The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller

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For active parents, a jogging stroller is a great innovation. Not to be confused with an all-terrain, the jogger has a fixed front wheel, while an all- terrain has a front swivel wheel with a locking option. The fixed wheel is as large as the back wheels, while the front wheel on all terrains are generally a bit smaller.

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While the fixed wheel gives the jogger more stability for running, it can be difficult to maneuver tight corners; you have to tip up your jogging stroller to turn tightly. This point is where all terrains have the advantage - better maneuverability.

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Quick Summary: The 5 Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller

No products found.Bob Ironman Check on Amazon →
Thule Glide - Performance Jogging StrollerThule Glide Sport Check on Amazon →
Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One SizeMountain Buggy TerrainCheck on Amazon →
Kolcraft Sprint Pro Jogging Stroller -16' Air-Filled Fixed Front Wheel, Lightweight,Hand Brake, 3 Seat Positions (Sonic Blue)Kolcraft Sprint ProCheck on Amazon →
No products found.Schwinn ArrowCheck on Amazon →

However, an all-terrain is not nearly as suitable for more serious jogging or running because of the swivel wheel that turns back and forth. Joggers have additional features that provide better stability and performance as well.

The following is a guide how to choose your jogger stroller and what you need to look for. Or you can simply skip to the best reviews right away.

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What age can my baby ride?

It is crucial for parents to understand that jogger strollers are not suitable for babies under 6 months old. You must wait for your baby to develop strong head strength and neck control before bringing them out to jog, ideally between 6 and 8 months old, minimum. Now are you ready to choose the right jogger? Find out what to look for in a jogging stroller next.

How to choose a fixed wheel jogger stroller

Jogging strollers have some special features that provide additional safety, stability and performance. Some brands come with all of these features, while others have only some. It's good to be aware of all these features so you know what is important for your stroller to be equipped with before you make your choice.

Two types of brakes

Brakes are an important safety feature on joggers and many come with an additional hand brake on the handle. This type of brake operates just like a bicycle brake, and it is used mainly to slow down rather than to completely stop. This is essential, especially if you're going off-road or heading down a hill because the ability to slow down provides additional control. In addition to the hand brake, all jogging strollers have foot-operated parking brakes for coming to a stop.

Safety tether

A good quality jogger has a safety tether that attaches to your wrist as you jog. When jogging, some parents like to push the stroller ahead then let go so they can pump their arms and move more efficiently. However, losing that connection with your child can be dangerous, or at the very least, uncomfortable, so the safety tether allows you to experience the natural movement of jogging without losing contact with your precious child.

5-point safety harness

Another essential safety feature is a 5-point harness which ensures that your child is secured to the seat. During your workout you will go at faster speeds, jostle over bumps, make sudden stops, and experience possible accidents. A good harness sees your little passenger through all these obstacles. Look for a well-padded harness that provides extra cushioning and comfort for your child over bumpy rides.

Suspension system

Shock absorbers and independent suspension systems allow for smooth rides over rough or uneven surfaces. Some brands have an adjustable suspension system, depending on the type of terrain you will be going on and the weight of your munchkin. Tighter suspension is for children under 40 pounds while you should choose a loose suspension for your bigger kid.

Frame or chassis material

One important feature you will have to consider when purchasing a jogging stroller is the chassis material. Stroller frames are usually made of metals like stainless steel and aluminum. Frames made of aluminum are lighter than frames made of stainless steel. Look for a chassis made of aluminum because it is lighter weight and sturdy. A jogging stroller must withstand the vibrations created when going over the road at higher speeds when jogging or running. For example, Joovy uses a special type of aircraft aluminum.

Tire material

The next feature you want for your jogger stroller is pneumatic wheels or air filled tires because they are easier to push than solid wheels. Wheel sizes range from 12 to 24 inches in diameter because larger wheels give better stability and provide a smoother ride over both bumpy roads or smooth sidewalks. While chrome rims look fancier than polymer rims, the choice of rim material depends solely on your preference - what you think looks best, either one does not affect the overall performance of your jogger stroller.

Adjustable tracking

Some of the best jogger stroller models like BOB feature adjustable tracking knobs to keep your stroller centered during your run. Sometimes when you are jogging and running on a straightaway, you may find that your stroller veers one direction, and when you constantly have to manually correct that inclination, it tires you out faster and makes the experience less enjoyable. Look in the description of the reviews for good tracking, if it's not adjustable.

Easy & compact fold

One of the disadvantages that jogging strollers have is their large size and difficulty in breaking down for transport or storage. Look for a product that is easy to fold or disassemble. Many brands feature quick-release tires for storage that come off easily to allow compactness when folded. However keep in mind that most jogging strollers - even the high end ones - are bulky when folded. Baby Jogger is famous for its Quick Fold technology, even for their joggers.

Sun protection

An adequate sun canopy is another important feature because it protects your children from the sun, wind and rain, as well as flying insects. Canopies come in various designs, and incorporate viewing windows such as mesh or net or clear UV plastic. This allows your child to enjoy the view while being protected from harsh sunlight, yet has proper ventilation so that fresh air is constantly circulated. Look for a ratcheting canopy that lowers or raises to block the angle of the sun.

Additional features

Other features such as storage baskets, cup holders, pockets, and trays are added features for storing baby items and your keys and wallet, but many jogger strollers do not come with such accessories because it adds to the overall weight and makes the stroller less streamlined. However, many top brands sell these accessories separately. The Jeep Overland has an iPod docking station for your listening pleasure.

How much should you spend on a jogging stroller?

Like any type of stroller, the price range presented to you is wide. Some brands and models will cost you less than $200 while other models will cost well over $400. You will have to compare your budget with what your needs are and shop around for a good deal. Many times, previous years models are discounted as merchants want to sell off their inventory.

Brands like Baby Jogger, Mountain Buggy and BOB are top of the line, while other like InStep and Schwinn are more budget friendly at about half the price. You can buy a good quality jogger stroller without breaking the bank and the best in all three price ranges are found right here at Stroller Envy.

Best Fixed Wheel Joggers for 2018

Based on consumer reviews, professional guides, blog reviewers as well as personal experience, these are the best fixed-wheel joggers this year. Choose the price range that fits your budget for the highest-rated 3-wheelers on the market. Have two children? Check out my double joggers page.

High End Joggers

These super-star jogging strollers are like high-speed racing bikes; they are precision machines that safely carry your child with you through marathons or the most intense workouts. Higher-end brands are generally over $300, and are the most popular in this category.

Bob Ironman

No products found.

The BOB Ironman is lightweight and tough with bright, sporty colors. Made of aluminum alloy, this jogger stroller chassis is lightweight and can withstand the vibration of the open road. The ride is smooth and straight with 16-inch high-pressure slick wheels, fixed front wheel, adjustable tracking knob, stiff 3-inch shock absorbers and suspension system.

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Baby is safe strapped in the padded 5-point harness and padded reclining seat. It has foot rear parking brake, hand front wheel brake, and safety wrist strap for maximum control during your run.

This Ironman has mainly positive reviews from serious runners, from those training for a marathon to those who just like to get out and get some exercise with their little one. The BOB Ironman is one of the best jogging strollers on the market getting 4½-star reviews from satisfied customers just like you.

Learn about all these amazing features in my BOB Ironman stroller review where you can get all the details, see photos, video and specs.

Top Reasons to Buy

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Exceptional tracking, rolls straight as an arrow

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

High quality materials

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Adjustable shocks give smooth ride at higher speeds

If you like going off-road and still want a fixed-wheel, then you've got to check out the BOB Sport Utility stroller. It is truly like a performance mountain bike that you have to see to believe. 

Thule Glide Sport

Thule Glide - Performance Jogging Stroller
  • Fixed front wheel provides increased stability when moving at a fast pace.Folded dimensions 34.5 x 21 x 9.06 in,Sitting height 21 in
  • Extended multi-position handlebar provides a generous kick stride
  • Hand-activated front brake increases braking control on steep terrain

The sleek, lightweight and aerodynamic design of the Thule Glide gives you the most out of your run. Weighing just 22 pounds, the Glide has a weight capacity of 75 pounds. My fourth grader weighs less than this so you will get years of use, even with a big kid.

Eighteen-inch rear wheels and a fixed 16-inch front wheel takes you over most types of terrain with ease. Rear suspension smooths the ride even more and front wheel tracking adjustment rolls your jogger stroller straight so you don't have to keep putting it back on track while you run.

A multi-position handlebar provides just the right height for your comfort and a hand brake gives you better speed control for safety. The seat in the Glide is well-padded and reclines nearly flat with a ventilation top for circulation.

It has an easy one-handed fold that collapses very compactly and you may pull it behind you like luggage. Wheels easily come off for tight spaces like a car trunk .

Reviews have been stellar so far at 5 stars for the easy push, the hand brake and that it is really made for just jogging.

Discover more about the Thule Glide in this demo video:

Top Reasons to Buy

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Suspension system that feels like floating

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Top of the line as a dedicated jogger stroller

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Light weight, stable, aerodynamic, high quality

Mountain Buggy Terrain

Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus (TER-V3-49), One Size
  • THREE POSITION SWIVEL LOCK FRONT WHEEL - Provides maximum control and maximum performance on any terrain while walking or jogging. Swivel, lock forwards, lock backwards or adjust the "play"...
  • ONE-HAND CONTROL SQUEEZE BRAKE - for hilly adventures and rough terrain;SHOCK ABSORBING SUSPENSION - a smooth push for mom and dad and a smooth ride for your baby
  • NEWBORN READY IN THREE MODES - Newborn perfect reclinable seat, compatible with the Mountain Buggy Carry Cot+ in matching fabric (sold separately) and infant car seats from most major brands...

For marathoners and other serious athletes, the Mountain Buggy Terrain is a product that withstands all the hammering you can give it.

This is the stroller that Olympic marathoner Kara Goucher uses, and is highly recommended by many mother runners. Parents understand that to have a successful run, they need a comfy, happy child and they recommend the Terrain to do the job.

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For the kiddo, a multi-position CUSHY seat that lies back to flat for newborns to upright for kids up to 6 years old. Yes, the seat can hold up to 55 pounds! The Terrain is car seat, carry cot and face-to-face seat compatible. These products are sold separately but give you so much versatility.

A large canopy ratchets forward to follow the sun's rays and a flip-out mesh sun visor provides even more shade, but your child can still see out. Keep an eye on your passenger with the peek-a-boo flap on top.

Parents, you get an adjustable-height handlebar with a slowing brake, essential for safety. The under seat storage basket is reinforced for strength and holds up to 11 pounds of your gear. You also get a bottle holder.

Performance-wise, the shock-absorbing suspension system is state of the art and the 16" tires help smooth out the ride. The lightweight aluminum frame has a higher clearance for going over curbs and rocks. Terrain has a quick easy fold and an auto frame lock to hold your chassis together. Enclosed drum rear brakes keep debris and moisture from interfering with braking system. The front wheel has three settings for locking backward, forward and full swivel.

See this short video review of the Mountain Buggy Terrain.

Top Reasons to Buy

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Better transition from pavement to rough terrain

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Effortless push for those long runs

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Versatile, comfortable seating from newborn to school-age children

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Midrange & Budget

This section doesn't have many choices, but the ones offered are good quality fixed-wheel joggers under $300.

Kolcraft Sprint Pro

Kolcraft Sprint Pro Jogging Stroller -16" Air-Filled Fixed Front Wheel, Lightweight,Hand Brake, 3 Seat Positions (Sonic Blue)
  • Permanently fixed, wobble-free, front wheel for optimal running performance conditions
  • 16 inch air-filled rear wheels with precision ball-bearings and aerodynamic, lightweight aluminum frame makes the jogger easy to push
  • Reflective wheel trim, hand brake and jogging tether to ensure your run is as safe as possible

Note: Kolcraft replaces the Jeep Overland in mid May 2015; it is the same stroller that you will read about in the review (except no MP3 speakers). 

The Kolcraft Sprint Pro jogging stroller has 16-inch air-filled tires and a fixed front wheel. The multi position reclining seat, with adjustable 5-point harness provides safety and comfort to your child. A height adjustable handle, and an extendable sun shade with peek-a-boo window provide custom options for adults and children of all sizes.

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The Sprint Pro weighs more than the high-end brands at 30 pounds and holds up to 45 pounds. It includes a parent tray with cup holders and a child's snack tray with cup holders. A big storage basket beneath the seat holds everything you need.

The seat is well padded with a multi-position recline and the padded 5-pointed safety harness keeps your child snug and secure. Additionally, a large sun canopy extends all the way down to the tray for optimal coverage and protection.

Parents, you enjoy an adjustable height handle for the right comfort as you get your workout and the easy free-stand design stands alone when you fold it.

No reviews yet for the new Kolcraft version of this stroller, but if it is anything like the Jeep Overland, it will get at least 4 stars, probably more!

Top Reasons to Buy

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Super value for money

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Smooth ride

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Adjustable and extendable canopy for full sun protection

Schwinn Arrow

No products found.

the Schwinn Free Runner is a product that delivers quality for your money. This jogger has features such as a parent tray with deep cup holders and a large storage basket for taking anything you need.  The 16-inch alloy wheels and aluminum frame make this stroller lightweight and easy to push. Parents like the sun canopy and flip-out visor.

Dad's like to take this stroller on their jogs, too, and the adjustable-height handle goes up for these tall guys. A hand brake on the handle gives you better control when going down slopes.

The large, padded seat takes a 50 pound weight capacity for years of use. A padded 5-point safety harness keeps your passenger safe and snug while you're off to the races.

Reviewers give the Schwinn Arrow a solid 4½ star rating for the sturdiness, good quality, and ease of use.

Top Reasons to Buy

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Straight tracking, no veering any direction or wobbling wheel

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Great value for the money

The Best Budget Fixed Wheel Jogger Stroller 1

Ample storage

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