jogger Performance Double

No products found.

This particular model is from 2008, but it’s gotten fantastic reviews as one of the better double jogging strollers on the market. And wouldn’t you expect it to be so from a company like Baby Jogger who invented joggers?

Built for serious athletes, the Performance has three 20″ racing tires on a 30-pound high-strength one-piece aluminum frame that stays balanced with uneven weight distribution. For better speed control and stopping power, the Performance Double is equipped with a V-brake, a side-pull version of a cantilever brake commonly used with bicycles. The ergonomic handlebar has a safety tether and you can fold it in a snap with the Quick Fold Technology.

Your children are content and give you an uninterrupted workout with a one-handed seat recline when they’re ready to snooze. Dual 3-panel sun canopies have plenty of coverage for your passengers and include large peek-a-boo windows. The five-point safety harnesses and thick seat padding keep your children comfortable no matter how bumpy the ride. The Performance Double has a 150-pound weight limit.

Buying a Double Jogging Stroller: Important Things to Consider

“How old are your children?” “How often do you use your stroller?” and “What type of stroller fits your lifestyle?” These questions may have led you to consider getting a double jogging stroller, but apart from these, there are other things you may want to check out.

Before deciding on “the one”, make sure that the double jogging stroller you’re eyeing meets all criteria of essential features you’re looking for. Here are other features to look for in a good double jogging stroller.



One of the first things to look for in a double jogging stroller is a reliable, sturdy-looking set of wheels. The wheels on jogging strollers usually come in larger sizes (anywhere from 12 to 24 inches in diameter, with a larger set of rear wheels). This makes them easier to take along a variety of surfaces such as grass, snow, gravel, dirt, or sand.

Whatever the size, make sure that your wheels are suited for the type of terrain you’re mainly going to be running up and down on.


As you will see in the actual product photos above, the rims on double jogging strollers either look like those on a bicycle tire or those plastic ones. Metal rims may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but they’re more reliable and durable than plastic spokes and rims, although not as lightweight.

However, one con with inexpensive metal rims is that they’re prone to rust. If you live near the beach or in humid areas, make sure to choose stroller wheels with stainless steel spokes.

Plastic rims, on the other hand, are lighter and will require less upkeep. But they are prone to wear and are more liable to break.

Tire tread

Furthermore, you may notice that some jogging stroller tires are knobby, while some are smooth. Tires with bumpy treads, while heavier, are better at handling difficult terrain, like rugged or slippery surfaces. Smooth tires are easier to navigate on flat, paved surfaces.

Front wheels

While we’re on the subject of wheels, another thing you need to consider is whether you want a fixed wheel or a lockable swivel wheel in front.

True jogging strollers come with a fixed front wheel. This allows you to safely take your stroller on runs without it veering off-course. Fixed wheel jogging strollers are perfect for parents that are serious about jogging or running.

The downside to having fixed front wheels is that turning corners will require some effort. To change direction, you will need to lean the stroller onto its rear wheels and, with front wheels in the air, point the stroller in the direction you want it to go before setting it down.   

Then there are jogging strollers that come with lockable front swivel wheels (like the Baby Trend Navigation and Expedition, as well as the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie). These “hybrid” front wheels can go from jogging track to shopping aisles with just the push of a button.

However, double joggers that come with lockable front swivel wheels should be used with caution when used for jogging, as they can still “wiggle” when going over rough roads at a fast pace.

The bottom line: If you’re a hardcore runner, go with a trusty fixed front wheel like the BOB Ironman or Sport Utility Duallie. If you’re only an occasional jogger or a hobbyist and are going to be shifting from outdoors to indoors a lot, go with a double jogger that has lockable swivel front wheels.


Here’s a tip when choosing a double jogging stroller: Manage your expectations. It sports a set of large wheels, it’s got seating for two, and it likely has extra bits and pieces at the bottom for brakes and suspension, so expect that it’s going to pack more heft than your regular stroller.

In any case, if you’re looking for something that you can stow away easily and readily, look for a model that has a quick-fold mechanism, which allows you to fold your stroller using one hand. Just don’t expect it to plop down into a neat little pile when you fold it, like you would an umbrella stroller.

If space is at a premium, you can opt for a double jogger that has a compact fold. Unlike quick-fold mechanisms, compact folding needs both your hands, as you will need to take apart the wheels aside from folding the frame. It requires a few more steps than the a quick-fold stroller, but being able to detach the wheel from the frame will allow you to fit your stroller in tighter spaces, like the trunk of a small car.

Then again, having a double jogging stroller shouldn’t be a back-breaking affair either, nor should folding it feel like cracking the Da Vinci Code. Most double jogging stroller manufacturers are actually more thoughtful about the products they put out, making way for lighter and more streamlined models.

Maneuverability and flexibility

A good test for a stroller’s maneuverability is if you can comfortably push it with one hand. Aside from that, you probably already know that most jogging strollers come with a fixed front wheel (to keep it from dangerously swerving when you’re going a considerable speed). So it’s a good idea to ask yourself if you’re really going to be using your double stroller for jogging. If not, go with a jogger that has a swivel wheel at the front, with the option to lock it for when you go on your occasional jog or run.


It seems insignificant, but if you’re planning to use a double jogging stroller for the purpose it’s actually intended (that is, for jogging), then you should put some thought into the stroller’s canopy—specifically, its size and thickness. You’re going to be out in the open a lot, and that means your little ones are going to be exposed to the sun too. That’s why it’s important to get a stroller that has a large, adjustable canopy—ideally one that’s separate from the back seat so you can pull it all the way down.

More than that, a good double jogger should also provide occupants with adequate UV protection. (Thankfully these features come standard nowadays.)


We cannot stress this enough: please don’t go jogging or running if one or both of your children are less than 6 months—that is, until your young ones have developed more neck strength and can brace themselves better against bumpy rides. If you are planning on going jogging with them anytime soon, make sure to choose a stroller that reclines flat. Also check seats for comfortable and adequate padding (as well as padded harness straps), as these help absorb the shock from intense rides.


This one’s more for your comfort than for your young ones. Remember that you’re going to be pushing a double stroller; it’s heavy enough as-is, and will be so much more with two little passengers in tow. That said, make sure that your stroller’s handlebar has a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

Handlebar height is something you should consider too, to avoid discomfort and injury. In this case, strollers that come with telescopic and adjustable handlebars have an advantage over those that stand at a fixed height and position, which may leave you stooping over if you’re tall or straining to reach if you’re too short.

The ability to adjust the handlebars also come in handy if you’re sharing the stroller with a partner.


Safety goes beyond just the buckles and straps that keep your little ones in their seats. There have been cases of stroller models that, parents report, suddenly fold while their baby is strapped on, or strollers that have hinges that can pinch, cut, or worse, amputate little fingers.

To be sure you don’t end up telling your own stroller horror story, look for a double jogging stroller that meets multiple safety standards. In the U.S., all stroller products are supposed to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards.

Additionally, some strollers bear the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) seal, which means they have been tested for safety by ASTM, an international standards organization.


Aside from big wheels, a stroller’s shock absorbers or suspension ensure that your little riders stay snug and comfortable even if you’re threading through rough and uneven surfaces.

For double joggers, all-wheel suspension (that is, front and back shock absorbers) should come standard. Additionally, some models (like the BOB Ironman and Sport Utility Duallie) have adjustable suspension, which means you can customize your ride depending on your road surface and terrain, as well as your kids’ weights.


Parking brakes on a double jogger should be easy to access and situated well out of your foot’s way when you’re on the move. Also make sure the handbrakes are convenient enough to access and operate even if you’re moving at a fast clip.

It’s for this reason that we recommend you test an actual unit in-store. Try to get a feel for the brake system. Does it feel rigid and reliable? Are the wheels secure when you engage the brakes?


These won’t be a problem with most double strollers, as expectedly they will also have twice the storage space. But check for accessibility: Can you easily grab your towel from behind, or do you have to reach for it from the sides?

Aside from the undercarriage storage basket, it’s always useful to have extra compartments at the back of the stroller (for your phone, keys, music player, etc.), drink holders for your hydration of choice, as well as side pockets for your kids’ snacks and sippy cups.

Best Brands

Looking for brands that offer affordable yet durable dual joggers? Here’s a lineup of double jogging stroller manufacturers that have consistently gotten good reviews.


BOB is the brainchild of bike expert Roger Malinowski and aircraft mechanic Philip Novotny. Their most popular stroller is the fixed-wheel Duallie, introduced in 2001, and the swivel front-wheel Revolution, released in 2005.

Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger has a strong reputation for coming out with reliable jogging-friendly strollers, and in fact, was the first to release the jogging stroller in 1984. This brand also manufactures the Summit X3 Double, City Mini Double, and City Mini GT Double.


Established in 1942, Thule is an international outdoor product brand headquartered in Sweden and known for manufacturing roof racks, bike racks, and carriers.

Thule recently forayed into making strollers and, in 2014, released the Thule Glide and Thule Urban Glide sport strollers. Thule also sells Sleek, an urban stroller, as well as the multisport stroller Chariot.


InStep is popular for manufacturing fixed- and swivel-wheel jogging strollers, as well as bikes, bike trailers, and pedal cars. It was founded in 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Aside from the Runaround 2, InStep also manufactures the Safari Swivel Double Jogging Stroller.


Schwinn is a bicycle company founded in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. The Turismo Double Jogger is currently its only stroller offering.

Baby Trend

A mainstay in the juvenile products industry for more than 30 years, Baby Trend manufactures a wide variety of strollers, ranging from full-size, joggers, lightweight, sit-and-stand, travel systems, umbrella strollers, as well as stroller frames that converts your car seat into a stroller. Among the models in its double jogger lineup are the Navigator, Navigator Lite, Expedition, and the Expedition EX.


Having kids shouldn’t mean letting go of things you love to do—like jogging or keeping fit, for instance. Thankfully we now live in a time where we can mix parental duties and leisure, without sacrificing our time for our kids.

Moreover, you don’t have to break the bank buying a good jogging stroller, as some of the budget-friendly variants we’ve featured can easily give premium models a run for their money.

Of course, before you buy, it always pays to take the extra step of reading up on the best strollers in the game, doing a comparison test of different models (and brands) based on reviews, and doing an actual road test of the ones that make it to your short list.

Have a favorite jogging stroller that you’d like to tell us about (or maybe would like us to feature)? Or do you have a question about double jogging strollers that you’d like our opinion on? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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